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Harry Hornsey - Harry Hornsey Revue (2020)

                                                             Harry Hornsey
The Harry Hornsey Revue is led by the tour de force combination of singer and guitarist Harry Hornsey and multi- instrumentalist Alfie Bernardi. The two share a passion for the great country blues performers of the 1920’s and 30’s and decided to team up to bring this passion to the masses. With the backing of a first class rhythm section they are bound to get your toes tapping'. 

For the recording of this cd we used very cool equipment, old guitars and amplifiers, real tape echo and even a vintage valve table with spring reverb that adds real character and depth to the sound. Alfie Bernardi's excellent production and mixing was delivered to Church Road Studios for mastering.

On this Album Harry Hornsey and his gang play chicago blues, country blues, delta blues and rockabilly.


Harry Hornsey - Guitar, Vocals
Alfie Bernardi - Harmonica, Lap Steel, Washboard
Orlando Shearer - Double Bass
Jareth Tait - Drums


01. Rag Mama Rag 03:41
02. Rope Stretchin' Blues 04:44   
03. Maybe I'll Be Famous When I'm Gone 02:49   
04. Champagne Charlie 03:43
05. M & O Blues 04:18
06. Last Kind Words 05:57
07. He's In The Jailhouse Now 04:16
08. Can't Be Satisfied 03:12
09. One Dime Blues 02:57
10. Racketeer Blues 03:59

The Bonedrivers - Roadhouse Manifesto (2006)

                                                            The Bonedrivers
San Francisco roots rockers the Bonedrivers call their debut album Roadhouse Manifesto and kick off said debut with a Johnny Winter-style blues-rocker called "Who Burned My Building Down?" that suggests an affinity with hardcore biker-bar rock and soul. Oddly enough, however, most of the rest of the album is made of considerably more lightweight stuff, culminating in a heartfelt but not at all bluesy cover of the old Burt Bacharach-penned girl group chestnut "Baby It's You." This is not meant as a slam, because in fact, the bluesier material on Roadhouse Manifesto (the lengthy Muscle Shoals-style instrumental groove of "Macon Bacon," the anonymous Chicago stomp of "Get It!") is considerably weaker than guitarist Keith Karloff's more pop-oriented material. Songs like "Lou Ann" and "Live to Ride" have the jangly guitars and pop hooks of classic Tom Petty or Marshall Crenshaw singles, married to a beefier rhythm section that makes the record rock fairly assertively even on the ballads. The blues lifts are undoubtedly a blast to play live, and they're probably a lot more fun to hear in an authentic roadhouse as well, but on record, the Bonedrivers clearly have another, more fruitful, road to travel.


Wil Blades - Organ (Hammond B3)
Keith Karloff - Guitar, Percussion, Vocals
Johnnie Colleton - Bass
R.D. Maynard - Bass
Thom Stokes - Bass
Mike McCurdy - Bass
Randy Gzebb - Drums
Julien Vaught - Sax
Margrit Eichler - Keys


01 Who Burned My Building Down? 03:09            
02 Live to Ride 04:06            
03 Along Comes Trouble 04:08            
04 Get It! 03:47        
05 Light of the Morning Sun 04:10            
06 Lou Ann 03:52        
07 Evil Twin Sisters 02:26            
08 Macon Bacon 09:10        
09 Baby, It's You 03:26        
10 Do You Want Some of This? 03:12

The Norman Beaker Blues Trio - Live In Belgrade (2015)

                                                 The Norman Beaker Blues Trio
This is a departure from the more sophisticated Blues that the Norman Beaker Band have been plying for the last 3 decades. It's a stripped down to the bone Trio album - no frills but lots of thrills ! The Concert was recorded in Belgrade in 2015 and is a masterpiece of blues and raw emotion played with the virtuosity you would expect from three of the finest exponents of the genre !....


Norman Beaker - Guitar, Vocals
John Price - Bass, Vocals
Steve Gibson - Drums


01. Only I Got What The Other Guys Want 03:19
02. When The Fat Lady Sings 04:00
03. Talk To Me 07:23
04. Tough On Me Tough On You 05:06
05. It's Over 03:19
06. Love Her Like The Sky 05:24
07. Sitting On Top Of The World 03:42
08. Born Under A Bad Sign 08:31
09. Break It Down 05:26
10. I Can't Be Satisfied 03:51
11. Ain't No Big Deal 03:58
12. Five Long Years 05:18
13. Tale Of Blue City 05:48

Demetria Taylor - Bad Girl (2011)

                                                             Demetria Taylor
When children of well-known musicians pursue musical careers, they don't necessarily follow in their parent's footsteps stylistically. The sons and daughters of jazz musicians might end up playing rock, R&B, or reggae instead of jazz; the sons and daughters of regional Mexican artists might end up recording rock en español instead of norteño, mariachi, or banda. But on Bad Girl, Chicago-based blues singer Demetria Taylor definitely follows in her dad's footsteps stylistically. Taylor is the daughter of the late guitarist Eddie Taylor, Sr., who is remembered for his work with Jimmy Reed. Taylor, Sr. was the epitome of electric Chicago blues, and his daughter isn't any less Chicago-sounding on this 2011 release. Vocally, she favors a tough, gritty, edgy approach along the lines of Koko Taylor (another Chicago blues icon), and her approach is unmistakably Chicago-minded on the Willie Dixon staples "Wang Dang Doodle" (which is closely identified with Koko Taylor and Howlin' Wolf) and "Little Red Rooster" as well as on Luther Dixon's "Big Boss Man" (a major hit for Reed). But not everything on Bad Girl has been recorded so many times that it falls into the warhorse category. Demetria Taylor also turns her attention to strong material that ranges from Koko Taylor's "Voodoo Woman" to Luther Allison's "Cherry Red Wine." So no, Bad Girl isn't one of those Chicago blues albums that adheres to an all-warhorses-all-the-time policy. It should also be noted that unlike a lot of electric blues recordings from Chicago, Bad Girl doesn't make a lot of detours into soul. Demetria Taylor pretty much sticks to electric Chicago blues of the Chess Records variety, and while this 66-minute CD is derivative, it is enjoyably derivative. There are no dull moments on the engaging Bad Girl.


