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Steve Odum - Something New (2018)

                                                                     Steve Odum
Steve Odum was lead vocalist and guitarist on all tracks of the album MEMPHIS SESSIONS GROOVIN’ AT THUMPTY. Groovin at Thumpty was recorded at Cornell University's Theta Delta Chi fraternity (known as Thumpty) by grammy award winning engineer Randy Wine and produced by Brad Bershad for the Spectemur Agendo Foundation. The band was approached and excited at the opportunity to make the album, and renamed themselves The Memphis Sessions for the project. Personnel for the album consisted of Steve Odum, Franklin Henry Jr., and Tom Bergeron, London McDaniels, and Jeff Tripoli.

Additional personnel from L.A. filled out the recording. The overdub recordings at Hollyview Sound featured the horn section of John Roberts, Steve Giraldo, Dan Boissy, and percussionist Michael Duffy.

Brad Bershad said, "My favorite song on the record is The Thrill is Gone, which features Steve Odum’s powerful vocals and a funky Memphis style horn line that's way different from the strings that you hear on the famous B.B. King version of the song."


01. Oh How I Miss You 04:43
02. On the Outskirts of Town 03:27
03. That's the Way It Is 04:34
04. Come to Me 03:32
05. Only He Can Fix It 04:12
06. Where Can You Be? 03:16
07. Let's Work It Out 04:17
08. Thoughts 04:33
09. Midnight Star 03:53

John Hardie - No Right To Sing The Blues (2012)

                                                              John Hardie                                                       
A very versatile and talented musician and educator, John Hardie puts a fresh face on the blues throughout No Right To Sing The Blues. His vocals are expressive, his lyrics are heartfelt and relevant, and his musicianship is impeccable. He leaves listeners with no doubt that he definitely has the right to sing the blues.   Born in London, John began playing his grandmother s piano when he was four, starting lessons two years later. When I was eight, I heard Duane Eddy, saved up my allowance, and bought an electric guitar. While growing up I listened to both the Beatles and jazz. When I got hooked on the Rolling Stones, they became the gateway to the blues. John played guitar with a band at Saturday morning matinees in movie theaters, graduated to performing at cabarets and theater clubs in the United Kingdom, and led the house trio in several venues, opening for major acts and gaining experience as an accompanist. After studying music at Leeds University for three years (primarily contemporary classical music), he spent most of his twenties as a jazz pianist, leading a quartet in London. He also worked as an arranger and pianist with the Andy Ross Orchestra on the British television series Come Dancing.   John Hardie began visiting California in the 1980s, using Los Angeles as a base for cruise ship and hotel work. After meeting his future wife Linda, he settled in Palm Springs and, along with Linda, founded Willow Creek Productions, a teaching and recording studio. Willow Creek Productions, which we started in 2005, was a dream that Linda and I had when we first met. It took us two years to get it started, starting with a half dozen students. But now we are at the point where we have a large waiting list of students. I teach  jazz guitar players, jazz pianists, rock guitarist and pianists, people who just want to play classical music and even a couple of harmonica students.   With all of his extensive experience, John has only recently been documenting his own music. On No Right To Sing The Blues, he plays all of the instruments (including three different guitars, harmonica, and keyboards), takes consistently powerful vocals, and contributes all of the music and lyrics. For this set I included some originals that sound like traditional songs while a few others are completely different than one might expect to find on a blues album. --Scott Yanow, author of ten books including The Jazz Singers, Swing, Jazz On Film and Jazz On Record 1917-76

John begins the CD with the title cut. No Right To Sing The Blues came to me complete. I ve never been down and out on the street but everyone gets the blues sometimes. The song evolved and became the story of an unfaithful woman. Hot Wheels is a very unusual minor blues in that it utilizes a reggae rhythm. It includes the classic line a little heartache goes a long, long way.   Bye-Bye-Baby (Baby Bye-Bye), in addition to the catchy title, has a storyline that John particularly enjoys. It is about a guy whose guitar playing is driving his girlfriend nuts. He leaves her, decides to give her a second chance but, as soon as he comes back, she starts complaining again, so he leaves her permanently.   Ain t That Lovin You is a blues with a surprise ending. During the whole song, it sounds like the singer is in love with this great woman. But at its very end he asks What have you ever done for me? That gives an entirely different slant to the whole story. The minor blues Heart Of Stone also has an ironic ending that makes that piece seem like science fiction.   Tijuana Boy bridges the gap between blues and Latin music, with the story being about a quick escape to Tijuana. I ll Be There For You, a blues ballad, is a spiritual and inspirational song. Linda Sue is how my partner Linda would have been, or I now imagine her to be, if I had met when she was a teenager; she would have been pretty feisty!   This Train s Already Gone, one of the most rousing performances on the set, gives John an opportunity to stretch out on both piano and guitar. The CD concludes with Pleased To Meet You, I m The Blues. A student of mine, a fine guitar player, wanted to know how one can play a blues using jazz rather than blues progressions. This song is definitely a blues but has tons of chords rather than three. I particularly like this piece because it personifies the blues as an actual person, a little like Good Morning Heartache does.   John Hardie shows throughout No Right To Sing The Blues that he is a masterful bluesman, one whose skills, enthusiasm and creativity is keeping the music alive in the 21st century. 


