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Casey James and the Flames - Destination Unknown (2005)

                                                                  Casey James
Casey needed a band name for some events he had to play and consulted a friend named Gary Cambell, a fellow music lover and "free spirited drummer." Gary asked "Have you heard of 'Jimi James and the Blue Flames', one of Hendrix's first groups?" "No," Casey said. "Why don't you call the band 'Casey James and the Flames'?" By George, you've got it!
What was going to be three gigs and quit, has turned into a 6 year life molding struggle. Good friend Tom Caverly got Casey fired up about the blues and what his true worth is. As many musicians turn music into a contest or compitition Casey welcomes the camaraderie of his peers and colleagues, and says "You can learn somthing from everyone you meet." The blues scene inevitably called to Casey James like a sparrow to its mate. Such players as B.B. King, Buddy Guy, Stevie Ray Vaughn and Elmore James started playing a huge roll in Casey's life. Casey James has become an "electro-luminesent" spirit on the face of Blues today.


01. House of Bourbon 04:51
02. One Page 02:39
03. Destination Unkown 04:43
04. I Got Used 04:52
05. Cant Eat at Mac Donalds 03:29
06. Wanna Dance 03:42
07. Wish it Would Rain 03:27
08. For Nothing 04:11
09. Dont mess with Texas 04:16

Keith Thompson's Blues Eruption - Little Red Rooster (2020)

                                                                   Keith Thompson
Keith Thompson (New) Blues Eruption; Little Red Rooster (2020). A new album from a bluesman from England. The multi-instrumentalist Keith is well-known in the music world.


01. Key to the Highway 03:25
02. All Your Love 03:31
03. Little Red Rooster 04:30
04. I’ll Carry You 04:02
05. Can’t Be Satisfied 03:55
06. Cryin’ Shame 06:39
07. Backyard Blues 03:56
08. Bright Lights, Big City 03:46
09. I’m Tore Down 03:31
10. Hoochie Coochie Man 04:53
11. My Babe 03:23
12. Pennies on Your Eyes 05:57
13. Mystery Train 03:51
14. White Room 06:14

Bobby Manriquez - Another Shade of Blue(s) (2000)

                                                              Bobby Manriquez
Passionate first solo offering of blu-funk which earned high praise from sources such as, the Washington Post, as well as a list of stars which sounds like a "Who's Who" of international Rock 'n Soul.


01. The Boogie Man's Comin' 03:26
02. Family Traditions 03:38
03. Evocation 00:30
04. Another Shade of Blue 05:18
05. Goin' Up 04:33
06. Smokehouse 01:45
07. Devil Heart 03:59
08. D' blues 00:51
09. G-Blue (inspired) 05:40
10. FT2 02:35
11. Jump Start 00:44
12. How We Start 03:48
13. B2K 02:52

Stan Nirenberg Band - Smoke Peace (2018)

                                                            Stan Nirenberg Band
Stan Nirenberg Band brings us a great CD that mixes Blues, Rock, Funk, R&B.


01. You're the Only One I Love 03:49 
02. On the Run 03:26
03. I Am the One 04:14 
04. You Get What You Deserve 03:31 
05. It's All in Your Head 04:52 
06. You Can Always Come Home 05:36
07. Smoke Peace 04:50 
08. Accept Love 03:27 
09. Looking for Answers 04:08 
10. The Beginning or the End 03:36 
11. What Really Happened 04:24 
12. She's My Girl 03:45 

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Tony Haan - Audiovisual (EP) (2015)

                                                                    Tony Haan
Album by Blues Rock guitarist with influences from Eric Johnson, Jimi Hendrix and ZZ Top.


Tony Haan - Guitar, Vocals
Victor Avellino - Bass 
Rory Faciane - Drums
Jared Lorenz - Drums


1. Feel No Pain 05:19
2. The Flood 03:22
3. So Tired 04:21
4. Lucid Lucile 03:46

Beauregarde - Beauregarde (1971)

His wrestling career began in 1963 and by 1970 he had become one of the biggest names on the Pacific Northwest Wrestling circuit. He was renowned for his unique wrestling moves (and finishing move The Thumb) and crazy on-stage characters he created for himself. On match days he would find a historic figure whose date of birth fell on that day and pretend to be them during the match and in interviews.
In 1971, he released an album bearing his stage name, "Beauregarde" featuring Greg Sage of the Wipers on guitar. Beauregarde enlisted Sage (then 17) after overhearing him playing guitar for a friend's band at Sound Productions studio in Portland.


Beauregarde - Vocals
Greg Sage - Guitar
Dave Kolpel - Bass
Jay Lundell - Drums
Allen Robinson - Congo, Sax
Omar Bose - Organ, Piano, Trumpet


01. I Got Something 03:09
02. Super Star Super Star 05:35
03. If You Got Soul 04:41
04. Tomorrow, Tomorrow 02:49
05. Everybody Ball 02:59
06. I'm Talkin' Time 04:32
07. Testify 02:44
08. Pass Away 03:17
09. "I" 03:19

Tinsley Ellis - Ice Cream In Hell (2020)

                                                                     Tinsley Ellis                                                            
Tinsley Ellis was born in 1957 and began his musical career in his teens.  His first album at age 21 was Georgia Blue on Alligator Records.  He stayed with them for five more albums, went over to Capricorn and Telarc for a few and then self released 4 albums and returned to Alligator in 2018 with Winning Hand which garnered all sorts of attention including a Blues Blast Music Award nomination.  This is his 18th CD and, frankly, I think they keep getting better and better.

