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Keefe Novoa - Cirque Du Blues (2012)

                                                           Keefe Novoa
A song collection of eclectic Blues songs infused with, Soul, Gospel, Blues Rock, R&B, Swampy & Urban Jazzy & Bar Room Blues, Shuffles etc... A Circus of Blues with great songs, and tasty Guitars, Vocals, Horns, Keyboards & Bass playing.


Keefe Novoa- Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Ron Crowder - Vocals
Alex Nester - Vocals
Chris Ross - Drums, Percussion
Bill Steinway - Keyboards
Tony Campodonico - Keyboards
Dicken Berglund - Keyboards
Bruce Anderson - Bass
George Pandis - Trumpet, Flugel Horn
Lawrence Tamez - Sax


01. Rock Candy (feat. Ron Crowder) 04:21        
02. God Loves the Blues 04:27     
03. I Want to Make Love 03:48    
04. Heart Strings (feat. Alex Nester) 04:30    
05. The King of Happy Hour (feat. Tony Campodonico & George Pandis) 04:13    
06. Cirque Du Blues (feat. Lawrence Tamez & Alex Nester) 05:56        
07. Tj's Shuffle 04:37        
08. Candie (Me & You) 03:27        
09. Bless the Blues 03:55        
10. Singing in the Music Room 02:40        
11. Sunday Morning Blue 03:45

Mission Brown - Moorabbin (2018)

                                                             Mission Brown
"Mission Brown, 3 piece hillbilly trainwreck blues band from Melbourne play foot stompin originals and old faves, with a dash of the looney thrown in. Gus plays drums, cigarbox guitars and old vintage beasts - simultaneously. Max plays stupid slide and back-footed lead. James holds the mess together with his bass playing prowess... But don't take our word for it.... Check it out for yourself.


01. Feed the Family 02:53         
02. High Blues Song 03:54         
03. Move to the Country 04:14         
04. Going Home 03:24    
05. See My Jumper on the Line 03:31        
06. She No Good 04:17    
07. Ann Marie 02:34    
08. Whiskey Breath 03:07         
09. Poor Black Mattie 04:07    
10. 3AM Blues 03:46

Dusters - Unlisted Number (1992)



01. Roadhouse Blues 04:01
02. Unlisted Number 03:23
03. Devil Risin' In Me 03:20
04. Rex Cycletire 03:07
05. She Cut Me Off 02:58
06. Power Over You 05:23
07. Don't The Girls All Get Prettier At Closing Time 03:09
08. Deep, Deep Scar 06:51
09. Something About You 04:07
10. Wild About My Baby 03:22
11. Red Hot & Ready To Roll 03:49
12. It Oughta Be A Crime 04:06

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The Dusters - This Ain't No Jikebox (1990)

                                                              The Dusters
The Dusters are a Nashville-based blues rock trio, formed in 1986 by three college friends, Ken McMahan (guitar and vocals), David Barnette (bass) and Leo Overtoom (drums).[1]

The band released three albums on Reptile Records in the US and three on Dixiefrog Records in Europe. The band was part of the Miller Genuine Draft band network and recorded a national radio spot for MGD's "Tap into The Cold" campaign during the late 1980s and toured internationally until the early 1990s.

Their first release, in 1988, Red and Hot and Ready to Roll, featured the original band. In a review of the three-song EP, the Austin American-Statesman called the music "'60s blues-rock revisited, with a big, raunchy beat, fat chords and growling vocals."[2] That same year, Nashville Scene voted the Dusters "best Nashville band".[3] For the second release, 1990's This Ain't No Jukebox... We're a Rock n' Roll Band, Leo Overtoom was replaced mid-session by Chris Sherlock. The band played at the South by Southwest festival. In a review of one of their performances, critic Michael Point wrote, "[T]he band's basic tool is its unrelenting boogie beat. Songs like 'This Ain't No Jukebox' and 'The Truck Won't Start' work on the reduced boogie level, but their appeal to any but the most devoted Southern-rock fans is limited."[4]

The final Reptile Records release, Unlisted Number, in 1997, featured Jeff Perkins on drums and Bobbie Keys on saxophone.

In 2007, a reunited Dusters with Jeff Perkins recorded with Dan Baird (The Georgia Satellites) and released Dang! on Lucky Hand Records. Since that release the band has been working on their next project, recording with artists such as Pinetop Perkins (Muddy Waters), J.M. Van Eaton (Jerry Lee Lewis), Mike Scaccia (Ministry), Al Jourgensen (Ministry) and Nick Kane (The Mavericks)

The band currently features founding members McMahan and Barnette with Scott Easley on drums.


01. This Ain't No Jukebox...We're A Rock'n Roll Band 02:52     
02. Take A Chance On Love 02:52
03. The Truck Won't Start 03:05
04. Phantom Of The Strip 03:31
05. How Could You 04:22
06. Hellbound Train 04:59
07. Street Legal 03:58
08. What Can I Say 05:11
09. Blues Highway 03:52
10. Look What The Cat Drug In 03:46

Bill Roseman - Outskirts... (2019)

                                                               Bill Roseman
Bill Roseman was raised in the South Jersey area near Philly, and grew up listening to Rock, Soul and Jazz. Picking up a guitar at 13, and inspired by electric bluesmen like Albert Collins and Buddy Guy, he set to learning some blues guitar, as his main form of expression.

Arriving in Europe in the '90s, Bill helped form the Medford Slim Band, which enjoyed success at the time releasing a couple of cds, and playing the festival circuit, including the Belgium R + B festival in Peer, and the Amsterdam Blues Festival. Also during this period, he worked with the Calvin Owens Blues Orchestra, and did a stint in Luke Walter Jr.'s solo group.

