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Mannie And The Swingin' Hipshakers - Off The Wall Jive (1998)

                                                  Mannie And The Swingin' Hipshakers
 For Fans Of HOLLYWOOD FATS/JUNIOR WATSON/KID RAMOS/OTIS GRAND/DUKE ROBILLARD & all the other Rockin' Swingin' guitarists out there..... This Trio featuring brothers Mannie (vocals/Guitar)& Artie Makris(Drums)& Peter Sack(Bass), Have a real "West Coast Swing" winner here! Even Without Any Special Guest's This Disc Would Keep You Movin' All Day & Night With an abundance of Hollow Body, Arch Top, Over The Top Jams, BUT with the addition of the fabulous "6 years in a row" recipiant of the U.K. "Guitarist Of The Year Award" MR.OTIS GRAND,(sadly only 1 song but worth having) And Another World Famous Legendary Guitarist, The Hollow Body Swing Master Himself MR.KID RAMOS(3 songs)joining in, this disc is smokin' hot,then they also get Lynwood Slim for vocals on 3 songs..What you got here is TEN songs Three Of Which Are Swingin'Instrumentals "Ramos Special"/"Rhumba Bumba" & Wildcattin'. if you're a fan of "Okie Dokie Stomp" or "Fats Fries One" you'll especially love "Ramos Special" You also Get An 8 minute Slow Burner "Nothing But A Fool" feat.Kid/Lynwood,This is the only slow number but what a fabulous song! this has become a highly collectable item due to the great songs delivered here.


Peter Sack - Double Bass [Upright Bass], Electric Bass  
Art Makris - Drums  
Kid Ramos - Guitar (tracks: 03, 04, 07)  
Otis Grand - Guitar (tracks: 02)
Lynwood Slim - Vocals, Harmonica (tracks: 07, 08, 10)
Marc Murray - Handclaps, Backing Vocals 
Mannie Makris - Vocals, Guitar   


01. Can't Understand Baby 03:33  
02. Every Night and Every Day 03:01  
03. Feel Like Cryin' Again 03:29
04. Ramos Special 03:05
05. Rhumba Bhumba 01:52   
06. Love in Vein 03:04  
07. Nothing But a Fool 08:04  
08. Eyesight to the Blind 02:27
09. Wildcattin' 03:58  
10. Certainly All 02:20

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