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Daniele Tenca - Blues For The Working Class (2011)

                                                             Daniele Tenca
After the crowd & critics acclaimed "Blues for the Working Class", which got Daniele Tenca and his band into International Blues Challenge 2011 in Memphis (USA) as the only Italian Band, and over 90 gigs in Italy from January 2010 to August 2012 (sharing the same stages with Ana Popovic, Otis Taylor, Johnny Rogers, Robben Ford, Andy J. Forest among others), well represented on cd with "Live for the Working Class", the new Album, WAKE UP NATION, has been released on January, 12th, 2013.

After focusing on health and safety for workers and lack of work with the previous two records, WAKE UP NATION gives a snapshot on these Default-Hard-Times we're all living in, hoping to give a shout and bring people to some kind of reaction, before everything is stolen away by the few Lucky-Ones.

Eight self-written tunes and three covers, from Seasick Steve, Bob Dylan and Eddie Vedder (as a performer), trying to find a way out from this New World Order.

The result is a touching and moving show, that brings the Blues back to its original role of social communication, with the support of a Band who has a great experience backing other international Blues Artists (like Sugar Blue, Arthur Miles, Keisha Jackson, Vanessa Thomas, Jerry Dugger, and Andy J. Forest, with whom the Band recorded the album “Real Stories”, winning the 2007 BEST BEAT AWARD in Louisiana as best blues album).

Daniele Tenca performed recently at the legendary “The Stone Pony” in Asbury Park, New Jersey, during Light of Day Asbury Park, and shared the stage at the Paramount Theatre in Asbury Park with such artists as Darlene Love, Willie Nile, Garland Jeffreys, Jesse Malin, Joe Grushecky; Joe D’Urso.


01. Cold Comfort 04:38
02. The Plant 02:42
03. My Work No Longer Fits For You 03:06
04. 49 People 04:14
05. Flowers At The Gates 04:56
06. Eyes On The Prize 05:46
07. Spare Parts 04:22
08. Factory 03:40
09. The Mills Are Closing Down 04:04
10. He's Working 05:50
11. This Working Day Will Be Fine 04:06

Trickbag - Afternoon Mint (2003)

 It's doubtful that Sweden is high on anyone's list of top blues locales, but one spin of Trickbag will convince listeners it's not without its merits. This 5-piece band is impressive and steeped in blues, particularly the swinging West Coast approach of artists like Rod Piazza, William Clarke, George Smith, and others. From the drilling opener, Home Brewed Boogie, it's immediately evident that these guys have studied the form and honed their craft. Tommy Moberg's vocals are powerful without as much as a hint of an accent while the guitar work of Magnus Sjölin has elements of T-Bone Walker, Pee Wee Crayton, and Junior Watson, among more. Joachim Barchéus handles the harp chores with plenty of chops and a deep appreciation for tone, and the rhythm section of Lars Nasman and Bjorn Viitanen have the ability to drive the band effortlessly, whether charting the course through the Texas double-shuffle of Sweets For Somebody, the vintage rock and roll feel of Goin' Home, or the lowdown South Side Chicago grip in A.J. Rumble. Sjölin's guitar is well to the fore in his own Come Back Tomorrow and the crunching jump of the title track, but everyone delivers regardless of the groove or tempo. The high point could be Too Fat For A Suit which displays the band's ability to hit the mark on all counts; instrumentation, feel, attack, and dynamics. Fleshed out with horns on a handful, as well as piano and organ on a few, these guys have the goods and deliver an all-original set of blues, boogie, and swing.