Roseman has played all over the Benelux, and in France, Germany, Switzerland, and the U.K.; not to mention "back home" in clubs on the east coast from N.Y.C. to Philadelphia, Pa.

With the release of his latest cd, OUTSKIRTS, Bill continues his musical odyssey, mixing roots rockin' grooves, with the blues always evident.


Bill Roseman - Guitar, Lead vocals
Philippe D'haucourt - Bass, Backing vocals
Didier Feys - Drums


01. Good Thing 04:12
02. Checked Out 03:55
03. Shake It 03:44
04. Sen-Sa-Reedory 03:05
05. The Loop 03:59
06. Jeanelle 03:27
07. Hash Tag 03:57
08. The Edge of Town 04:11
09. Hours After Honky Tonkin' 04:38
10. Natural Thing 04:35
11. All Night Boogie 03:37
12. Silver Wings 03:39

Psychotic Aztecs - Santa Sangre (1998)

                                                            Psychotic Aztecs
Psychotic Aztecs, composed of Larriva on vocals, rhythm section of Oingo Boingo (John Avila on bass, Johnny "Vatos" Hernandez on drums) and Steven Hufsteter on guitar, started as a recording session for Scream! Records in Los Angeles and ended as the album Santa Sangre, released in 1999. Good work in the area of Blues Rock, Hard Rock and Southern Rock.


01. Tierra Me Cubre 05:06
02. Levantate 04:57
03. Puro 03:30
04. Cara De Picasso 04:42
05. Nadare 05:39
06. Salmame 03:20
07. Clavo De Cristo 06:02
08. Sin Calzones 06:31
09. Bella Maravilla 11:35
10. Agente Secreto 04:08

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Izzo Blues Coalition - Complicated Man (2019)

                                                          Izzo Blues Coalition
A fixture of the Canadian music industry throughout the past two decades, Tino Izzo’s songwriting and production work have garnered widespread praise both at home and abroad. A seasoned multi-instrumentalist and sought-after guitar player, Izzo has written and produced a string of #1 singles and been at the helm of gold and platinum-selling albums for a diverse range of artists. His debut instrumental guitar-based album Blue Desires was awarded with the Billboard Choice award upon its released in the early 90`s, and he has since gone on to release six critically acclaimed instrumental guitar-based records that have received praise from critics and fans alike.

Shifting gears in 2018, Izzo returns with a sharp-edged blues project, dubbed the IZZO BLUES COALITION (IBC). This dynamic three-piece ensemble delivers on a longstanding promise made between Izzo and his longtime right-hand man Bob Telaro to eventually record and tour in support of a bare-bones blues record, marking a return to the live circuit after a decade-spanning tenure behind the boards. This bold foray into long-neglected territory has yielded ‘Complicated Man’, IBC’s expressive and undeniably ballsy debut record. With Izzo’s seasoned, virtuosic guitar chops and trademark throaty vocal delivery backed by Telaro’s recognizably laid-back, heavy-hitting drum work, the album breaks new ground in the Blues Rock landscape. This unhinged collection of inspired blues recordings marries compositional intricacy with technical prowess, making for a streamlined, exhilarating listen that redefines Izzo as a latent blues rock visionary.

This renewed interest in guitar-based arrangements should come as no surprise to those who have been closely following Izzo’s instrumental discography and production work, both of which have consistently employed an organic approach regardless of genre. Having first picked up a six-string at 10 years old, guitar-playing has been Izzo's recurring obsession and an irrevocable facet of his creative process. His initial goal of achieving the epitome of technical skill has over time matured into the belief that expression and listenability should take precedence over flashy affections, and this ethos is evident across 'Complicated Man'. Pairing this intuitive understanding of theoretical side of music with an ear-candy approach to songcraft, IBC sounds like the culmination of a lifelong, genre-spanning obsession with not only the guitar, but music at large.


01. Overkill 04:05    
02. Ship's Going Down 05:22    
03. Like You Do 04:18    
04. Tell It Like It Is 04:09    
05. Complicated Man 04:33    
06. Mercy 03:37    
07. No Sugar 04:00    
08. The Measure of a Man 06:44     Buy
09. Pork Chops n' Apple Sauce 03:14    
10. That's the Way 03:29

Robin Trower - Live At The Cabaret (1990)

                                                              Robin Trower     
The quality of the sound this cd is very good if we consider whether it is a radio transmission. Robin Trower as always busting on guitar.

April 21, 1990, The Cabaret, San Jose, California, USA


01. Too Rolling Stoned - Rock Me, Baby 12:38
02. Climb Above the Rooftops 06:00
03. Day of the Eagle 05:11
04. Bridge of Sighs 11:43
05. Tear It Up 06:06 
06. No Time 09:15
07. Lady Love - Into the Flame 11:55
08. Everybody's Watching You 05:11
09 .Little Bit of Sympathy 06:43
10. The Ring 04:13
11. Extermination Blues 05:48 

Renee´ & The Derelicts - Devil's Kiss (2014)

                                                        Renee´ & The Derelicts
This ep blends the powerhouse sounds of blues, rock and country together creating an exciting album bursting with nasty guitar, virtuoso harmonica and powerful vocals.

Renee' & the Derelicts are all about mixing things up musically. From blues to rock to country and a little bit of jazz just for fun. The sound of the artists who influence the sound of the band, from Muddy Waters, Etta James, The Rolling Stones and Little Walter, can be heard in all of their original songs. From the hard driving "5 Long Years" inspired by the true story of a young man wrongfully incarcerated in New York City to the mellow, but retro sounds of "Waiting" with soaring guitar and harmonica leads the blending of the styles and the band's heart and soul is apparent. Renee' & the Derelicts have been praised for the down and dirty of the blues they play and the good time they bring through their music.