He spent much of the last year touring with Tommy Castro and with the release of this he’s on a solo tour promoting it around the globe. Featured here on the CD along with Tinsley Ellis on guitars and vocals are producer Kevin McKendree on organ, pianos, and rhythm guitar on “Sit Tight Mama,” Steve Mackey on bass, and Lynn Williams on drums and percussion are the main players. Jim Hoke on the Sax and Quentin Ware on trumpet do the great horn work on two cuts. All 11 tracks are new and were written by Tinsley.

“Last One To Know” opens the album, a slower cut with a driving beat and stinging guitar work by Ellis. His solos are restrained but impressive and he takes us out with the final, fuzzed up one. The organ vibe and horns give the song a fullness that goes with Tinsley’s strident vocals; a nice opener for this set! He follows that with “Don’t Know Beans,” a more uptempo piece with angry words between two lovers and Ellis expressing to his woman does not understand what she’s seen or heard.  He delivers an outstanding guitar solo backed by the B3 organ.  He sings with passion and urgency here. “Ice Cream In Hell” is next, the title cut. The pace slows down again as Ellis croons and emotes; he also plays some killer guitar here, really impressive and powerful stuff.  With “Foolin’ Yourself,” Ellis romps and rolls and bounces through a neat little number with more strident guitar and some cool piano and organ backing him. Slow and powerful blues is next with “Hole In My Heart,” a song with grit and emotion delivered with great feeling. The horns return in support as Ellis and McKendree let it all hang out.  The beat gets turned up for “Sit Tight Mama,” a sweet tune with a driving boogie and more superb guitar and cool and clear vocal work done to perfection.  Ellis slides in Hound Dog Taylor style here, giving a nice stylistic nod to the great Chicago blues man.

“No Stroll In The Park” has Ellis shifts gears again; here he plays some dirty licks on guitar as McKendree impresses the listener on the organ. Big sounding guitar licks and keyboard work make this one another impressive song. “Evil Till Sunrise” is a mid tempo blues cut with a rocking feel and a bit of funkiness going for it, too. Ellis gets a little Latin vibe going for “Everything And Everyone.”  Perhaps a bit of a Santana-esque feel, it’s got a cool groove and Ellis plays with power and poignancy.  Great stuff and the piano and organ really help make this a full and marvelous cut. He continues with “Unlock My Heart,” a sweet and swinging cut with some barrelhouse piano and backing vocals that give the song a lift.  Ellis’ guitar once again blazes as he smokes his way through another great tune.  He finishes up the album with “Your Love’s Like Heroin,” a long and somber piece of music where Ellis and McKendree both play with deep emotion.  Tinsley pines that his woman’s “love is like heroin and it’s killing him by degrees.” He can’t control it and it’s taking him down.  The vocals are dark and cool.  The guitar is equally full of feeling and emotion and McKendree helps out with some equally nice organ work.  Emotional stuff and a fantastic conclusion to a wonderful new CD.

Ellis has produced a superb album here.  He’s hitting it hard on the road, showing America and the world that he is one of the preeminent blues guitar players and musicians out there. “A musician never got famous staying home,” Ellis says.  He is a road warrior still, performing over 150 nights each year. “I’ve seen it all,” the Atlanta based Ellis said. Born in South Florida, Atlanta has long been his home for his four decade plus career. “And a lot of my audience has been along for the entire time. It’s not always easy. But the payoff is the music. That’s the ice cream.” One has to marvel at his fortitude and drive, staying fresh in his sound and original in his work.

This is a great CD and a no-brainer to add to your collection.  You will enjoy it over an over again as it gets lots of airplay and likely gets Ellis nominated for even more awards.


Steve Mackey - Bass 
Lynn Williams Drums, Percussion  
Tinsley Ellis - Guitar, Vocals
Kevin McKendree - Organ, Piano, Rhythm Guitar
Jim Hoke - Saxophone  (tracks: 1,5)
Quentin Ware -  Trumpet  (tracks: 1,5)


01. Last One To Know
02. Don't Know Beans
03. Ice Cream In Hell
04. Foolin' Yourself
05. Hole In My Heart
06. Sit Tight Mama
07. No Stroll In The Park
08. Evil Till Sunrise
09. Everything And Everyone
10. Unlock My Heart
11. Your Love's Like Heroin

Dickey Betts Band - In Memory of Allmans...Live2000 (2000)

                                                                Dickey Betts Band
Dickey Betts Band: Buckeye Lake Music Center, Hookahville, Hebron, OH 2000-09-02


01. Rave On 05:42
02. Ramblin' Man 07:40
03. Mercury Blues 06:23
04. Seven Turns 04:28
05. Jessica 11:02
06. Lights Are On 09:41
07. Franklin's Tower 02:04
08. Blue Sky 08:20
09. In Memory of Elizabeth Reed 10:07
10. Drums 06:37
11. In Memory of Elizabeth Reed 01:29
12. Nobody Left To Run With 05:45

Gary Moore - Live From London (2020)

                                                                   Gary Moore
Some shows are so momentous, they pass into rock 'n' roll folklore. When Gary Moore stepped onto the stage of London's Islington Academy on December 2nd, 2009, it was a true one-off, showcasing one of blues-rock's biggest names in an intimate club setting. But when Moore unexpectedly passed away fourteen months later, aged just 58, the show took on added poignancy, cherished as one of his last stands, kept alive in the memories of those who attended.