Greg McDaniel - Bass 
Pookie Sticks - Drums
Eddie Taylor Jr. - Guitar
Luke Pytel - Guitar 
Shun Kikuta - Guitar 
Billy Branch - Harmonica 
Roosevelt Purifoy - Piano, Organ 
Eddie Shaw - Tenor Saxophone 
Big Time Sarah - Vocals 
Demetria Taylor - Vocals 


01. I'm A Woman / Hoochie Coochie Woman 05:48
02. All Your Love 07:47
03. Voodoo Woman 05:08
04. Bad Girl 04:10
05. When You Leave, Don't Take Nothing 07:16
06. Goin' Back To Mississippi     5:23
07. Big Boss Man 04:45
08. Cherry Red Wine 07:19
09. I Can't Take It No More 03:58
10. Trying To Make A Living 03:32
11. Little Red Rooster 05:27
12. Wang Dang Doodle 05:54

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Lenny Fuzzy Rankins - Fuzzy The Blues (2017)

                                                         Lenny Fuzzy Rankins
Lenny “Fuzzy” Rankins and his band will get you moving with soulful funky grooves! Based in San Diego, Fuzzy showcases his funk sensibility with stinging guitar solos and a smooth growly voice. Fuzzy has strong gospel roots and discovered the blues when the West Coast became his home. The band’s collective passion for music is evident and transfers to the audience from the downbeat. Count on it!


01. Happy Man 04:05        
02. Medication 5:17        
03. Thinking for Yourself 04:51    
04. The Thrill Is Gone 05:41    
05. Shut Your Mouth 07:21    
06. Slippin' Through Your Town 05:48        
07. Blues Letter on My Bed 05:15        
08. Killing Floor 05:54        
09. Baja Groove 07:43        
10. It's Your Birthday 04:51        
11. We Were Through 04:43        
12. Born Under a Bad Sign 05:00        
13. Woman's Gotta Have It 05:11        
14. Sweet Sixteen 05:45

The Blues Burglars - Breaking In (1986)

                                                          The Blues Burglars
Newcastle outfit, playing Chicago style blues, originally featuring the excellent Sonny Terry influenced harmonica of Paul Lamb and the amazing guitar of Johnny Whitehill. Who continued their partnership in the Paul Lamb Blues Band. And then Whitehall returned to the BB fold.


Paul White - Bass
Ed Bowman - Drums 
Bill Sharp - Guitar, Vocals 
Paul Lamb - Harmonica 
John Whitehill - Lead Guitar


01. Feel So Good 03:23
02. Up And Down The Avenue 02:53
03. Sugar Mamma 04:51
04. Shake Your Money Maker 04:03
05. Built For Comfort 03:01
06. Hoochie Coochie Man 05:02
07. Trouble No More 02:55
08. Don't Start Me Talkin' 03:15
09. Mojo Working 04:26
10. Spaced Out 02:21
11. Evening 03:32
12. Walkin' 03:00   
13. Whoppin (A Tribute To Sonny Terry) 02:14

Karel Formant - Blues Week (2019)

                                                               Karel Formant
Karel Formant is a German guitarist from the city of Freiburg. On this Rock blues record we can feel some of Karel's musical influences, they are Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Chuck Berry, B.B.King ...

01. Blue Monday 03:48    
02. Tuesday's Affair 04:02
03. Wednesday's Blues Dance 05:22    
04. Thursday's Illume 04:51    
05. Once Friday's Night 04:28    
06. Saturday's Hot Party 04:31    
07. Sunday's Prayer Blues 03:37

Beki Brindle Band - All Kinds of Beki (reissue with bonus track) (2020)

                                                             Beki Brindle Band
New York Blues Hall of Fame 2014 Inductee, Beki Brindle was discovered at Indiana University by Rick Danko and Richard Manuel of "The Band," while she was Blues Legend James "Yank" Rachell's lead guitarist. A consummate player at an early age, Beki toured repeatedly with Jerry Lee Lewis, as his guitarist. A native of Indiana, she spent time living in Ireland where she shared the stage with Hot House Flowers, The Waterboys, members of U2 and Thin Lizzy, The Pogues and Francie Conway, as well as recording  & touring with blues artists such as Carey Bell, Johnny Mars, Joe Louis Walker, Mary Stokes Band, Tampa Red, Fenton Robinson and more. She was also commissioned by Bono of U2 to create and run a blues workshop on Irish National Television.

Although Beki is a renowned blues guitarist and singer, with a style that is a mix of classic and original blues, peppered with sounds from Chicago and The Delta, she was also the guitarist for the Warner/Reprise band Grace Pool, as well as releasing several albums featuring other guitar stylings.

In 2016, Beki's latest blues album, "All Kinds of Beki," released on NY Blues & Jazz label Random Chance Records, was much-lauded, including a stellar review from Living Blues Magazine (by Robert Cattaliotti). In November, Beki and her band recorded a "Live in The Studio" album in Staffordshire, UK, featuring original, classic and obscure songs by artists such as Willie Dixon, Ike Turner, The Band, Lightnin' Hopkins and Yank Rachell. The new album,"Blue For You (Vol. 1)," promises both classic blues and originals, jam-packed with unforgettable, exuberant and raw performances.


Beki Brindle-Scala - Guitars, Vocals
Vito Luizzi - Drums
Frank Ganci - Bass
Pete Levin - Keys
Jo Griggs - Backing Vocals 
Chris White - Backing Vocals 
Vivienne Boucherat - Backing Vocals


01. Young Women's Blues 04:45
02. Possessive Emotions 04:34
03. New Shoelaces 03:25   
04. No Return Blues 03:00   
05. I Don't Want My Baby Back 03:09   
06. Floating Bridge 03:42   
07. Nothing To Wear 03:23
08. Johnny Never 03:44
09. It Ain't Right 03:26   
10. Darling Be Home Soon 04:50
11. It's Over 03:01
12. Could I Be The Woman (And You Be The Man) 04:16   
13. Unforgiven 05:54   
14. Diving Duck Blues 04:10
15. God's Guitar 04:22   
16. You Make Me Feel Good 03:41

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Calvin Owens - Houston Is the Place to Be (2007)

                                                                Calvin Owens
An inventive and creative trumpeter, bandleader, and composer/arranger, Calvin Owens spent many years as musical director with B.B. King's various touring bands. But beginning in the late '90s, he led his own bands and recorded under his own name. Born on April 23, 1929, Owens grew up in Houston's Fifth Ward neighborhood, also known as Sawdust Alley because of a nearby sawmill. He became interested in learning to play the trumpet after hearing his New Orleans-raised mother talk about Louis Armstrong. He worked at a local bowling alley to save enough money to buy his first trumpet. As a 13-year-old, he took his first few trumpet lessons, at 25 cents per lesson, from a local trumpeter, Charles "Papa Charlie" Lewis.

Fortunately, Owens had a conscientious band director in high school, Sammy Harris, who took a bright, ambitious student and suggested to the young Owens that one day he too could be a band director for a high-school band. Harris promoted Owens to student director of the high-school band. After he graduated from Wheatley High School and after several years of playing in Houston's then-lively blues club scene, Owens joined guitarist and bandleader B.B. King on his tour bus in 1953. He stayed on the road with King's orchestra for four years, returning to Houston with the idea that he would finish his college education at Texas Southern University. That didn't happen, and Owens was called back to working in the clubs -- the gigs were there -- and working in the local Maxwell House Coffee factory to support his family. His nights were free, so he could play music in clubs and keep his chops together while earning the income needed at the factory to raise a family. In 1978, Owens rejoined King's band and stayed on the road, 200 nights a year, until 1984.