01. No Right To Sing The Blues 03:55  
02. Hot Wheels 03:40  
03. Bye Bye Baby 03:35  
04. Ain't That Lovin' You Baby 03:37  
05. Heart Of Stone 04:59  
06. Tijuana Boy 04:38  
07. I'll Be There For You 04:36  
08. Linda Sue 03:47  
09. The Train's Already Gone 04:51  
10. Pleased To Meet You, I'm The Blues 03:19

Black Cat Bones - Blues for Now (2016)

                                                                Black Cat Bones                                                 
Formed in 2004, with core members Charles Pitts and Jeff Daniels. Set out to form a band that would stand the test of time and enable them to grow as songwriters and performers. Their fist CD released in 2006 'Firecraker' is a blues/rock live recording of all Original material. The lineup of members has changed, and the Band has matured as evidenced by the 2013 Release 'Too Far Gone' Which explores other elements like Jazz, and Soul and is a culmination of 6 years of preforming live and writing music along the way. The 2015 Release 'Blues For Now' is the latest offering which features Local musician guests such as Tom Walbank, Connie Brannock, and Tom Fetter. Black Cat Bones is committed to bringing our fans Modern Blues that is on the cutting edge! Hope you enjoy!


Charles Pitts - Vocals
Jeff Daniels - Bass  
Bill Greenberg - Drums  
Gary David - Guitar  
Richard Rivera - Guitar 


01. That Was Then 02:58
02. Premonition 04:22
03. Autopsy 03:29
04. Judge and Jury 03:08
05. 'til the Darkness Goes Away 02:59
06. After All This Time 02:38
07. Bait N' Switch 02:35
08. Nail in My Coffin 03:12
09. You Can't Run 02:43

Zacharie Defaut - Little Boy (2020)

                                                                Zacharie Defaut
An American Blues-Rock Album, in vintage & authentic colors.


Zacharie Defaut - Guitar, Vocal 
Lead Flavien You - Bass 
Kay Lika - Drums


01. Over the Mountains 03:34
02. We Got the Week-End 03:16
03. Set Me on Fire 03:01
04. A Long Way Home 04:00
05. Born in the Wrong Country 03:11
06. Little Boy 03:14
07. Alone With Myself 04:12
08. Good Time 03:22
09. Pasadena 05:41

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The Holmes Brothers ‎– State Of Grace (2007)

                                                             The Holmes Brothers
Wendell Holmes plays guitar, piano and sings, and Sherman Holmes plays bass and sings. When Popsy Dixon joins on drums and vocals, this trio transforms into the Holmes Brothers, the Blues Foundation's 2005 Band of the Year. Their three-part harmonies are honeyed country gospel, but their front-stoop funk and dark, broken-hearted tales are pure country blues.

The Holmes Brothers make every song they sing sound gospel sacred and gutbucket funky. Look no further for an example than Wendell's twelve-bar electric blues "Standing in the Need of Love. He leads this pained blue moan with guitar playing that strips off sheets of raw, primitive sound, each layer revealing new depths of anguish like a scabbed wound, while Popsy and Sherman offer comfort with sweet vocal harmonies: Elmore James meets The Impressions.

The Brothers also present a collection of cover material that comprises roadhouse Americana, drawn from Hank Williams, Sr., George Jones, John Fogerty, Nick Lowe, Lyle Lovett and other genuinely great songwriters. Several of these covers almost supernaturally transubstantiate the original material. "Bad Moon Rising genuinely cooks as a hot Cajun griller, a bayou two-step, while "What's So Funny 'Bout Peace, Love and Understanding snuggles comfortably in warm country-knit acoustic and pedal steel guitar. "I Want You to Want Me, Rick Nielsen's ode to throbbing teen lust for Cheap Trick, slows all the way down into a reverential, transcendent hymn, almost a prayer.

Roseanne Cash takes Wendell's hand to stroll with him down the memory lane of Williams' "I Can't Help It if I'm Still in Love With You, and Joan Osbourne steps out to front a raucous "Those Memories of You, rampaging and soaring toward the spirit of Janis Joplin. State of Grace also marks the return to recording of Levon Helm (of The Band) since his recovery from throat cancer; Helm plays drums on "Three Grey Walls and handles snare drum and mandolin (as well as vocals) on "I've Just Seen the Rock of Ages in a voice vulnerable on the edge of quivering, high and wraithlike, cast in all the haunted emotion of this gospel spiritual.


