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Jimmy Warren - Live At Last (2011)

                                                                    Jimmy Warren
What first catches your attention is the guitar tone that saturates this entire CD. Jimmy Warren seems to be able to really make the guitar take life and sound out of this world. While Warren's playing echoes a few classic players such as the Kings (B.B. and Albert) and modern pickers like Billy Gibbons, Mark Knopfler and Amos Garrett, he stands as a unique guitarist with a talent for laying down a silky riff as well as a spicy solo. Jimmy Warren is quite a talented guitarist and a good vocalist, and the band is nice and tight here. “Live At Last” does a good job at capturing the excitement and soul of the band. Do yourself a favor and check out this live recording to see the potential of this powerhouse quartet.


Jimmy Warren - Guitar & Vocals
Mike Boyle - Bass
Doug Maxeiner - Drums
John DiGregorio - Rhythm Guitar


01. Right Side Of Town 03:52
02. Only The Blues Last 05:50
03. Like You Use To 06:50
04. Will It Ever Be The Same Again 04:15
05. Another Chance 04:29
06. I Just Landed in Your Town 06:50

Sugar Ray - Evening (2011)

                                                                     Sugar Ray    
Sugar Ray & The Bluetones - Evening brings the band back into the studio, with "Monster" Mike Welch on Guitar. It has a live feel and it's obvious that the band is so comfortable together that most cuts were done with no charts, and in one take. What an album it is, consisting of mostly originals but stopping to visit some old favorites. It's the great original blues tunes that keep drawing the crowds in Europe and America, whenever Sugar Ray shows up. The emphasis on this CD is more on Ray playing the harp. If you're seeking a Chicago blues feel from a very well-balanced group of musicians, this is about as good as you will get ... these 5 guys play with an uncanny chemistry.


Sugar Ray Norcia - Harmonica, Vocals

Monster Mike Welch - Guitar

Anthony Geraci - Piano

Neil Gouvin - Drums

Michael Ward - Bass


01. I'm Having A Ball 04:51
02. Hard To Get Along With 03:58
03. You Know My Love 06:52
04. Dear John 04:35
05. I Like What You Got 03:19
06. Too Many Rules And Regulations 06:40
07. Dancing Bear (Little Indian Boy) 04:25
08. Evening 05:57
09. I Came Down With The Blues 04:29
10. (That's Not Yet) One Of My Blues 03:57
11. I'm Certain That I'm Hurting 04:23
12. Xo 04:29

Los Peces Gordos - Corazón de Blues (1997)

                                                            Los Peces Gordos
The band, which became among the most conveners in the interior of the country, formally released a single album, "Corazon de blues", in 1997. A few years later he released one that he recorded live in a show at the Alberdi theater, which the Soundman had recorded without notifying them, and it turned out to have very good quality. In the early 1990s, Los Peces Gordos were one of the tucumanian bands that turned the pubs and bars of the center into rocky redoubts. There were almost no places for small shows (less than 300 people), and in addition to imposing rock in those spaces, he managed to diversify the audience. It was also one of the first to look at the neighborhood to compose. Topics like "Blues of the West District" or "Chicken 6" marked a generation that saw everyday situations reflected poetically by a local rock band.

Before its final dissolution, produced in 2003, Los Gorces Gordos had a change in formation caused by the departure of Chechi Bazzano. It was in these conditions, in the year 2000, that Los Peces became the first tucumana band (and only so far) to play on the River Plate court during a festival headed by Memphis la Blusera.

The Fish separated without warning and without farewells. Little by little, its members began to devote more time to their personal projects or their extramusical lives, and that was how the goal that had united them for more than a decade dissolved in silence.


Iguana Abregú - Bass, Vocals  
Sandra Díaz Alderete - Vocals    
Luis D´Ourieux - Drums  
Juan Antúz - Guitar  
Cechi Bazzano - Guitar, Vocals   
Pablo Pacifico - Lead Vocals, Harmonica  
Cachi Pajón - Piano, Keyboards, Vocals  
Pancho Gómez - Saxophone  
Vampiro Vardiero - Tenor Saxophone  
Carlos Anastasio - Trumpet 


01. Patricia Natural 04:09
02. Peces Gordos 03:45
03. Oyes (Todo Es Cierto) 03:53
04. Mucho, Poquito Y Nada 02:52
05. El Boogie Del Basurero 03:20
06. Para Mí 03:10
07. El Barquito 04:55
08. Blues Del Barrio Oeste II 03:38
09. Gato Negro 05:27
10. Pollo a $6 02:51

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Carl Weathersby - Live at Rosa's Lounge (2019)

                                                             Carl Weathersby
Carl Weathersby is a senior blues master who has been around too long to be as unnoticed as he is. Without slavish imitation, his playing bears in full the fruits of Weathersby's apprenticeship with the great Albert King, whom the young Carl understudied years ago, absorbing the King's impeccable use of timing, and his command of the microtonal magic that only an authentic bluesman can summon up to bare his inner feelings. His vocals demonstrate the years spent with the blues, rooted in Gospel. Strong and honest, the phrases of both guitar and voice resound -- and are the core of this bluesman's life and work. The fear is that years from now people will wonder why he wasn't given more attention, why more blues fans didn't give him his due. Perhaps it is because the man himself is kind, unassuming, and modest. No crazy rumors, scandals, or vicious attitudes bring him to the surface, just the music--only the music. It is time the blues world took notice.
This is his first release in 10 years; it was recorded over two unforgettable nights at Rosa's Lounge in Chicago. This is an instant classic, with raw power, elegance, and soul to spare.


01. Travelin' Man 03:30
02. Danger All About 04:00
03. Feels Like Rain 06:26
04. Help Me Somebody 05:00
05. Looking Out My Window 04:09
06. We All Wanna Boogie 05:02
07. Somebody Help Me 05:59
08. Willingly 05:11

Bernard Allison - The Next Generation (1992)

                                                            Bernard Allison
Bernard Allison's inaugural effort bristled with the urgency and blues-rock guitar chops that distinguished his late father, Luther Allison. The pair played together for much of the '80s before Bernard recorded this album with his father's musicians -- including keyboardist Michel Carras, who pulls down some good barrelhouse piano parts. The mood is feisty and assertive, especially on "B.A.'s Knockin' at Your Door" and "Low Down and Dirty," which poses the gleeful question, "And you think I'd change my style?" Of course not; fans knew exactly what they were getting, such as the Hendrix-flecked string-bending that drives "Help." (Bernard even dabbles on drums and keyboards.) Other highlights include the title track's party blues, complete with sassy horns; "Baby Child," a hilarious recounting of how Bernard began his career; and "Travlin'," a slower, yet frank look at the road's ups and downs. While hardly the deftest lyricist, Bernard's breezy self-assurance on guitar and can-do musical ethic should overcome most objections.