Magnus Sjolin - Guitar, Vocals
Joakim Barcheus - Harmonica
Lars Nasman - Bass
Bjorn Viitanen - Drums
Tommy Moberg - Vocals


01. Home Brewed Boogie    
02. Goin Home    
03. Aint Got Time    
04. Sweets for Somebody    
05. Me N' You    
06. Rockin' Xanadu    
07. Back To Me    
08. Snake Charm    
09. AJ Rumble    
10. Come Back Tomorrow    
11. Susanna    
12. Top of The World    
13. Afternoon Mint    
14. Gently As The Moon    
15. Too Fat For a Suit    
16. Crowd Pleaser    
17. Lonely Days

Izabella - The Stimulus Package (2009)

Izabella is a dance-inspired rock and soul band hailing from the Bay Area. This six-piece family of musical explorers is avowed for producing danceable, dynamic grooves. Izabella's live performances exude joy and inspiration for all in attendance. Their unique blend of fist-pumping guitar, funked-out keys, poly-rhythmic beats, and impassioned vocals is unparalleled in the genre.


01. Lioness 02:45
02. Mountain High 05:20
03. The Scope 08:19
04. In The Cornfields 10:55
05. Blues For L.A. 08:55

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Ruby Hayes - Ruby's Blues (2002)

                                                                 Ruby Hayes
A veteran performer, Ruby is headlining shows all around the USA and recently appeared on shows with international artists such as, James Cotton (former harp player for Muddy Waters) Vernon Garrett, Ray, Goodman, & Brown, Linda Hopkins and Little Milton. The Washington Area Music Association (WAMA) nominated her "Best Blues Vocalist" 2003. WAMA also nominated her CD, "Ruby's Blues" as "Best Blues Recording 2003." Her CD "Ruby's Blues" won The Recording Academy's CD Contest and is currently distributed worldwide. She was a 2002 grant recipient of the DC Commission of Arts and Humanities and a 2003 grant recipient of Jim B.E.A.M. Music.
In year 2003, WETA TV, Channel 26 featured her as a Washington DC-based blues artist during the airing of "The Blues" produced by Martin Scorsese. Other 2003 television appearances include Montgomery Community Television and Prince Georges Community Television.
Ruby started singing at age 14 leading a gospel choir in her hometown of Plumerville, Arkansas. She toured numerous towns around Arkansas before she moved to Washington, DC in the early 1970's. In Washington, DC she made her professional singing debut at the L'Enfant Plaza Hotel as part of the Al Martinez jazz combo.
Later she honed her skills in a rhythm and blues band called the Exclusives and performed in military officers clubs and major hotel ballrooms around the Washington, DC metropolitan area. In 1975 Ruby started her own jazz and blues band and she performed up and down the East Coast from New York to Florida and made television appearances on WJLA, Channel 7, and WDCA, Channel 20 in Washington, DC.
Ruby is currently performing in some of the top venues and festivals in the Washington, DC area and around the country (See resume).
Ruby is known for her upbeat, interactive performance style. When not performing in the various clubs & festivals, she performs her own original one-woman musical, Ruby Hayes Sings Bessie's Blues at the National Theater, Helen Hayes Gallery, Washington, DC and other venues. Although, she is seen as cool, calm and reserved, when she takes the stage, she's hotter than the month of July. Watch for Ruby, the 'Princess of the Blues', to become a major force in the blues arena!


01. Someone Else is Stepping In 05:07    
02. The Little Red Rooster 03:22    
03. I Got My Mojo Working 04:43    
04. One Scotch, One Bourbon, One Beer 04:09    
05. At Last 05:45    
06. You've Been a Good Old Wagon 03:07    
07. Trouble in Mind 02:48    
08. St. Louis Blues 06:02    
09. Do Your Duty 04:08    
10. Stormy Monday 04:28    
11. Everyday I Have the Blues 02:40

Rom MC & the MC'S - San Francisco Jump Blues (2016)

                                                      Rom MC & the MC'S
French Band of Jump Blues, Rockabilly & Surf Rock. CD recorded live in San Francisco.