Wendell Holmes - Vocals, Guitar 
Sherman Holmes - Vocals, Bass 
Popsy Dixon - Vocals, Drums, Percussion 
Glenn Patscha - Organ, Piano, Guitar, Vocals, Accordion 
Larry Campbell - Mandolin, Pedal Steel, Fiddle 
Byron Isaacs - Upright Bass, Vocals 
Catherine Russell: Vocals 
Roseanne Cash - Vocals 
John Leventhal - Guitar 
Levon Helm - Drums, Snare Drum, Mandolin, Vocals 
Amy Helm - Vocals 
Fiona McBain - Vocals 
Joan Osborne - Vocals 
Chris Bruce - Guitar 
Craig Street - Guitar 
Colby Rose Street - Vocals


01. Smiling Face Hiding A Weeping Heart 04:03
02. Close The Door 03:41
03. (What's So Funny 'bout) Peace, Love And Understanding? 04:14
04. Gasoline Drawers 04:39
05. I Can't Help It If I'm Still In Love With You 03:19
06. Bad Moon Rising 02:57
07. Three Gray Walls 04:18
08. If I Had A Boat 03:04
09. Those Memories Of You 02:56
10. I Want You To Want Me 06:03
11. Ain't It Funny What A Fool Will Do 03:59
12. Standing In The Need Of Love 05:19
13. I've Just Seen The Rock Of Ages 03:22
14. God Will 02:56

The Ryk Mead Band - Me & The Blues (2018)

                                                             The Ryk Mead Band
You may have come across Ryk Mead as the leader of The London Blues Machine on the British and European circuits or when they released their tasty mix of originals and one cover on an album called Chicago in 2015. Since then he has been as busy as ever with touring as he always has…he started gigging in the late 60s and has shared the stage with such luminaries as Dave Gilmour, Annie Lennox, Alison Moyet, The Pretty Things, Steve Waller (Manfred Man’s Earth Band), Paul Fox and Dave Ruffy (The Ruts), Elmer Gantry and many others. This mixed genre experience has continued to inform his writing and playing styles although, as the new album title suggests it has always been Me And The Blues that ruled the heart. This release is under the Ryk Mead Band moniker, although it seems the name is interchangeable, and is a value-packed double album of all original compositions, encompassing true blues, rock and jazz and covering virtually every era in the inspirations behind them. Ryk is also one of the guitarists who understands why it is not the number of notes, but how they are played and how sustain and silence can make a good solo great that gives increased credence in my view. In playing with that sensitivity, he inevitably reminds me of Clapton or Moore in his expression and interpretation of the blues.

As a double CD with sixteen tracks, I won’t dissect every one but discuss the first tracks on each as, it is accepted that the initial track should capture the attention straightaway and I still hold to that principle even in theses days of streaming and downloads. I will also choose some of the highlights across the work…not an easy task, but enjoyable nonetheless. Disc One opens with Climb That Hill and does the job just described as it gives an immediate sense of blues that will rock, and so it proves after the initial riff is played with a slight discordancy and then it just continues to build until we get a blues song of Clapton quality circa Blind Faith. The solo is neat and restrained over sparse chords and has a complexity that means a couple of listens before all of the nuances can be appreciated. The second half also has some lovely lead runs between the vocal lines. This doesn’t break any moulds, but it is a brilliant blues-rock opener. Before You Go is a blues ballad that evokes Moore and Green with exquisite guitar phrasing over a simple bass and snare rim backing. At first, I feared a Parisienne Walkways pastiche, but then the whole thing lifts to a unique exercise in blues soloing as each note wrenches emotion out of the strings and explores all six of them too…whereas many guitar players would be on frets twenty and twenty-one and widdling! The lyrics will also resonate as much as the guitar with many people, and the odd waver in the voice adds passion. Fire And Rain ups the pace with a Clapton plays Kossoff style of lovely blues…the fire and water references are purely coincidental. The solo again shows careful use of notes, and bends are inserted when they suit the piece and not for the sake of it. If That’s What Takes wraps up Disc One with a mid-paced blues of the kind that Bernie Marsden is so good at; the solo here takes on a slight country twang as the tone differs and complements the drift of the melody. First track on the second disc is Last Man Standing; a great riff kicks it off and, mildly disappointingly, it doesn’t develop in the heavy way I was expecting and hoping for…still a damn good song though. Looking For My Baby takes the Berry and BB approach to a joyous and lilting slice of rhythm and blues. The solo this time is picked with precision and a tone that evokes the 60s beautifully. That’s The Blues is a perfect description for this slow Trower styled song…it could be on Bridge Of Sighs and stand proud. Time Will Set Me Free has sax to colour parts of this one; it does work well and complements the guitar which carries the melody with Ryk’s trademark sound and feel. Penultimate track, Rollin’, is a jaunty slice of blues with a neat riff that is out of the Cream songbook. Closer is the neatly titled After You Go; it’s an instrumental version of Before You Go and, whilst it isn’t different, it does allow you to hear all of the guitar inflections that Ryk shoehorns into a lovely slow blues.

