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Bonzo Morelli - La Vida en Blues (2019)

                                                                 Bonzo Morelli
Bonzo Morelli debuta en la escena local en el año 1981 con el grupo Hipocampo Rock y desde entonces ha participado en diversas formaciones especialmente de rock y blues, entre las que caben destacar El Caño (1983-86), La Banda de Rock and Roll (1986-92) y La Rocanblús (1994-2000).

Se ha desempeñado además como guitarrista invitado de bandas como Punto G, Color Chino, Los Vándalos, Grafitti, Agua Geométrica, Sandra Corizzo y banda, Trío de Guitarras de Rosario, Adrián Abonizio y Gabriel Grätzer, entre otros.

También tuvo la oportunidad de compartir escenario en calidad de invitado de artistas de gran trayectoria a nivel nacional e internacional como Miguel Botafogo, Luis Salinas, Ciro Fogliatta, David Lebón, Pappo, Deacon Jones, Norton Buffalo, Celeste Carballo, La Mississipi, Edelmiro Molinari.

Actualmente integra la Bonzo Blues Band, su primer proyecto solista, convocando a músicos como Marcelo Gallego en bajo (de Conexión, Jazz Trío, La gota, Sandra Corizzo y banda, Liliana Herrero), Marcelo Sali en batería (de Pablo el Enterrador, La Barca) y Franco Capriatti en armónica (La Rocanblús, Azafrán, Los Vándalos, Celeste Carballo), con un repertorio compuesto por temas de su propia autoría y algunas versiones de temas míticos del rock y blues nacional e internacional.

Bonzo Morelli debuted on the local stage in 1981 with the group Hippocampus Rock and has since participated in a number of formations, especially rock and blues, including El Caño (1983-86), La Rock and Roll Band (1986-92) and La Rocanblús (1994-2000).

He has also served as guest guitarist for bands such as Punto G, Chino Color, Los Vándalos, Grafitti, Agua Geometrica, Sandra Corizzo and band, Rosario Guitar Trio, Adrián Abonizio and Gabriel Grätzer, among others.

He also had the opportunity to share the stage as a guest of major national and international artists such as Miguel Botafogo, Luis Salinas, Ciro Fogliatta, David Lebón, Pappo, Deacon Jones, Norton Buffalo, Celeste Carballo, La Mississippi, Edelmiro Molinari.

He is currently part of Bonzo Blues Band, his first solo project, featuring musicians such as Marcelo Gallego on bass (Connection, Jazz Trio, La Drop, Sandra Corizzo and band Liliana Herrero), Marcelo Sali on drums (by Pablo el Enterrador, La Barca) and Franco Capriatti in the harmonica (La Rocanblús, Saffron, Los Vándalos, Celeste Carballo), with a repertoire composed by songs of his own and some versions of mythical themes of national and international rock and blues.


01. Carmelas Blues 04:32
02. No Pibe 04:38
03. Rock de la Mujer Perdida 03:24
04. Tema de los Mosquitos 03:55
05. Suspensión 05:53
06. Tus Cadenas 05:41
07. Pueblos del Norte 04:04
08. Tema de Pototo 02:38
09. Rana a Go Go 03:24
10. Sofisaraga 02:39
11. Ana No Duerme 03:49
12. Slide Blues 06:48
13. Boogie Jam (En Vivo) 03:42

The Ryan Harrington Band - On The Right Path (2019)

                                                      The Ryan Harrington Band
In-your-face, original funky Blues mixed up with Rock and Soul, served up in a whirlwind live show played with passion from the depths of our souls!
The beginning of The Ryan Harrington Band took, as all good things do, quite some time. Finally with the right group of musicians in place, we got the groove we wanted, sapped the well for soul and we were ready to bring our unique version of the Blues to the fans. Look for a number of originals to be coming soon to our repitoire, as well as a single or two and a full length album sometime in 2018.


Nicole Hänsch - Vocals
Max Wächtler - Drums
Matthias Baumhauer - Bass
Tobias Ebhardt - Saxophone
Kristian Kaiser - Keyboards
Stefan Kumpe - Drums, Percussion
Ryan Karl Harrington - Guitar and Vocals


01. Why Don't You Just Leave Me Alone 03:47 
02. I Couldn't See 05:25 
03. Tell Me Why 05:17 
04. Funky Thang 05:44 
05. That Baby Of Mine 04:06 
06. Mac's Stomp 03:44 
07. With Your Love 06:00 
08. Strolling 05:00 
09. You Don't Understand 07:52 
10. Bad Ass Blues 04:55 

Black Cat Bones - Tattered and Torn (2019)

                                                              Black Cat Bones
Modern Blues/Rock with a 70's Album rock feel. New release 'Tattered and Torn' is in the Mastering Stage Now! One step closer! Can't wait to unleash it!

Tucson, Arizona band influenced by Johnny Winter, Savoy Brown, Bobby Blue Bland, Luther Allison, Free, BB King, and many more ....


Charles Pitts - Vocals 
Jeff Daniels - Bass 
Bill Greenberg - Drums 
Gary David - Guitar
Richard Rivera - Guitar


01. Manslaughter
02. When I Get That Feeling
03. Dead Broke Blues
04. The Race
05. Led to Believe
06. Lowdown
07. Lone Lobo
08. Pay You Back with Interest
09. Just Around the Corner
10. Laying in Wait
11. Not so Funny
12. I Don't Care

Chris Eger Band - Show Me Where to Sign (2019)

                                                             Chris Eger Band
Chris Eger and band have created a high energy pocket, a sonic holding pattern filled with classic soul, funk, southern rock and Americana. Their newest album Show Me Where To Sign is great from first cut to last.

“When I’m writing a song, I’m pulling from Montgomery Gentry as much as I’m pulling from Chris Cornell and John Hiatt,” Chris said. “I love a stylistic melting pot.”

Eger and his longtime guitar-hero, and Nashville recording artist, Eric Heatherly, joined forces to create a masterwork.

Chris is backed by bassist and father Randall Eger, who has over 35 years of live performance experience. Drummer, Mark Clark, is a veteran of the Northwest music scene, playing with the likes of the New Deal Rhythm Band and the Chryslers. Clark brings a solid, funky foundation to the group, and always delivers. Rick Jiles, keyboardist and leader of the local favorites Midlife Crisis & the Alimony Horns, is a tasteful and scintillating addition to the rhythm section. Finally, Pete Kirkman and Mike West lend their talents as the noteworthy and eponymous Powerhouse Horns.