Luther Allison - Guitar, Vocal, Harmonica
Peter Giron - Bass
Vincent Daune - Drums 
Michel Carras - Keyboards 


01. Low Down And Dirty 03:40
02. Master Of Disaster 03:45
03. Help 03:53
04. Walkin' 03:20
05. Baby Child 05:50
06. Next Generation 04:46
07. Wonderful Site 04:00
08. Trav'lin' 06:30
09. B.A.'s Knocking At Your Door 04:00
10. Boogie Woogie Boy 05:18

Thump'n Pig & Puff'n Billy - Downunda - (1973) (2005)


                                         Thump'n Pig & Puff'n Billy

In 1973, Warren 'The Pig' Morgan was asked to do a solo album and he asked Billy Thorpe to be involved. It was primarily Warren's material, but Billy sang and played on all of it and co-produced the album. The result was this hit album entitled "Thumpin' Pig and Puffing Billy" and a single entitled "Captain Straightman b/w Bow My Head" which went to #28 nationally. "Captain Straightman" become an Aztec favourite and was one of their most requested songs when playing live. Thorpe entered this track into an American songwriting contest where it made the finals and as a result Thorpie got his first taste of playing in the USA and this, according to the notes, was the trigger for his move to LA in 1976.

As most readers would know, the notorious duo of Thump'n Pig & Puff'n Billy was none other than piano player extraordinaire Warren 'Pig' Morgan and Billy Thorpe. In late 1972, Morgan was offered an album deal and he invited Thorpie to share the project with him. Calling in their buddies Gil Matthews (drums) plus Barry 'Big Goose' Sullivan (bass) and Phil Manning (guitar), both from Chain, the album sessions got underway at Armstrong Studios with engineer John Sayers.

The material flowed freely, with all the musicians enjoying the lively and positive nature of the sessions. This is reflected in the buoyancy and spontaneity of album tracks like 'Moving with Rock', 'You Look After Me, I Look After You', 'Sunny Day', the bluesy 'I've Cried Over You' and the pounding rocker 'Captain Straightman'.

Warren Morgan and Billy Thorpe 1973
With respect to 'Captain Straightman', Morgan says: "I had this piano riff available to me. It was around the time Joe Cocker came to Australia for the first time, and he got arrested and thrown out for some perceived 'bad behaviour'. I got a bit incensed because 1 thought 'that's no way to treat a guest', so to me that was Captain Straightman: the authorities. So I had the piano riff and the words 'Captain Straightman' just came out. I started yelling out 'Captain Straightman', and the other lyrics came together pretty quickly. Billy then put his touch on the second verse. So, having composed the song, I dedicated it to Joe Cocker because he'd fallen foul of Captain Straightman."

Morgan continues: "When I listened back to songs like 'Bow My Head' there's a bit of religious overtone in there. I don't consider myself religious at all, but I guess there's nothing wrong with writing like that. I was just surprised, T find that quite intriguing because that's not really me. At the same time a composer should be able to write about anything and have no real personal thoughts about it. I did attend a very strict Methodist boarding school, but this is what amuses me because I was thrown out of scripture; I just wasn't interested. But in these songs I'm saying these religious things, so... there you go!"

Havoc issued 'Captain Straightman' as a single in March 1973. It reached #28 on the national chart and has since emerged as a fondly remembered classic. By the time the album Downunda came out in April (on Atlantic; re-issued as Aztec AVSCD004 in 2005), Morgan had rejoined the Aztecs. Thorpie entered 'Captain Straightman' into an American song contest and when it made the finals he got his first taste of playing in the US, all of which precipitated his eventual move to LA in 1976.


Warren 'Pig' Morgan - Piano, Vocals
Billy Thorpe - Guitar, Vocals
Barry Sullivan - Bass
Gil Matthews - Drums
Phil Manning - Guitar


01. Captain Straightman
02. I've Cried Over You
03. You Look After Me, I Look After You
04. Morning With Rock
05. Early Morning
06. Mothers and Fathers
07. Just For You
08. Sunny Day
09. Bow My Head
10. Mister Man
11. It Won't Be Long (Bonus Track - Live At Bill Armstrong Studios, 1973)
12. Moving with Rock ((Bonus Track - Live At Bill Armstrong Studios, 1973)
13. Mister Man (Bonus Track - Live At Bill Armstrong Studios, 1973)
14. The Many Successes of Baron Waste (Bonus Track - Live At Bill Armstrong Studios, 1973)
15. Captain Straightman (Bonus Track - Live At The Camberwell Civic Centre, 1973)

Professor Louie & The Crowmatix - Songs of Inspiration (2019)

                                                           Professor Louie
Professor Louie & The Crowmatix Roots Music Royalty - playing the fabric of American Music In 2019 their Songs Of Inspiration CD will be released on The Woodstock Records label inspired by Professor Louie & The Crowmatix with The Empire State Orchestra & Choir performances at The NY Capital Region's 2018 premiere holiday extravaganza! The four night sold out performances at The Proctors Theater in Schenectady, filmed for The CBS 6 TV Special Melodies Of Christmas NY in front of 15,000 people, viewed by three million people on CBS 6. This show over the past help raise over $8,000,000 for The Children's Hospital at the Melodies Ward in Albany Med NY. Professor Louie has emerged in the music industry as the torchbearer of the true spirit of American Roots music. Seasoned live performer, prolific recording artist and versatile multi-instrumentalist Professor Louie also wears the hat of award-winning recording producer and engineer, capturing the talents of some of the world's most highly acclaimed musicians, most notably, The Band. Grammy Nominated Professor Louie & The Crowmatix were the studio band for Aaron Professor Louie's musical productions for the The Band. Rick Danko christened him Professor Louie due to his work with The Band. Louie collaborated with them for over 17 Years. Professor Louie & The Crowmatix have released 14 CDs and maintain a steady performance schedule Their CD Crowin' The Blues was voted top 50 CD's of 2017 by RMR In 2018, their EP The Lost Band Tracks-Funzalo/Woodstock Records received great reviews and radio airplay. Professor Louie Keys-Accordion,Vocals collaborated with The Band for 17 years. John Platania Guitar-Vocals known for his performances with Van Morrison. Gary Burke Drums performed with Bob Dylan's The Rolling Thunder Review. Miss Marie Vocals-Percussionist-Keys preformed, recorded with Levon Helm, Rick Danko, Garth Hudson. Frank Campbell Bass-Vocals Levon Helm's Music Director with the Woodstock All-stars.