Rom MC - Guitar -
Dave MC - Bass -
Luke MC Piro - Drums & Vocal
Steve MC Carlino - Keyboard


01. Seventh Son (W. Dixon) 03:23
02. Caldonia (L. Jordan) 04:14
03. Dengue Woman (J. Vaughan) 06:14
04. Stray Cats Strut (B.Setzer) 03:10
05. If You Love Me Like You Say (A. Collins) 03:57
06. Gearhead (D. Gatton) 02:56

Roy Buchanan - Cabaret Metro, Chicago (1985)

                                                               Roy Buchanan



Roy Buchanan - Guitar, Vocals
Jeff Ganz - Bass, Vocals
Ray Marchica - Drums


01. Intro 00:59
02. Short Fuse 03:04
03. Green Onions 05:46
04. When A Guitar Plays The Blues 07:55
05. Dream Lover 04:45
06. Mrs. Pressure 05:31
07. Peter Gunn 03:20
08. Chicago Smoke Shop 06:02
09. Blues In E 07:22
10. Shuffle Your Brains Out 03:54
11. Hey Joe - Foxy Lady 08

Lucky Lloyd - Backbone Blues (2003)

                                                                Lucky Lloyd
Down Home Blues touch with a touch of some of the best in the styles of blues like BB. King, Albert King, Little Milton, S.R.V. Bobby Warren, Albert Collins, Jimme Scott, Freddy King, Eric Clapton, Joey Delgoto, Santana. Yes he loves and plays the blues.

Lucky Lloyd was born in a little town called Hamtramick, Michigan but grew up in Detroit just 1 mile from Hitsville, better known as Motown.  There he was introduced to a style of music called"The Blues".At the age of nine he began to play the  guitar and that's where the legendary  ascension of Lucky Lloyd to the top of Blues History began. Lucky is currently involved in promotions and touring as far as New Zealand, Australia,and all across the United States. He attributes his style of music to the influences of Albert King (whom he resembles), Stevie Ray Vaughan, BB King, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Albert Collins, and Santana. His live performances are energized and exciting.  While entertaining he roams into the audience with his guitar screaming, delighting his fans.


01. I Need Your Love 04:55    
02. I'm Going To Do Right 05:51    
03. I Heard The News Baby 05:57    
04. Backbone Blues 06:20      
05. Love Will Make You Break The Rules 04:28    
06. Don't Fool Yourself 04:57    
07. Home Alone Again 06:47    
08. Going To See My Baby 07:49    
09. She Left Me For Uncle Sam 05:36

Jerry Granelli - Dance Hall (feat. Robben Ford, Bill Frisell & J. Anthony Granelli) (2017)

                                                              Jerry Granelli
It’s a reunion twenty-five years in the making. Dance Hall (Justin Time Records) is the latest set of recordings from Jerry Granelli, and puts together under his leadership again the elite guitar tandem of Robben Ford and Bill Frisell, first meeting for 1992’s A Song I Thought I Heard Buddy Sing.

Jerry Granelli — in my mind at least — holds the distinction of being one of the most interesting, imaginative drummers around while also being one of the most seasoned. He got his start in the early-mid 60s in trios led by Vince Guaraldi and Denny Zeitlin, moving on to all manners of music, from free jazz to psychedelia before finally leading his own dates in his forties. One of the ideas he mined was the use of a two-guitar attack in a jazz setting, something Ornette Coleman toyed with a decade earlier with his Prime Time band. But Granelli’s dual guitars in his UFB and V-16 bands leaned toward a harder rock edge and he often loved them to sound as one bigger instrument. The effectiveness of these ideas gets amplified when musicians the level of Frisell and Ford are involved: back then, and now.

The earlier album also featured sax boss Kenny Garrett and trombone star Julian Priester along with Anthony Cox on bass. This time, Granelli chose to pare it down to a quartet completed by his J. Anthony Granelli on bass. Half of these eight tracks are augmented by a three-man trumpet/saxes horn section formed by Derry Byrne, Steve Kaldestad and Bill Runge.

Whereas Buddy was themed around the life of Buddy Bolden, the original New Orleans jazz star from the turn of the 20th century, Dance Hall draws from songs that helped to frame Granelli’s own life. Accordingly, this is entirely a set of covers, some you’ll know quite well, some you won’t. Together though, it paints a portrait of sorts of the artist and his fealty to the blues sometimes expressed through jazz, other times through early RnB and rock ‘n’ roll and a couple of other sources that has some connection to his life.

