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The Barren Spinsters - Ten Steps to Cynical Thinking (2019)

                                                         The Barren Spinsters
Armed with a high energy live show, songs from a forgotten century, and a terrible band name, The Barren Spinsters are the kind of band that Jack White would maybe join if he lowered his standards.

They look like a two-piece, sound like a five piece, and move like a hair piece.

The Barren Spinsters deliver 70s blues rock with a modern thrashy twist. Much the same way that Wolfmother doesn’t. 


01. Hey Ruth 03:41
02. West of the Happiness 03:14   
03. Long Gone 03:39   
04. Mississippi Mondays 02:59   
05. Punching Above Your Weight 03:58   
06. Step Down 04:39
07. That's the End of That 03:57
08. Just the Way You Are 02:52
09. Midnight Philosophy 03:38   
10. Milkman Stomp 00:52   
11. Lately 03:34

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