01. I Shall Not Be Moved 02:49
02. Up Above My Head 03:33
03. I'm On My Way 04:17
04. Rivers Of Babylon 03:32
05. You'll Never Walk Alone 04:11
06. Open Hand Open Heart 03:58
07. Glory Now 04:15
08. Melody Of Peace 04:04
09. Motherless Child 03:50
10. Angel Band 03:03
11. Daughters & Sons 03:51

Stan Webb's Chicken Shack - Poor Boy In Concert 1973 & 1981 (2000)

                                                      Stan Webb's Chicken Shack
Stan Webb was born in London on February 3 1946, and then at an early age moved to Blakedown in Worcestershire, and eventually became based in nearby Kidderminster. In fact Stan's first instrument was the old favourite of the time - the tea-chest bass, an essential item for any skiffle band. It was not until he heard Barney Kessel playing guitar on an Oscar Peterson record that he decided to take up the guitar.Whatever, it was in Kidderminster that Stan put together his first group - the Blue Four. Pete Frame's Family Tree describes how his first real band was Sounds of Blue formed in 1964, a Stourbridge-based r n' b band.It included Christine Perfect, Andy Silvester and Chris Wood (later to join Traffic) amongst others in their line up. On a personal note, I was actually living in Stourbridge at the time, but I must admit I don't recall seeing Sounds of Blue although the lead singer's name (Dave Yeats) does ring a bell from my schooldays. Anyway, moving on from Sounds of Blue, in early 1965 Stan put together the first incarnation of Chicken Shack with Andy from Sounds of Blue plus Alan Morley, and then Al Sykes and then Hughie Flint and finally Dave Bidwell on drums. This line-up paid their almost obligatory rock dues in Hamburg (five hour sets at the Star Club) for a couple of years before returning to the Midlands in 1967. It was then that Christine Perfect joined them and they recorded their first album for Blue Horizon. (They had sent Mike Vernon a tape, but because the quality wasn't brilliant he came up to the Midlands to see them...and I suppose the rest is history.


Stan Webb - Guitar, Vocals
Tony Ashton - Keyboards
Paul Butler - Guitar, Vocals
Rob Hull - Bass
Ric Lee - Drums
Alan Powell - Drums
Alan Scott - Bass
Dave Wilkinson - Keyboards


01. Everyday I Have The Blues 05:36
02. The Thrill Is Gone 05:33
03. Going Down 05:49
04. You Take Me Down 05:16
05. Webb's Boogie 06:06
06. You're Mean 06:20
07. Poor Boy 07:13
08. Webb's Guitar Boogie Shuffle 03:52
09. Tuttie frutti 02:29
10. Tell Me 05:09
11. Why I Sing The Blues 02:05
12. Back Door Man 07:04
13. Poor Boy 04:34
14. Shake Your Money Maker 03:56
15. Hideaway 01:16

Dann & Vann - Himmelen e bla (2019)

                                                             Dann & Vann
Norwegian band of Blues Rock. They sing in their native language. Great cd and great guitars.


01. Ha det løye 02:54
02. Eg kan kje klaga 03:03
03. Reggen i dag 03:35
04. Blåjazz om vei og vind 02:16
05. Steinane 04:20
06. Det e kje sånn me gjør det 03:19
07. Kløver og spar 03:53
08. Sedd deg på 04:09
09. Opp i krossen 04:01
10. Fast i sorpå 02:44
11. Hagesangen 01:59
12. Himmelen e blå 03:36

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Rollin Phattys - Red Hot Joe (2008)

                                                             Rollin Phattys
Birthed in the historic music scenes of Tulsa & Stillwater, Oklahoma, and also inspired by the legendary music of Texas & Louisiana. The band members have been active participants in the regional music scene of the south central U.S. since the mid 1970's. After a 12 year break, core members of the infamous Stillwater party band, "The Hickodelics", reunited to form the Rollin Phattys!

The band features the songwriting collaboration of front man Ken Helton & guitarist Jeff Parker. Ken & Jeff have been working together as writers and studio mates since the early 1990s. The bands debut release Red Hot Joe features great original tunes from the early yrs as well as some fresh new material. Their sound can best be described as "Southern-fried blues, rock, & soul steeped in Tulsa Tradition."

"If you were around the Oklahoma/Texas/Louisana music scenes in the 70's, 80's and 90's you might have heard these guys collectively and individually. These guys were an intricate part of the famed Stillwater Oklahoma Red Dirt Music scene during the 1990's from the ground floor up. They worked both in the studio and on the road with artists like The Hickodelics, Tom Skinner & Farmboy, Bob Childers, Medicine Show, Red Dirt Rangers, Cross Canadian Ragweed, Jason Boland, The Great Divide, and many others. But above and beyond Red Dirt Americana, they have preformed many genres of music including their beloved branded Southern Fried Electric Blues, Rock, & Soul. They could be seen performing in Stillwater at Willie's Saloon, Eskimo Joe's, Mexico Joe's, The Stonewall, Washington St. Grill, JR Murphy's, Tumbleweeds, and the Wormy Dog, and after hours at the legendary Farm. You might of seen 'em in Tulsa at the Full Moon Cafe, Sunset Grill, Uncle Bentley's, Louie's, Rivers Edge Cafe, Bullwinkle's, Cherry St. Brewery & Tulsa City Limits, in Dallas at Debonair Danceland , The Brass Rail, Deep Ellum, & Chances, in Austin at The Hole in the Wall, and the Liberty Lunch. Down in Baton Rouge and New Orleans in the late 90's you'd have heard 'em at; The Varsity, M's Fine & Mellow Cafe, Roxannes, The Bayou Cajun, The Alligator Bayou, Neutral Grounds, The Kerry Irish Pub, and Maxwell's Toulouse Cabaret. In addition, individually & collectively, they have toured extensively across the US and Canada over their careers.