Now, a decade later, the release of 'Live From London' on Mascot/Provogue resurrects the much-missed Irishman, bringing his blazing talents back into the spotlight.

It was a never-to-be-repeated night, spoken of in a reverential whisper amongst blues-rock aficionados. But now, with 'Live From London,' you can be there too, thanks to a live album so immersive that listeners can practically feel the crush of the crowd and the heat from the valve amps.


01. Oh, Pretty Woman 04:36
02. Bad For You Baby 03:06
03. Down The Line 03:11
04. Since I Met You Baby 04:26
05. Have You Heard 09:58
06. All Your Love 05:27
07. Mojo Boogie 04:55
08. I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know 11:57
09. Too Tired / Gary's Blues 1 06:01
10. Still Got The Blues 07:08
11. Walking By Myself 04:02
12. The Blues Is Alright 05:07
13. Parisienne Walkways 08:54

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Freddie King - I'm Tore Down Live In Texas (2001)

                                                                   Freddie King

01. Sweet Home Chicago 05:03
02. Your Move 06:23
03. Ain't Nobody's Business 04:42
04. Living In The Palace Of The King 03:41
05. Shake Your Booty, Baby 02:33
06. Mojo Boogie/Hide Away 06:17
07. Look On Yonder Wall 08:23
08. Woman Across The River 04:19
09. Have You Ever Loved A Woman 05:26
10. Rock Me, Baby 04:56
11. I'm Tore Down 07:05
12. Hey, Baby 07:04
13. Boogie On Down 06:42

The Incredible Southern Blues Band - Alive And Well (1991)

                                              The Incredible Southern Blues Band
In 1989 this special band was founded, which still plays in exactly the same line-up and with its special blend of blues and rock has won many fans on both sides of the border. The Italian-Austrian formation with GIANNI GHIRARDINI (guitar), MARKUS LINDER (keyboards, vocals), WERNER "Haifisch" HEIDEGGER (bass, vocals) as well as ROLAND EGGER (drums, lead vocals) performed with brilliant blues nights and constantly changing guests lay the foundation for their excellent reputation. (Https://

The long-serving cross-border band released their critically acclaimed record debut in 1991. It is the live recording of two concerts in the legendary Pik Club in Sand in Taufers in South Tyrol. At that time the band was already moving in its current direction: Rare covers by selected artists such as Ry Cooder, Sonny Boy Williamson, Stevie Ray Vaughan and others.


Werner "Haifisch" Heidegger - Bass, Vocals  
Gianni Ghirardini - Guitar, Harmonica
Markus Linder - Keyboards, Vocals  
Roland Egger - Drums, Lead Vocals  


01. Help Me 04:12
02. Couldn't Stand The Weather 05:54
03. Down In Hollywood 10:38
04. The Very Thing That Made You Rich Done Made Me Poor 06:30
05. Riding On A Pony 04:45
06. Melody 10:39
07. Blues Variation 03:05
08. Resurrection Shuffle 09:20

Marc Benno & The Nightcrawlers - Crawlin (1973)

                                                                     Marc Benno
As a fan of Marc Benno with Leon Russell, and subsequently loving his Lost in Austin album, I was totally thrilled to learn of this album he did with the Nightcrawlers. This band features Doyle Bramhall on drums who is the late father of Doyle Bramhall II. They were trying to get Jimmy Vaughan of the Fabulous T'Birds to play on it, but he begged off, offering to send his 17 year old younger brother instead. The album flopped before it was even released, and A&M records terminated their contract and the planned tour, which explains why you've probably never heard of this band. I don't believe this album was even released until 2006, by some obscure label looking to cash in on Stevie Ray's contribution. Working on this album was the beginning of SRV's rise to stardom, and his vocals were obviously heavily influenced by Doyle Bramhall. They continued to work together, and Doyle B wrote many of SRVs best songs. I've since downloaded Doyle's Bird Nest on the Ground, which is a totally awesome compilation of stuff he did between 1982 and 93 with a host of other artists, including his son DB II, SRV and Jimmy Vaughan. The sound quality is a little rough, but for anyone interested in these artists, this is a must for your collection!