The cuts of note and my personal favorites are “SRV,” a tribute to Stevie Ray and Hendrix; the title cut “Show Me Where To Sign” and a real rocker “Wrong Five O’Clock.”

They’re playing around the nation’s capital right now, but operating out of Nashville so I’m sure he’ll head our way soon.


01. Eatin' Crow 02:33
02. Hippie Heart 04:30
03. Last Addiction 04:01
04. Love Me Now 02:55
05. Show Me Where to Sign 03:58
06. Somethin' Ain't Right 04:12
07. SRV (Single Edit) 04:24
08. Too Much Fire 03:46
09. Wrong Five O'Clock 02:55
10. You Can Run 03:55
11. SRV (Extended Version) 04:57

Tremaine Tre Young - Rhythm & Gospel (2012)

                                                          Tremaine Tre Young
Rhythm & Gospel is a mix of traditional Gospel, with a touch of Jazz and has a very easy listening kinda vibe. All songs were arranged by Tremaine Young (unless mentioned differently). So if you like the strong voice of Mahalia Jackson, the Blues riffs of BB King, the Rock n Roll edge of Prince, or just a little bit of it all, this is the project for you....I pray that it is a blessing to each one of you.....


01. Vibing 01:58       
02. Thank U Lord 05:34   
03. Jesus Is the Answer    04:06       
04. He Keeps Doing Great Things for Me (feat. Randy Corinthian) 04:33        
05. Walk With Me Lord (feat. Ed Rauls) 04:24     
06. Tre's Jam 05:32    
07. You Are Holy (feat. Jandra Alexander) 05:10    
08. Yes Lord 05:19    
09. God Has Always Stood By My Side (feat. Lashaunda Ward-Brown) 05:07        
10. Just Another Day 04:58

Sonny Smokin' Hess - Retrospective (2019)

                                                        Sonny Smokin' Hess
For over four decades Sonny “Smokin’” Hess has been an integral part of the Portland blues community while working with numerous top attractions both locally and nationally. Hess is a skilled guitarist and songwriter, not to mention a venue owner and promoter, and over the years she has released several well-received recordings and is about to reveal her latest work, Retrospective, with an April 12 release party. This album will feature new originals tunes, reworked takes of previous released numbers, and other exciting treats.


01. Pioneer 04:34         
02. Need to Roam 02:14     
03. Crazy 03:54         
04. Saved 04:03 
05. Good Friends 03:34         
06. The Other Woman Acoustic 03:38     
07. Gottawinit 03:00         
08. If You Want Me to Stay 04:52    
09. Time 03:07         
10. Cryin' 03:38         
11. The Other Woman 03:35     
12. Mercury Blues (feat. Jim Hively) 03:40         
13. Brown Eyed Girl (feat. Kelly Pierce) 04:15

quarta-feira, 30 de outubro de 2019

Ryan Manzi Blues Band - Back Home to Stay (2012)

                                                       Ryan Manzi Blues Band
Blues/Rock/Country/Rockabilly/Soul. I guess that would be the best way to describe this album featuring some of the greatest musicians from up here in the frozen north of Anchorage, Alaska!!!


01. Come Back Home to Stay 02:34    
02. Don't Let Me Go Down to New Orleans 03:09
03. Don't Think Twice 04:03    
04. Someday After a While (You'll Be Sorry) 04:14
05. I'm so Lonesome I Could Cry (Explicit) 02:55    
06. That's All Right Mama 03:24   
07. Who Will the Next Fool Be? 05:53

Cold Shott and The Hurricane Horns - Solutions (2011)

                                                                  Cold Shott
A "live in the studio" recording to celebrate our 20th Year Anniversary !! Featuring some of our favorite SOUL and R&B Musical influences.

“Cold Shott has a very tight sound with an upbeat groovin’ feel made up of first-rate musician’s all around. The recording projects a lot of energy, one of the most important features of recorded live performances. This is good stuff to enjoy as ‘traffic jammin’ music’ to/from work!”


01. Stop 03:18    
02. 30-60-90 / Cold Sweat 05:10    
03. Turn Back the Hands of Time 04:00
04. Diggin' On James Brown 05:07    
05. It Really Doesn't Matter 04:57
06. That's What Love Will Make You Do 03:57    
07. I've Never Found a Girl 03:08        
08. Vehicle 03:20        
09. The Letter 04:19

Alvon - Alvon (1999)

One of the most versatile Musicians, Singers and Entertainers on the music scene today.  He travels the world singing and swinging Jazz standards with Big Bands. He also gallops the globe performing the songs that he sang while working with the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame group, The Coasters.  When he travels to Russia he is referred to as the “King of the Blues” and the “Ambassador of the Blues”. His love and respect for the American art form is shared by large and enthusiastic audiences the world over.


01. Hoochie Coochie Man 05:09
02. The Thrill is Gone 04:10
03. Passion 05:34
04. I Love To Play The Blues 03:39
05. Sasifaction 04:32    
06. You 05:07
07. Let's Straighten It Out 07:03    
08. If I Could Play 04:33    
09. Someone 04:43   
10. Daddys Home 06:59

The Chris Clifton Band - The Red Sessions (2009)

                                                       The Chris Clifton Band
Chris Clifton, Texas & music born, known as one of the great guitar stylist's playing blues, jazz, and country.


01. Further on Up the Road 07:54
02. Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood 07:55
03. Rainy Day Women No. 12 & 35 09:14
04. Put It Where You Want It 06:32
05. Blues for Red 12:18
06. Politician 06:54
07. Little Wing 11:02
08. Hide Away (Toast to Red) 07:01

Robert Durling - Come to Me (2004)

                                                           Robert Durling                              
Robert, saw your show from this album in May '05. The tunes are very relatable topics, with catchy melodies & breaks in them. Looking for a website for show dates etc. Keep Rockin' it my friend!


