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Brother Magnum - Meet Me in My Day Deam (2008)

                                                            Brother Magnum
The city of Austin,Texas is full of musicians and entertainers with stories as unique as theweather is hot. If you’ve been hiding under a rock it’s still possible to have seen Brother Magnum. Playing over 130 shows yearly and releasing three CD’s you’ve probably seen him belting out whiskey throated vocals or picking one of his many guitars at a summer festival, corporate event or night club in Texas.


01. Have a Good Time 03:12    
02. I Should Have Known 03:03        
03. Cocaine Sheila 03:58        
04. The Real Thang 03:47        
05. Good Lovin' Feeling 03:54        
06. Mexico 03:13        
07. Love Wrong Blues 03:29        
08. What I Need 03:27    
09. Nee-mo Money 02:48        
10. Everything I Wanted 04:33        
11. Don't Get Me Talkin 04:28

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