For instance, this jazz drummer knew Bob Dylan from the young folkie’s days at the Fillmore West and chose to cover a later Dylan song, the straight-up blues “Meet Me In The Morning.” His son Anthony stays true to the original bass line (and that’s a good thing), as the elder Granelli adds spice to the gait without getting too showy about it. Indeed, even with the horn section overlaid on top, the familial rhythm section nearly steals the show from the all-world guitars because of the groove they make.

Dance Hall includes a very timely rendition of Fats Domino’s “Ain’t That A Shame,” Steven Bernstein’s horn arrangements supplying the soul and the dynamic guitar duo bringing the blues (Ford) and lyrical, folksy rhythm ‘n’ blues (Frisell). Bernstein’s charts gives the Louis Jordan jump blues “Caldonia” some big band punch, and Ford’s biting asides draws that straight line that goes from Jordan to Jimmy Hendrix.

Elsewhere, Charles Mingus’ “Boogie Stop Shuffle” is a showcase for Frisell, who has rarely cut so loose on blues soloing. “Driva Man” begins with Ford and then Frisell firing off a series of big boy licks thoughtfully punctuated by Granelli, in what is obviously an unscripted jam that precedes the jazzy blues shuffle of Max Roach’s tune. Dinah Washington’s tenderly sorrowful “This Bitter Earth” is a perfect fit for Frisell’s lush tones, as Ford knowingly completes the tonal footprint and Granelli tops it off with a sensitive cadence rendered mostly on snare and high hat.

With the sessions as before helmed by Frisell’s go-to producer Lee Townsend, Dance Hall isn’t really a Bill Frisell album in everything but name but that same lack of pretentiousness prevails over these recordings, just the quiet confidence of ‘old’ hands making old tunes renewed and fresh again. At a young seventy-six years old, Jerry Granelli still pushes forward even when his muse beckons him back.


Jerry Granelli - Drums
Robben Ford - Guitar
Bill Frisell - Guitar
J. Anthony Granelli - Bass
Derry Byrne - Horns
Steve Kaldestad - Horns


01. Meet Me In The Morning
02. The Great Pretender
03. Boogie Stop Shuffle
04. Ain't The A Shame
05. Driva Man
06. This Bitter Earth
07. Never Gonna Break My Faith
08. Caldonia

Max Johns - I Could Be Dangerous (1994)

                                                                Max Johns
Great modern electric blues CD with great guitar work.



01. Let Me Show You My Tattoo 03:33
02. Off The Deep End 03:04
03. Take Me To Cavlary 04:26
04. I Could Be Dangerous 06:55
05. I Used To Be A Man 03:07
06. Black Cat Bone 03:42
07. Can I Get An Amem 06:42
08. Need Somebody 05:10
09. Free The Soul Of Robert Johnson 05:05
10. Somebody Get Me A Bullet 03:12
11. Hometown Boy Makes Good 02:13
12. Shake It 03:02

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Wailin' Dale And The D.T.'s - Drunkard's Dream (2006)

                                                       Wailin' Dale And The D.T.'s
Wailin' Dale & The D.T.'s have issued Their debut Cd "Drunkards Dream" on the No Cover Label. Now don't get the impression that these are new kids on the block. Wailin' Dale had 25 years in with the Alligators, releasing several CD's. While bandmate Emmanuel X. Garza spent 25 years with the Detroit Blues Band. Later Emmanuel formed the Motor City Sheiks with Mark Robinson releasing the "Sensational Rhythms" CD. Now these two have teamed up to form a great new band.