When Owens began playing trumpet professionally in and around Houston, trumpeters were the soloists, not guitarists. It wasn't until he first joined King's band in 1953 that he played with a guitarist who would solo and became aware of that instrument's possibilities for carrying on solos and helping to lead a band. Aside from Armstrong, Owens frequently cited white trumpet player Harry James as a huge influence during his formative years, even though Owens was raised in Houston's predominantly African-American Fifth Ward. Because of James' prominence in motion pictures and Armstrong's appearances in films from time to time, both musicians offered a model of inspiration for then-teenager Owens. Aside from working with King, at various times throughout his long career Owens played trumpet with T-Bone Walker, Amos Milburn, Big Joe Turner, Junior Parker, Johnny "Clyde" Copeland, and Otis Clay. He also worked with a long line of virtuoso blues-based jazz musicians from Texas, including saxophonists Arnett Cobb and David "Fathead" Newman.

In the 1980s he started his own band and settled in Belgium, the home of his second wife. In 1997 he returned to his native Houston. There, he released his first album under his own name, Another Concept, which fused the blues with everything from jazz to rap music. Owens' recordings for his own Sawdust Alley label include True Blue, That's Your Booty, Another Concept, The Best of Calvin Owens, and The House Is Burning. Of the lot, True Blue is a fine introduction to Owens' vast repository of trumpet-playing ideas. The album includes contributions from King, Copeland, and Newman. "True Blue" was also the nickname that Cobb had given to Owens many years earlier, for his steadfast dedication to and creativity within the realm of blues trumpet. Despite being diagnosed with liver cancer in the mid '2000's, Owens continued to perform and record appearing with saxophonist Evelyn Rubio on her album La Mujer que Canta Blues and releasing his own disc Houston is the Place To Be in 2007. Ultimately, Owens passed away at age 78 from kidney failure in Houston on February 21, 2008.


Calvin Owens - Flugelhorn, Trumpet, Vocals
Marty Townsend - Guitar
Mark May - Guitar, Vocals
Paul Vernon Chester - Guitar
Charles Davis - Guitar
Barbara Lynn - Guitar, Vocals
Laurent Mercier - Drums
Johnny Moon - Bass
Anthony Sapp - Bass
Marvin Sparks - Drums, Percussion
Paul English - Keyboards, Organ (Hammond), Piano
Peter Van Bogart - Keyboards
John "4 Daddman" Robinson - Rubboard
Andy Haderer - Trumpet
Rüdiger Baldauf - Trumpet
Eddie Lewis - Trumpet
Carol Morgan - Trumpet
James Page - Trumpet
Al Jones - Trombone
Edmond Lowe - Trombone
Evelyn Rubio - Sax (Alto), Vocals, Vocals (Background)
Jeffery Butler - Cello
Jennifer Davis - Violin
Daniel Strba - Viola
Amy Teare - Violin
Trudy Lynn - Vocals (Background)
Pete Mayes - Vocals
Tweed Smith - Vocals, Vocals (Background)
Rue Davis - Vocals
Tommie Lee Bradley - Vocals (Background)


01. Sawdust Alley 2006      04:54
02. Houston Is The Place To Be 04:16
03. Oh I Wish 03:36   
04. Lose A Good Thing 04:34   
05. Francine 03:28    
06. Everybody's Got A Blues Song To Sing 03:21   
07. Why Do You Keep Coming Back 06:12   
08. My Money Left Me 04:14   
09. Step On It 03:59   
10. Somebody Tell Me 05:11   
11. The Highway Is My Way 04:50   
12. What Was I Thinkin' 04:20   
13. You Are My Baby Doll 03:38   
14. Winter Wonderland 03:14

The Bo-Keys - Got To Get Back! (2011)

                                                                The Bo-Keys
The Bo-Keys, with a spring-loaded, testifying Memphis vibe associated with Otis Redding, Rufus Thomas and Al Green, have put out an album that bubbles like a dark, spicy gumbo. There’s a reason for that: The band features many of the sidemen who helped craft that legendary sound.

Memphis bassist Scott Bomar, then just 24, helped form the Bo-Keys in 1998 as a backup group for Mack Rice, perhaps best known for writing “Mustang Sally.” But rather than assembling a group of contemporaries, Bomar went to the city’s musical fountainhead: Sidemen from the old Stax/Volt and Hi records sides.

Guitarist Skip “Bulldog” Pitts played with Thomas, Green and Isaac Hayes. Keyboardist Archie “Hubby” Turner and Howard Grimes were both sessions musicians at Hi, once the recording home of Otis Clay, Ann Peebles, Willie Mitchell and Green. Trumpeter Ben Cauley was the only survivor when a plane carrying Redding and the Bar-Keys crashed into Wisconsin’s Lake Monona in 1967 — and continued as the reformed group became Stax’s late-period house band.

That gives Got To Get Back this timelessly absorbing sound, like discovering a forgotten gem at an old-album shop — only everything here is brand spanking new.

The Bo-Keys, also featuring trumpeter Marc Franklin, and saxists Kirk Smothers, Jim Spake and Derrick Williams, set that tone from the first with the instrumental “Hi Roller,” with its whip-smart cadence, gurgling organ and gashing horns. Co-founder Pitts, known forever for his guitar contributions to the Isley Brothers’ “It’s Your Thing” and Isaac Hayes’ “Theme from Shaft,” then adds a gravel-gargled vocal roughness on tracks like “Work that Sucker” — which, with its spoken-word interludes, works as its own sly tribute to Hayes.

Got To Get Back also includes guest turns by Clay (check out the rollicking title track), William Bell, Charlie Musselwhite (on “I’m Going Home,” a favorite cut) and Percy Wiggins. But the Bo-Keys never cede the spotlight for long, whether they are dashing through the chicken shack-rattling R&B of “Just Chillin,'” adding a lean swagger to Booker T. and the MGs-ish “Jack and Ginger,” or slowing up for the finger-licking soul blues of “Sundown on Beale.”

Every song, it seems, has its own shimmering moment of soul-lifting wonder. Grimes — who alternated with Al Jackson Jr. on Green’s sides, while also making important contributions to both Peebles’ “I Can’t Stand the Rain” and Syl Johnson’s “Take Me to the River” — is the propulsive force behind “90 Days Same As Cash,” helping shape a tornadic burst of funk. Cauley, who wrote the charts for the Staple Singers’ classic “I’ll Take You There,” adds a bright sheen as part of the stomping horn section on “Cauley Flower.” Then there’s Bomar, who engineered Green’s more recent projects for producer Willie Mitchell and here provides the kind of bedrock support that makes everything bounce along nicely.