01. Come to Me 04:47    
02. Tired of the Waiting 04:33        
03. Was It the Way 04:54        
04. Makin a Run 03:06        
05. Let Go 04:17    
06. Hearts On a Ribbon 05:18    
07. Fed Up 04:35        
08. Need a Little Time 04:43    
09. All About Money 04:44

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Dale Williams - Heaven`s Got the Blues (2013)

                                                              Dale Williams
Chicago native, Dale Williams was born on the south side of Chicago.
While in high school he learned to play the guitar, and became a regular musician at clubs such as the Checkerboard, Theresa's, The Queen Bee, and the Kingston Mines. During this time, he played alongside various music legends in jam sessions. These artists included Lefty Dizz, Son Seals Jr, and Wells James Cotton. Williams also toured with Little Milton and Oscar Brown Jr.
In 1971, he was introduced to Sun-Ra in Philadelphia, which ultimately led to many recordings on Sun-Ra's albums.  After the touring, the sessions, and the performances with Sun-Ra, Dale joined the band backing Jean Carn and moved to Washington DC. There he formed the Dale Williams Blues Band, with Phil Wiggins on harmonica. The Dale Williams Blues Band later became the Dale Williams Band /Rock. Both became local favorites and received rave reviews.
Dale Williams now resides in Los Angeles and works as side man for artists such as Rebbie Jackson, Tito Jackson, Mighty Mo Rodgers, Dorothy Moore, LLCool J, Solomon Burke, Howard Hewitt, Faith Evans, and Brandy.
In April 2012 Dale Williams released his single "A Little Bit Of Love ", and later "Lose'n Everything", which appeared in the September 2012 film "The Tall Man".
In January 2013, William's album " Heaven's Got The Blues" , a blues and rock CD; which contains 11 new songs will be available on BlueBoy Records. The recording features Dale Williams' stylistic guitar, accompanied by musicians Glen Fisher, Yuko Tamura, Richard Sellers, and Terry Scott.  Williams' first Indie label release will boast firey guitar solos, hypnotizing grooves, and a blend of Chicago Blues, Rock and Soul.


01. A Little Bit of Love 04:15            
02. The Coochie Prison 04:32            
03. Hey Baby 03:55            
04. Hula Hoop 02:57            
05. Heaven's Got the Blues 05:22            
06. Wish It Was Me 04:35            
07. I've Got News For You Baby 04:38            
08. I Don't Miss You 03:55            
09. Sweet Mississippi 04:46        
10. Califronia Blues 06:33            
11. Dale's Boogie 02:58    

Adrian Byron Burns - Et Caetera... (2019)

                                                           Adrian Byron Burns
Adrian Byron Burns is considered to be one of the most exciting performers around today. Singer-songwriter Adrian speaks a variety of musical dialects. Blues, reggae, rock, bluegrass, jazz. A native of Arlington County, Virginia and a current resident of France, he’s been recording since the mid-70s. In 1969, while living in his native America, Adrian opened shows for Neil Young and Ritchie Havens on the East Coast which led to a European tour in 1971 with other 'young talents'. The tour took him through Germany, Holland, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland and Scandinavia and provided the incentive for him to remain in Europe. Late 1972 saw him as a member of a band called 'Talisman' in Germany which opened shows for Alexis Korner, Little Richard, Vinegar Joe, Curved Air and Marmalade to name just a few. He also had the chance to play with Champion Jack Dupree. Adrian moved to England in 1974 and a year later, signed a contract with Splash Records , who released thru EMI two singles (soul oriented) and an album thru PYE in 1976. That same year saw him join Jimmy James & the Vagabonds.

From 1979, Adrian's style began to emerge as he performed with musical friends from different backrounds such as Jim Mullen, Sally Barker, Tommy Chase and Mick Pini. Adrian has toured through Europe as well as Asia and the U.S. He has and continues to play in many Festivals and has shared the stage with such artists as B.B. King, Luther & Bernard Allison, Robert Cray, Charlie Musselwhite, The Dubliners, The Ford Blues Band, Marva Wright, Louisiana Red, Otis Grand, Roy Rodgers, Johnny Mars, Gregg Wright, Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings, John Renbourne and many others. Adrian is featured on the Rhythm Kings Albums "Groovin" and "Double Bill". He has toured with them throughout the U.K. during the past two years. He has made nine albums and for the past last years, Adrian has gained fame as a solo artist, both for his fabulous voice and for his incredible acoustic work. He has garnered praise for his compositions and for the originality of his interpretations of songs by Hendrix, Sting, Lennon & McCartney, Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters and many others. Adrian has also been voted 'Acoustic Artist of the Year' 1999 & 2000 by the British Blues Connection and Blueprint Magazine. In 2019, Adrian released his new album "Et Caetera", elaborate various influences, drawing on his emotions and desire to make a beautiful, original album.


01. Reflection 03:06
02. All That Matters 04:41
03. Akwardboy 03:25
04. Massa John 03:03
05. Freedom Land 04:20
06. Cautionary Tale 03:54
07. Sandman 03:37
08. Finally... When You Fall 04:14
09. Can't Find The Will 05:00
10. Mate Kudasai 03:44
11. Inside Danse 03:17

Charlie Love - So Happy I Could Cry (1988)

                                                              Charlie Love
Charlie Love, born on the South side of Chicago in 1956, was introduced to the blues his mother and father at an early age and quickly fell under it's spell. His father often played the harmonica while Charlie and his mother would dance and sing along to the sounds of Muddy Waters, Howlin' Wolf, Little Walter and B.B. King. For his parents the blues was a celebration of the human spirit and helped them to endure the stresses of everyday living. It's value and potential as a positive spiritual force was instilled in Charlie from a powerful place, a place from which he has never turned away. One could say the blues called on Charlie Love.

It didn't take Charlie long to realize what he wanted to do with his life. He bought a guitar at the pawnshop and soon began accompanying himself. Working in assorted factories around the Windy City, he always had his guitar on the job and his first performance came in front of his co-workers who would hear him play and sing during coffee breaks. Later they would ask him to perform at their house parties.

There could be no better playground for Charlie than Chicago's exploding blues scene. It was Lefty Dizz and Buddy Scott, two of Chicago's blues greats that took Charlie under their wing and gave him his first opportunity to take the stage at the famed Checkerboard Lounge. It wasn't long after Charlie began developing his powerful voice, playing four nights a week on the South Side with his own band, the Hotlinks. While leading his group he was frequently called on by blues stars like Mighty Joe Young and B.B. Odem to play guitar.

Charlie caught the attention of Casey Jones, ex-drummer for the late great Albert Collins, who was fronting his own band at the Kingston Mines, one of Chicago's high profile blues clubs. It was while playing for the "Casey Jones Revue" that the proprietor heard Charlie sing. The Mines hired him under his own name and Charlie began being recognized as one of the city's outstanding blues singers. The distinct blend of silky smooth vocal savvy and distilled raw power that Charlie brings to his performance creates a soul-drenched marriage between beauty and abandon that adds up to 100% rockin' Chicago blues.