01. Devil's Kiss 04:19
02. Tracks 03:54
03. 5 Long Years 05:28
04. I Just Want to Make Luv to You 04:04
05. Bourbon & Whiskey 04:124
06. Just Keep Drinking 03:18
07. Waiting 07:22

The Texas KGB - Welcome Home (2017)

                                                           The Texas KGB
From the North Georgia mountains, to finding a home for their sound in the Live Music Capital of the World, The Texas K.G.B. (Kelly Green Band) explores a diverse spectrum of passionate original music and an absolutely electrifying performance, drawing inspiration from genres such as Americana, classic rock, country, blues and even a touch of funk. The band’s unique sound is captivating, but their live show is unforgettable.


Kelly Green - Lead and Slide Guitar, Vocals
Jace - Rhythm Guitar, Lead Vocals
Kody Lee - Drums, Saxophone, Vocals
Violet Lea - Bass, Vocals


01. Welcome Home 04:29    
02. Where Does Love Go 05:19    
3. Frangela 04:18    
04. The Way 05:07    
05. Burnt Spoons 03:36    
06. Deeper 04:55    
07. Funk 69 07:13

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Blues 'n' Trouble - Bag Full Of Boogie (1994)

                                                          Blues 'n' Trouble
"The culmination of a years work is represented accurately on this our latest live recording. Last year's "Poor Moon" was a wide exploration into this multi-faceted music which we love. The arrival of Mike Park in the line-up, succeeding John Bruce (guitarist, writer and founder-member), while not radically changing the traditional hard-hitting band sound, has in fact refined it to standard endorsed by our loyal audience in Europe. These four Scottish gigs supplied the vital enthusiasm and feedback for an album of this style. The sounds themselves range through the Texas swing of "Riding In My Cadillac", brand new items such as "You Got Me Spinnin'" and "Serenade For A Wealthy Widow". The bluesy "Drugstore Woman", Tim's tribute to Sonny Boy and our own "Blue Because Of You", reflect our own approach to these classic styles. So much more here. An R&B workout of "Bag Full Of Boogie", country blues in "Good Morning Little Schoolgirl", a Chicago "Slim's Chance" and the Memphis style "Down In Dallas". So sit back, pour yourself a large one, turn the sound up and enjoy it".


Alan "Scotty" Scott - Bass
Lox Lovell - Drums 
Mike Park - Guitar
Lou Martin - Piano, Organ 
Tim Elliott - Vocals, Harp, Guitar 


01. Bag Full Of Boogie 03:02
02. Riding In My Cadillac 03:33
03. Deep Blue Feeling 02:20
04. You Got Me Spinnin' 05:01
05. Blue Because Of You 08:15
06. Breaking The Ice 02:19
07. Good Morning Little Schoolgirl 04:54
08. Serenade For A Wealthy Widow 04:06
09. Slim's Chance 04:08
10. Drugstore Woman 07:32
11. Lookin' For My Baby 04:03
12. Lowdown 08:22
13. Down In Dallas 03:59

Alvin Lee & Co. - Ohne Filter, Live Baden Baden (1994)

                                                            Alvin Lee & Co.
Alvin Lee Band - 1994-04-18 - Ohne Filter Extra, Baden-Baden, Germany


Alvin Lee - Guitar, Vocals
Steve Gould - Bass, Vocals
Alan Young - Drums
Steve Grant - keyboards, Vocals


01. Keep On Rockin' 03:53
02. Long Legs 07:19
03. I Hear You Knockin' 03:39
04. Good Morning Little Schoolgirl 06:55
05. Yes, I Got The Blues In 'C' 06:28
06. I Don't Give A Damn 05:21
07. Johnny B. Goode 02:03
08. I'm Going Home 12:16
09. Choo Choo Mama 03:36
10. Rip It Up 01:44

Bill Flood - Mama Drama and The Blues (2009)

                                                                 Bill Flood
One of the things you can still unleash today is Blues. Sometimes funny, sometimes sad. This album is not a cure for blues, but we hope you care about them for a while. This CD by guitarist Bill Flood is ideal for you who like the Chicago Blues style and guitarists like B.B. King, Mike Bloomfield and Muddy Waters.


01. Mama Drama 03:53    
02. Some People 03:25    
03. Hey B.B. 04:14        
04. Night Hawk Blues (tribute to Mike Bloomfield) 04:22        
05. Pick a Nice Day Go Fishing Have a Beer 03:09        
06. Trust Somebody 04:36    
07. You Gotta Give to Get 03:57        
08. Can You Hear Me ? 03:24        
09. Back up to Chicago 05:05

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Paul Orta - Objectif Lune Destination the Moon (2001)

                                                                 Paul Orta                      
Paul is a native of Port Arthur has fronted his band The Kingpins (a.k.a. The International Playboys) and various other groups around the world. He has played in the U.S.A., Spain, England, Ireland, France, Norway, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Austria, Russia, Portugal, Poland, Brazil, Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark & The Netherlands. He has opened for B.B. King, John Lee Hooker, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Van Morrison, The Fabulous Thunderbirds, Junior Walker, James Cotton, Buckwheat Zydeco, Dennis Quaid band with Huey Lewis to name a few.


"Little" Ray Ybarra  - Guitar, Bass
Paul Orta - Harmonica, Lead Vocals 
Jessica Bucheit - Bass  
Pierre Pelegrin - Bass 
"Uncle" John Turner - Drums 
Alberto Storo - Drums 
Keven Gassert - Drums
Ervin Charles - Guitar
Roger Ward - Guitar
Lazy Lester - Harmonica (tracks: 11)


01. Don't Worry 03:34
02. Tear Drops 04:47
03. Hoochie Coochie Girl 04:43
04. Moon Is Rising 04:33
05. Help Me 04:48
06. She's My Baby 03:52
07. Nine Below Zero 04:27
08. Robbing Little Woman 03:22
09. Fine Sweet Thing 03:20
10. Bye Bye Baby 04:12
11. Objectif Lune 03:52

Nariman Special Edition - On The Bridge (2015)

                                                      Nariman Special Edition
This is a Russian group (project) that gathers musicians from other bands to play Blues Rock and Jazz Rock, and at times even a few progressive rock pitatdas we can identify in some songs of the band.