What we’re left with is a capstone moment in the young career of The Bo-Keys. Their music has already been featured in the film “Hustle and Flow,” on the Grammy-nominated “Soul Music” from soundtrack to “Soul Men,” and on the television documentary “I Am A Man: From Memphis, a Lesson In Life” — for which Bomar claimed an Emmy. The Bo-Keys also backed Cyndi Lauper on her recent Memphis Blues project.

Throughout, they’ve hewn steadfastly to their deep-fried Deep South roots, following an ageless path right up to the doorstep of this steamy concoction. Got To Get Back is simply bursting with throwback charm and old-school vigor. Dig in.


Howard Grimes - Drums, Percussion 
Willie Hall - Drums, Percussion 
Scott Bomar - Bass, Percussion 
Charles "Skip" Pitts - Guitar
Al Gamble - Keyboards  
Archie "Hubbie" Turner - Keyboards 
Derrick Williams - Tenor Saxophone 
Kirk Smothers - Tenor Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone
Ben Cauley - Trumpet  
Marc Franklin - Trumpet
Floyd Newman - Baritone Saxophone
Jim Spake - Baritone Saxophone 
John Gary Williams - Backing Vocals 
Spencer Wiggins - Backing Vocals 


01. Hi Roller 02:54   
02. Got To Get Back (To My Baby) (Featuring – Otis Clay) 03:25   
03. Just Chillin' 03:32   
04. Catch This Teardrop (Featuring – Percy Wiggins) 02:49   
05. Jack And Ginger 03:06   
06. Sundown On Beale 04:03   
07. Weak Spot (Featuring – William Bell) 03:54   
08. 90 Days Same As Cash 03:10   
09. I'm Going Home (Featuring – Charlie Musselwhite) 03:55   
10. Cauley Flower 02:58   
11. Work That Sucker 03:59   
12. Got To Get Back (To My Baby) Pt 2 (Featuring – Otis Clay) 02:15

Tubie Pushée - Lonestar Blues (2008)

                                                              Tubie Pushée
The Lonestar Blues is the 2008 blues release from Tubie Pushée. He is from Navasota, Texas which was officially designated the blues capitol of Texas in 2005. Tubie and his band The Touchtones played in the capitol rotunda in Austin in 2007 to mark the reading of the resolution in the state legislature. Endorsed by The Navasota Blues Fest Organization and city officials from Navasota. The Lonestar Blues is Texas blues from start to finish with an occasional Texas rock flavor. From great guitar playing and well structured songs to clever lyrics with a great hook this record will grow to become one of your favorite blues albums of all time. If you like Texas blues this album is a 'must have'. If you just like blues this CD will delight and entertain you.      


01. Upside Down 03:45
02. Bonanza in Kittydom 03:48
03. Talk to Me Blues 02:50
04. Goodbye 02:47
05. When You Gonna Bring My Heart Home 04:35
06. The H.R. Dept Blues 03:32
07. Lookin' for Mine 03:23
08. Want More 03:48
09. Skubie's Doo 03:02
10. Strange Things 03:29
11. I'll Be Gone 03:06
12. The Lonestar Blues 04:28

Zoe Schwarz Blue Commotion - The Blues And I Should Have A Party (2018)

                                                                 Zoe Schwarz
Zoë Schwarz Blue Commotion have made a name and reputation for consummate musicianship, stylish delivery, and a deep rooted, rich and diverse musical vocabulary.”

“Zoë Schwarz Blue Commotion celebrate their 6th anniversary with the release of ‘The Blues And I Should Have A Party’. It’s been a very fertile and productive time and this is the band’s 5th studio album, again full of potent and diverse original songs; add to this, two ‘live’ albums, and it is obvious that the musical chemistry and drive of songwriters Zoë and Rob will not let the band stagnate for a moment.


Zoe Schwarz - Vocals
Rob Koral - Guitar
Pete Whittaker - Hammond Organ
Paul Robinson - Drums


01. Please Don't Cheat On Me 04:05   
02. The Blues And I Should Have A Party 06:27   
03. You've Changed 05:31   
04. Way Down In The Caves 04:54   
05. Don't Worry Blues 07:46
06. Shout 03:31
07. You Don't Live Here Anymore 05:41
08. My Handsome Man 05:29
09. Tell Me You Love Me 02:47   
10. Don't Hold Back 04:01   
11. The Memory Of You 05:04   
12. Time Waits For No One 04:57   
13. Thank You 03:58

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Mel Brown ‎- I'd Rather Suck My Thumb (1969)

                                                                  Mel Brown
One of the bluesiest of Mel Brown's funky guitar records for Impulse. The album includes some very stripped-down performances that highlight Mel's deep soulful guitar style, and the nice groovy keyboards of Clifford Coulter. Mel sings a bit, but not much, and the best tracks are the long trippy instrumentals. Titles include "18 Pounds Of Unclean Chitlins", "You Got Me Hummin", "Scorpio" (not the Dennis Coffey version), and the funky funky "Do Your Thing", which has a tight Isleys groove.


01. I'd Rather Suck My Thumb 05:32
02. Scorpio 06:33
03. Eighteen Pounds Of Unclean Chitlings 11:09
04. You Got Me Hummin' 04:19
05. Do Your Thing 05:41
06. Troubles 05:23
07. Dixie 04:28

James Wheeler - Good Rice (2006)

                                                            James Wheeler
Blues guitarist James Wheeler was born in Albany, GA, on August 28, 1937. His earliest musical influences were the big bands of the time, especially Glenn Miller, Duke Ellington, and his first idol, Louis Jordan. Following his older brother Golden, Wheeler moved to Chicago in 1956. Golden had started playing harmonica in the clubs, becoming friends with many blues musicians, including Little Walter. It was after the move to Chicago that James Wheeler picked up the guitar and started jamming with local musicians. Wheeler's first big break came when he played guitar with Billy Boy Arnold, which lead to the formation of the Jaguars in 1963, backing up B.B. King, Millie Jackson, O.V. Wright, and Otis Clay. Clay was so impressed with Wheeler's playing that after the Jaguars broke up in 1972 he asked Wheeler to put together his touring band, which lasted three years. Following a brief tour with the Impressions, Wheeler took a non-music day job, picking up weekend gigs here and there for the next decade. In 1986, Wheeler received a call from Otis Rush asking him to play a weekend gig that turned full-time, lasting until 1993. After recording and touring stints with Mississippi Heat, Magic Slim, and Willie Kent, he released his much anticipated solo recording, Ready, in 1998 on Delmark Records. Featuring ten original tracks plus three covers, his band featured brother Big Golden Wheeler on harmonica and pianist Ken Saydak. Following a hectic tour schedule through Europe and South America, Wheeler's second release, Can't Take It, followed in 2000, again, on the Delmark label. Can't Take It spotlights all original compositions by Wheeler, fronting the same band, with the exception of Ron Sorin replacing Big Golden on harp.