Sixteen enjoyable tracks that may not break any new ground but if you like the Clapton, Moore, Trower kind of blues soaked albums, then you are going to really like this (these) too. Each track is an example of carefully crafted variations on blues across the years, wrapped up in a modern electric package. It is an album that rewards close listening as, as I have said here and many times before, when a guitar is played with precision and feel, the pleasure is augmented by that subtlety. Give it a listen; I doubt you’ll be disappointed.


Ryk Mead - Guitars, Lead Vocals
Steve Cooper - Bass, Backing Vocals
Adam Bond - Drums
Juliette Mead - Keyboards (Track 05)
Larry Tomko - Saxophone (Track 06 cd 02)
Jack Vasiliou - Backing Vocal (Track 05)


CD 01

01. Climb That Hill 04:04
02. Callin 03:18
03. Can't Turn Back The River 03:44
04. Before You Go 05:56
05. Fire & Rain 03:39
06. I Got 03:07
07. If I Didn't Have The Blues 05:26
08. If That's What It Takes 05:08

CD 02

01. Last Man Standing 04:03
02. Lonely Man 03:17
03. Looking For My Baby 02:33
04. Reservation Man 03:59
05. That's The Blues 04:22
06. Time Will Set Me Free 03:59
07. Rollin 03:38
08. After You Go 05:56

Tony Rondini - No Use for the Blues (2015)

                                                                     Tony Rondini
I'm a guitarist and vocalist rocking legendary blues/rock and classic rock original songs. To me it can't be all crunch guitars, thumping bass and pounding drums, the songs need to tell a story and be interesting. Over my musical journey I have played guitar in rock, country rock, blues, reggae, and funk bands some of which comes through in my music. Having played only as a hobby, as I move into my next phase of life I hope to make playing music a priority and bringing my message and music to my fans.


Tony Rondini - Guitars, Vocals
Paul Hebert - Bass
Ken Archer - Piano, Hammond B3
Fran Creddo - Piano, Hammond B3
Tim Urso - Drums
Rob Latulippe - Drums


01. No Use For The Blues 03:55
02. Voodoo Angel 03:46
03. Killer Bees 03:29
04. Close to You 03:51
05. Love Got Me 04:57
06. Cloudy Haze 04:27
07. Own It 5:01
08. State of Mind 04:36
09. Turned The Light Out 03:28
10. Sonething I Should Know 04:08
11. Why 05:03
12. Making Up Time 03:18

Blue Dice Bluesband - Rough and Dirty (2013)

                                                                 Blue Dice Bluesband
The Blue Dice Bluesband was founded in 2008 by Heinz D. Diste and Peter Lukacs. These guys have been playing together since the early 70’s when they toured in Germany with the Bluesband Black Cat Bone. They were joined in 2008 by bass player Rainer Paust and guitarist Roy Glisson. The Blue Dice started a rollin‘.
The band is strictly committed to blues rock playing a mixture made of standards and own stuff. Live gigs are augmented by an unplugged part. For Diste recorded an unplugged CD in the late 90’s, dedicated to Robert Johnson- by the way: before E.C. and Peter Green had the same idea. Diste, being the front man of the band, plays slide, a set of Stratocasters, harmonicas and serves as singer of the band. Rory Gallagher is said to be his biggest influence. Roy Glisson has also been playing since the early 70’s in quite a number of rock and cover bands. Performing a strongly melody-orientated sound, made of Les Pauls combined with a Marshall half stack, he is obviously influenced by Peter Green and Gary Moore.
Bass player Rainer Paust is performing quite unusually for a blues band while playing fretless bass most times. That makes it a very idiosyncratic sound and delivers quite an individual character. Miklos Buttkai studied drums in Hungary and he was a professional during most of his life, performing in virtually every part of the world most times while playing on cruise ships. In his biography you will find big names of jazz but also show biz. Knowing all styles and genres he plays quite jazzy and is thus providing a really exciting groove.
At the end of the day it’s just blues rock. But somehow different …


01.Tush for the Rooster 08:58
02. My Baby Caught That Train 03:35
03. Woke Up This Morning 04:05
04. Calling Card 05:42
05. Help Me Please 03:47
06. Congo Square 04:48
07. A Certain Highway 05:02
08. Over the Moon 03:18
09. I'm Ready 03:17
10. Miki's Hand Jive 03:24
11. Stay With Her (Until Winter) 05:51
12. Had to Swallow Some Toads 03:37
13. The Boogie 03:48
14. Beatrice Blues 06:27
15. Fields of Gold (Bonus Track) 04:58

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AL Coffee & Da Grind - ‎Bass Ackward (2012)

                                                               AL Coffee & Da Grind
AL Coffee & Da Grind brews-up the passion and energy with awesome vocals and guitar licks that tugs on your heart-strings. The sounds of Marvin Gaye and B.B. King, all wrapped up into one.