Marc Benno - Guitar, Piano, Vocal
Stevie Ray Vaughan - Guitar
Doyal Bramhall - Drum, Vocals
Billy Ethridge- Keyboards
Tommy McClure - Bass
Russ Krunkel- Drums
Johnny Perez - Drums
Mike Utley - Keyboards
Gordon Dewitty - Hammond B3 Organ 
Lee Skiar - Bass


01. Last Train  02:04
02. Coffee Cup  03:19
03. 8 Ball  06:22
04. Take Me Down Easy  03:23
05. Love is Turnin Green  05:36
06. Hot Shoe Blues  02:09
07. Crawlin  03:22
08. Friends  04:33
09. Whole Thang  01:57
10. Slammer Jammer  04:35
11. World Keep Spinnin  02:51
12. Long Ride Home  04:48

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John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers - Newport Jazz Festival '91 (1991)

                                                   John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers
CD for a John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers concert at the 1991 Newport Jazz Festival.

Probable formation:

John Mayall - Vocals, keyboards, Harmonica
Coco Montoya - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Rick Cortes - Bass, Backing Vocals
Joe Yuele - Drums


01. Congo Square 05:50
02. I Can't Complain 05:28
03. Chicago Line 05:53
04. The Sensitive Kind 05:47
05. The Last Time 06:30
06. All of My Life 09:08
07. Room to Move 12:01

The Electric Flag - A Long Time Comin' (1968)

                                                                The Electric Flag
Writer Jeff Tamarkin says "ex Butterfield Band guitarist Mike Bloomfield, drummer Buddy Miles, and others put this soul-rock band together in 1967. This debut is a testament to their ability to catch fire and keep on burnin'." That The Electric Flag do so well -- they appeared at the Monterey International Pop Festival with the Blues Project, Paul Butterfield, and Janis Joplin, and all these groups had some musical connection to each other beyond that pivotal festival. A Long Time Comin' is the "new soul" described appropriately enough by the late critic Lillian Roxon, and tunes like "She Should Have Just" and "Over-Lovin' You" lean more towards the soul side than the pop so many radio listeners were attuned to back then. Nick Gravenites was too much of a purist to ride his blues on the Top 40 the way Felix Cavaliere gave us "Groovin'," so Janis Joplin's eventual replacement in Big Brother & the Holding Company, Gravenites, and this crew pour out "Groovin' Is Easy" on this disc. It's a classy production, intellectual ideas with lots of musical changes, a subdued version of what Joplin herself would give us on I Got Dem Ole Kozmic Blues Again, Mama two years later, with some of that album written by vocalist Gravenites. Though launched after Al Kooper's the Blues Project, A Long Time Comin' itself influenced bands who would go on to sell more records. In the traditional "Wine," it is proclaimed "you know Janis Joplin, she'll tell you all about that wine, baby." As good as the album is, though, the material is pretty much composed by Mike Bloomfield and Barry Goldberg, when they're not covering Howlin' Wolf's "Killing Floor" and adding spoken-word news broadcasts to the mix. More contributions by Buddy Miles and Gravenites in the songwriting department would have been welcome here. The extended CD version has four additional tracks, Bobby Hebb's "Sunny" and "Mystery," both which appear on the self-titled Electric Flag outing which followed this LP, as well as other material which shows up on Old Glory: The Best of Electric Flag, released in 2000. "Sittin' in Circles" opens like the Doors' "Riders on the Storm," the keyboards as well as the sound effects, and a hook of "hey little girl" which would resurface as the title of a Nick Gravenites tune on the aforementioned follow-up disc, where Gravenites and Miles did pick up the songwriting slack, Bloomfield having wandered off to Super Session with the Blues Project's Al Kooper. Amazing stuff all in all, which could eventually comprise a boxed set of experimental blues rock from the mid- to late sixties. Either version of this recording, original vinyl or extended CD, is fun listening and a revelation.


Paul Beaver Keyboards, Moog Synthesizer
Michael Bloomfield - Guitar, Percussion, Vocals
Harvey Brooks - Bass, Guitar, Percussion, Vocals
Joe Church - Percussion
John Court - Percussion, Vocals
Marcus Doubleday - Percussion, Trumpet
Michael Fonfara - Keyboards
Barry Goldberg - Keyboards
Nick Gravenites - Guitar, Percussion, Vocals
Richie Havens - Percussion, Sitar
Stemsy Hunter - Saxophone, Vocals
Buddy Miles - Drums, Percussion
Bobby Notkoff - Soloist, Strings, Violin
Herbie Rich - Guitar, Keyboards, Sax (Baritone), Sax (Tenor), Saxophone, Vocals
Sivuca - Guitar, Percussion
Peter Strazza - Sax (Tenor), Saxophone


01. Killing Floor 04:11
02. Groovin' Is Easy 03:06
03. Over-Lovin' You 02:12
04.She Should Have Just 05:03
05. Wine 03:15
06. Texas 04:49
07. Sittin' in Circles 03:54
08. You Don't Realize 04:56
09. Another Country 08:47
10. Easy Rider 00:53
11. Sunny 04:02
12. Mystery 02:56

Bushmaster - Revolution Rhapsody aka Uprising Music (2011)

If you know Gary then you know that if you ask him his opinion on any topic he will be happy to discuss his thoughts honestly and enthusiastically - no matter the topic or how controversial. He loves exchanging ideas and debating topics. Which is why it will come as no surprise to those who know him and his music to find that some of his new tunes address some of today's dire political and environmental landscape.