01. Cold Heart Woman 04:24
02. Come Home 04:45
03. My Key Don`t Fit 04:41
04. Looking for My Baby 04:29
05. Going Down Slow 08:06
06. Look on Younder Walk 06:10
07. Tip Pan Alley 11:52

Wayne Janus - All Access Blues (2008)

                                                               Wayne Janus
Wayne Janus is a Musician who is described as inspiring, unique, captivating, dynamic and daring. His stage presence connects with the audience. With in the  opening moments of a performance, the atmosphere is electric. The reciprocating energies establish that a very dynamic and engaged musical journey has begun. Everyone is plugged in!

Guitarist, Singer, Songwriter Wayne Janus became internationally recognized in the mid 90's as the  "touring" Lead Guitarist for "Blues Legend" George "Wild Child" Butler. Janus landed his role as lead guitarist via a Detroit based firm (Leafy Hill Publishing) in conjunction with a Canadian based firm (Live Earth Management). Wayne’s reputation as an emerging "Blues Guitarist" was gaining positive momentum with in Southern Ontario, Canada. Butler often stated that Janus was one "Mean Blues Guitarist!”

When Janus wasn't on tour with “Wild Child”, he would perform at festivals and various music venues. At the turn of the millennia, Wayne was invited by Bassit Bill Berman to record demo tracks at a professional recording studio run by Dan Jefferies. The sole intent of the recording session was to have some sound clips for promoting new venues and festivals. At the end of the session, Janus booked more studio time to further explore the inspiration he felt from the studio environment. Many of these demo recordings took place from 2000-2003. Recording gave Wayne the reference point to critique himself not only as a Musician, but as a Songwriter.

Wayne Janus draws from a vast influence of musicians and genres; From the legends to the undiscovered. His performance is an expression of his musical influences. His passion for listening and discovering manifest into musical perspectives, possibilities, creativity and gratitude.


01. Working Too Hard 04:27
02. Late Past Midnight 07:58
03. Moving On 06:33   
04. Worst Case Blues 03:44   
05. Looking Back 03:38
06. Give Me A Chance 02:08   
07. Hold With You 03:06
08. I Can't Understand 05:41
09. I Remember Good Times 03:11
10. Closing Time 06:31
11. Bury Me Slow 04:01

Terho Keskitapio - My Blues Heart (2020)

                                                             Terho Keskitapio
Terho Keskitapio is a jazz & blues guitarist from northern Finland. Keskitapio has played gigs at many jazz festivals and clubs in Finland since 90's. He has also had gigs abroad (Germany, Sweden, Russia, Norway, Georgia)


Terho Keskitapio - Guitar, Vocals
Hannu Raudaskoski - Bass
Antti Lassila - Keyboards
Mikko Silander - Drums


01. Doing The Right Thing 03:33
02. My Blues Heart 04:07
03. Like A Roller Coaster 03:03
04. Are You Ready For The Heat 05:55

Dalannah Gail Bowen - I Just Want To Talk To You (2007)

                                                         Dalannah Gail Bowen
Dalannah is 74 years old and has been singing professionally for more than half a century. Her music career began in Winnipeg, Manitoba with an all-female group called the Feminine Touch. Winnipeg was a thriving music community at the time and Feminine Touch had the good fortune to tour Canada  and open shows for groups that included the Guess Who and The Monkees. Back in Winnipeg Dalannah performed at the Town & Country Lounge with jazz guitarist Lenny Breau. During this period, she also worked with New York’s Clifford Barbaro and jazz greats like PJ Perry, Earl Seymour and others.    

01. Up From The Skies 04:54
02. Aftraluv 06:10   
03. Easy Blue 03:21   
04. The Very Thought Of You 06:46
05. Moondance 05:32   
06. I Got It Bad 05:21   
07. You Can't Take That Away From Me/S'Wonderful 04:47   
08. Night In Tunisia 04:58

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Andy B.And - Look What The Cat Dragged In (2019)

                                                               Andy B.And
What makes people go “wow?” CGI wizardry at the movies, for one. Fireworks on the Fourth of July, for another. So does an album that astounds without being too artsy, fascinates without being fancy, and is plain great.  That’s what New Jersey’s Andy Bernstein, known as Andy B.AND, presents along with Soulfolk. Look What the Cat Dragged In is a crisp, catchy collection of nine original songs running the gamut from roots to Americana to blues rock and back again. It’s succinct, clocking in at thirty-four minutes. That means it’s tailor-made for a rotation in one’s CD player during a backyard barbecue or pizza party. Its components may be simple, like shrimp, sausage and rice, but simmered together, they’re absolutely scrumptious. Add to that a dash of Andy B.’s near-perfect diction and more than a pinch of New Orleans flavor, and you’ve got yourself some spicy gumbo.

Track number one is jumpin’ “Justine,” a ballad about a woman who can awaken even the most mummified: “If I was a dead man laid in my grave, lying in wait for Judgment Day, Justine come to my coffin and she let out a yelp – resurrected instantly without St. Peter’s help!” The solo in the middle is hotter than a heaping helping of jambalaya. Later on, take a tranquil journey on the “Master’s Ship,” promising a “peaceful ocean” to those who’ve been rejected by their peers, such as Galileo and Christ Himself. In the mood for a laugh? Hop on the “Leavin’ Train,” where Andy mentions the J. Giles Band’s hit “Love Stinks.” This number doesn’t – it’s sweet! “Incandescent Lightbulb Blues” brings back the 1950’s and homage to one of Edison’s greatest inventions, now passé and energy-inefficient. The tune itself burns halogen-brightly. Last but not least, boogie to “(A Mighty Funky) Groove Thing” like there’s no tomorrow.


01. Justine 03:09
02. Way That Men Be 02:43
03. Mary Ellis 03:43
04. Master's Ship 03:34
05. Candyman 03:21
06. Leavin' train 04:27
07. Another Cloudy Day 05:06
08. Incandescent Lightbulb Blues 03:22
09. (A Mighty Funky) Groove Thing 04:45

Dalannah Gail Bowen - Mamma's Got the Blues (2007)

                                                          Dalannah Gail Bowen
Dalannah Gail Bowen is a versatile high-energy vocalist whose experience as a performer ranges from intimate nightclub and café shows to fronting big bands and concert tours. Dalannah has known her share of the blues, but she’s also known her share of joy, and it’s to her credit that joy and triumph are the feelings that stay with you after listening to her music, or catching her in performance.


