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Demian Band - Souvenirs from Hell (2019)

                                                               Demian Band
Demian Dominguez, remarked as a songwriter and singer was born in Argentina and rooted in Spain now has been touring hard all around Europe, South America and the U.S.A. He has shared stage with well known artists like Jimmie Vaughan, Los Lobos, Eric Sardinas, Paul Shortino, Bernard Allison, Javier Vargas, Raimundo Amador, Pappo, Alejandro Lerner, Ricardo Mollo amongst many others.

DEMIAN BAND launched 6 albums and they’re touring non stop and keep increasing the number of fans. The last album is being performed in 11 countries where the band is headlining many of the most best valued festivals.

Demian Dominguez is a songwriter and producer of his 6 albums. He was highly awarded and the “Matamp” British Amplifiers launched in 2009 the “Matamp Demian” signature amp.


01. Souveners from Hell 02:42
02. You Don't Love Me 04:37
03. Whiskey Lies 04:42
04. Cry Baby 03:43
05. Appaloosa 02:12
06. Waiting 03:38
07. I'll Wotta Woman 03:17
08. I'll Be There 04:46
09. Ain't No Sunshine 03:53
10. Leters I'm Not Going to Send You 04:37

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