His ability to cover equally well a wide range of repertoire within the style is in evidence here and an important ingredient in Charlie Love's approach to music. When he steps to a microphone he serves up a Chicago blues stew that has been bubbling since his days hearing the music for the first time in his parents living room. Whether he's singing the Muddy Waters classis, "Long Distance Call,' Sam Cooke's southern-flavored "Somebody Have Mercy," or a more contemporary title like the self-penned, "Blues Keeps Following Me," Charlie is still all the way at home.


Christpohe Garreau - Bass 
Vincent Bucher -  Bass Harmonica 
Marty Vickers -  Drum 
Larry Skoller - Guitar 
Olivier Lanneluc -  Organ 
Charlie Love - Vocals, Lead Guitar 


01. Western Union Man 03:57   
02. Long Distance Call 06:13   
03. She Put Me Out 03:59   
04. Refund 03:27   
05. Somebody Have Mercy 04:14   
06. The Blues Keeps Following Me 03:21   
07. I'm Leaving You 04:12   
08. I Called Your Mama 03:24   
09. Trouble 03:57   
10. Goin' Down To The Liquor Store 05:41   
11. So Happy I Could Cry 03:14   

The Jimmy Sixes - Bustin' It Up with The Jimmy Sixes E.P! (2018)

                                                           The Jimmy Sixes
Whilst many genres continue to evolve, move with the times, explore more peripheral sonic pathways, others seem to find their perfect form early on and find little reason to change their shape too much. The Jimmy Sixes work in such a musical realm. Rockabilly, country-rock, bluesy swing and the like are their chosen musical weapons but how do you stand out from the pack when the pack are all fighting over the same musical territory.
Well, you do what The Jimmy Sixes do, you write songs that are groovier, more fun, better conceived, more deftly delivered than the rest. Whereas most bands working in the same realms are happy enough to sound like a band that might have supported The Stray Cat’s in a Neo-rockabilly alternative history timeline, The Sixes instead sound like the records that The Stray Cat’s listened to as kids by getting back to the source. Authenticity, that’s the name of the game.
The e.p. kicks in perfectly with that brilliant downward bass line that the genre pretty much made its own and  deals with a dilemma people of a certain age know only too well of what to do with all those vinyl records which still feel like part of your DNA. Last of The Jukebox 45s is both nostalgic and celebratory and posses the problems faced by us record hoarders in the modern age.
Never Apologise, Never Complain is a reminder of the embryonic 50’s pop sound, Get Outta My House reminds us of how innocent and accessible that music could be and It Doesn’t Matter is a sweet rock’n’roll serenade.
Bustin’ It Up with The Jimmy Sixes revels in a simpler time, cleaner musical lines and music that came without any hidden agenda. And as I said in the intro what can you do with music that is pretty much set in its ways? Well, stop worrying about things and just have fun I guess, that’s what’s happening here.


John - Guitar, Vocals
Tim - Bass
Kings - Drums


01. Last of the Jukebox 45s 03:38   
02. Never Apologise Never Explain 02:28   
03. Jitterbug Jimmy 03:12   
04. Get Outta My House 02:48
05. It Doesn't Matter 03:06

Snowy White - Highway To The Sun (1994)

                                                              Snowy White
Snowy White’s old pal Dave Gilmour makes a guest appearance on this 1994 classic by a lead guitarist who has played with some of the biggest names in rock.

Snowy worked alongside Gary Moore in Thin Lizzy in the Eighties and later played with Pink Floyd, before launching his solo career with ‘White Flames’ (an album also currently being re-issued by Repertoire). ‘Highway To The Sun’ is packed with the kind of sultry blues performances you would expect from Terence Charles White, the shy young man who first came to London from the Isle Of Wight in the Sixties, mesmerised by the likes of Eric Clapton and Peter Green.

He tells his story and talks about the dozen tracks on this excellent album in a new interview with Chris Welch for the extensive CD liner notes. Watch out for poignant numbers like ‘Can’t Find Love’, ‘Burning Love’ and ‘Heartful Of Love’. In fact, there is a whole lotta love burning throughout this album, including Dave Gilmour’s outstanding performance on ‘Love, Pain And Sorrow’.

We’ve been to the dark side of the moon.. now take the highway to the sun!


Snowy White - Lead Guitar , Rhythm Guitar, Vocals, Harmonica
Kuma Harada – Bass, Rhythm Guitar, Fretless Bass, Drum Programming
Richard Bailey - Drums
Godfrey Wang - Keyboards
Walter Latpeirissa - Rhythm Guitar, Bass
Juan Van Emmerloot - Drums
John Rabbit Bundrick - Keyboards
Chris Rea- Slide Guitar
Dave Gilmour- Lead Guitar
Gary Moore – Guitar
Paul Carrack – Backing Vocals


01. Highway To The Sun 04:55    
02. Can't Find Love 05:34    
03. Burning Love 05:07    
04. Loving Man 04:10    
05. The Time Has Come 04:46    
06. Heartful Of Love 04:33    
07. Love, Pain & Sorrow 05:57    
08. Hot Saturday Night 05:05    
09. Keep On Working 08:59    
10. I Loved Another Woman 03:49    
11. I Can't Get Enough Of The Blues 07:13    
12. All My Money 04:07

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Barrie Glover & Courtney Scaife - Murdered in Little Rock (2009)

                                                 Barrie Glover & Courtney Scaife
This CD is to inform people about the problem of violence in Little Rock and in other cities in the U.S. it also contains beautiful love music and songs.Lovely love ballads are included on this album, like the magic is gone , It's so good and I've got to get away from the pain. This is a a rocking good music CD.
The lyrics and singing shall touch your heart and soul. These songs are for dancing, slow or fast dance.


01. Murdered in Little Rock 05:07        
02. This Is Our Time 05:09    
03. It Is So Good 05:33    
04. The Magic Is Gone 06:54    
05. Black On Black Warfare 05:21        
06. I've Got to Get Away From the Pain 05:56        
07. House Without Love 05:06    
08. Black On Black Warfare #2 05:21        
09. You Say You Love Me 05:32        
10. This Is Our Time #2 05:06

Matt Hines - Rollin' it Out (2014)

                                                                 Matt Hines
Growing up in an area where guitarists and cover bands are a dime a dozen, Matt Hines has catapulted his way through the scene. Matt has been acclaimed as one of the best Blues/Rock guitarists in Chicago. Blending a mixture of Rock and Blues with hints of Fusion and Classical enables him to perform with an extraordinary range of musical textures.