01. Mamma's Got the Blues 06:19
02. Early In the Mornin' 04:30
03. My Blues Keep Bringin' Me Home 04:25
04. Stone Cold & Crazy 04:58
05. Still Alive & Well 03:34
06. Up From The Skies 04:09
07. I Got This Bridge I Want You To Buy 04:55
08. Watermelon Man 06:44
09. Born Under A Bad Sign 06:27
10. You Can Have My Husband 04:24
11. Jealous Kind 05:32
12. Unchain My Heart 06:45

Fenton Shadbolt's Rhythm And Blues Experience - The Sessions (2017)

                                   Fenton Shadbolt's Rhythm And Blues Experience
This cd brings a very good work of eletric blues.

01. Stop Yankin' My Chain 02:48    
02. I Feel Just Like Buddy Love 03:25    
03. I Found Out 02:54    
04. It's a Fine Fine Thing 03:05    
05. Rides Real Fine 03:13    
06. Rollerblading with B B 02:50    
07. Bright Blues 03:03    
08. The Truth About Me and You 02:24    

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Gregg A. Smith - The Texas Blues Wailer Live (1985)

                                                             Gregg A. Smith
Gregg A Smith was born July 25, 1951 in Honeygrove, Texas. He started singing and dancing at the age of 3 in his mother’s cafe, The Luckyheart Cafe, in Bucktussel, Texas. At the age of 9, his family moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico where Gregg began harmonica lessons which led to an appearance on The Uncle Rays Cartoon TV Show. By the time Gregg turned 12 years old he began to sing and play the trumpet which led to him starting his first band called The Soul Flames. The group appeared at the Elks Club American Legion and at the Paloma Bar in Albuquerque during the 1960s.
In 1969 Gregg and his family relocated to Portland, Oregon where he graduated high school. After graduation, he played trumpet and became a backup lead singer for the Antoine Brothers until the summer of 1970 when he was invited to Chicago by his friend Nolan Antoine, also known as Nolan Struck. While in Chicago, Gregg had the opportunity to work with Buddy Guy, Jr Wells, KoKo Taylor and many others at Pepper’s Lounge. In the fall of 1970, Gregg returned to Portland, Oregon to attend Portland Community College and Portland State University. At the University he began to study music. While studying, he was given the opportunity to perform as the house band at the Cotton Club with Etta James, the Whispers and many other artists. Soon after, Gregg formed his second band called Gregg Smith and the Shades of Brown. Gregg and The Shades of Brown appeared at the Downstairs Lounge and began to add jazz to their music repertoire. The band played with famous jazz artist such as Jimmy Smith, Johnny Hammond, Grover Washington Jr, Jeff Lorber and Johnny "Guitar" Watson. This talented group also opened for artist such as Tower of Power, Cold Blood, Quick Silver Messenger and Albert Collins for almost a decade. By 1980 Gregg had opened for BB King and also opened for James Brown for three nights at Portland's popular night spot, Lung Fung's. In 1983, Gregg found himself returning home to Texas to perform at the Dallas Blues Festival with Little Milton, Lil Joe Blue, Al T and T Braggs. He soon met Barbara Kemp, his now loving wife of 28 years.
Gregg released his first album in 1985 titled The Texas Blues Wailer, produced by Phil York. With the album's release, he began to tour and establish a lifelong friendship with the late legendary Johnny Taylor and open for the Bobby "Blue" Bland Orchestra. In 1990 Gregg's second album, Money Talks under Ichiban Records, led him on his first European tour with the title track “Money Talks” and “Blues in My Blood”. In 1991 Money Talks was re-released by Prestige Records of London, England as Party Warrior. 1992 brought two new hits for Gregg, “It's My Time” and “History of the Blues” from his third album It's My Time, released under Ichiban Records. Soon to follow was the 1997 release of I Wanna Rock You with the soul filled hits “I Wanna Rock You”, “Louisiana Bound”, and “Dance With the One Who Brought You”. Soon to follow in 1998 was Stacked in the Back. The title track featured on background vocals Yarbrough & Peoples, horns by the Johnny Taylor Horn Section, Lucky Peterson on keyboard and Butch Bonner on guitar. 2000-2001, Gregg returned to Europe to tour with Lucky Peterson. Upon his return, he recorded Forbidden Fruit, to be released by Trinity River Record Label. Forbidden Fruit gave America the hit single “Stayed So Long”. In 2005, he released his Greatest Hits cd on his own label, Gman Records with a single sequel to “Stayed So Long” titled “Has It Come to This”. “Has It Come to This” gained tremendous amount of radio play and made #1 throughout the southern United States. After the release of Triple Play Swing on Gman Records in 2008, Gregg began to tour telling part III of the Romeo and Jez trilogy. Long awaited, 2009 presented Gregg with the Jus Blues Legendary Blues and Soul Award in Memphis, Tennessee as well as the re-release of his Greatest Hits with a bonus track on Gman Records. This cd was distributed nationwide as well as international by Select O Hits of Memphis, Tennessee.
Gregg’s latest cds, Forever Young was produced by Carl Marshall and released on CDS Record Label in 2011. The title track “Forever Young” features the legendary Bobby Rush, Lucky Peterson and Carl Marshall. This dynamic soul singing quartet managed to take the title track “Forever Young” to #1 for several months on the American Blues Network. The cd also included the late Herman Roscoe Ernest III on drums and background vocals as well as Jay Miles Griggs III on bass and guitar. In 2012, he released Caravan of Dreams Live Recording also on CDS Record Label. The album lists thirteen live recording performed at the legendary Caravan of Dreams. 2013 will bring you two new releases. Love Expressions which is a compilation of Gregg’s best love songs being released on Gman Records and Wanted One Soul Man, produced by Carl Marshall and Ricky White, is being released on CDS Records.
Gregg A Smith, for the past 21 years, has been hosting his own radio show in Dallas, Texas. The Gregg Smith Radio Blues Review can be heard on KNON 89.3 FM, Friday 9a-12p. For more than 45 years, Gregg has been blessed to be able to keep the blues alive and he is more dedicated now than ever.


01. Everyday I Have The Blues 03:46
02. Stop You From Giving Me The Blues 06:28
03. Going Down Slow 05:45
04. I'm A Bluesman 04:55
05. Stormy Monday 12:41
06. You Gotta Sacrifice 04:08
07. Don't Want No Woman Tellin Me What To Do 04:15
08. I Still Go Crazy 05:10
09. You Only Get As Much Out As You Put In 07:35
10. Real Motha For Ya 04:11
11. You'll Never Find 04:40
12. Personally 04:18

Harmonica Hinds - I'd Give You Anything If I Could (2014)

                                                            Harmonica Hinds
Harmonica Hinds (born Mervyn H.G. Hinds, January 4, 1945) is a Trinidadian-American blues singer and musician. He moved from Trinidad to Canada and then settled permanently in Chicago. He was influenced by blues musicians and started playing harmonica at an early age. He became known in the 1970s when he played on the house band of Theresa's Lounge in Chicago. He shared the stage with and played on albums by many blues musicians for more than five decades. He made his first recording in 2008. Further recordings were made in 2010 and 2012. He has been described as one of the most talented Chicago blues musicians. He remains active on the Chicago blues scene.