01. A Man Like Me 05:34         
02. Sick Broke And Hungry 05:31         
03. Found Love 03:11         
04. When I Get Drunk 05:10         
05. Wee Wee Baby 03:29         
06. Yo Yo String 05:26         
07. Netties Bounce 02:30         
08. Scandalous Behavior 04:26         
09. Whiskey Whiskey 10:05     
10. Sadie 04:56         
11. Grease The Monkey 07:12         
12. Fumblin' 05:08

Blueberry Hill - I Can See the Light (2019)

                                                              Blueberry Hill
The band Blueberry Hill makes a Rockabilly with blues rock blues.


01. I Can See the Light
02. Juvelie
03. Hold On
04. Automobile
05. 40 Days
06. Long Way from You
07. Nadine
08. Git It

Chet Cannon and The Committee - Don't Get Me Started! (2006)

                                                                Chet Cannon
Blues, Swing and Boogie that's good to to get ya up and jumpin'. . . now Let's have a Party. 

Chet Cannon is a self described Terminal Blues Fan who once attended 26 blues concerts in just 29 days! We've been playing around San Diego as The Committee since the summer of 2001, (previously known as Chet & The Automatics) if you dig the blues you should like this band. Come on. . . let's have some fun!


01. Pass The Gravy 04:48        
02. Come On 03:41        
03. No Jumpin' Yet 06:49     
04. Country Girl 04:53        
05. Fine With Me 05:38        
06. Lonesome 04:16        
07. Cried All Night 07:23        
08. Ashes To Ashes 05:07        
09. Don't Know Jack 03:21        
10. Headed South 08:15    
11. Evil 05:06    
12. Big Daddy Stomp 03:11        
13. Real Big Woman 07:45

Will Jacobs & Marcos Coll - Takin Our Time (2019)

                                                    Will Jacobs & Marcos Coll
Will Jacobs is a young blues guitarist from Germany, who is releasing a new CD that would play with the harmonica Marcos Coll.Takin Our Time, is "a bit of blues, a bit zydeco and a lot of fun.


01. It Aint Safe
02. Going to Berlin
03. What U Doing
04. C.J.' Bounce
05. Stranded
06. Hey Baby
07. Blues Cazorla Boogie
08. One Too Many Times
09. Going to Berlin (Live)

Los Tijuanas Blues (2014)

                                                           Los Tijuanas Blues
Javier Tijuana is part of the Valencia Blues scene since 1989 when he formed the band Blues Power (1989-1992) and Little Freddie & the Tijuana Jukes (1989-1991). Along with singer Vince Lewinsky, formed in 2014 Los TIJUANA BLUES where they work their Voodoo on obscure numbers of the hottest Blues and Rhythm´n´Blues from Chess, Duke, Excello and New Orleans´ Specialty Records, the Memphis Blues from Sun and the Hardcore Soul from the middle 60´s but always with a fronterizo/borderline Tex-Mex Rock´n´Roll vibe on it, writing their own numbers in both English and Spanish.

Led by Spanish Roots Rockin´ Blues guitar player Javier Tijuana, Los Tijuana Blues deliver their recipe of Hard-Boiled Blues with a Tex-Mex twist. Tabasco For Your Ears!


01. Sweet Evil Mama 13:54     
02. Wine Wine Wine 02:24     
03. Open Up Your Backdoor 03:09         
04. Last in Line 02:51     
05. Callin´ Me Blues 03:40         
06. Corrido Amoroso 01:42         
07. Dices Que Te Alegras 02:47         
08. Caught By the Tail 02:33         
09. She´s a Hot One 03:43         
10. Blue Monkey 03:16

Black Cat Bone - Jealous is Poison (2017)

                                                             Black Cat Bone
Delivering songs about god, the devil, and the lost and lonely souls in between, Black Cat Bone serves up the type of stuff you can play while drinkin’ on the front porch with your friends and family… simple, raw, honest.

Independently recorded and produced album by Black Cat Bone, a deconstructed rustbelt blues band from Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA. Recorded live at Bad Mojo Design in spring 2017.