“Revolution Rhapsody aka: Uprising Music” draws on several current political and social topics in the today's news, Brown’s songwriting on this new disc evokes both hope and angst, wrapped in a funky blues rock setting.


01. Cumberland Blues 04:47 
02. I Will Shine 04:08
03. Victim of Nostalgia 05:56
04. Arizona Shame On Ya 03:00
05. Phony People 04:19
06. Ball 'N' Jack 03:32 
07. Sidewalk Strut 02:28
08. War On the Poor 02:51
09. River Flow - Splash! 05:49
10. Trudi 03:37
11. 40 Acres and a Mule 02:39
12. Nothing Up Your Sleeve 06:23
13. We All Fall Down 03:52
14. Alycia Outro 00:16
15. Randy Intro 00:07
16. Victim of Nostalgia (Remix) 04:20

Roberto Ciotti - Equilibrio Precario (2013)

                                                                 Roberto Ciotti
Born in Rome in 1953, Roberto starts to play the guitar at the age of 12, devoting himself immediately to Delta Blues and Electric Rock-Blues. Works with the Jazz/Rock band “Blue Morning” together with tenor saxophonist Maurizio Giammarco. After this experience he continued as a session man, working with top Italian artist such as Francesco De Gregori and Edoardo Bennato. As a solo artist Roberto Ciotti and with his band partecipates in all main Blues festivals in Italy (Pistoia) and in Europe (Berlin, Lucerne, Hamburg, Montreux), and also plays with Brian Auger, Jerry Ricks, Louisiana Red, Matt “Guitar” Murphy, Willie Littlefield.


01. No Time to Go 03:35
02. Sometimes I Feel 03:32
03. Moondance 03:14
04. Free Bird 03:24
05. Equilibrio precario 03:35
06. It's My Life 03:44
07. Hey Joe 04:40
08. Moscow Girl 04:35
09. Occhi blu 03:58
10. Bad English 03:30
11. Scusami luna 03:30
12. I Want You Tonight 04:29

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Mike Quick - Home Cooking (2019)

                                                                Mike Quick
Lakehouse Records is excited to present Mike Quick and his awesome band with his latest (and best) offering to date. As you listen through the 11 all original tasty tracks of Home Cooking, you can hear the influences of James Brown in the beats, Jimi Hendricks in the guitar tones and Ray Charles in the vocal renderings. The Funk tracks are as tight as it gets, with rhythms that will make you dance and unexpected accents that lock down the groove. Pleading confessions of undying love, human frailty and devotion make the blues tracks ring true to anyone who's ever really loved and ballads that are strategically placed using the dynamics of the medium to take your emotions through the gamut. The lyrics espouse the desire for harmony, world peace, brotherly love and, of course FUNK!

Funk as tight as it gets, Blues as real as it gets and thought provoking lyrics that will blow your mind. No artificial additives or sweeteners. Fat free and TOTALLY organic!


Mike Quick - Guitar, Vocal
Erik Muench - Bass
Juliano Rosa - Drums
Nate Freyre - Drums
Bill Bairley - Keys
Warren Stephens, Jr. - Sax


01. Funk United 03:12   
02. Soul Teacher 03:20   
3. Hey Baby 03:05   
04. Playing the Blues Again 03:06   
05. Peace Love and Funk 02:58   
06. Beautiful People 04:09   
07. Inspire Me 02:51   
08. Please Don't Let Me Go 04:03   
09. Why Do People Die 04:04   
10. Gypsy Soul 04:05   
11. Waiting for Your Love 04:40

Bonzo Morelli - La Vida en Blues (2019)

                                                               Bonzo Morelli
Bonzo Morelli debuta en la escena local en el año 1981 con el grupo Hipocampo Rock y desde entonces ha participado en diversas formaciones especialmente de rock y blues, entre las que caben destacar El Caño (1983-86), La Banda de Rock and Roll (1986-92) y La Rocanblús (1994-2000).

Se ha desempeñado además como guitarrista invitado de bandas como Punto G, Color Chino, Los Vándalos, Grafitti, Agua Geométrica, Sandra Corizzo y banda, Trío de Guitarras de Rosario, Adrián Abonizio y Gabriel Grätzer, entre otros.

También tuvo la oportunidad de compartir escenario en calidad de invitado de artistas de gran trayectoria a nivel nacional e internacional como Miguel Botafogo, Luis Salinas, Ciro Fogliatta, David Lebón, Pappo, Deacon Jones, Norton Buffalo, Celeste Carballo, La Mississipi, Edelmiro Molinari.

Actualmente integra la Bonzo Blues Band, su primer proyecto solista, convocando a músicos como Marcelo Gallego en bajo (de Conexión, Jazz Trío, La gota, Sandra Corizzo y banda, Liliana Herrero), Marcelo Sali en batería (de Pablo el Enterrador, La Barca) y Franco Capriatti en armónica (La Rocanblús, Azafrán, Los Vándalos, Celeste Carballo), con un repertorio compuesto por temas de su propia autoría y algunas versiones de temas míticos del rock y blues nacional e internacional.