Matt Hines was born on May 1st, 1984 in Chicago, IL. He began playing guitar at the age of 12. His practicing quickly became an obsession, and it wasn't long until his family and friends began to recognize his talents. He auditioned and became a member of the Jazz Studio Orchestra at Naperville Central High School at age 18. Later that year, he was asked to play in Drumshow 2003, which was lead by Vern Spevak. He went on a two week European tour with the Jazz Studio Orchestra in July 2003.

From 2003-2007 Matt attended Southern Illinois University, where he earned BA degree in Classical Guitar and Music Business. Matt formed the rock/reggae band JoBu in 2005. JoBu has since released two studio albums and has toured the Midwest and Florida dozens of times. JoBu has shared the stage with such artists as Lynyrd Skynyrd, ZZ Top, Oteil and the Peacemakers, Devon Allman’s Honeytribe, Ace Frehley, The Hue, My Dear Disco, The Station, 56 Hope road, Back Yard Tire Fire, and Cornmeal.

Matt returned home to the Chicagoland area in 2011, where he began working hard to perform with as many musicians/bands as possible. In 2012 he founded the group THE TRUSS, a powerhouse energetic rock band. The group featured Mike Hayes (vocals), Andy Neel (Bass) and Maurice Jones (Drums, Ronnie Baker Brooks Band). Their first EP, The Distance, Vol. 1 was released in June 2013. Matt's playing is melodic and anthemic throughout.

July,27,2013 Matt was awarded as the 1st place champion in Guitar Center's Blues Masters Competition, which was hosted and judged by Joe Bonamassa in Los Angeles, CA. Later that year, He played an opening gig for Bonamassa at The Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles, CA for 3,500 seats. At the beginning of 2014 Matt went into the studio with producer Kevin Shirley (Journey, Led Zeppelin, Iron Maiden, Rush, Joe Bonamassa) to record a four song EP.

In July of 2014, Matt's first solo album "Rollin' It Out" was released. All of the music and lyrics were written by Matt. His playing emanates styles of Eric Johnson, Gary Moore, and Joe Bonamassa, with a bit of a modern touch. Two of the songs feature  Mike Hayes (THE TRUSS) on lead vocals.

01. Rollin' it Out 05:47    
02. Another Day 03:41    
03. Break It Down 04:28    
04. Legends 04:49

LaMonte DeMille & the Key of "C" Chicago Style Blues Band - Live (2015)

                                                           LaMonte DeMille
My Name is LaMonte DeMille of LaMonte DeMille & the Key of "C" Chicago Style Blues band. I just recently Debuted with My Band @ Reily's Club in San Diego to a modest crowd of blues lovers. As an Artist I have personally played all over the world and most of the U.S. Born and Raised in Chicago Ill. I have traveled the Country and Still active as a Merchant Marine for The U.S. Navy's Military Sealift Command doing Blues, Jazz, Gospel and Regae.

But Chicago Style Blues is My thing now and I have a tight 8 piece band with real Horns. I have Played with other acts around the San Diego area Such as The Stoney B Blues Band @ Humphrey's and the House of Blues San Diego, Fuzzy and the Blues men @ Humphreys, I have played @ the Kracken in Solano Beach with Doug Allen of the Mar Dels, I have Played @ Buddy Guys Legends in Chicago in Jan 2009, The Kingston Mines in Chicago with Lindsey Alexander Jan 2009 , Vance Guitar Kelly in Chicago 2009 @ The Genesis Club. In Hawaii @ the Jazz Mines with Project Monday an 7 piece Contemp Jazz band and @ The Candle Light night club In Portland Oregon 2008 with the Big House All stars featuring Lloyd Jones on Guitar etc.

So now I have my own Band and looking for the opportunity to Break in I'm on youtube under Demac520 or B.B. King LaMonte DeMille and Facebook vids are posted on both sites. Below are posted links of Myself and My band this year. I just returned from Portland Oregon where I recently was invited to sit in and perform with The Norman Sylvester Band on 03-02-12 @ The West Linn Saloon in West Linn Or and on 03-04-12 I performed in Kevin Selfe's Blues Jam @ The Refractory On 2-18-12 My band and I performed in San Marcos Ca at the Rhythm City Grill to a very energized crowd it would be a pleasure to meet you and perform here we will not disappoint you

01. If You Love Me Like You Say 07:50   
02. Sweet Little Angel / It's My Own Fault Medley (Explicit) 11:48   
03. Im in Love With a Woman 11:09       
04. Why I Sing the Blues 09:40   
05. Long Gone Baby 06:26   
06. Blue Shadows 06:34   
07. Don't Answer the Door 07:59   
08. So Excited 07:01

Sara Gale Band - Soul Groove & Beats (2019)

                                                              Sara Gale Band
This project takes shape approximately 4 years ago (2015)on the return of Sara Gale from Glasgow (Scotland).During this time outside Zaragoza, Sara was part of numerous groups Very diverse with talented musicians.

His tour was forged from a trio A Capella “Miss Jo” performing for the London Olympics 2012, piano duo with Finnish Outi Smith, chorus of the Folk band“The ubiquitous air band”, dancer of African dances for “Ayawara”,performer with "Clan Macondo" and other painters and artists from the United Kingdom,as well as Sara Gale alone becoming a semifinalist of a Singer & Songwriters competition in the Southside of Glasgow.

Sara Gale brought together musicians from other bands such as Staff, The Diggers, etc,and among all, they managed to shape the themes, written and composed by Sara, band leader. They are songs in English with influences from Soul, Blues, Funk, Pop, Rock .., etc.what makes that eclecticism a hallmark of the band.

During this time together, we have played in almost all the halls of the city, participated in different festivals and now we present our our first album on October 26 in the Lata de Bombillas de Zaragoza entitled "Soul, Groove & Beats".

Recorded at El Túnel Studios with Xavi Estivill, produced by David Colás and design Ricardo García Comín and Diana Antolí. Our intention is to move it through theaters in Spain and enter both local and national festivals.


