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Salty Dawg - Cold Sweat (2018)

                                                                 Salty Dawg
Cold Sweat celebrates the Salty Dawg's soulful vocals and stinging guitar. There's something for everyone from get-down-and-dirty LIVE recordings (Caleb Aldrich, Rick Huyett & Andy Hamilton), to deep smooth acoustic covers (Caleb Aldrich, Raymond De Marchi & Chase McRoy), to feeling the groove with Salty Dawg's originals (Rich Oberto, Alan Loshbough, Pete Szkolka, Keven Hennessy, Jake Haselmann, Ken Logan, Dick Pruitt, James "Smitty" Smith & Richard Sternadori). Sit back ... strap in ... enjoy the ride. Thank you!

Quotes from a personal letter to the Salty Dawg from Bruce Igliaurer,
“Bruce Igliaurer, President of Alligator Records, finds the Salty Dawg's debut album "Dog's Up" to be, "quite an enjoyable surprise," "Great Slide and I like the holes you leave in the music; that's where the funk is!" - "Thanks for the cool and interesting and fun music."


01. Cold Sweat (feat. Caleb Aldrich, Rick Huyett & Andy Hamilton) 09:28
02. I Want to Be Loved 06:51    
03. Johnny B. Goode  09:39    
04. Let's Stay Together (feat. Raymond Dimarche, Chase McRoy & Caleb Aldrich) 05:36    
05. Moondance 07:47    
06. Let It Shine 05:00    
07. Me and My Woman 04:27    
08. Blood or Plasma 05:34    
09. Bionic Blues 04:31    
10. These Days 04:48    
11. Secrets O' Life 06:00    
12. Tables Have Turned 05:09    
13. Thank You Lord 05:23    
14. Babay 06:00

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