Nariman Krasnenkov - Vocals, Guitar, Drums, Bass, Keybords
Sergey "Bolo" Bolotnikov - Lead Guitar, Bass
Valery Zhuravlev - Drums
Vladimir Savenok - Piano Eletric
Alexander Ovchinnikov - Acoustic Guitar
Rashid Rameyev - Bass
Alexey Reshetnikov - Bass


01. Так просто (So Easy)
02. ТВ Блюз (TV Blues)
03. Кот и гитара (TV Blues)
04. На мосту (On The Bridge)
05. Вино с дождём (On The Bridge)
06. Дети цветов (Flower's Children)
07. Машина ночи (Night Machine)
08. Усталый блюз (Tired Blues)
09. Потерявшийся кот (Lost Tomcat)
10. Звезда (Star)

Steve Lucky - Smack Dab in the Middle (1992)

                                                               Steve Lucky
Steve Lucky is now famous as the bandleader of Steve Lucky and the Rhumba Bums, but this CD was made before the conception of that band. This was a 1992 release of material that he was performing regularly in New York including some rocking originals, some great boogie woogie numbers, and plenty of vintage R&B and Blues chestnuts. In addition to Steve Lucky on piano and vocals, it features Jim Davis on tenor sax, Phil Shimmel on drums, Tim Tindall on bass, and 2 great guitarists, John Lucic and Chris James. Check out "Don't Do It" and "Linda Lu" and see if you don't have a some fun!

Born in Seattle and raised near Detroit, Steve Lucky started playing piano at age eight and was playing and singing professionally by the time he was thirteen. He founded and led the six-piece Blue Front Persuaders through the ‘80s, playing jump-blues, ‘40s and ‘50s R & B, and swing, while living in Ann Arbor and attending the University of Michigan. Their novel sound and wild show was a big draw on the Midwest college circuit, earning them a spot on Star Search and a notable review for one of Lucky's original songs in Billboard magazine.

In 1987 Lucky moved to New York City to play keyboards for Grammy award-winning guitarist and vocalist Johnny Clyde Copeland. During the next five years he was active in the Greenwich Village music scene, was hired to score performance art and theater, and performed with a diverse group of musicians including Joan Osborne, Blues Traveler, and the Spin Doctors.

Sticking to his musical roots, Lucky formed his own band in New York City working the nightclubs and touring throughout Europe until he moved to San Francisco. This is the band that he recorded for "Smack Dab In The Middle".

Steve Lucky can be heard on Elvin Bishop's 2004 release, with Little Charlie & the Night Cats on Alligator Records, with John Hammond Jr. on Virgin Records, and with Little Walter’s famous sideman, the late Dave Myers on BlackTop Records. Lucky has performed or recorded with Kim Wilson, Meters' founder and drummer Zigaboo Modeliste, Johnny Clyde Copeland, Duke Robillard, Earl King, Lowell Fulson, Roy Gaines, Chuck Berry's pianist Johnnie Johnson, James Harman, Carol Fran, Mark Hummel, Angela Strehli, Paul de Lay, Rusty Zinn, Carey Bell, Johnny Dyer, Finis Tasby, and 1999 Grammy-nominee Odetta. In addition to piano Steve Lucky is passionate about playing the Hammond B3 organ.

A talented songwriter, dancer, and arranger, Mr. Lucky’s original compositions are featured in ABC TV’s "General Hospital", Showtime’s “Chris Isaak Show”, CNN's "Showbiz", FOX/Columbia Tri-Star’s “The Tick” TV show, ABC TV’s "Port Charles", The Learning Company's computer games, ABC TV’s "Bachelorette", Apple’s Final Cut Pro software, a Nissan Motor Corporation TV commercial, in-flight on United Airlines, and nationwide in Levi-Strauss stores.

Steve Lucky & the Rhumba Bums have appeared on CNN's Showbiz with Jim Moret, PBS' "CD Highway", a Bravo! documentary "This Joint Is Jumpin'!", “Locals Only” on FOX, CBS’ Good Morning America, and in the film "Be Cool", MGM's sequel to "Get Shorty".

A knowledgeable music historian with a degree in Anthropology, Steve Lucky conducts performance-lectures on the history of boogie woogie and its significance to the evolution of American popular music.


Tim Tindall - Bass
Phil Shimmel - Drums, Vocals
John Lucic - Guitar
Jim Davis - Saxophacks one 
Patsy Smith - Vocals 
Steve Lucky - Vocals, Piano, Organ
Chris James - Guitar (on tracks 02. 05)


01. Smack Dab In The Middle 04:22
02. The 12 Bar Blues 04:08
03. Linda Lu 03:37
04. Greenbacks 04:10
05. Dukes Blues 5:56
06. Boogus Interruptus 4:22
07. Don´t Do It 03:02
08. My Little Baby 3:48
09. She´s Tough 3:26
10. Red Beans & Rice 3:41
11. Kidney Stew 5:57
12. Old Folks Boogie 4:34

Pat Travers - Swing! (2019)

                                                                Pat Travers
Legendary guitarist Pat Travers gets swinging on a set of big band classics from ’40s & ’50s on this unique project! Features full band rock arrangements of Louis Prima’s “Sing Sing Sing,” Duke Elington’s “Take The ‘A’ Train,” Glenn Miller’s “In The Mood” and many more!