Bonzo Morelli debuts in the local stage in 1981 with the group Hipocampo Rock and since then has participated in several formations especially of rock and blues, among which it is possible to highlight El Caño (1983-86), La Banda de Rock and Roll ( 1986-92) and La Rocanblús (1994-2000).

He has also played as an inviting guitarist for bands such as Punto G, Color Chino, Los Vándalos, Grafitti, Agua Geométrica, Sandra Corizzo and the band, Rosario Guitar Trio, Adrián Abonizio and Gabriel Grätzer, among others.

I also had the opportunity to share a stage in the quality of invited artists from large national and international sectors such as Miguel Botafogo, Luis Salinas, Ciro Fogliatta, David Lebón, Pappo, Deacon Jones, Norton Buffalo, Celeste Carballo, La Mississipi, Edelmiro Molinari .

Currently he is part of the Bonzo Blues Band, his first solo project, summoning musicians like Marcelo Gallego en bajo (from Conexión, Jazz Trío, LaDrop, Sandra Corizzo and band, Liliana Herrero), Marcelo Sali in drums (from Pablo el Enterrador, La Barca) and Franco Capriatti in armor (La Rocanblús, Azafrán, Los Vándalos, Celeste Carballo), with a repertoire composed by themes of his own authorship and some versions of mythical themes of national and international blues.



01. Carmelas Blues 04:32
02. No Pibe 04:38
03. Rock De La Mujer Perdida 03:24
04. Tema De Los Mosquitos 03:55
05. Suspensión 05:53
06. Tus Cadenas 05:41
07. Pueblos Del Norte 04:04
08. Tema De Pototo 02:38
09. La Rana A Go GO 03:24
10. Sofisaraga 02:39

Mike Hallal Band - Hatchet Blues (2010)

                                                            Mike Hallal Band
Modern electric blues can get a bad rep at times. And it’s no wonder, when high falutin’ studios attempt to polish the guts and soul out of the raw recording or when some loser takes the notion that he’s the second coming of Clapton. So having considered the above and more, it was nice to hear “Hatchet Blues”, the latest release from the Massachusetts-based Mike Hallal Band.

While - wisely - avoiding a political tinge on the album overall, “World’s a Place” takes lyrical strength from Barack Obama’s book, “Dreams From My Father”. An unusual source of inspiration, surely, but the song itself is just funky enough to work. Showing considerable knowledge of old-time blues, revised versions of “Poor Me” and “Doctor Blues” (by Charlie Patton and Henry Townsend respectively) grace this album while “Outside Woman Blues”, popularised by Cream, is also given favourable treatment.

The title track takes on an almost tribal sincerity, a slow-burning rumination on revenge by way of the blues. Around the halfway mark, we hear a little of Hamlet, further proving that this band are not short on influences. Hallal’s co-conspirators on this release are Chris Schluntz on lead guitar, Robert DeCorte on bass, Jim Antonelis on drums, and Doug Batchelder with additional instruments and vocals. Hallal’s voice is distinctive enough and, while the raw musicianship to be heard is consistently pleasing, Schluntz’s tone in particular stands out.


01. Skywriting 04:18    
02. World's a Place 05:10    
03. Outside Woman Blues 05:26    
04. Crying At the Sun 06:28    
05. Liv 05:36    
06. Last of the Great Train Robbers 05:00    
07. Day At the Races 04:23    
08. Poor Me 03:51    
09. Doctor Blues 04:47    
10. Hatchet Blues 09:14    
11. Going Down 03:59    
12. Levels Jam (Bonus Track) 06:13

Larry Howard - Into the Light (1989)

                                                                Larry Howard
Larry Howard's life has been spent learning, playing, and recording music. He began his recording in 1967, nearly 40 years ago. but his lifetime of music began long before he entered his first recording studio. "In my early years I played a lot of big band swing music," Howard says recounting his early years. "When I was 14 I had the opportunity to play with Count Basie at the University Of Miami music school for six weeks. I love that style of music. I did my first recording for a production company in 1967," Howard continues. "Then I did some regional stuff in Florida. Then I hooked up with Dru Lumbar (Guitar And Vocals), Joe Dan Petty (Bass) and Ricky Burnett (Drums). Together we Formed Grinderswitch. We were a southern rock and blues band and we toured with most if not all the great southern rock and blues bands, Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Allman Brothers, Charlie Daniels Band, Marshall Tucker, BB King, Freddy King, Papa John Creach, and many more. In 1979 Grinderswitch had run their course and the members went off in separate directions. "In 1980 I became a Christian," Howard states matter-of-factly. "I came off the road for four years and worked a job. I devoted my time to being in church and being under sound preaching and studying the Bible. People kept telling me I needed to record an album but I kept telling them what I needed was get my family and my life together." In 1984 Howard had the chance to meet Christian Music pioneers Bob MacKenzie and Ray Nenow who owned Refuge Records. "Bob heard a song I had written called 'I Gave Jesus My Blues'. Bob said, "Anyone who can use the words Jesus and blues in the same sentence is going to do a record for me." "In 1984 I started recording again," Howard continues, "I did two records with Refuge Records, 'Shout' and 'Sanctified Blues.' Radio stations are still playing a song off 'Sanctified Blues' called "Cool Rain". That came out in 1986." From 1987 until 1995 Howard released six albums. The first, "Into The Light" ended up being a European only release. Then Howard signed to Forefront and released the studio album 'Redeemed' followed by a live album, 'Larry Howard's Cornerstone Blues Jam.' Howard finished up his time with Forefront with the release of 'Bright Side of the Blues.'He also recorded several more releases including "American Roots" featuring Charlie Daniels, Jimmy Nalls,and The Charlie Daniels Band, and "Into The Night" a live trio recording with Glen Kasier and Darrell Mansfield.