AL Coffee & Da Grind is a five-piece, high-energy, up-tempo blues band, that now calls Tampa Bay home. The band’s members are; Eddie Guion-keys & saxes, Tony Fullwood-bass, Jerry Chase-drums & vocals, Ron Scrimo-Keys & vocals, and AL Coffee-guitar & vocals.

AL Coffee is a smooth baritone vocalist, a very tasteful guitarist, and a passionate entertainer. His soothing vocals, and colorful guitar riffs, makes him a double-threat and, he is the real deal. He has released several CDs under the independent label, CPA Records. AL Coffee is a crowd pleaser, and a captivating entertainer. No matter where AL Coffee & Da Grind performs, they capture the attention of their audiences and fill them with music. While preserving the spirit of the original artists, AL Coffee & Da Grind revives their songs in a personal way, polishing them, enhancing them, customizing them with their own added touches, making each song as, if not more, beautiful than it’s original version. AL Coffee has appeared on several television and radio gospel music programs across the nation in Las Vegas at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casinos; Nashville, Tennessee; Atlanta, Georgia; Raleigh, North Carolina; Washington, DC; New York City, NY; and across the state of Florida.

AL Coffee’s previous CD release, “Blues In My Shoes,” gained national recognition on the blues side of the house, and was nominated by the “Real Blues Magazine” as the 15 most favorite blues CDs of all time. Al Coffee successfully accompanied himself on this awesome CD with two of the most recognizable names in the music industry, legendary producer/songwriter/drummer, Narada Michael Walden, and blues great, guitarist/keyboardist/songwriter, Lucky Peterson.

AL Coffee has also performed with some of the great artists in the music industry to include, Billy Paul, Gene Chandler, the comedian “Sinbad”, Joe Simon, Denise Lasalle, and others. While serving his country in the United States Air Force, he also performed abroad in Europe, South East Asia, and The Pacific Islands.


01. A Beer & A Bowl 03:34
02. If He Could Go Back 03:49
03. A Pretty Face 03:49
04. Bass Ackward 03:23
05. Something About Asheville 03:46
06. Taking Money Away From My Hooker 04:30
07. Happy Feeling 04:27
08. Playing Your Game Babe 03:43
09. Love TKO 04:04
10. Turn Off The Lights 04:35

The Roy Hudson Band ‎- Tales From The Grooveyard (1999)

                                                             The Roy Hudson Band
The Roy Hudson Band's sound goes from Delta Blues to Texas blues, and includes some part of everything that is blues in between. That would be one way to describe the music included on this debut album; another would be smokin' hot tunes. With male lead vocals from Dan Hudson and Linda Roy taking female lead vocals, this is an even more appealing compilation. Both singers are of the highest caliber and take their craft very seriously, much to the listeners' delight.

"Walkin' Blues" is one of the better tracks here. With fabulous keyboard work from Jim Boylan and sizzling guitar riffs from Dan Hudson, the song leaves the listener in awe of these amazingly talented artists. It has all of the ingredients that make for a blues tune that will live forever in the hearts of blues fans. On "Bad Man Boogie," echoes of George Thorogood and the Destroyers are brought forth. The guitar work is actually of a higher quality, but the meat and potatoes are from the same "Blue Plate Special." the Tail Gators come to mind as one hears "Movin' On." The powerfully energetic work from the rhythm section, the bluesy male vocals, and the inspiring slide guitar work bring one back to the Bayou air and sounds. "Call Me Baby" treats the listener to some of the best harmonica playing. Drummer Jim Doty has some terrific fills on this piece and gets a chance to showcase his abilities during his solo. The bass player also smokes up the joint with his mad bassline on this hot number.

"D-Jam" closes the album in grand fashion, with guitar phrasings directly out of the Stevie Ray Vaughan library of hot licks; this tune leaves the listener yearning for more of this fabulous band from the deep woods of Maine. Their debut has a comfortable quality with enough originality to get them noticed. If blues is a passion, then this band will get the boat rocking, and keep it rocking all night long.


01. Movin' On 04:00
02. Never Gonna Stop 02:08
03. Call Me Baby 02:41
04. Walkin' Blues 05:09
05. Dicky Bought A Caddy 05:04
06. R.J.'S Lament 03:53
07. Up & Disappear 03:18
08. Bad Man Boogie 06:14
09. Belgrade Rock 03:50
10. D-Jam 02:55

Greg Serrato - Live At Modesto's State Theater (2002)

                                                                     Greg Serrato
Greg Serrato is an electric guitarist / vocalist (Native American) residing in Ontario, California. Signed on the J-Bird Records label, his 1998 & 1999 releases "Child Of The Blues" & "Holy Smokes" have been reviewed by some of the most popular publications in the world. Serrato is known for his versatility as a writer, guitarist and vocalist. His brand of music covers a wide variety of styles from traditional blues, contemporary blues, blues rock, swing, jump blues, latin, jazz and country blues. He is regarded as one of the most talented blues rock guitarists in the world today. A result of his scorching guitar work and fiery performances.