Juan José Martínez Catalán - Drums, Vocals
Juan Vallés - Bass, Vocals
David Colás - Guitar, Vocals
Sara Gale - Keyboard, Vocal


01. Day After Day 04:39
02. Give Me a Reason 05:12
03. DreamÐ’Ò‘s Keeper 04:52
04. Go Slow 05:00
05. Here Comes the Sun 03:49
06. Despite the Rain 05:42
07. Wait 05:38
08. Same Old Place 04:30
09. Easy Come Easy Go 05:40
10. Head Down 04:31

Bob Stroger & Mr Jones Band - Live In Buenos Aires (2010)

                                                  Bob Stroger & Mr Jones Band
Bob Stroger and Mr. Jones Band Live in Buenos Aires 2010 is the title of the album, for me this bassist is a living blues legend, is the equivalent of Buddy Guy for the guitar given below, a kind of vague guide for everyone wants to shuffle with the four-stringed instrument in his hands.

Originally released in 2010, it was reprinted in December 2018 by MJ Group, live covers include songs such as "Blind Man Blues", "Let the Good Time Roll", "Sweet Home Chicago", "Key or The Highway" and plays by Bob Stroger records as "Bob of Back in Town".


01. Don´t You Lie to Me 06:06    
02. Just a Sad Boy 04:51    
03. Whats Goes on in the Park 06:33    
04. Key to the Highway 06:53    
05. Blind Man Blues 07:34    
06. Look over Yonder Wall 06:00    
07. Let the Good Times Roll 06:26    
08. You Got to Move 07:42    
09. Sweet Home Chicago 06:44    
10. Bob is Back in Town 03:46        
11. Jazz Man Blues 08:00

Georges Folkwald - Patchwork (2019)

                                                           Georges Folkwald
Georges Folkwald is a songwriter based in Brittany. He begins his professional career as a drummer in a rock formation. At the end of 2015, following a tendinitis that forced him to abandon the drums, he turned to guitar and writing and launched his personal project in an aesthetic revolving around the blues. In 2016, he toured duet with Alexandre DURAND on the double bass (about 100 dates / year) and released a first album: "Acoustic Session", ten titles consisting of covers and two compositions.
In 2017, he climbed the trio "George Folkwald & The Black Witches" (Sylvain LEPINOIT-Bass / Julien ROUILLARD - drums) and released an album while compositions, "Old Bone School". A live clip of the song "The Town" comes out in the fall on youtube.
From 2018, the project is exported from Brittany with two tours that will take the trio to Switzerland.
The adventure continues and evolves in 2019, the project is simplified in the name (George Folkwald Trio) with the arrival of the new drummer Ludovic Diaz. The combo is scheduled in several festivals throughout France.


01. Nosedive 03:14
02. Blank Piece Of Paper 04:14
03. No More Cheese 03:19
04. Remember 03:33
05. She's The Man 02:11
06. Do You Feel Any Better 03:52
07. Ghost 03:41
08. Right Or Wrong 03:30
09. Easy Way Out 03:46

Bey Paule Band - Not Goin' Away (2015)

                                                             Bey Paule Band
The Bey Paule Band (aka The Frank Bey & Anthony Paule Band), eight pieces of soul-blues, musical genius, has been mesmerizing audiences up and down the West Coast since forming in 2006. Two CDs released in 2013 – You Don't Know Nothing and Soul For Your Blues – have earned the band two Blues Music Award nominations, and an invitation to perform at the prestigious awards ceremony. All this well deserved attention has paved the way for two International tours during the summer of 2014. Frank Bey’s hypnotic vocals and Paule’s lofty guitar playing, are energetically supported by, Paul Olguin, bass; Paul Revelli, drums; Tony Lufrano, keyboards; Nancy Wright, saxophone; Tom Poole, trumpet; Mike Rinta, trombone. Dramatic songwriting has the Bey Paule Band on a shelf all by itself, but if comparisons need to be made, they would be likened to Bobby Bland, B.B. King, Ray Charles, and Otis Redding.

We often hear the cliché “the third time’s the charm”. Well, there is some truth in that remark, and it proves to be so with release number three by The Bey Paule Band, NOT GOIN’ AWAY. This musically, rich creation of twelve Soul and Blues songs, includes ten original expressions and two thoughtfully chosen covers. Most of the members of The Bey Paule Band mingled their talents in the art of co-writing. More so than with the very successful, previous releases YOU DON’T KNOW NOTHING, and SOUL FOR YOUR BLUES, the creation of NOT GOIN’ AWAY was a group effort. Frank Bey’s hypnotic vocals, and Anthony Paule’s lofty guitar playing, are energetically supported by, Paul Revelli, drums & percussion; Paul Olguin, bass; Tony Lufrano, keyboards; Nancy Wright, tenor sax; Mike Rinta, trombone; and the one and only new comer Tom Poole, trumpet. The Bay Paule Band’s out-of-this-world horn arrangements are the fierce inspirations of Mike Rinta and Anthony Paule.


01. Black Bottom 04:43
02. Kiss Me Like You Mean It 04:22
03. Right In Front Of You 04:58
04. Next To My Heart 04:26
05. Someone You Use 03:48
06. This Party's Done 04:10
07. Nobody's Angel 04:24
08. Not Goin' Away 03:02
09. Ballad Of The Lover Man 03:56
10. Noel's Haze 03:32
11. Don't Ask Me How I Feel 04:39
12. If I Could Reach Out 04:28

sexta-feira, 25 de outubro de 2019

Lazy James Band - Lazy James Band (2019)

                                                            Lazy James Band
The Lazy James Band had it's roots in the late 1960's Melbourne music scene, when bandleader "Lazy" James Kenvyn formed the band Terraplane, named from a Robert Johnsons song, "Terraplane Blues". Playing gigs on the same bill as such legends as Billy Thorpe and Mike Rudd, Jim crafted an inimitable combination of guitar & vocal mastery that tips a hat to B.B. King and of course Peter Green.


01. Long Black Train 03:31  
02. Talkin' 'bout My Baby 03:32  
03. I Can't Help Feeling I Failed You 04:11  
04. When Night Comes Round 03:35  
05. I Just Want a Friend 03:55

Walt Keys and Unfinished Business - Long Time Comin' (2010)

                                                                  Walt Keys
Walt Keys and his roaming guitar have stirred, mixed and served crowds in the Black Hills for the past ten years, and with his band, Unfinished Business, they now plan on bringing the business to you. This band supplies the demand for up-n-out of your seat rockn' blues, good grooves and great times, no customer leaves unfinished. Influenced by the various guitar styles of Vaughn, Hendrix, Johnny Winter an Albert King, yet not without their own originality and charisma, each show brings new life to the blues. Walt Keys has proven again and again that he can unlock, rock and get you through the blues.