Slim Powell -   Bass
Clarence Roddie - Drums 
Rick Burnett - Drums  
Willie Smith - Drums
Paul Hornsby - Piano, Organ (B-3 Organ), Synthesizer
Kenny Smith - Synthesizer 
Steve Sawyer - Synthesizer 
David Klee - Tenor Saxophone 
Elbert Durham - Tenor Saxophone, Alto Saxophone 
Kelly Graves - Trombone
Jerry Mullins - Trumpet
Larry Howard - Vocals, Backing Vocals, Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Sitar
Barbara Ice - Backing Vocals 
Charles Jones - Backing Vocals 
Karen Barlow - Backing Vocals  
Kim Welch - Backing Vocals
Sherri Nunmmally - Backing Vocals


01. Why I Sing The Blues 02:46
02. A New Heart 05:16
03. One Day At A Time 03:46
04. I Need To Know For Sure 04:15
05. Livin Example 03:08
06. Trouble No More 02:10
07. Into The Light 05:03
08. Overcomer 04:09
09. Holy Ground 03:38
10. Guess Who 03:15
11. Find Out For Yourself 04:15
12. Jesus Is Here 04:34

Dave Millsap - Feeling Lucky (2005)

                                                                Dave Millsap
13 original songs of Texas Roadhouse, Love Songs Honkytonk and Blues by this Grammy nominated guitarist from Fort Worth Texas.

01. Too Much Of Nothin 03:28   
02. Feeling Lucky 03:58   
03. My Shoes Baby 03:27   
04. Love Is Gonna Shine 07:01   
05. This Broken Heart 03:46   
06. Find My Way 03:01   
07. Somebody Else 06:13   
08. Back On The Street 03:50   
09. Win It All 05:02   
10. Voodoo 03:58   
11. 2 Steps From A 12 Step 03:28   
12. Hold On You 04:09   
13. Finally Won The War 05:15

quinta-feira, 23 de janeiro de 2020

Eb Davis Blues Band - Eb Davis Blues Band (1991)

                                                         Eb Davis Blues Band
Hard working Soul Blues group headed by Soul Blues hall of famer EB Davis. Several members of the group has been together for more than 20 years. EB Davis celebrates appearances in more than 60 countries and has a catalog of over 29 recordings.


EB Davis - Vocals, Harmonica
Nina T. Davis - Piano
Willie Pollock - Sax
Ben "King" Perkoff - Sax
Jay Bailey - Guitar
Tom Blacksmith - Bass
Lenjes "The Duke" Robinson - Drums


01. Mr. DJ (Why Don't You Play No Blues) 03:45
02. I Love To Sing The Blues 05:30
03. Dirty Dance 04:46
04. Wait Honey 03:22
05. What You Gonna Do 07:31
06. Don't Wanna Leave This Town 02:01
07. She's Like The Weather 03:01
08. Since You Left Me 03:40
09. A Little Love And A Good Blues Song 02:20
10. Love You So Long 03:22
11. You Better Treat Me Right 03:14
12. Groovin' Together 05:23

The Rush Cleveland Trio - The Telecaster After (2019)

                                                      The Rush Cleveland Trio
Midwest rockabilly blues.Fifth album by the Rush Cleveland Trio.


Rush Cleveland - Guitar, Vocals
Gordy Sankey - Bass
Will Quegg - Drums


01. After Hours 03:20
02. G Shuffle 02:54    
03. Case of the Blues 03:18    
04. Taking My Time 03:00    
05. Leaving Chicago 03:10    
06. Let's Go Dancing 02:13    
07. Wine Women and Song 04:12    
08. Change My Way of Thinking 03:41    
09. Going My Own Way 03:13    
10. I Have You 03:32    
11. Worries at the Door 02:36

Chris Michie - Tough Love (1998)

                                                                Chris Michie
Long-time San Francisco area back-up guitarist Chris Michie is out front on his third disc CatchARecord Records, since Tough Love is well worth a listen. Chris has shared the stage with such blues luminaries as B.B. King, Albert King, Big Mama Thornton, Buddy Guy, and Elvin Bishop. In addition to playing with a who's who in the blues, Chris has played some of the Bay Area's trendsetting venues like The Fillmore, The Matrix, Winterland and The Family Dog. Michie's lead guitar sparkles on "Shaky House," an uptempo blues about life in an earthquake zone. He's got a full band with a capable horn section that ushers in the wistful "Don' Wanna Go," a song that gives voice to Viet Nam veterans who had second thoughts about returning stateside. My favorites include the straightahead jammin' instrumental of "The Terminal Dog," 'cause I can hear him bending notes just like Buddy Guy and a lot of other great blues players. Tough Love is a fun rhythm and blues record, particularly for fans of 70's style guitar solos. In Chris Michie's hands, these guitar parts soar.