01. Sing Sing Sing 03:55
02. Opus One 03:37
03. Is You Ain’t My Baby 03:53
04. In The Mood 03:19
05. Take The ‘A’ Train 04:11
06. Let The Good Times Roll 03:45
07. Apple Honey 02:31
08. Tenderly 05:44

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Joey O - Joey's Blues (2012)

                                                                  Joey O
Joey O follows in the tradition of guitar gurus such as Jeff Beck, Jimi Hendrix, Buddy Guy and Stevie Ray Vaughn. He takes the traditional blues formula and puts his own spin on it. The blues are a tricky style to make a name with. Sure, any guitar student could tell you what the 12-bar blues are. A 14 year old kid can master enough licks and build up enough speed to make the jaw drop on a seasoned blues fan. But all the chops and speed and dexterity in the world don’t amount to much more than a parakeet named Johnny Lang screeching “Johnny wants a career” if you don’t have life experience. That’s what the blues are. It’s not a synthetic genre of music. It’s not something studied and learned at University. It’s not found in a book or youtube tutorial. It’s created inside an artist through hardships, struggles and personal tragedy. On Joey O’s new album Joey’s Blues, he plays the blues like he’s lived through a thing or two.

Album opener ‘Love To Spare’ has a shuffle to it that makes you want to move. It has a Double Trouble vibe and a pool hall machismo that gives it some grease and grit. Joey O’s playing is old school blues, but with just a hint of guitar slinger lean that gives you the feeling he’s holding back a barrage of 32nd notes that would tear the flesh off your face. ‘The Devil I Know’ is straight up juke joint blues. Hot, sweaty and woozy. Otis Rush would be proud. ‘For Donna’ is a bit of a departure. It’s more reminiscent of the mid-80s Mike Varney and Shrapnel Records heyday. Something Greg Howe might’ve put out before his brother started singing for him. Very minor key. A nice showcase for Joey O’s chops. ‘Auburn Sunrise’ brings to mind Satriani’s The Extremist album. A great guitar melody that fills the spot vocals would be. Great summer track.

I do hear a lot of Joe Satriani in Joey’s tasty playing. To make a great instrumental album is a tricky feat. It’s not just laying down a generic rhythm section and shredding for 45 minutes. You have to create nuance and melody before you can lay down the real fret work. Jeff Beck did it with Blow By Blow and Satriani did it, well, he’s still doing it. Joey O too has found that great balance.

‘Born To Love You’ throws us a curveball. It’s this barely 2 minute track that leaves the listener wanting more of its almost mystical, southwestern mood. Wonderful track that leads us into the last two songs, ‘Suburban Blues’ and ‘For Donna Pt.II’. The latter is a wonderful track to end this great album on. Triumphant and melancholy at the same time. It sounds like Derek and the Dominos covering Santo and Johnny’s ‘Sleepwalk’.

Joey O has done it again. It’s the blues, Joey O style.


01. Love to Spare 04:17    
02. The Devil I Know 05:03        
03. For Donna 04:33        
04. Auburn Sunrise 03:58        
05. Joey's Blues 02:36        
06. Blues in B 03:17        
07. Auburn Sunset 04:15        
08. Suburband Blues, Pt. 2 02:41    
09. Born to Love You 01:54    
10. Suburban Blues, Pt. 1 02:54    
11. For Donna, Pt. 2 05:08

Leroy Johnson - It's Never Too Late (2019)

                                                             Leroy Johnson
Leroy Johnson is a Blues veteran, and toasts us with this great CD in which he pays tribute to the surf music folks.


01. Come Back Home 03:54
02. The Blues 05:05
03. Looking Good Tonight 05:47
04. Tender Love 03:29
05. Fast Fingers 03:57
06. Sorry I Left You 04:36
07. Things I Used To Do 03:43
08. Crazy Fingers 05:20
09. The Soul Power Chant 00:11
10. The Bump-Slide 05:14
11. Happy Birthday 02:43
12. Precious Lord 04:45

Louis King - The Return of El Rio (2014)

                                                                   Louis King
His music is a dangerous mix of Blues and Rockabilly songwriting with a stage act that is a mixture of an outback roadhouse and a Glasgow Pub fight!
His latest release 'The return of El Rio' finds Him singing about Alien Rock'n' Roll Dancers,The Car that would not die, and making the Marriage proposal he forgot to do .


01. 1 El Rio (Shed Army Choir) 00:31   
02. She's Too Much 03:37   
03. Little Green Man From Mars 03:55   
04. Big Red Ford 04:16   
05. A Man In Love 04:01   
06. They Call me the Doctor 04:01   
07. Miss Jenny 02:55   
08. The Return Of El Rio 03:15   
09. Put Another Coin in The Jukebox 04:10
10. Love (is a Hurtin' game) 03:39   
11. The Rumble 02:35   
12. Pity On The Fool 02:52   
13. El Rio (Canyon Mix) 01:15   
14. Pity on The Fool (Accapella) 02:51

The Riff Rockers - Plugged In (2001)

                                                            The Riff Rockers
Riff Rockers is an American hard rock band that eventually adds a few hints of blues.


Jeff Poole - Drums, Percussion
Teddy Kaye - Bass, Vocals
Nicky Ford - Vocals, Keyboards
Roger Romeo - Lead Vocals, Lead, Rhythm and Slide Guitar


01. Lately 04:51
02. Cravin Misbehaven 04:27
03. She's Not To Be Trusted 04:29
04. Prisoner of Pasion 04:01
05. You Lied 03:40
06. What Do They Know 05:00
07. Grass Ain't Greener 05:23
08. Can't Give Up 04:53
09. Just Wants You 04:23
10. Destruction Reconstruction 05:38
11. Little Pieces 05:20
12. Cowgirl Song 04:43
13. The Hard Way 04:18
14. The Moves 04:21
15. Bonus Track 01:24

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Kevin Arbogast Trio - Soul Singin' (2018)

                                                             Kevin Arbogast Trio                                          
Soul Singin 'of 2018 is a CD that mixes Jazz, Blues and Funk, sometimes even reminding Robben Ford's buzz with The Blues Line. All this with extreme taste and mastery of this jazz guitarist who mixes with many other styles with great ease.