Ken "Cooter" Helton - Vocals,Guitar
Jeff "Jeffreaux" Parker - Guitar, Keyboards,Vocals
John "Johnny B" Buckner - Bass 
Dixie "D Dub" Weathers - Drums, Percussion


01. Plantation 06:18        
02. Red Hot Joe 04:44        
03. Paradise Street 03:29        
04. Cochon De Lait (Down On The Bayou) 04:17        
05. My Heart Is On Fire 06:27        
06. Black Bear Riverb 04:21        
07. Greta 04:56        
08. Sugar Babe 03:44        
09. Cherry St Blues 03:04    
10. Kim's Cowtown 03:39

Carlos Reyes y La Killer Band – Killer EP (2013)

                                                              Carlos Reyes
El músico bogotano Carlos Reyes y su Killer Band se han convertido en referentes para el rock y el blues en la capital colombiana. Luego de la publicación de su debut “El ruido de Bogotá”, la banda se disparó a nivel nacional, girando por varias ciudades del país. El grupo ha ido madurando su sonido en la medida en que va tocando en distintos bares y clubes colombianos y eso es precisamente lo que se encuentra en su “Killer EP”, producción que será presentada el próximo 31 de agosto en Bogotá. Es un disco que, aunque no es es vivo, recoge lo que una persona que asista a escuchar a Carlos Reyes y la Killer Band se llevará como recuerdo. Es una producción cruda, llena de mucha vitalidad, con cuatro versiones seleccionadas de la música con la que se han alimentado estos blues-rockeros de la ciudad para llevar a toda Colombia el ruido de Bogotá.



01. Cry Cry Cry 03:23    
02. Just a Little Bit 04:20    
03. My Babe 02:57    
04. Waiting for the Man 06:50    
05. Somos Hermanos (a.k.a. Hermanos de Leche) 05:11

Renee Geyer - Blues License (1978)

                                                             Renee Geyer
Renée Geyer is Australia's most respected and successful soul singer, with a recording career of nearly 30 years. Her career began around 1971 in Sydney, when a girlfriend took her along to the rehearsal of friends who were forming a band. Geyer was encouraged to get up and have a sing and was instantly invited to join as singer. Although she was so shy in the beginning she couldn't face the audience, musicians noticed her, and Geyer was invited to join one more experienced band after another until 1971, when she became part of an ambitious jazz fusion group called Sun. Geyer was still just 19 at the time.

Blues License is the sixth studio album by Australian musician Renée Geyer. The album was released in June 1979 and peaked at number 41 on the Kent Music Report.
During the 1980's and 1990's, Renee Geyer, the great Australian soul/blues/jazz/R&B singer spent a great deal of time between Australia and America performing with artists like Sting, Chaka Kan, Joe Cocker, Bonnie Raitt and Jackson Brown. She also toured Europe with Joe Cocker and Chaka Khan. She really needs to be more widely heard outside the Australasian area. This album is a good starter if you need a demonstration of Renée's talents. It's a great blues/soul album with backing by the Kevin Borich Express on most tracks. In fact, all the musicians featured here are "top notch." Blues License may be the least recognised Renee Geyer album, but is her most stylish and consistent album. This is a more bluesy album than most of her normal R&B/soul releases, and there quite a few blues standards on this album, which are brilliantly sung in Renée's easily recognisable voice. Renee has the great "knack" of adopting and adapting tunes to make them her own. Buy her 1975 "Ready To Deal" or her 1986 "Renee Live at the Basement" albums.

Renee has often included the occasional blues song on her albums & in her live sets, but this is her only straight blues release.
Even though it consists of predominantly well known blues standards ie The Thrill Is Gone, Dust My Blues, Stormy Monday etc Renee proves to be a natural blueswailer with a real feeling for the genre & capable of stamping her own style on them. And the way she & Kevin's guitar spark off each other is positively electric.

Kevin plays some blistering guitar work on 5 of the 8 tracks & his Express has the brilliant John Annas on drums & bassist Tim Partridge (Co Caine, Mighty Kong & Foreday Riders) who plays on all tracks along with Renee's regular keyboardman Mal Logan.
On the tracks where Borich is absent, he's more than capably replaced by the superb Tim Piper (Chain, Blackfeather) on 2 tracks & Renee Geyer band regular Mark Punch on 1. Add Kerrie Biddell's sublime backing vocals on 2 tracks & Sydney blues legend Ron King (Foreday Riders) playing harp on another & what we have here is one killer blues/rock album.

Note. the audio was recorded straight from LP.



Renée Geyer - Vocals, Backing Vocals
Mal Logan - keyboards
Tim Partridge - Bass
John Annus - Drums  
Steve Hopes - Drums  
Kevin Borich - Guitar 
Mark Punch - Guitar 
Ron King - Harp 
Mal Logan - Keyboards 
Kerrie Biddell - Vocals 


01. The Thrill Is Gone 06:55
02. That Did It Babe 05:15
03. Set Me Free 04:08
04. Bellhop Blues 03:23
05. Won't Be Long 03:48
06. Stormy Monday 06:43
07. Dust My Blues 03:03
08. Feeling Is Believing 07:01

The SugarBees - Bad, Bad Business (1998)

                                                             The SugarBees
Multi Platinum Producer/ Engineer Fred Shaw, a rock-solid drummer, along with Marion Carter with Ripete Records founded the band in 1991. Named by Marion Carter, The SugarBees got their start backing  National and International talent such as Maurice Williams and The Zodiacs, The Gatlin Brothers, The Stylistics, The Drifters, The Tams, The Embers, The Platters, Danny and the Juniors, Joe Simon, Chuck Berry, Jay Spell of Jimmy Buffets Coral Reefer Band, Nappy Brown, Bill Pinkney, Kip Anderson, Dale Hawkins, James Burry, Dan Penn, Spooner Oldham, and many more. 
    The SugarBees released their debut CD "Bad, Bad Business" in 1998; and afterwards, continued recording and touring, releasing four beach, boogie, and blues CD projects. In January 2013, they released,"The Journey" featuring Mary Vella. The album consists of numerous genres, which includes, rock, alternative, blues, beach, and americana.
    The group has its own impressive list of hit songs for the beach and shag market including "Susie Q," "Slippin n’ Slidin," "The Monkey Song," "Holy Cow," "Hold you to your Promise," "Give it to a Good Man," "Automobile,"  and several more. In 2012 and 2013, The SugarBees had three original songs in the top 40 beach music charts, "Vacation," "Dizzy," and "Why Have the Blues when you can Boogie at the Beach." 
    The SugarBees are a five piece band which includes vocals, guitar, bass, keyboard, and drums and covers a wide variety of music. The band continues to be a leading, live attraction with a new lineup which includes,

    •    Singer/Songwriter, Mary Vella, who is the lead vocalist and performs  a wide variety of music.
    •    Seasoned bass player, Steve Rhinehardt, who has played in many groups.
    •    Gifted keyboard player, Barris McWhite, who is also the Music Minister of his  church.
    •    Guitar player, George Davis, an original member who covers blues and oldies.
    •    World class drummer, Fred Shaw, who covers classic rock.