01. Use Me 03:54    
02. Shaky House 04:04    
03. A Bone to Pick 03:43    
04. Evil Employer 04:43    
05. Gimpy 04:04    
06. Don' Wanna Go 04:16    
07. Burning Down the Wind 03:51
08. Sweet Disposition 03:57    
09. The Method 03:49    
10. The Terminal Dog 03:21    
11. Anita Shodda 03:45

quarta-feira, 22 de janeiro de 2020

The Mighty Fairlanes - The Longer I Live (2017)

                                                          The Mighty Fairlanes
The Mighty Fairlanes, from Greensboro North Carolina, have been performing in the area for over thirty years,serving up a huge portion of house rocking blues,rockabilly,and soul influenced original music.

01. Your Own Damn Fault 04:01
02. The Longer I Live 03:41
03. Chasing The Devil 05:38
04. Bourbon And Bad Decisions 02:55
05. Messing With A Good Thing 02:58
06. All About Us 04:39
07. I'm Gonna Give It Up 02:27
08. Big Git-Tar Stuff 03:21
09. Back In The Day 03:26
10. Your Blues 05:23
11. Hypocrite 04:41
12. Blues By Design 05:08

Bernard Anderson - Blues for a Lonely Man (2019)

                                                            Bernard Anderson
Oakland Ca. is where some of the most creative blues artist in the world originate from and Bernard is differently one of them produced and arranged by Greg Crockett


01. Uncle Joe 04:06    
02. Let's Bring Love Back into the World 03:57    
03. You're Wrong for That 04:32    
04. Backyard Spread 03:48    
05. Blues for a Lonely Man 05:33    
06. Hate Will Destroy the World 04:04    
07. Back Door Slam 04:14    
08. Snake in Her Room 04:31    
09. Let's Bring Love Back into the World Instrumental 03:59    
10. My Sweet Lady Jane 04:22

61 Ghosts - ...To The Edge (2016)

                                                                 61 Ghosts
Like the highway it’s named after, the musicians of 61 Ghosts, have collectively done their time on the road. Gritty and primal rock n’ roll band, combining the talents of the band. "...To The edge", from 61 Ghosts, growls and roars in the language of dirty Blues with its blend of Hill Country homegrown styles, electric rock, and Americana. Gritty vocals and feral guitar chops are provided herein. 61 Ghosts are a power trio based in Clarksdale, Mississippi and include touches of Americana and Mississippi hill country blues created with passion and fervour. This CD is a very special experience.


Joe Mazzari - Guitar, Vocals
Dixie - Drums
J.D. Sipe - Bass

01. Heartbeat 04:20    
02. No One at Your Door 03:36    
03. World Gone Crazy 05:31        
04. If Tears Were Dirt 04:21    
05. Show Me Your Scars 02:45    
06. Passion Tipped Arrow 02:15

Jimmy Haggard - Live At the Aviator (2012)

                                                              Jimmy Haggard
Jimmy Haggard is an internationally acclaimed blues and rock guitarist, singer, songwriter and producer based out of Raleigh, North Carolina. His style is steeped in blues, rock and roots music. From wild to mild as long as it moves you. Jimmy has played guitar with Raleigh based Rush Street (blues, rock and r&b) and with Squier Red and the Blues Band. Jimmy played in several midwest bands that include: In Transit, Dirt Road, Sweet Rat and Power, and with Los Angeles based Mister B. Jimmy was also a regular at Central (now the Viper Room) on Sunset Strip, Hollywood CA. His current music project is: Jimmy Haggard & Friends, a blues and rock band.

The orignal "Jimmy Haggard and Friends" band members are: Jimmy Haggard (vocals/guitar) - Rodney Winley (bass) - Nick Vasiliou (drums). The guys met when a group of friends got together to host a weekly blues jam that lasted over a year. Prior to that, Rodney and Nick were playing in an R&B/Soul band that had disintegrated (you know how that goes). After the blues jam, Jimmy and Rodney played in a blues, r&b and rock band (Rush Street) for about a year. Out of the blue, a club contacted Jimmy to bring his band to play the blues once a month. When Jimmy asked Rodney and Nick if they would like to get together in a three piece blues band, there were all in. As of the "LIVE at the Aviator" album, Jimmy, Rodney and Nick have been performing together for a couple of years and are going strong playing blues and rock.

This album is best described is "alive and raw" electric blues rock. The album was recorded one night during a live performance at a beer brewery tap house. People were hanging all over the place partying at the bar, the back patio and the front steps.


01. Warm Me Up 04:30    
02. Have a Good Time Tonight 06:13    
03. Boom Boom Boom 05:54    
04. Pride and Joy 03:37    
05. Rock Me Baby - Little Red Rooster 04:53    
06. Red House 06:56    
07. Rock This Night Away 06:32