Kevin Arbogast - Guitar
Mark Price - Vocals, Drums
Phil Washington - Bass


01. Groove Grease Pt1. 03:55
02. Remember The Day (You Fell In Love With A Music Man) 03:14
03. A Good Life 03:49
04. No Wasted Time 05:50
05. Hatin' The Change 01:04
06. Soul Singin' 05:31
07. Goodbye Baby 02:52
08. Truckin' Blues 03:22
09. Funk Boot 04:01
10. Another Won't Do 07:00
11. Funky Lovin' 04:04
12. Dimes Worth 04:36
13. Groove Grease Pt 2. 01:10

Sam Frazier, Jr. - Cabbage Man (2017)

Sam Frazier Jr.’s album, Cabbage Man, is a classic collection of blues, gospel, and country worth hunkering down and digging in for a listen. The title track, which happens to be an original tune, gives that country feeling while Sam’s rendition of Amazing Grace on harmonica is as beautiful as any elaborate version of this gospel standard. Its no-frills simplicity is evocative of the most basic and sincere prayer for redemption. Hearing it brings to mind a hot and sleepy Sunday gathering at the end of long week.


Max Drake - Guitar
Tim Duffy - Guitar
Dom Flemons - Banjo, Guitar, Vocals
Sam Frazier, Jr. - Harmonica, Vocals
John Dee Holeman - Vocals
Ironing Board Sam -  Piano


01. Today I Started Loving You Again 02:01  
02. Cotton Fields 01:41  
03. Cabbage Man 02:27   
04. Born With the Blues 04:55  
05. Roll In My Sweet Baby's Arms 03:48  
06. Amazing Grace 01:47  
07. Fannie Mae 02:40      
08. Love Me Tonight 02:21  
09. Key to the Highway 02:39  
10. Things I Used to Do 03:26  
11. Old Chunk Of Coal 01:49  
12. Miss You Like the Devil 03:49

Savoy Brown - Shirley, MA - December 13, (2013)

                                                               Savoy Brown
Savoy Brown - Shirley, MA - December 13, (2013)


01. Intro 02:21
02. A Hard Way To Go 07:20
03. Shot In The Head 05:22
04. Poor Girl 07:56
05. Black Night 06:56
06. Sunday Night 06:49
07. Ain't Nuthin' Like The Blues 05:55
08. Laura Lee 05:47
09. I Miss Your Love 05:00
10. Ride On Babe 08:16
11. Talk 01:27
12. Train To Nowhere 03:54
13. Talk 02:02
14. Louisiana Blues 12:29
15. Monday Morning Blues 08:44
16. Tell Mama 15:00
17. Hellbound Train 16:26
18. Outro 01:48

Big Papa and the TCB - Let Your Hair Down (2017)

                                                                 Big Papa
CHRIS THAYER AND THE TCB (formerly Big Papa and the TCB) was born in the back alleys and seedy after hours parties in juke joints. It's the rough part of town, where the bad folks live. It's your inner child finally kicking that bully's teeth in-Takin' Care of Bizness, pure and simple.

 Their song, "GO BIG PAPA!" has been used in the national television ad campaign by Papa John's Pizza for the past two years and has been licensed for a third. It even appeared during the Superbowl! They have also recently had two songs appear in the hit A&E TV series, BREAKOUT KINGS.

CHRIS THAYER AND THE TCB has also garnered several awards. They won "Best Song" and "Best Blues Album" at the 2008 Inland Empire Music Awards for their second CD, 12 GAUGE INSURANCE PLAN. Their first disc, NICE 'N' GREAZY, won three 2007 Inland Empire Music Awards, including “Best Live Band,” “Best Blues Album” and “Best Song." Likewise, they were nominated for Best Swing in the 2008 Orange County Music Awards.

 Leading this rag-tag bunch of ruffians is CHRIS THAYER, working the mic and cuttin’ heads on the six string with a ferocious blend of styles, including Louis Jordan, Albert Collins, and Robert Cray. Layin’ down the low stuff, nice ‘n’ cool, is blues veteran STEVE BROWN on bass. HEBIE CASTRO is the glue that holds it all together on the skins with steady grooves and dynamic rhythms. The attitude is provided by MAURICE OLIVA on tenor saxsophone. JOHN MILA DE LA ROCA on keys rounds out the sound with driving rhythms that hit you like a freight train.

 Formed in 2006, CHRIS THAYER AND THE TCB have taken audiences by storm, “Resurrecting Cool” all across the Western US with their mixture of jump blues, rock and swing. They have shared the stage with blues legends like Robert Cray, Johnny Winter, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, Tommy Castro, Coco Montoya, Fabulous Thunderbirds, James Hunter and Rod Piazza & the Mighty Flyers.

 Their latest CD, LET YOUR HAIR DOWN, mastered by Grammy Award winning mastering engineer, Robert Hadley of the Mastering Labs, is high energy set featuring 12 new recordings, including the local fave, "Tattoos and Jello Shots" Previous releases include SIX PACK OF COOL, DANCE WITH THE DEVIL, BUCKSHOT LOVE: LIVE FROM THE RHYTHM LOUNGE, 12 GAUGE INSURANCE PLAN, and NICE 'N' GREAZY.

In addition to a two year sponsorship from Sam Ash Music, CHRIS THAYER AND THE TCB have signed endorsement deals with Heil Sound Microphones, Furman Sound and Levy’s Leathers Guitar Straps.