The SugarBees primarily play in the Southeast and will also travel nationally.  The versatile group performs at many different venues including weddings, concerts, festivals, corporate parties, private parties, conventions, fundraisers, theaters and more. Together, they provide a live music experience combined with all the favorite dance tracks from their DJ system, an all inclusive package without sacrificing performance or music choices.

The SugarBees use a state of the art sound system. They are fully self-contained with a new PA  that can accommodate 1000 people or less and stage lighting. For crowds exceeding 1000 people, they use Massy Sound Productions and Devner Vairs Productions.

Fred Shaw, manager and drummer, oversees all aspects of The SugarBees sound. Fred has won many awards for his engineering and production skills. He owns and operates Bradleyhouse Music and has been recording national and international artists for over 20 years. The experienced, audio engineer takes pride in the sound of the band. With topflight musicianship and a polished, dynamic, live presentation, The SugarBees have it all!



01. Susie Q 03:02
02. Bottle Of Booze 05:08
03. Hipshot 03:35
04. Number Nine Train 04:17
05. I Wanna Come Home 03:37
06. It Hurts Me Too 03:14
07. Outskirts Of Town 02:59
08. Thru To You 04:44
09. Kansas City 04:25
10. Bad Bad Business 03:03
11. Slippin' and Slidin' 04:02
12. (If You Dig It) Don't Do It 04:40
13. Working Man Blues 03:49
14. Huey Smith Medley (Rockin' Pneumonia) (High Blood Pressure) 03:42
15. Pride And Joy 04:13
16. I Heard It Through The Grapevine 03:34

James Reeser & The Backseat Drivers - Live Now, Pay Later (2019)

                                                              James Reeser
Sock Rockin' - Juke Jumpin' - Kings of Swingin' good times, Dekkm Records recording artist, winners of the 2018 Capital Area Blues Brawl and quarter-finalists in the 2019 International Blues Challenge, James Reeser and the Backseat Drivers focus on the wide breadth of song styles found in first generation electric blues, adding their own spin while maintaining a traditional feel. Fans of William Clark, Sugar Ray Norcia and Little Charlie and the Night Cats will feel right at home. Rhumba, Swing and Rockabilly sit comfortably among straight-up Blues, including six original tunes, on their new release, Live Now, Pay Later.

Chicago born, James has been performing all over West and Central Michigan for well over 20 years, crafting his uniquely raw harp tone and vocals.

Robby Jewett, a veteran bass player formerly based in Austin, Texas, has performed with legendary music figures such as Buddy Miles, Dale Watson, and Long John Hunter.

Dan Mish is a drummer who is as dynamic as he is diverse, from punk to polka - and a former member in a North American champion pipe band drum corps - he's an exciting drummer to watch.

Marcus Giddings, a young up and coming guitar player, is building a reputation around West Michigan for his unique playing style, taking inspiration from greats like Charlie Baty, Duke Robillard, Ronnie Earl, and Junior Watson. With great tone and tasty licks, he's sure to keep you captivated.

Together this four piece will make you jump, jive, and dive in for more!


01. Kickin' You Out 04:29        
02. Bad Boy 03:47    
03. Nosey Joe 03:30        
04. Baby Calls 03:55        
05. Is This Love? 03:41        
06. Sick and Tired 03:42        
07. My Home Is a Prison 05:55        
08. Live Now, Pay Later 03:59        
09. You Give Me Nothin' but the Blues 04:35    
10. Speed Bumps 03:43        
11. Fuelin' Up 01:56

quarta-feira, 28 de agosto de 2019

Joanne Le Blanc - Found & Lost (2012)

                                                            Joanne Le Blanc
Joanne began singing in 2011 and after hearing her sing a demo that summer, J.C. Smith (the well-known San Francisco area bluesman) invited her to sit in and sing with his band. That fall she began a recording project under her own label - Freezing Rain Records with J.C. Smith as the producer on her first blues CD "Found & Lost". Local lengendary San Francisco area blues musicians appeariny on her CD adding a polished blues richness and depth supporting her sultry vocals. Musicians on her CD are: Sammy Varela - Guitar, Donnie Green - Drums, Robert Green - Bass, Noel Catura - Alto, Tenor and Bari Saxes, Richard Palmer - Grand Piano and Hammond B3 Organ, J.C. Smith - Guitar solo " You Can Have My ", Gary Smith - Harmonica on " I'm a Woman and Gene Richard - Percussion on "Voodoo Woman".

"Found & Lost" delivers updated arrangements of classic Chicago-style blues (Willie Dixon, Koko Talyor) and other classics - with Joanne's soulful voice pouring over the arrangements like a good scotch!


01. Built For Comfort 03:53
02. I Just Want To Make Love To You 03:26
03. I’d Rather Go Blind 05:13
04. I’m A Woman 04:44
05. I’d Rather Drink Muddy Water 03:16
06. Paying The Cost To Be The Boss 03:30
07. Voodoo Woman 05:33
08. How Blue Can You Get 06:44
09. I Can’t Quit You 04:52
10. You Can Have My Husband 03:33

Billy Bacon & the Forbidden Pigs - Una Mas Cerveza! (1992)

                                                                 Billy Bacon
The debut album by San Diego's Billy Bacon & the Forbidden Pigs (originally released just under the latter half of the band name, but reissued under the full moniker) sets the course that the trio has rarely deviated from in the ensuing years: elements of blues, country, rockabilly (particularly in lead guitarist Jerry "Hot Rod" DeMink's twangy delivery), swing and Tex-Mex combine like some sort of genetic experiment cross-breeding NRBQ's disdain for genre restrictions and Doug Sahm's unpretentious party aesthetic. The no-frills recording and punky immediacy of the rough-edged arrangements make Una Mas Cerveza! a bit more exciting than some of the comparatively slicker albums that followed: the title track has the sweaty immediacy of a prime Texas roadhouse-style conjunto tune, complete with the oompah waltz-time verses, and the slinky "Morenita Mia" has remained a huge fan favorite throughout the band's career.