01. Texas Walk 03:18
02. Phil Billy Stomp 03:16
03. Like a Tornado 11:05
04. Something Fine 03:37
05. All Along The Watchtower 05:40
06. Voodoo Child (Slight Return) 06:55
07. That Ain't Right 05:49
08. Funky Kenny / Drum Solo 04:17
09. Holy Smokes 02:56

Little Jimmy Valentine & The Heart Murmurs - Live at The Zoo Bar, 1979 (1989)

                                                                Little Jimmy Valentine
Little Jimmy Valentine & The Heart Murmurs was a popular blues group, formed in Lincoln, Nebraska in 1977, touring the area and releasing an LP "Live At The Zoo Bar" in 1979. The band disbanded in 1981.


Larry Boehmer - Bass   
Marc Wilson - Drums   
Doug Rosekrans - Guitar, Vocals   
Sean Benjamin - Guitar, Vocals   
Madison Slim - Harmonica, Vocals   
Jim Cidlik - Piano, Vocals  


01. Rough Dried Woman 05:42
02. Dust My Broom 03:53
03. Outskirts Of Town 06:52
04. What Have I Done (Coo Coo) 04:42
05. Barefoot Rock 04:39
06. One Way Out 04:43
07. Dream 05:48
08. Shake Rattle & Roll 05:09

The Luckies - East of Eden (2019)

                                                                      The Luckies
One of the most exciting newcomers to the Montreal indie music scene is Kelsey Roy. Channeling both the raw energy and genteel charm of fifities legends Wanda Jackson and Lorrie Collins, Kelsey delivers her own style of alt-country and rockabilly.

Out of Montreal’s roots music scene comes The Luckies. From dirty twisters, old time country and rockabilly to swampy Americana folk songs, The Luckies are a band that play every note like it’s their last. These nine songs were tracked at Montreal’s Seratone Studio, lovingly soaked in spring reverb and tape echo. Recorded by stellar engineer Simon Petraki and produced by the infamous King Kong Girio.


Kelsey Roy - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar 
Marc Denoncourt - Guitars 
Felix Rodriguez - Guitars 
Hugo Joyal - Pedal Steel Guitar 
Jordan Swift - Bass 
David Thomas - Drums 

With friends:

Eddy Blake - Vocals, Bass
Anne-Marie Bastarache - Backing Vocals 
Lorraine Muller - Backing Vocals, Baritone Sax 
Mitch Girio Additional - Guitar, Bass, Keys 
Bruno Ménard Rhythm - Guitar  
Josh Fuhrman Tenor - Sax 
Sylvain Arsenault - Keys 
David Jager - Keys  
Paquito Paco Hernaci - Trumpet  
John Jordan - Alto Sax


01. All I Can Do Is Cry 02:29
02. East of Eden 03:26
03. Whirlpool 02:37
04. El Camino Real 02:27
05. Coupe de Ville 03:51
06. My Baby's Comin' Back (feat. Eddy Blake) 01:47
07. Caleb 02:15
08. Big City Twist 03:16
09. The Dozens 03:23

Rich Harper - Go With The Flow (2020)

                                                                      Rich Harper
Included on this album are 3 songs that were released as singles but never on any album, “Life Is An Odyssey”, “I Know (Marie’s Song)” and the studio version of “Onward (Imagine That)". 2 songs that were not released on the “Musician Standard Time” album, “Killin’ Me” & “It Should Be Easy”. 2 songs that were recorded during the “Ellwood & Me” album recording sessions, “Watch Out For That Girl” & “Can’t Get No Lovin”. 5 recently written & recorded songs exclusively for this album, “I Want Love”, “Go With The Flow”, “All Because Of You”, “Soul Of Gold” & “Heaven’s When I’m With You”. Completing the album are 4 songs recorded live straight from the mixing board at Lillehammer Mikrobryggeri in Norway of June 2019 during the Farewell Scandinavian Tour 2019.


01. Life Is An Odyssey 03:56 
02. Onward (Imagine That) 03:34 
03. Killin' Me 05:06 
04. It Should Be Easy 04:38 
05. Watch Out For That Girl 02:24 
06. Can't Get No Lovin' 03:10 
07. I Know (Marie's Song) 04:19 
08. I Want Love 04:06 
09. Go With The Flow 03:32 
10. All Because Of You 03:58 
11. Soul Of Gold 04:42 
12. Heaven's When I'm With You 03:44 
13. Live To Love Another Day (Live) 06:00 
14. 1:45 (Live) 04:10 
15. Workin' On Me (Live) 06:00 
16. Barrelhouse Stomp (Live) 05:12

sábado, 27 de junho de 2020

Willie G - On the Cover (2016)

                                                                       Willie G
Excellent singer of Blues and Soul, from the city of Oakland. 