CHRIS THAYER AND THE TCB is the music you hear echoing off the brick walls of the alley as two tough guys begin acquainting your knee caps with "Mr. Lead Pipe."


01. Get Yo Self Together 03:13    
02. California Summer Blues 03:35        
03. It's up to You 03:17    
04. A Day Late and a Dollar Short 03:37        
05. In the Dawg House 04:54    
06. Let Your Hair Down 03:42    
07. Tattoos and Jello Shots 03:54        
08. That's My Story 03:47    
09. My Only, My Everything, My Love 03:48    
10. The Player 04:13        
11. Suga Mama 03:06        
12. Could You Give Me a Dollar? 04:01

The Michael Mills Band - Dream a Dream (2019)

                                                              Michael Mills
The Michael Mills Band have developed their sound from a mixture of Blues/Soul/Funk and R&B. MMB influences are too many to mention but to try to name a few…..Eric Clapton, Joe Bonamassa, The Delgado Brothers, Tedeschi Trucks and of course SRV. I am leaving hundreds out. Our lineup includes some of the greatest musicians on the West Coast. To begin, on Drums, Ron Ravicchio. Ron has toured with everyone and gone everywhere. He is the glue of the band and keeps everyone on track. Scot Campbell on Bass. Scot has been deeply entrenched in the Blues scene for many decades. Michael Mills fronts the band and along with Jesse writes all the material. We have been blessed with being included in the rotations of hundreds of Blues/R&B stations nationally and globally. We are a guitar based band that likes to “dig in” on every song and keep it tight. We are working feverishly on our new album that remains to be named. It is due out in early 2019.

01. My New Woman 03:35    
02. Baby I'm Your Man 04:36    
03. Dream a Dream 03:12    
04. Tryin' to Forget You Baby 05:09    
05. Fade Away 03:17

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Voodoo Pilot - Sometimes (2003)

                                                                   Voodoo Pilot
Original, rowdy, big city, guitar driven, Delta Country Blues Rock with deep roots.


01. I'm Gone 04:23
02. Sometimes 03:59
03. I Don't Learn 03:56
04. River 05:02
05. Only One Way 03:19
06. I Doubt It 03:33
07. Devil Is Dead 06:30

Thirsty Perch Blues Band - Live At Grand Rapids Harley-Davidson (2011)

                                                      Thirsty Perch Blues Band
A high energy shot of Electric Rockin Blues ! Two guitar attack with a smoking harmonica and one of the tightest rhythm sections around.


Chris Collins - Guitar, Lead Vocals
Dan Lomas - Lead Guitar, Vocals
Phillip A. Lindstrom - Bass, Vocals
Chuck Luscombe - Harmonica, Vocals
George Ferguson - Drums, Percussion


01. Had enough 05:52
02. Raining Love 05:32
03. Rollin Man/Bayou Queen 05:34
04. Can't Have you 06:04
05. New Attitude 03:56
06. Judgement Day 05:02
07. Done told you once 04:37
08. Brush with the Blues 06:14
09. Lucky in Love 04:56
10. Crossroads 03:33
11. Ride till I'm Satisfied 05:26

Louis King's Royal Blue Trio - The Royal Blue Trio (2018)

                                                               Louis King's
                                                               Louis King's
The Australian King of the Rockin' Blues returns with a new Album 'The Royal Blue Trio. Both Created and Recorded Live with the cream of Australian Blues Royalty.

Louis King's 9th musical effort  "The Royal Blue Trio" Is a Doozy of a Modern Blues Record.
Just Like his heroes,John Lee hooker, Muddy waters ,Chuck berry and Bo Diddley the songs are simple and the emotions are raw.
The idea was to make blues music as it was always done in the past,on the spot, and one take only .
The process was simple enough,get Into a studio with a 3 Piece lineup,make the music on the first listen to the songs.
The Lyrics were not finished,The chords not finalised. Songs changed and arranged on the Fly
The Musicians,hand picked for their spontaneous talents were hearing the songs for the first time.
One Practise run ,a rough chord chart  and off it flew.
The songs range from old time Boogies to aggressive modern One chord wails.
What the Listener hears is what happened on the day ,save for some guitar and vocal overdubs as Louis King shouted Chords in the middle of takes!.
You can hear it all!. You can hear Instant creation.You can hear an amazing Band on the edge.
Hope you enjoy it.


Louis King - Guitar, Vocal
Jake Mason - Hammond Organ & Big Leslie
Phil Collings - Drums
Tim Burnham - Drums


01. The Lovers Question 06:51
02. You Never Can Tell 04:46   
03. Will You Be Mine 04:03
04. How Deep (Is a Womans Love) 05:28
05. Black Gold 04:24
06. I Used to have a Lover 04:11
07. She's Too much 05:41
08. Hooked On You 03:43   
09. When the Lights Go Down 07:35
10. Standing on The Corner 06:03

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Michelle Willson - So Emotional (2019)

                                                            Michelle Willson
Michelle Willson is a shouting blues singer with plenty of sass who is quite assertive and not shy about talking about her desires and feelings, some of which are fairly obvious. This CD is full of extroverted singing with fine backup from a '50s style jump-blues group that plays in the vein of Roomful of Blues. There are a liberal amount of tenor and guitar solos and some of the music really cooks. Highlights include "Better Left Unsaid" (whose lyrics change direction in a surprising way), the double entendre "Long John Blues" (the usual tale about visiting a dentist), a rare remake of Bobby Troup's "The Girl Can't Help It" (from the Jayne Mansfield movie of the same name) and the jubilant "Strange Things Are Happening Everyday." There is plenty of fun goodtime music on this often-rollicking and easily recommended set from the thus far underrated Michelle Willson.


