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Juke Boy Bonner - Nowhere To Run (1975)

                                                                Juke Boy Bonner
One-man bands weren't too common on the postwar blues scene. Joe Hill Louis and Dr. Ross come to mind as greats who plied their trade all by their lonesome -- and so did Juke Boy Bonner, a Texan whose talent never really earned him much in the way of tangible reward. Born into impoverished circumstances in the Lone Star State during the Depression, Weldon Bonner took up the guitar in his teens. He caught a break in 1947 in Houston, winning a talent contest that led to a spot on a local radio outlet. He journeyed to Oakland in 1956, cutting his debut single for Bob Geddins' Irma imprint ("Rock with Me Baby"/"Well Baby") with Lafayette "Thing" Thomas supplying the lead guitar. Goldband Records boss Eddie Shuler was next to take a chance in 1960; Bonner recorded for him in Lake Charles, LA, with Katie Webster on piano, but once again, nothing happened career-wise. Troubled by stomach problems during the '60s, Bonner utilized his hospital downtime to write poems that he later turned into songs. He cut his best work during the late '60s for Arhoolie Records, accompanying himself on both guitar and racked harmonica as he wove extremely personal tales of his rough life in Houston. A few European tours ensued, but they didn't really lead to much. Toward the end of his life, he toiled in a chicken processing plant to make ends meet. Bonner died of cirrhosis of the liver in 1978.


01. Life's Highway 04:51
02. Gimme Some Boone's Farm 04:22
03. Grandmas Will Dog You Around 02:38
04. Carried to the Cleaners and Hung out to Dry 02:57
05. Nowhere to Run 02:55
06. Dust My Broom 04:11
07. Live My Troubles on Down 03:05
08. Who Was That Awhile Ago 03:06
09. Disappearing Act 02:44
10. Best Way to Lose the Blues 02:51
11. It's a Shame, Shame, Shame 02:54
12. Loving Arms 01:44
13. Loving Arms 02:31
14. Distant Feel 01:53
15. What'll I Tell the Children 02:40
16. Winds Came 05:20
17. Nothing But a Child 02:36
18. Six Over Ten 02:31

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