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Ironing Board Sam - Double Bang Hot Bang! (2016)

                                                          Ironing Board Sam
Moore was born in Rock Hill, South Carolina. While concentrating initially on boogie-woogie and gospel music, he learned the electronic organ before graduating to playing the blues in Miami, Florida. After relocating to Memphis, Tennessee, in 1959, he formed a band and got his stage name from his practice of strapping his legless keyboard to an ironing board for performances. He disliked his stage name, but he later turned it to an advantage by giving away ironing boards at some of his concerts. In 1962, he was backed by a band containing the young Jimi Hendrix.

He moved around the United States trying to get a recording contract, eventually issuing a handful of singles for Atlantic, Styletone and Holiday Inn in the late 1960s and early 1970s. He also performed on Night Train in the mid-1960s.

His performing technique was unusual, and he developed an eccentric persona in several directions. He invented a "button keyboard", which had a regular keyboard arrangement underneath which were fitted guitar strings. Rudimentary electronics gave him a three-pronged sound, which he used primarily when billed as the "Eighth Wonder of the World" while performing as a duo with the drummer Kerry Brown. In 1978, his intention to perform in a hot air balloon was cancelled because of adverse weather. At the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival a year later he played in a 1,500-gallon tank filled with water. By 1982, when he had moved back to New Orleans, he had developed the idea of performing as a "human jukebox", playing only when people inserted coins into his jukebox-styled costume. He worked in the Latin Quarter and got some club work after an appearance on the television program Real People. In the late 1980s he was accompanied by a toy monkey, known as Little George, that was rigged to play in synchronization with a drum machine. His more recent live sets have featured a mix of blues and jazz.

In 1990, Ironing Board Sam toured Europe. His debut album, Human Touch, was released in 1996.

He joined the Music Maker Relief Foundation in 2010 and moved to Chapel Hill, North Carolina. He was provided with new musical equipment, recorded a new album and played at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival in April 2012.

In late 2012 and 2013, Ironing Board Sam played a series of concerts across North Carolina. He performed at the Steel City Blues Festival in March 2014. He returned to the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival in April 2014.

In 2015, Ironing Board Sam starred in a series of advertisements for Faultless Starch. In July 2015, Ironing Board Sam was on the same bill as Boo Hanks and Lightnin' Wells at a concert in the Sarah P. Duke Gardens, Duke University, Durham, North Carolina.

01. Life Is Like a Seesaw 03:10   
02. (Come On) Let's Boogie 03:56   
03. Why I Sing the Blues 03:32   
04. Somewhere Over the Rainbow 03:26
05. Don't Worry About Me 03:55
06. Cherry Pie 04:21   
07. Skinny Woman 03:34
08. Self Rising Flour 05:30
09. Orleans Party 02:30
10. Come To Mardi Gras 03:32   
11. Heaven, Please Send Me 04:26   
12. Tallahassee Bridge (Billy Joe) 06:04   
13. In the Mood For Love 02:23
14. I've Been Used (1969 45's Old Cut) 02:55   
15. Man of the Street (1970 45's Old Cut) 03:24   
16. Purple Raindrops (1970 45's Old Cut) 02:57
17. Non Support (1969 45's Old Cut) 02:13
18. I Laugh (1970 45's Old Cut) 02:36   
19. Original Funky Belly Bottom (1969 45's Old Cut) 03:01   
20. Raining In My Heart (1968 45's Old Cut) 02:15   
21. Let's Streak (1970 45's Old Cut) 02:43
22. Treat Me Right (1969 45's Old Cut) 03:00   
23. When You Brought Me You (1968 45's Old Cut) 02:29

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  1. Thanks for this. I particularly like getting the old 1960s 45s here.

  2. There's actually a missing CD here...do you have it?

  3. Bob I saw that this cd has three versions, but it has more songs I don't have yet. This weekend I will see if I meet !!