Michelle Willson - Vocals
Ronnie Earl -  Guitar
Scott Aruda - Trumpet
Gordon "Sax" Beadle - Horn (Alto), Horn Arrangements, Sax (Alto), Sax (Tenor)
Randy Bramwell - Bass, Guitar (Bass)
Steve Brown - Drums, Percussion
Chuck Chaplin - Piano, Soloist
Barry Fleisher     Sax (Baritone)
Russell Jewell     Trombone
Ron Levy -  Guitar (Rhythm), Horn (Alto)Organ (Hammond), Piano, Vibraphone, Vocals (Background), Whistle (Instrument)
Sugar Ray Norcia - Vocals
Greg Piccolo - Sax (Tenor)
Ed Scheer - Percussion
Scott Shetler - Horn (Alto), Horn Arrangements, Sax (Baritone), Sax (Tenor)
Bird Taylor - Vocals (Background)
Buck Taylor - Vocals (Background)
Jesse Williams - Bass (Acoustic), Brass
Mike Williams - Guitar, Horn (Alto)


01. Better Left Unsaid 03:18
02. So Emotional 04:03
03. Don't Worry Me Baby 04:29
04. You're So Mean To Me 04:42
05. The Girl Can't Help It 02:53
06. Long John Blues 06:57
07. Real Lovin' Mama, Real Lovin' Papa 02:41
08. Girlfriend Says 04:04
09. What Can I Do 02:37
10. My Heart Is Mended 06:40
11. Lonely Teardrops 03:37
12. Sexological Solution 06:09
13. Strange Things Are Happening Every Day 04:45

Charlie Brown - Tore Down (2010)

                                                               Charlie Brown
Blues country based album featuring the eclectic vocals of Charlie Brown.


Charlie Brown - Bass, Guitar, Harmonica, Percussion, Vocals, Vocals (Background)
David Chamberlin - Drums, Keyboards, Vocals (Background)


1 Tore Down 03:15    
2 Rosie 04:31    
3 Big Boss Man 03:25    
4 Crawdad 02:40    
5 Stormy Monday 04:11    
6 Shazam 03:35    
7 Hey Good Lookin' 02:06    
8 Thanks For Bein' You 02:49    
9 Baby What Ya Want Me To Do 03:36    
10 Dead Skunk In the Middle Of The Road 02:17    
11 Long Gone Blues 03:28    
12 Ain't Gonna Stay 03:52

Allen Kirk - Drummers Play the Blues Too! (2012)

                                                                  Allen Kirk
As a long-time blues lover, I've watched Allen Kirk on drums behind some of the best contemporary artists such as Deitra Farr, Magic Slim, and Johnny Rawls. Drummers got it going on, too, but may be behind the scenes. I picked this up and listen to it a lot. It's got blues, R&B,and soul. A great band, well done, and good music.



01. Intro 00:05
02. Broke and Hungry 04:13   
03. Good News 04:17   
04. I'm Leavin' 04:13
05. Oak Tree 03:31
06. Keep You Satisfied 04:59   
07. Never Leave You Alone 05:43  
08. Ol' Skool 04:11
09. Put the Pot On Baby 04:55
10. 15 Years Old 04:29   
11. Just One Wish 04:03   
12. The Family 04:34
13. Exit 00:03

The Spencer Thomas Band - Live From The Saxon Pub (2010)

                                                   The Spencer Thomas Band
A soulful juke joint groove with an 'Austintatious' blend of polish and sweat. Thomas drives his band with the kind of Texas panache that ventures into southern soul and swamp-pop territory like his Austin predecessors The Cobras, The T-birds and Doug Sahm.


Spencer Thomas - Vocal 
Michael Holt - Guitar 
Rodney Craig - Drums 
Larry Lange - Electric Bass
Brad Fordham - Electric Bass
Jim Trimmier - Texas Tenor Saxophone


01. Missin' Persons 04:29        
02. Take A Bath 03:28        
03. Voodoo Dream 05:24    
04. Blackjack 06:42        
05. You Know That You Love Me 05:13        
06. Don't Give Her Tequila 04:21        
07. Rooster Blues 03:28        
08. That's What Love Will Make You Do 04:27

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Sweet Daddy Cool Breeze - Blowin Down The House (2001)

                                                    Sweet Daddy Cool Breeze
Internationally known blues artist, Sweet Daddy Cool Breeze, formed his current band in 1999 and has nurtured a powerful chemistry with his talented band members. Fused by a driving unified force, this seasoned artist carries with him the influence and experience gained from working with blues giants like Matt "Guitar" Murphy, Kenny Johnson and Co.and Jaimoe from the "Allman Brothers." Sweet Daddy Cool Breeze has opened for music legends like Buddy Guy, Taj Mahal, Koko Taylor, and James Cotton and has toured internationally as a headliner.

"This guy's got moves like an acrobat". writes the German press about the multi-talented pyrotechnical front-man WALLY"SWEET DADDY"GREANEY, who flexes his chops on lead vocals,full-bodied harmonica and saxophone. Performing professionally since 1972, Wally Greaney has played with many bands in the New England area. Cold Water Band, Back to Back, Paper City Rockers, Kenny Johnson & Co., The Hornet's. He has also played or recorded with Matt "Guitar" Murphy, Kenny Johnson and Company, Albert Collins, Buddy Guy and Junior Wells. Sweet Daddy is also an endorsee for Hohner Harmonicas.


01. Chicken Boogie 03:17
02. Don't Bite The Hand That Feeds You 05:34
03. Cross Cut Saw 05:53
04. He Loved The Blues 03:30
05. Evil 05:28
06. Somebody 06:00
07. Teach Me How To Love You 02:30
08. Hook 03:56
09. Boogie Man 05:09
10. Party All Alone 06:14
11. Sweet Tooth Mama 04:11
12. Cross My Heart 05:51