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Baker, Bruce & Moore - Rockpalast, Cologne, Germany (1993-02-11)

                                                        Baker, Bruce & Moore
Moore and Bruce work in terrific concert, then in fiery contrast, throughout Rockpalast: The 50th Birthday Concerts, rendering the times when Clem Clempson steps in at guitar seem rather pedestrian. The presence of Jack Bruce’s former Cream mate Ginger Baker adds new muscle, too. Much of this is gathered at the end of the set’s second disc, as Bruce returns to moments associated with Cream like “Politician,” “Spoonful,” “N.S.U.” and “White Room,” as well as “Life on Earth” (from a 1981 collaboration with Robin Trower) and the blues standard “Sitting on Top of the World.”

Moore turns the latter, composed by members of the Mississippi Sheiks in the 1930s, into a molten excursion, so full of soul and sweat that Clempson’s earlier pass seems moot. Same with “Politician,” which breezily unfolded with Clempson; Gary Moore’s sparky version is all edge. Then there’s the titanic closing take on “White Room,” a Moore-fueled finale that shakes everything that came before loose of its moorings.


Jack Bruce - Bass, Vocal
Gary Moore- Guitar
Ginger Baker - Drums


01. NSU 07:55
02. Sitting On To Of The World 07:18
03. Politician 06:21
04. Spoonful 09:25
05. White Room 07:05
06. Sunshine of Your Love 10:35
07. Blues You Can't Loose 13:20

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