01. Good Time Roll 04:36
02. Wall To Wall 04:51
03. Further On Up the Road 03:06
04. Change My Mind 04:29
05. Love of Mind 04:45
06. Green Grass 04:43
07. Driving Wheel 04:17
08. Still Call It the Blues 03:22
09. Don't Want No Wife 02:38

Saint James Band - Always Be With You (2015)

                                                                  Saint James Band
George Castrinos, leader of the Saint James Band, it would seem was destined to play guitar; destined for the life of a musician. When he was 10 years old he recalls seeing a red Gibson resting in the bedroom of his best friend’s older brother (the room was strictly off limits). “I was drawn to it, in a way I can’t even explain,” says Castrinos. Though the oft ill-tempered older brother lay sleeping and rousing him could elicit the most frightening verbal reprimands, Castrinos risked the tirade and stealthily entered the forbidden zone. He knew when he touched the headstock of the guitar it was what he was supposed to do. Around the same time his brother David played him the album Led Zeppelin II. Life, as Castrinos knew it, would never be the same.

The Saint James Band’s songs, with their Americana folk rock and roots influences, combine intricate finger picking; slide guitar and twangy, hard-driven, electric power chords. They will remind you of Neil Young, they will remind you of Eric Clapton. They will make you think good thoughts and feel good about yourself and your life, which is exactly what Castrinos says he wants this project to do. Some of the lyrics are based on ancient spiritual teachings. Title track, “Love You All” is part of a prayer that you say throughout the day that goes, “What would you have me do? Where would you have me go? What would you have me say and to whom? And the answer that came to Castrinos; “You walk tall. You hold your head high. You look people in the eyes and you tell no lies.”

Though Castrinos has been the lead guitarist in many bands and worked with some of the finest musicians (such as Robert Lucas and Larry Taylor of Canned Heat and Chris Robinson from the Black Crowes) the Saint James Band is the first band in which Castrinos is doing everything himself. “It’s the first band that I feel is my very own project.” Joining Castrinos in the Saint James Band are bassist Curran McDowell and drummer Ethan Yeager, both students of the prestigious, Boston-based Berkelee College of Music. His daughter Jade, from Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, occasionally sings with Castrinos and it is her voice you’ll hear on the Chuck Berry cover duet of “Memphis Marie.” “I spent the early part of Jade’s teen years working with her and getting her ready for her career. And recently played slide and lead guitar on the track “Fiya Wata” from the latest Edward Sharpe album entitled, “Here.”

The band members are seasoned musicians who—believe it or not—also cite Jimmy Page and Led Zeppelin as being a “major influence” in their musical tastes. Castrinos is also heavily influenced by Johnny Winter, Son House, Mississippi Fred McDowell, Mississippi John Hurt and many others, and has remained true to his musical influences throughout the years—drawing on blues, rock and roots—and his creation of the Saint James Band is testament to this fact.

For gear, Castrinos main guitar is a 1970 Les Paul Custom Black Beauty. He also plays an early 70’s Les Paul Sunburst and a ’69 Gold Top. He uses a vintage 50-watt Marshall Lead Bass combo amp to create the distinctive sound of Americana rock. “There’s something about the Gibson Humbucker pickup and an those 60s and early 70s Marshall amps that create a classic tone. It’s a legendary sound.” He also plays vintage 50 Kays and Silvertones.

Castrinos, who is a proponent of the power of positive thinking, has written eight uplifting tracks on Who You Are. “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright”—the song chosen for the band’s upcoming music video—was written after his brother David tragically died in 2007. The song is about coping with the loss. Explains Castrinos, “It was a song to him and to my mother yet it is applicable to everyone.” After David’s sudden death, Castrinos experienced a new awakening. His musical focus and passion for his craft turned into a new revelation—a new beginning.

In early 2011, Castrinos formed the Saint James Band where tales of redemption, salvation, forgiveness, and (ultimately) love became the subjects of his songwriting—a positive outcome from the ashes of a tragic loss.

He sees this band as a way to unite people. “I want people to know that there’s a better way to live. Through discipline of your thoughts and actions you can somewhat control your destiny. If our songs can instill hope in people and give them a renewed sense of purpose than I’ve done my job.”


01. Always Be With You 03:40
02. Sweet Lovely Darling 03:24
03. Love You All 04:06
04. Everythings Gonna Be All Right 03:54
05. Silent Partner 03:16
06. Who You Are 03:53
07. Come To The River 03:39
08. I'm Confused 04:22
09. Better Way 03:35
10. In Memory of Elizabeth 03:29

Paul Wood ‎- Bridge Burner (1999)

                                                                    Paul Wood
Paul Wood, who was once a guitarist for John Lee Hooker, on this record shows us his guitar and vocal skills.