Billy Bacon - Bass, Lead Vocals (tracks: 2, 5, 6, 8, 11, 13), 
Mario Moreno - Guitar,  Accordion, Lead Vocals (tracks: 3, 4, 7, 9, 10, 12)
Esten Cooke - Drums, Backing Vocals 
Buddy Blue - Backing Vocals  
John "Juke" Logan -  Piano, Organ, Backing Vocals
Tim "Sttelbone" Cook - Pedal Steel Guitar   
Jeff "Big Dad" Turmes - Tenor Saxophone 


01. Mojo's Intro/Devil In The Night 04:02   
02. Long Gone 02:40    
03. Morenita Mia 03:38
04. I'm A Fool 03:50
05. You're The Only One    04:40
06. Love Me Tonight 03:59   
07. Jump For Jive 04:05
08. She's Fine 04:51
09. Home Is Where The Heart Is 02:09   
10. Are You Going Back There Tonight 03:28   
11. '49 Mercury 04:07   
12. Una Mas Cerveza 03:09

Charles Musselwhite - Leave The Blues To Us (1975)

                                                        Charles Musselwhite                                         
"Leave The Blues To Us" is one of his most obscure recordings, never reissued on CD.
No surprise here, this 33 rpm takes the good old recipes of blues rock.
Just note ubiquitous brass (sometimes heavy) that in addition to the amplified harmonica leave very little room on the guitar Bloomfield as usual remains a little too far behind.
I retain all the same
"I'm A Business Man" adaptation where the rhythm is tense, Mike slams a beautiful solo in the lineage of King (Albert)
and "Candy Kitchen" a slow blues adapted (Muddy Waters) where Bloom's slide responds superbly to the Musselwhite harmonica.

Note. the audio was recorded straight from LP.


Michael Bloomfield - Guitar, Piano
Lynn Carey - Vocals, Vocals (Background)
Barry Goldberg - Keyboards, Organ, Piano
Tim Kaihatsu - Guitar
Larry Martin - Drums
Charlie Musselwhite - Guitar, Harmonica, Vocals
Skip Rose - Piano
Karl Sevareid - Bass
Carl Severeiol - Bass
Ray Arbizu - Horn
Reynaldo Arvizu - Horn


01. Stranger 03:44
02. Business Man 04:00
03. Skinny Woman 05:12
04. Keys To The Highway 03:25
05. Candy Kitchen 06:57
06. Long As I Have You 03:50
07. Just Take Your Time 02:02
08. Early In The Mornin' 06:04

Crow Black Chicken - South Roman Street (2018)

                                                       Crow Black Chicken
Since forming in 2009, Crow Black Chicken have earned back-pats aplenty for their dirty southern blues sound. This power trio of Christy O Hanlon (Vocals, Guitar), Stephen McGrath (Bass) and Gev Barrett (Drums, Backing vocals) combine elements of folk,hard rock and the blues of bands like Gov't Mule to create their greasy no bullshit blues rock sound. 

Coming up on their 10 year anniversary this is Crow Black Chickens 5th album and captures a band at the height of their musical career. Recorded over 2 live shows in Ireland South Roman Street captures 74 minutes of raw unpolished rock and roll music that takes you on a rollercoaster of sound, from the frenetic rock sounds of ‘Bleedin’ to the subtle tones of ‘Lie Awake’. With tracks from all their studio albums this is the next best thing to seeing the Crow Black Chicken Live.


Christy O'Hanlon - Guitar, Vocals 
Stephen McGrath - Bass
Gev Barrett - Drums

01. Justice 05:00
02. Rumble Shake 03:43
03. Pourin' Down 05:36
04. Charlie's Women 04:45
05. South Roman Street 05:52
06. Electric Soup 04:56
07. Deer Meat Unloaded 06:35
08. Calib 04:15
09. Lie Awake 04:59
10. Jonestown 07:23
11. The Prophet 05:38
12. Pat McManus 05:39
13. Bleedin' 05:05
14. The Drop 03:46

The Dusters - Dang (2002)

                                                              The Dusters
The Dusters are a Nashville-based blues rock trio, formed in 1986 by three college friends, Ken McMahan (guitar and vocals), David Barnette (bass) and Leo Overtoom (drums).[1]

The band released three albums on Reptile Records in the US and three on Dixiefrog Records in Europe. The band was part of the Miller Genuine Draft band network and recorded a national radio spot for MGD's "Tap into The Cold" campaign during the late 1980s and toured internationally until the early 1990s.

Their first release, in 1988, Red and Hot and Ready to Roll, featured the original band. In a review of the three-song EP, the Austin American-Statesman called the music "'60s blues-rock revisited, with a big, raunchy beat, fat chords and growling vocals."[2] That same year, Nashville Scene voted the Dusters "best Nashville band".[3] For the second release, 1990's This Ain't No Jukebox... We're a Rock n' Roll Band, Leo Overtoom was replaced mid-session by Chris Sherlock. The band played at the South by Southwest festival. In a review of one of their performances, critic Michael Point wrote, "[T]he band's basic tool is its unrelenting boogie beat. Songs like 'This Ain't No Jukebox' and 'The Truck Won't Start' work on the reduced boogie level, but their appeal to any but the most devoted Southern-rock fans is limited."[4]

The final Reptile Records release, Unlisted Number, in 1997, featured Jeff Perkins on drums and Bobbie Keys on saxophone.

In 2007, a reunited Dusters with Jeff Perkins recorded with Dan Baird (The Georgia Satellites) and released Dang! on Lucky Hand Records. Since that release the band has been working on their next project, recording with artists such as Pinetop Perkins (Muddy Waters), J.M. Van Eaton (Jerry Lee Lewis), Mike Scaccia (Ministry), Al Jourgensen (Ministry) and Nick Kane (The Mavericks)

The band currently features founding members McMahan and Barnette with Scott Easley on drums.


