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Patrick Vining - Ready Right Now (1999)

                                                                    Patrick Vining
 With Jimmy Morello producing and former members of the James Harman Band providing backup, this singer gives up a soulful 1950's style of jump blues. The feel is retro but the sound quality is strictly tops. Each of the 11 originals is designed to spotlight the talents of the various musicians. Tom Mahon supplies bright piano comebacks, while the guitar chores are shared by Kirk Fletcher (a Junior Watson student) and John Marx. Jonny Viau's massive volley's of tenor sax will propel dancers around the floor with help from Troy Jennings on baritone. Patrick has assembled a band that lets it's own savvy dictate the music. "…A text book case of good music" -Bill Fountain.


Paul Fasulo - Drums
Kirk Fletcher - Guitar
Troy Jennings - Sax (Baritone)
Tom Mahon - Piano
John Marx - Guitar
Jimmy Morello - Producer
Rick Reed - Bass (Acoustic), Guitar (Acoustic)
Jonny Viau - Sax (Tenor)
Patrick Vining - Vocals


01. She's So Nice 05:04  
02. One Heartbeat 03:05  
03. I Need Help 05:10  
04. Spending Cash 06:06  
05. Don't Want to Start Over 03:48  
06. Put the Blame on Me 03:41  
07. I Don't Want No Broken Heart 04:11  
08. Thank You Baby 03:46  
09. Looking for Mercy 04:26  
10. Lonesome Blues 04:22
11. Give It Everything You've Got 04:18  

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  1. Do you have mannie and the swingin hipshakers - off the wall. please?

  2. Hi Marineband! I have this CD, if I have time I will post it today. A hug!!

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  4. Album of mannie and the swingin hipshakers posted.