Walt Keys - Electric Guitar
Jim Sautter - Bass
"Captain" Billy Trewhella - Drums
Anne Schneider - Tenor Sax


01. Phonebooth 03:56        
02. Night Train 04:22    
03. Them Changes 03:55        
04. Stormy Monday 04:57    
05. Hi-Heel Sneekers 03:51    
06. Unchain My Heart 05:05        
07. Shotgun 04:41        
08. Crosscut Saw 04:30        
09. Further Up the Road 03:17

Luke and the Aposteles - Luke and the Aposteles (2017)

                                                      Luke and the Aposteles
Luke & The Apostles emerged from the blues band Mike's Trio in 1964. The group was the brainchild of school friends, guitarist Mike McKenna (born April 15, 1946 in Toronto), who had previously played in Whitey & The Roulettes, and bass player Graham Dunsmore. Joining forces with drummer Rick McMurray, Mike's Trio started gigging at the Cellar club in Toronto's Yorkville Village playing Jimmy Reed covers, "Walkin' the Dog", etc.

Sometime in late 1964, McMurray introduced singer Luke Gibson (born October 5, 1946 in Toronto), who was joined soon afterwards by classically trained keyboard player Peter Jermyn (born November 6, 1946 in Kingston, Ontario).

After Jermyn coined the name, Luke & The Apostles – a reference to a very successful local group called Robbie Lane and the Disciples – became a regular fixture on the local club scene, first working at the El Patio and then later the Purple Onion.

In 2009 McKenna and Gibson began talking about putting a new band together and playing on a regular basis. The decision was made and the McKenna-Gibson Band was formed featuring David Martin on drums and percussion; William (Bill) Miller on bass; and Frank Sedlak on keyboards, vibes and backup vocals. The set list is made up of a mix of Mainline and Apostles' material, blues standards, and new material penned primarily by Luke Gibson. The band made a successful debut at Toronto's Black Swan Tavern on December 12, 2009.

In 2013 The band has reformed again with 3 original members, Gibson, Mckenna, and Jermyn. and currently performs occasionally live in the Toronto area to a predominantly "nostalgia" crowd.

In 2017, the self-titled album Luke & The Apostles was released on True North Records. Arriving more than 50 years after their first single "Been Burnt," it is the band's first full-length release.


01. Keep on Bluesin' 05:27
02. Martini Monday 03:34
03. Lucky Midnight 04:40
04. Two Trains Running (Still a Fool ) 04:57
05. Good Thing 04:06
06. Hard Case 04:13
07. Untangle Me 04:12
08. Can't Judge a Book 05:17
09. Come on Tika 09:33

Tina Bednoff & the Cocktailers - Tina Bednoff & the Cocktailers (2015)

                                                                 Tina Bednoff
Tina Bednoff & the Cocktailers is a quaint quartet from the shady red light district of Helsinki, delivering rockin’ rhythm and blues that you can dance your toenails off to. With all due respect, don't you just sometimes get tired of the endless radio playlists and the monotonic, compressed sound barrier of today’s music and artists? Have no fear, Tina and the guys are here! The sound is firmly based on 1940's & 1950's rhythm and blues, but the mission is not to replicate the hits of the past, not by a long shot.

01. Ding Dong Daddy 02:48   
02. Since You Came Along 02:17   
03. Mr. Jones 05:00   
04. You Can Have My Husband (But Don't Mess With My Man) 02:27   

Kenny Palyola - Texas Born (2018)

                                                               Kenny Palyola
A very rare gem, originally released in 2001 in only 100 copies, this will be the official release of the Texas Born (Live) CD of my original penned songs featuring an inspired performance by Paul Ramirez and Greg Grubbs.


Paul Ramirez - Guitar
Greg Grubbs - Drums
Kenny Palyola - Bass, Vocal

01. Gone Crazy / Tryin Find My Way Home 06:03    
02. Love Like That 05:34        
03. Radio Song 04:30        
04. Only in the Movies 04:03        
05. Texas Born 03:51        
06. Candy Canes (And Razor Blades) 04:30        
07. Puppet Clown 06:20        
08. Party All Nite 07:12

CountryBoy - Country Boy Blues (2005)

THIS IS IT THE ONE AND ONLY COUNTRY BOY MC. I DO IT ALL FROM RAP TO BLUES . DONT FORGET TO ALSO CHECK OUT ALBUMS "COUNTRY BOY IVII" AND "COSTRA NOSTRA" I AM THE COUNTRY BOY!!! AND ALWAYS REMEMBER ALL MUSIC IS PLAYED BY YOURS TRULY NO SAMPLES. Learned styles of Little Walter,Muddy Waters,Jimmy Reed,Howlin Wolf,Sonny Boy Williamson,Elmore James,Tommy Tucker,Louisana Red,The Violinares to name a few.etc!!!!!!!!


01. Country Boy 04:37       
02. K Flow 04:37       
03. Walkin' 04:36       
04. Charles Groove 04:39   
05. Turnin' Point 04:39       
06. Bad Time 03:24       
07. Rollin' 03:23       
08. Country Groove 04:39       
09. Call On Me 04:39       
10. Turn Me On 04:39

Meena Cryle & The Chris Fillmore Band - Elevations (2019)

                                                              Meena Cryle
If you look at the cover before listening, it reveals the Americana music in a wide variety of colours and sounds, belying the nationality of the band members. Southern Rock, Gospel, Soul, Blues, and some country and ballads, all VERY atmospheric. Gripping, sensitive and touching, a road movie that you wish would never end…


01. Can’t You See 05:11
02. I Got You 05:46
03. Way Down 04:09
04. It’s OK 04:37
05. Sweet Loving Mama 03:24
06. In My Father’s House 07:49
07. I Wanna Know 03:33
08. Shine On You 05:32
09. Lord Have Mercy 04:31
10. Well, Well, Well 07:05

Paul Orta - Good Night, Bueno Noche, Bonne Nuit (1993)

                                                                 Paul Orta
Paul Orta is considered one of the greatest and most genuine harmonists alive within the blues. It represents all that generation of American musicians who were fortunate to take the essence of this genre directly from the sources. He has shared the stage with figures such as Jimmy Rogers, Pinetop Perkins, Eddie Taylor, Luther Allison or Hubert Sumlin, among other great legends.