L. David Barnette - Bass
Jeffrey Perkins - Drums 
Dan Baird - Guitar, Backing Vocals 
Ken McMahan - Guitar, Vocals
Neal Cappellino - Piano, Organ 


01. Going Up Easy 02:38
02. Mexico 04:32
03. How Long 04:11
04. Red Sun 03:09
05. Killin' Time 04:21
06. Don't Love Me 02:40
07. Night Is Gone 04:30
08. She May Be Yours 03:38
09. Poison Love 02:44
10. Barn Door 03:55
11. I'm Sorry 02:51
12. Cadillac Blues 05:09
13. Don't You Lie To Me 02:55

terça-feira, 27 de agosto de 2019

Roy Buchanan - Live At New Morning, Paris, France, February 9, 1985

                                                             Roy Buchanan
Live At New Morning, Paris, France, February  9, 1985


01. Short Fuse 04:17
02. Green Onions 05:18
03. Roy`s Bluz 08:07
04. Peter Gun Theme 04:08
05. Sweet Dreams 03:46
06. Walk Don`t Run 02:31
07. Honky Tonk 05:40
08. Jack The Ripper 04:47
09. Hey Joe 03:58
10. Foxy Lady 03:01
11. The Messiah Will Come Again 06:23
12. Linda Lou 03:15
13. Wayfaring Pilgrim 07:02
14. Blues Tribute To Elmore 04:06
15. Night Train 03:14
16. Blues Jam 05:26

Baby Rose - To Myself (2019)

                                                               Baby Rose
Baby Rose, one of Atlanta’s most unique voices, has dropped off her debut studio album To Myself. Taking inspiration from a breakup, the songstress transforms her raw feelings into a 10-track record filled with honesty and authenticity. Rose’s deep, soulful voice is a rare sound in today’s times, and her ability to be open and vulnerable only adds to the album’s emotional charm. Genuine to her core, the rising star remembers that tough patches like this will only make her stronger and better — there’s no need to front or fake happiness, and as long as she remains passionate and committed to her truth, only the right people will come along.


01. Sold Out 03:16
02. Borderline 04:18
03. Ragrets 03:30
04. Pressure 03:17
05. Mortal 03:15
06. All To Myself 03:40
07. In Your Arms 03:35
08. Artifacts 03:04
09. Over 03:48
10. Show You 04:17

Muddy Waters - Hawkeye Blues (Live 1981) (2019)

                                                              Muddy Waters


01. Hoochie Coochie Man 03:38
02. My Home is In the Delta 0:635
03. Baby You Don’t Have To Go 07:53
04. King Bee 05:21
05. Baby Please Don’t Go 03:02
06. Long Distance Call 07:42
07. Trouble No More 02:47
08. Going Down Slow 11:52
09. Got My Mojo Workin’ 03:18
10. Mannish Boy 04:59

Electric Cadillac - Dancing All The Way (2019)

                                                             Electric Cadillac
Electric Cadillac has brought an energetic blend of sounds was combining a hybrid of blues, hard rock and psychedelic rock. Kongko's guitar and vocals are the factors responsible for the blues feel of the band while the psychedelic touch is brought in by Tju Sandy Hasan on keys, Enti Widodo on bass, and Meidian Syahputra's drumming style does definitely has a hint of jazz influence in it. They started the band in 2008 and have been creating ever since. Their debut album TAKE A RIDE featuring catchy yet rich blues tunes both in Bahasa Indonesia and English, with lyrics that are easy to relate to as they are mostly inspired by the ups and downs of daily life. Their new single and the whole album will be released soon titled "Dancing All The Way", with original tracks contents of Traditional Blues. Most will be based on Chicago 50's era even though the guitar or some songs will be influentialy by Blues Rock, it's more traditional and old school stuffs such as Boogie, Blues shuffle of Muddy, Buddy Guy, and BB King style. One can’t really argue the fact that these guys made a nice addition to the blues communities in Jakarta as well as other parts of Indonesia.


Kongko Bangun Pambudi - Guitar, Vocal
Ahot - Bass, Backing Vocals
Handy - Drums, Backing Vocals
Sandy - Piano/Hammond


01. Blueshood 05:36
02. Disini Kita Berbagi 06:58
03. Hey Hey (Just Be Yourself) 05:05
04. You Are The Best Thing In My Life 07:05
05. Dancing All The Way 04:27

Shadowplay Project - Paint the Skies Blue Forever (Tribute to Rory Gallagher) (2019)

                                                            Shadowplay Project
Outstanding tribute dedication to phenomenal guitar hero legend Rory Gallagher that celebrates his classic, timeless music. Includes 13 superb, dynamic, blues-based, soul-powered, retro-sonic, guitar fueled songs performed and recorded with the utmost attention to detail, respect and excellence devoted to the great guitar man and his music.

Stavros Papadopoulos is an awesome, prolific, gifted modern day guitar hero & Rock n' Roll
Savior on a mission to Keep the Rock alive at his Freerock Studio in Kavala City, Greece with
the Shadowplay Project and his many other excellent bands including Revolution Highway,
Super Vintage, Freerock Saints, Hard Driver, Hush N' Rush & Universal Hippies who have all
released a multitude of killer, essential discs that are highly recommended if you heavily dig
serious heavy guitar rock music performed and produced with true love, passion & inspiration.
An authentic, legit, classic, six string riff:master axeslinger & retro:sonic mojo:man perfectionist
who reaches for the stars and always lands with impressive focus, strength & musical greatness.
Our good musical brother Stavros Papadopoulos has done an amazing, legit, professional job
with his excellent re-creation of the Rory Gallagher Mojo at both guitar playing and vocals.
The Shadowplay Project also features the excellent musical talents of Panagiotis Zabourlis
on slide guitar & acoustic, Sakis Dovolis on guitar, John Christopoulos on bass and Chris Lagios
& Nick Kalivas on drums. All world-class Greek musicians who deserve praise for their efforts.

The Shadowplay Project - "Paint The Skies Blue Forever" is a remarkable tribute disc
that shines a bright light on the musical legacy of the legendary, long haired, all natural
Irish Strat axeslinger, guitar hero of monumental proportions. Rory Gallagher is a supreme
guitar rock "Moonchild" who "Paints the Skies Blue Forever" and makes the world a better
place to live in with his awesome music. Long Live The Musical Spirit Of Rory Gallagher.


01. Moonchild 05:28         
02. Secret Agent 05:51         
03. Do You Read Me 05:40         
04. Bad Penny 05:17         
05. I Fall Apart 05:50         
06. Out on the Western Plain 04:35         
07. Wayward Child 04:30         
08. Messin' with the Kid 05:05         
09. Just Hit Town 03:57         
10. Same Old Story 04:34         
11. Walkin' Wounded 04:31    
12. Follow Me 05:37     
13. A Million Miles Away 08:03

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Dirty Hands - Four Cool Cats (1995)

                                                               Dirty Hands
The historical first albums of the DIRTY HANDS.


