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King Biscuit Time - Live And Unaware (2018)

                                                           King Biscuit Time
Live And Unaware: This Live is quite funny because the band was totally unaware it was being recorded. Ian Perraud, a sound engineer we never heard of, told us so a few months after this memorable show at the Blackwoodstock Rock and Arts Festival 2016. He captured the Band off guards with its raw and spontaneous energy so well and we were so carefree and wild, just having fun that after listening to these cool and fun recordings we decided to share this Live moment with you. It was recorded in New-Caledonia on the 1st of October 2016, mixed in London in February 2017 and mastered in Portland later on. Hope you like it, it’s a kind of surprise Bootleg stuff, you know, and we had so much fun onstage and with the audience we’re sure you’ll dig it.


01. Rules (Live) 03:03         
02. Highway Blues (Live) 03:03         
03. Hey Baby (Live) 03:06         
04. What Time Is It ? (Live) 04:30         
05. Just Found My Yoko Ono (Live) 03:04         
06. Wysiwyg (Live) 06:11         
07. Rhumba Blues (Live) 02:51         
08. Hot Foot Powder (Live) 03:24    
09. Move to Chicago (Live) 05:55     
10. If Trouble Was... (Live) 04:06

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