Paul Orta - Harmonica, Vocals
John McVey - Guitar Rythm & Lead
Bob Martin - Guitar, Slide Guitar
Kever Smith - Bass
Fredde "Pharoah" Walden - Drums
Mike Kindred - Piano
Michaerl Sweetman - Saxophone


01. The Things I'd Do For You 02:05
02. This Traffic (Can Make You Fuss N Fight) 03:19
03. You Were My Lovebird 03:42
04. I Believe 02:58
05. Blues In D 04:41
06. Boogie Thing 02:31
07. Flip, Flop, Fly 02:42
08. Fine, Fine, Frame 03:35
09. Little Bitty Baby 02:17
10. Nine Below Zero 03:11
11. You Know I Love 03:11
12. Wonderful Time 02:05
13. Improvised Blues 02:19
14. She's My Baby 03:03

quinta-feira, 24 de outubro de 2019

Billy Crawford Band - Memphis City Limits (2004)

                                                           Billy Crawford Band
Billy Crawford has played the blues for 20 years and toured 20 contries on 5 continents. He has played with recording artist Deborah Coleman from 1997 to 2002 and is featured on 3 Blind Pig Releases, "Livin On Love", Soft Place To Fall" and "Soul Be It". He also has 4 solo releases on Triple Shot recordings, "Side Tracked at Elis Hall", "When You Got A Good Friend", "500 Mile To Memphis" and "Memphis City Limits". Billy is currently working with Janiva Magness and E.G. Kight in addition to his solo dates.


01. He Don't Love Me 04:35     
02. Let's Have a Party 02:36         
03. Triple Shot 03:31         
04. My Kinda Man 04:09         
05. Are You Hurtin? 03:36         
06. Over Easy 03:16         
07. In the Light 03:43         
08. Ain't Gonna Worry 04:15         
09. Early Train 03:53     
10. Cadillac Boogie 03:20    
11. My Blue Heart 03:27

Ms Silky Sol "The Red Afro Queen" - A Grown A$$ Woman Talkin (2010)

                                                              Ms Silky Sol
"Bringing the HOT SAUCE TO SOUL & BLUES" from a Womans Point of View.


01. I Got You 03:49       
02. Wang Dang Doodle 05:21   
03. Take the Dust Off (radio Rapp/mz Law & A.d.) 05:46       
04. Grown Woman Talkin 04:11       
05. Take Back the Neighbor Hood 05:01       
06. I Go To Church 05:22       
07. Been There- Done That 04:36       
08. Pop And Snap (radio) 04:12  
09. Use Me Up 05:14       
10. Wife-Mistress-Girlfriend- Whatcha Want With Me? 04:57       
11. Take the Dust Off (feat. Mz Law & A.d.) 06:46       
12. Pop & Snap (Club Mix) 08:45

Larry Miller - The Sinner And The Saint (2019)

                                                                Larry Miller
I must share with you the unadulterated pleasure in hearing Larry’s voice and guitar pour out of my speakers with this new double album. The sound was a comfort blanket of musical joy of being reunited with an old friend as he opened the album with aptly titled I Gotta Turn The Corner.  I am running away with the music first let’s put the latest album from Larry Miller, The Sinner and The Saint into context.

The album is the first new album from the blues-rock maestro in over four years. Larry’s life was put on hold when he was recording this album four years ago when he had a stroke. Since then he has been on a personal road of recovery and now he has managed to complete this double album.  The Sinner and The Saint is a testimony to his determination and overwhelming desire to play the guitar and sing his own indomitable style of blues-rock stepping in the footsteps of Rory Gallagher with his energy and verve mixed with a delicate touch. This is reflected in the mix of high energy numbers to rock out with and the sensitive ballads and slow blues that nestle in your heart.

He opens the album with the flourish and driving beat that made Larry Miler so special live with I Gotta Turn The Corner. We know we are in the presence of the man himself, the lyrics flow with irrepressible humour and with this album fans will see Larry has turned a mighty corner in his personal life. Following on with Women and The Blues as the guitar sings in harmony with the vocals and stinging lyrics. The tempo is tempered with I Want My Life Back, the keys reflecting the haunting vocals and the guitar captures an inner Gary Moore.

With fourteen tracks all very special I am going to take a Pick n’ Mix approach. Those missed out are still awesome, buy the album to check out my validation of the album! The album captures blues that shimmers with the power of a Saint and the devilment of a Sinner and rocks the power of electric amplification.

Change of shape and tone as we hear his 1931 National Duolian Resonator on Black Oak Arkansas Hangman. We have the storytelling, Larry, complimenting with the rich warm sound of a resonator and that distinctive tonal edge that makes acoustic exciting.  Further into CD One, we have No More Mr Nice Guy with an upbeat sound that has a percussive edge and we meet another side of Larry’s approach to his music. He shapes his Les Paul into the tonal sound that reflects the lyrics and lifts up the number to another dimension.

We have to have a train to keep us on track as we explore the sound we love again and we do Hear The Train A Coming on this number that rocks n’ rolls with the rhythm of life as the number steams through our speakers as the second CD opens. How this contrasts with the acoustic beauty of The Outlawed Name, that is a gently moving number that allows you to draw breath and reflect on the artistry of this troubadour.  The pace picks up with a full-on rock it out number Why Don’t You Believe Me, the keys flow through the number adding another dimension to the guitar with a beating of the drums giving resonance to Larry’s questioning as he sings Why Don’t You Believe Me. Closing out the album with Ain’t No Love Here Anymore, the guitar sings with an inner purity of a Saint. Full of sadness and regret the guitar sighs and sings to you. What joy this new album brings full of emotive intensity and totally authentic in its delivery.

The double album has fourteen Larry Miller originals that excites from the first to the last note. This is an album for lovers of blues-rock and will delight his phalanx of fans who miss him on the live scene. The album brings his energy and style into our front room, cars and wherever and whenever we listen to our music turned up loud. 


Larry Miller – Vocals, Guitars, Mandolin
Neil Sadler – Bass, Keyboards
Graham Walker – Drums


01. Gotta Turn The Corner 04:46
02. Women And The Blues 05:12
02. I May Be Down (But The Kids Ain’t Out) 04:32
03. Black Oak Arkansas Hangman 04:18
04. Your Tears Will Hit The Floor 03:50
05. Keeper Of The Flame 04:13
06. No More Mr Nice Guy 06:40
07. Don’t Talk About Me 04:57
08. Hear The Train A Coming 03:51
09. Rescue Me 04:52
10. The Outlawed Name 06:34
11. Taste My Love 05:27
12. Why Don’t You Believe 04:48
13. Ain’t No Love Here Anymore 06:58