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Miss Molly Simms - Borrowed Or Sold (2016)

                                                          Miss Molly Simms
Smoldering, angry and saucy; Daddy's Little Girl is a full grown woman now (and more than a bit pissed). Miss Molly Simms can sweep the floor with tender

ruminations on loves lost and quiet yearning (along the lines of Lucinda Williams),but not before setting the situation straight with a few doses of hard-earned sass and voodoo bile.

"As both a musician and a music fan, Molly Simms understands the importance of physical media. Until recently, she worked behind the counter of Euclid Records, slinging CDs and, increasingly, vinyl records to a population not sated by mp3s or Spotify streams. Her stop-motion video for last year's "Can't You See" found the singer and guitarist physically overwhelmed by her record collection, as LPs by Edith Piaf, the Beach Boys and Alabama Shakes unmoored themselves from Simms' shelf and arrayed themselves around her. It was an apt image for a musician who is herself omnivorous in her taste and, while still in her twenties, has already amassed a few albums that bear her name and her songs.
The latest of these is the four-song Borrowed or Sold EP, and Simms chose to celebrate her allegiance to the musical artifact itself by releasing the CD at last weekend's Record Store Day event back at Euclid." - River Front Times

"Borrowed or Sold picks up where her last album, 2015's One Way Ticket, left off, melding blues, rockabilly, country and rock in a simmering, sometimes surly package. Simms' voice glints like burnished chrome on these tracks — she can be coy or strident, but she's always at the center of these songs. Even on this brief EP, Simms offers a number of guises — the romantic, the defiant, the supplicant — without losing the essence of her musical identity."


Miss Molly Simms - Vocals, Guitar
Zac Minor - Saxophone
Jamey Almond - Bass
Zagk Gibbons - Drums, and Lead Guitar on Estella


01. Estella 02:57    
02. Real Good Man 03:24   
03. Let Me Down 03:23   
04. 8th And Pine 03:16


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