01. Boom Boom 03:57
02. Stop Breakin' Down 03:10
03. Hoochie Coochie Man 05:32
04. Dixie Chicken / Dimples 05:33
05. Politician 04:16
06. I Loved Another Woman 03:45
07. Treat Her Right 03:08
08. Loan Me A Dime 07:18
09. Bridge Burner 03:13
10. Oakland To Memphis 04:01

Mike Manne and Tiger Blues - Blues Comes to Junior High (2020)

                                                                    Mike Manne
This album is based on the legendary performance at Longwood Junior High School. On this album, are the same songs played at the concert. The soundcheck, starts and the band is playing BBs,, "Thrill is gone" then they were asked to continue. Many tickets were sold for the show, and many attended. Messin with kid, is one of the bands popular songs, and Mikes fiery guitar solos & riffs shines on this song. Other, great songs are "Little Wing" The Same Thing, a different version, than the previous records, "All along the watchtower" is on the record, is a pleasant suprise. The band does Santana's Evil Ways. A fast paced "Crossroads,,plays the delta blues, Robert Johnsons iconic, Blues meets at the crossroads. A cool modern "Bridge of Sighs",,,a nice version of "Hey Joe" fills the air with music. Last Mike Manne, Plays jimi hendrixs Voo Doo Child, and roars on the electric guitar, Mikes special playing, because he doesnt not like to copy another musicians solos, instead, he plays his own solos over songs, and you hear the Manne sounds on guitar, a fine job indeed, for a very talented Blues musician. Others reviwers like vintage guitar magazine praised his playing, after he puts his musical ideas into a solo. What a creative interpretation, of every song played by a bluesman.


01. Soundcheck (Thrill is Gone) 02:58
02. Messin With The Kid 05:01
03. Sunshine of Your Love&Tales of Brave Ulysees 07:19
04. Texas Flood 04:25
05. Little Wing 06:01
06. Same Thing 06:11
07. All Along The Watchtower 03:44
08. Evil Ways 05:20
09. Crossroads 02:59
10. Day of The Eagle 05:18
11. Bridge Of Sighs 05:32
12. Hey Joe 05:17
13. Voodoo Child 07:14

Lonnie Mack - Live In Hickory (with Warren Haynes) (1989)

                                                                   Lonnie Mack
Lonnie Mack: Live in Hickory, feat. Warren Haynes.


01. Tuning 03:47
02. Move On Down The Road 11:19
03. Satisfy Suzie 06:00
04. Stop 14:32
05. High Blood Pressure 07:07
06. Further On Down The Road 08:52
07. Honky Tonk Angel 04:30
08. Riding The Blinds 03:41
09. Under The Double Eagle 04:44
10. Outro 01:24
11. Oreo Cookie Blues 05:49
12. Falling Back In Love With You 05:26
13. Sexy Ways, Annie Had A Baby 13:20
14. Double Whammy 05:03
15. The Things I Used To Do 11:26
16. The Move 10:17

Joe Pitts - One More Day (2009)

                                                                        Joe Pitts
Joe Pitts is an outstanding musician. Not only can he play blues like no other, but he frequently dives into jazz and rock n' roll.


01. Lowdown, Mean And Dirty 05:11
02. Midnight Blue 05:09
03. Soul Satisfying 05:32
04. One More Day 04:49
05. Multicolored Memories 05:49
06. Boulevard Of Dreams 05:01
07. Voodoo Trane 06:19
08. You Said You Loved Me 05:01
09. Lie To Ya' Mama 03:58
10. Hellhounds On Rose Hill 07:47

Few Miles On - Turn On A Dime (2019)

                                                                   Few Miles On
Few Miles On is a self-described "Southern Blues Groove" band made up of veteran musicians with different backgrounds from Detroit, Chicago and Nashville with one thing in common: they are all from blue collar, working class families. Drawing from that shared life experience they found a recipe to blend it into a musical style like no other band. Two words: Power Trio. Their original compositions employ a wide range of rhythmic grooves and styles, soulful vocals, and memorable guitar lines and on occasion the added texture of a Hammond organ. Listening to a Few Miles On album takes you right back to the early 70’s; a golden era of creative freedom when many of their musical influences dominated the radio airwaves. On stage they understand how to connect with their audience and bring them along as the band moves through a set filled with rocking shuffles, emotional ballads, funky grooves and hypnotic delta blues numbers. At their live performances fans often say it is hard to believe that a three-piece band could create such a big sound. Catch one of their sets and discover Few Miles On for yourself!


Larry Alder - Bass 
Randall Rittenberry - Drums, Vocals 
Phillip Hall - Guitar, Vocals 


01. Prove It Every Time 04:31
02. The Fix Was In 03:55
03. One Thing On My Mind 05:02
04. Scars 04:20
05. Never Meant To Stay 04:11
06. Turn On A Dime 05:56
07. Kind And Mistreated 04:15
08. Love Gone Bad 04:51
09. John C Davis 04:22
10. Putnam County Jail 03:55
11. Baptized In The Blues 04:55