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Laurence Jones - The Truth (2017)

                                                                   Laurence Jones
Laurence Jones was born on February 13, 1992 in Liverpool. At the age of eight, the Jones family moved to Stratford On Avon, and around that time Laurence became interested in the guitar. He regularly takes his father's acoustic guitar and intends to become a better guitarist than his father. He will study classical guitar and then electric guitar. He purchases a black Les Paul Epiphone, but when he sees Jimi Hendrix at the Isle of Wight Festival he sells his guitar and buys a white Fender Stratocaster. In 2012 the debut album "Thunder In The Sky" will be released. Jones gets all the praise from Walter Trout, who finds Jones a cross between Buddy Guy and Eric Clapton. Jones is support act of Trout during his English tour in 2013. Jones signs a contract with Ruf Records and makes four albums with this famous label. Meanwhile, Jones wins the necessary prizes, including that of the Best Young Artist in 2014 and 2015. Last month 'The Truth', the new album by Laurence Jones, appeared on his new label Top Stop Music, with a new band that now also has a keyboardist. is part of it. The album was recorded in Miami, Florida under the direction of producer Juan Mario Aracil. The opening track What Would You Do starts with fierce guitar work and the tight rhythm section also immediately gives the business card. Jones is very skilled vocally as he shows in the melodic pop rocker Don't You Let Me Go. Beautiful backing vocals in the chorus and a sharp guitar solo. Phil Wilson plays drums tightly in the poppy Hold Me Close, which is further noticeable due to the piano playing of Bennett Holland. That attracting keyboardist Bennett Holland is paying off is evident in the melodic up-tempo pop rockers Keep Me Up At Night and Give Me Your Time. Excellent vocals by Jones, whose voice sometimes reminds me of Tom Petty in the distance. The singing with Bennett Holland also gives an extra dimension here. After this there will be two ballads, the title track The Truth, with bright guitar licks, and Take Me, with beautiful piano playing and a lyrical guitar solo. Bright wah way guitar notes announce the blues rocker Gone Away, with backing vocals and a fat guitar solo behind tasty organ sounds. The album ends with the melodic ballads Can't Go On Without You and Never Good Enough, with excellent guitar work and delicious hammond playing.


Bennett Holland - Backing Vocals, Keyboards   
Greg Smith  - Bass Guitar   
Phil Wilson - Drum, Percussion   
Laurence Jones - Vocals, Guitar   


01. What Would You Do 04:15
02. Don't You Let Me Go 03:09
03. Hold Me Close 03:36
04. Keep Me up at Night 03:04
05. Give Me Your Time 03:53
06. The Truth 02:59
07. Take Me 03:22
08. Gone Away 03:14
09. Can't Go on Without You 02:27
10. Never Good Enough 03:42

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