Edward G. McDaniel - Bass 
Kenny Smith - Drums
Eddie Taylor Jr. - Guitar  
Rick Kreher - Guitar (tracks: 3, 4, 8, 10, 11),
Tom Holland - Guitar (tracks: 1, 2, 5, 6, 7, 9, 12)
Harmonica Hinds - Vocals, Harmonica, Guitar, Tambourine


01. Stop Complaining 05:49
02. Wake The Spirit 03:58
03. Anything If I Could 04:43
04. Child Of The Universe 03:44
05. Take Your Time 06:15
06. Don't You Steal My Money 04:59
07. Can't Stay Here Forever 03:59
08. Way Down South 02:01
09. Imelda 04:57
10. Cuddle Inn 04:07
11. You're Looking Good 04:10
12. Goin' Down To The River 06:02

Ron Sunshine & Full Swing - Straight Up (1999)

                                                                 Ron Sunshine
Singer, songwriter, harmonica player Ron Sunshine was born in Denver, moved to NYC in '81, and started paying music full time in '90. He has released six albums, toured internationally, and recorded &performed with the likes of Dr. John, The P-Funk Horns, Pinetop Perkins, Wilson Pickett, and many others. Ron & band continue to dazzle from NY to Los Angeles, Paris to Stockholm, Bermuda to Red Bank.


Bil Emmons - Backing Vocals
Andres Villamil - Bass, Backing Vocals
Dale Kleps - Clarinet, Baritone Saxophone
James Wormworth IV - Drums, Backing Vocals 
Dan Hovey - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Ron Sunshine - Lead Vocals, Harmonica, Backing Vocals
Paul Tillotson - Piano  
Craig Dreyer - Tenor Saxophone
Ned Holder - Trombone
Tim Ouimette - Trumpet
Moanin' Mary - Vocals


01. Enough For You   
02. Hit That Jive Jack   
03. Salt Pork, West VA   
04. Red Light   
05. Is That The Moon   
06. She Won't Believe   
07. Lounging At The Waldorf   
08. Tid Bits   
09. Do You Know?   
10 Undecided     

Mojomama - Think.Feel.Love.Listen (2006)

Mojomama’s sophomore album expresses a musical journey of growth that comes to life through the soulful singing of Jessica Rowand. Reminiscent of Bonnie Raitt and Aretha Franklin, Think. Feel. Listen. Love. takes on the sounds of ’70s R&B, Latin-flavored rock and the deep soul of ‘40s blues all at once.


01. River 03:15    
02. For Heaven's Sake 05:03    
03. Take It or Leave It 05:05        
04. Till You Come Around 03:19    
05. Social Crisis 04:59    
06. Rio Mojo 01:11    
07. Blues for You 04:35    
08. Reflection 05:40    
09. Long Gone 03:30        
10. Real Thang 03:00        
11. River Reprise 02:02    

Route61 - Never Trow Away You Old Shoes (2020)

Band Route61 consists of five experienced musicians with years of experience and have quickly developed into a much sought-after blues band for both small and large stages.

After all this time, they still play their love of the blues with great pleasure and passion.
They play a varied repertoire of traditional and modern blues supplemented with their own work, as only Band Route61 can.

You can feel their enthusiasm for the blues and experience at festivals down to the smallest pub, when Dutch Blues band Route61 shows the “The Blues Experience” during their performance.


Steven de Bruijn - Guitar
Wim van Hamersveld - Drums
John de Groot - Vocals
Carolus van Kuilenburg - Harmonica
Rinus Vink - Bass


01. I Tried 03:10
02. Playing in a Band 03:39
03. Five Long Years 07:44
04. Black Night 03:41
05. Sweet Little Angel 05:19
06. Don't Break My Heart 04:18

Big Walter Horton - Live at the El Mocambo (1973)

                                                              Big Walter Horton
Big Walter Horton, sometimes known as Shakey Walter Horton, is one of the most influential blues harmonica players of all time, and a particular pioneer in the field of amplified harmonica. He isn't as widely known as his fellow Chicago blues pioneers Little Walter and Sonny Boy Williamson II, due mostly to the fact that, as a rather shy, quiet individual, he never had much taste for leading his own bands or recording sessions. But his style was utterly distinctive, marked by an enormous, horn-like tone, virtuosic single-note lines, fluid phrasing, and an expansive sense of space. Horton's amplified harp work graced sides by Muddy Waters, Jimmy Rogers, Otis Rush, Johnny Shines, Tampa Red, and many others; he was frequently cited as an inspiration by younger players, and most accounts of his life mention a testimonial from legendary bassist/songwriter Willie Dixon, who once called Horton "the best harmonica player I ever heard."


01. Jukin' With Walter 04:21   
02. Have A Good Time 04:21   
03. Lonely Avenue 05:19   
04. Medley: Not That Easy / Ain't That A Shame     04:36
05. Walter's Swing 04:11   
06. Can't Hold Out Much Longer 04:03
07. Rockin' My Boogie 04:42   
08. Blues With A Feeling 04:32
09. Kentucky Fried 02:26   
10. That Ain't It 03:31    
11. Easin' In Slow 02:51   
12. Little Boy Blue 05:12   
13. Goin' Back To Arkansas 05:30   
14. Turkey Scratch 04:53   
15. La Cucharacha 05:19   
16. Sweet Home Chicago 01:35

Philip Sayce - Spirit Rising (2020)

                                                                Philip Sayce
Born in Wales and raised in Toronto, Canada, Philip Sayce’s love of the guitar started at an early age when his parents introduced him to all of the classics, notably, Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Jeff Beck. “I have such distinct memories listening to these incredible musicians,” Sayce says.  “Their music had a huge effect on me.”

His first live music experience was an Eric Clapton gig at Toronto’s Maple Leaf Gardens.  “This groovy version of ‘Crossroads’ had such an impact on me,” he recalls.  “It was that musicianship that laid the foundation for me.  What Clapton did was very different from what many younger artists do today.  It was about spilling your heart out.”

With that inspiration ingrained, Philip asked his parents for a guitar, which became his constant companion.  “It was this acoustic guitar from Sears with strings about four feet off the fret board,” he laughs.  “I broke every CD player, DVD player, and tape player in the house pushing pause and rewind trying to figure out how to play.”