Andy "Dirty Hand" Carrieri - Guitar, Vocals
Egidio "Juke" Ingala - Harmonica, Vocals
Max "Pitta" Pitardi - Acoustic Bass, Electric Bass
Cesare "Kid" Ferioli - Drums


01. Your Mind Is Never Ok 04:18
02. I Don't Feel The Same 04:03
03. I'n't Gonna Knock 03:50
04. 96 Cadillac 03:58
05. Let You Be 04:00
06. Jack The Ripper 02:25
07. Honey Bee (acoustic) 04:28
08. One More Nite 04:44
09. You Gonna Miss Me 04:50
10. Oopin' Doopin' Doopin' 03:19
11. I Don't Know Why 03:41
12. Juke Jump Boogie 02:45
13. They Call Me Iceberg 04:22
14. I Won't Cry 03:27
15. Honey Bee 07:39

Mr. D & The Sol Trio - Mr. D & The Sol Trio (2018)

                                                          Mr. D & The Sol Trio
Blues Rock band from Indianapolis, Indiana.


01. For Jim and Steve 11:43   
02. Sail with the moon 09:12   
03. 5 sol 5 sun 5 son (edit) 12:38   
04. Swamp creek boogie 06:54

John Bean and The Backwoods - Forty Ounces of Blues (2019)

                                                  John Bean and The Backwoods
Forty Ounces of Blues is a passion project recorded by a group of friends over the course of one day in a small Toronto recording studio.

Recorded above Ted's Collision, Toronto, ON
Mixed and Mastered by Jon Jackman at Taurus Recording, Toronto, ON


John Bean - Vocals
Andy Schmidt - Drums, Harmonica, Percussion
Darcy Finck - Guitars, Piano, Slide
Andrew Jones - Bass
Stuart Schussler - Trumpet
Danny Paton - Additional Vocals
Kevin Myles Wilson - Additional Vocals

01. Forty Ounces of Blues 02:46   
02. Gonkers 03:18   
03. Been Down So Long 03:57   
04. I'm Smokin' Two 04:31

Zulma Lockyer - Lace Town (2018)

                                                               Zulma Lockyer
Zulma Lockyer is thought to be the code name Beth Hart used to record this CD. Listen and take your conclusion.


01. Nice Justice 03:22
02. Impossible Peepshow 03:38
03. California Whisper 03:51
04. Loyalty Will Lead The Way 05:11
05. Traces Of Reason 04:32
06. Glittering War 03:52
07. Reckless Spotlight 03:39
08. Speeding Storm 04:09
09. Canned Weakness 03:15
10. Safety Is A Joke 03:53
11. Accountablility Left Me Hanging 04:39
12. Progress All Over You 04:24

The Charlie Wooton Project - Blue Basso (2019)

                                                    The Charlie Wooton Project
Featuring Sonny Landreth, Anders Osborne, Damon Fowler, Eric McFadden, and Doug Wimbish.

2019 release. Blue Basso by The Charlie Wooton Project establishes the New Orleans bassist as a master of his craft. Fans of Royal Southern Brotherhood and the New Orleans Suspects already recognize Wooton as a world class instrumentalist, but Blue Basso shows that Wooton has much more to offer. The album is a milestone, a pivot point where Charlie Wooton pays homage to his influences and makes the path for himself in music even broader, and richer than ever before.


Charlie Wooton - Bass
Daniel Groover - Guitars
Keiko Komaki - Keyboards
Jermal Watson - Drums
Arsne DeLay - Vocals
Sonny Landreth - Guitarists
Anders Osborne - Guitarists
Eric McFadden - Guitarists
Damon Fowler - Guitarists


01. Jaceaux 03:34
02. Reflections 04:48
03. I Don’t Know 04:58
04. Come On Come Over 04:30
05. Dime Note 03:35
06. One Night 04:25
07. Fulton Alley 07:00
08. Tell Me A Story 03:36
09. Front Porch 04:27
10. Miss You 05:42

Luther 'Guitar Junior' Johnson - I Changed (1979)

                                                   Luther 'Guitar Junior' Johnson
Of the three blues guitarists answering to the name of Luther Johnson, this West Side-styled veteran is probably the best known. Adding to the general confusion surrounding the triumvirate, like Luther "Snake Boy" Johnson, Luther "Guitar Junior" Johnson spent a lengthy stint in the top-seeded band of Muddy Waters (1972-1979). Gospel and blues intersected in young Luther Johnson's life while he was still in Mississippi. But after he moved to Chicago in the mid-'50s, blues was his main passion, working with Ray Scott and Tall Milton Shelton before taking over the latter's combo in 1962. Magic Sam was a major stylistic inspiration to Johnson during the mid-'60s (Johnson spent a couple of years in Sam's band). The West Side approach remained integral to Johnson's sound, even after he moved to the Boston area during the early '80s. Johnson's 1976 debut album, Luther's Blues, was cut during a European tour with Muddy Waters. By 1980, he was on his own, recording with the Nighthawks as well as four tracks on Alligator's second series of Living Chicago Blues anthologies. With his own band, the Magic Rockers, and the Roomful of Blues horn section, Johnson released Doin' the Sugar Too on Rooster Blues in 1984. In the early '90s, Johnson was signed to Ron Levy's Bullseye Blues logo; his three albums for the firm were sizzling, soul-tinged blues with a strong West Side flavor often slicing through. He subsequently recorded a series of albums for the Telarc label, including Slammin’ on the West Side (1996), Got to Find a Way (1998), and Talkin’ About Soul (2001).

Recorded at Black and Blue open air studio, July 12th 1979 by Gerhard Lehner in Nice at Grande Parade du Jazz.

Note. the audio was recorded straight from LP and has those natural crackles of used vinyl.



Luther Johnson -  Guitar, Vocals
Calvin Jones - Bass
Willie Smith - Drums
"Pine Top" Perkins - Piano


01 Leaking Greavy 05:35
02 Goin' Home 04:53
03 Miss The Train 04:27
04 French Funky 06:25
05 I Changed 04:39
06 My Old Time Used To Be 05:54
07 Look What You're Doing To Me 05:23
08 Pretty Baby 05:24