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Russell Marsland - Dig Deep (2006)

                                                               Russell Marsland
 Russell Marsland is one of Canada's premier guitarists. Having grown up as a child prodigy, at age 17 Russ became lead guitarist at a famous Vancouver nightclub called Lassetter's Den, named after owner Bill Lassetter from the BC Lions. The house band consisted of the likes of Tom Lavin from the Powder Blues Band, as well as David Lanz, keyboardist for the late great Frank Zappa. He later co-founded the legendary Rhythm and Blues Allstars, performing along B.B. King, the Allman Brothers, and War.

After having performed and recorded with hundreds of other artists, Dig Deep is Russell's first CD under his own name.

"Equipped with a big, deep baritone voice and lightning-quick fingers, Marsland proves on Dig Deep he has the tools to excavate rural, acoustic and urban, electric blues traditions with equal dexterity."


01. Hootchie Kootchie Man 06:45 
02. In Good Hands 06:10 
03. Biscuit Stomp 01:19 
04. When Money Grew On Trees 04:28 
05. Traintime 06:19 
06. Belly Of A Whale 06:08 
07. I Don't Know 'bout That 04:28 
08. Lay Your Head 06:57 
09. Mississippi Home Made Jam 04:47 
10. U2B2 05:04 
11. Peaceful Man 05:28 
12. Time For A Change 06:48 
13. Warsaw Blues 03:17 
14. Traintime Reprise 02:58 
15. Sylviah 02:36 

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