From the age of sixteen, Philip started showing up and playing at blues jam nights at Grossman’s Tavern in downtown Toronto.  It wasn’t long before he was winning over admirers, including the legendary guitarist Jeff Healey, who invited Philip to join his band.  Over the next few years, Philip had his first international tour experience with Healey, playing prestigious festivals and stages worldwide. “I learned so much from Jeff.  His playing was off the charts.  He would simply put people in a trance when he performed.  It was otherworldly.”

After a move to Los Angeles, Philip was invited to join Melissa Etheridge’s band following an introduction by producer John Shanks.  For the next several years, Philip performed on Melissa Etheridge’s albums and was featured during her live concerts where his cosmic performances left audiences stunned.  On one such occasion, Melissa and her band were honoring Bon Jovi at a Grammy Awards event.  Following the performance, Jon Bon Jovi told the audience “I want to give a special nod to Philip, who I immediately opened the program and said ‘Who the fuck is that guitar player?’ Pretty fabulous Philip.”

In 2009, Philip released Peace Machine, the first of three solo albums that established him as one of the leading lights in a new generation of blues-rock guitarists.  With each subsequent release (Ruby Electric and Steamroller) his reputation continued to grow.  With the European release of his fourth solo album, Influence, in the summer of 2014, Philip received some of the best reviews of his career.  Produced by Dave Cobb, Influence features songs by artists that have inspired Philip over the years, as well as several original compositions.  In January 2015, Philip signed with Warner Music Canada.  Two new recordings, produced by Michael Nielsen at Revolution Studios in Toronto, are included on the Canadian version of Influence.


01. Warning Shot 00:50
02. Fits Me Good 02:51   
03. Black Roller Coming 02:49   
04. She's the Music 03:20      
05. Once 02:23      
06. Wild 05:05      
07. Give Me Time03:18   
08. Oh My 03:17      
09. Burning Out    03:29  
10. One Foot on the Gravel 03:55
11. Awful Dreams 06:01      
12. Spirit 03:38   
13. 5:55 01:20

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Tubie Pushée - Just Can't Believe It (2007)

                                                               Tubie Pushée
Tubie has been playing guitar for over 35 years. He studied music under a full scholarship at Wharton Co. Jr. College, then enrolled at the University of Texas in Austin but left playing on the road before he entered classes there. He has played with the premier southwest bands: Camel Rock and Two Paces West, playing in over 30 of the lower 48 states plus Alaska. He is now lead guitarist for Tubie and the Touchtones. His quick, innovative lead guitar work, along with rhythm and acoustic guitar styles, and his strong lead and harmony vocals help make this trio a full, different, & successful dance band. They usually stay in S.E. Texas playing blues, classic rock, some country and even cajun Spanish style music, plus Tubie's tunes. Tubie also does a single act that encompasses acoustic blues and easy listening rock, classic country, light jazz, and Tubie's tunes.     


01. Just Can't Believe It 02:42
02. Share 03:41
03. Break an Artificial Heart 03:16
04. A Candle 05:19
05. 709 Blues 02:11
06. Voices 03:59
07. Tequila Town 03:12
08. No Room 04:01
09. Alibis 03:28
10. Northstar 03:41

Soulmate - Shillong (2004)

Soulmate is a blues rock band from Shillong, Meghalaya, India. The band is primarily made up of Rudy Wallang (guitar/vocals/songwriter) and Tipriti TIPS Kharbangar (vocals/guitar), although they frequently team up with session musicians (on drums, bass, organ and possibly other backup instruments) when on tour. Tipriti is considered as one of the finest female singers to have emerged from North East India and Wallang is considered one of the most respected blues guitarists of India.

Soulmate gained nationwide recognition and popularity within jazz and blues circles in India after they became the only blues band to represent the country at the 23rd International Blues Challenge organized by The Blues Foundation of America, in Memphis, Tennessee, USA, in February 2007 and 2010. They were semi-finalists and performed at the Rum Boogie Café (Blues Club of The Year, 2007) and Ground Zero (2010) alongside 150 other bands and musicians from all over the world.


01. Love You 03:08
02. The Price 03:23
03. If You Were My Guitar 08:46
04. I Am 04:32
05. My Baby 01:49
06. Do You 04:11
07. St. Valentines Day Blues 03:30
08. Shillong (Seir Lapalang) 06:54
09. If You See My Baby 04:12
10. The Blues Is My Soulmate 03:43

Renee Hose - The Other Side (2020)

                                                                 Renee Hose
Renee Hose is a powerful singer / songwriter who delivers powerful and soulful vocals combined with impressive guitar and keyboard chops. Renee covers artists ranging from Audioslave to Janis Joplin, Alicia Keys, Prince, BB King, Stevie Nicks, Eric Clapton, Tonic, Louie Armstrong, Led Zeppelin and everything in between. She is adept at taking a song and making it her own.

Renee's musical roots stem from Gospel. As the daughter of a minister she was steeped in everything from Southern Gospel to Black Gospel. She was surrounded by a musical family as everyone in her family plays an instrument or sings. As a child Renee was extremely shy and did not enjoy the spotlight at all but her Mother constantly encouraged her to share her talents. This was only the beginning. In the 1980's Renee traveled full time with a Christian Rock Band "CrossRoads" using her vocal abilities to share lead vocals and creative harmonies with two other top notch classically trained vocalists as well as her keyboard skills and guitar stylings. Her musical upbringing and natural talent is evident in all she does. Not only does she have  raw talent and a soulful style she possesses the skill of a  seasoned professional. Renee is an innate entertainer and performer who knows how to engage an audience.


01. The Other Side 04:42
02. Smoke Screen 03:03
03. Hell Fire and Holy Water 03:57
04. Down Easy 06:24
05. Content 05:19
06. Be Careful 04:09
07. Ever Present 05:20
08. Never Cease to Amaze Me 03:20

Mel Brown - Big Foot Country Girl (1973)

                                                               Mel Brown
American blues guitarist and pianist, born October 7, 1939, in Jackson, Miss., USA., died March 20, 2009 in Kitchener, Ont., Canada.

This album, like most of Mel's albums, brings us very homemade recordings and a mix of Blues, Soul and Funk.


Mel Brown - Guitar, Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Accordion, Clavinet 
Lorenzo Carnegie - Alto Saxophone
Tobie Butler - Baritone Saxophone
Jimmie Calhoun - Bass
Jimmy Davis - Clavinet, Organ, Piano
Bobbye Hall - Congas
Jeff Osborne - Drums
Leonard Tarver - Drums
Onion Miller - Tenor Saxophone
Jake Riley - Trombone
Carle Vickers - Trumpet 
Jeff Osborne - Trumpet
Edna Wright - Vocals 
Marti McCall - Vocals


01. Need Love 03:53
02. Home Folks 02:54
03. Red Cross Store 04:11
04. Little Girl, Don't You Know 04:11
05. Big Foot Country Girl 02:44
06. Goin' Down Slow 10:34
07. Stinging Bea 03:52