Scott Warren - Guitar, Vocals
Edwin Root - Harmonica, Guitar
Ryan Sheridan - Bass
David - Drums


1. Lay On The Tracks 02:50
02. Beer Gas Blood Rust 03:25
03. Bad Luck Hard Times 05:46
04. Black Cat Bone 04:32
05. Jealous Is Poison 03:48
06. Brown Chicken Brown Cow 02:58
07. Jesus, Carry My Shotgun 04:09
08. Cow In The Corn 03:42
09. Get Shit Done 02:50

Eugene Smiley, Sr. - Legends (2006)

                                                           Eugene Smiley, Sr.
This CD will appeal to blues & R&B lovers of all ages. Kansas City has it's own unique sound: hot, jumping, with awesome guitar licks that will bring you joy, make you want to shake your booty, and a couple songs that are soulful and deep.


01. I'm the Only Man 02:55        
02. Straighten Up Woman 03:11    
03. The Dream 04:56        
04. Love Lifted Me Up 03:14        
05. Time to Get Out of Here 03:24    
06. You're Gonna Miss Me 03:32        
07. Love Sensation 04:38    
08. Holding On 03:13        
09. Voodoo Woman 04:44

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Mississippi Mudsharks - Workin' For Nickels and Dimes(1994)

                                                         Mississippi Mudsharks
The debut album of Mississippi Mudsharks, a band from San Diego, formed in 1992 by guitarist Scottie "Mad Dod" Blinn and drummer Tom Essa. The music of Mississippi Mudsharks is traced by the influence of the Cramps, the Blasters, John Lee Hooker, the Clash, Buddy Guy, Dick Dale, Stevie Ray Vaughan, ZZ Top, Brian Setzer.


Scottie Blinn - Guitars,Vocals
Tom Essa - Drums,Vocals
Mike "Sandalwood Haze" Jones - Bass
Johnny Viau - Tenor and Alto Saxophone
Troy Jennings - Baritone Saxophone
Eric "Big Brother" Lieberman - Middle Guitar solo (11)


1. Workin' For Nickels & Dimes 05:11
2. Bad, Bad World 04:04
3. Never Satisfied Man 05:43
4. Feelin' All Out Of My Head 05:19
5. Dance Mama Dance 05:10
6. Boogie Shack 04:24
7. Sidetracked 04:59
8. Stealin' Be Blind 03:13
9. Don't Be Simpin' On The Gravy 02:56
10. The Highway And The Freeway 05:51
11. So Much To Lose 09:51
12. Baby What You Do? 06:17
13. Left-Overs 04:27

Albert King - I'll Play The Blues For You (1972)

                                                                 Albert King
It's not as if Albert King hadn't tasted success in his first decade and a half as a performer, but his late-'60s/early-'70s recordings for Stax did win him a substantially larger audience. During those years, the label began earning significant clout amongst rock fans through events like Otis Redding's appearance at the Monterey International Pop Festival and a seemingly endless string of classic singles. When King signed to the label in 1966, he was immediately paired with the Stax session team Booker T. & the MG's. The results were impressive: "Crosscut Saw," "Laundromat Blues," and the singles collection Born Under a Bad Sign were all hits. Though 1972's I'll Play the Blues for You followed a slightly different formula, the combination of King, members of the legendary Bar-Kays, the Isaac Hayes Movement, and the sparkling Memphis Horns was hardly a risky endeavor. The result was a trim, funk-infused blues sound that provided ample space for King's oft-imitated guitar playing. King has always been more impressive as a soloist than a singer, and some of his vocal performances on I'll Play the Blues for You lack the intensity one might hope for. As usual, he more than compensates with a series of exquisite six-string workouts. The title track and "Breaking Up Somebody's Home" both stretch past seven minutes, while "I'll Be Doggone" and "Don't Burn Down the Bridge" (where King coaxes a crowd to "take it to the bridge," James Brown-style) break the five-minute barrier. Riding strutting lines by bassist James Alexander, King runs the gamut from tough, muscular playing to impassioned cries on his instrument, making I'll Play the Blues for You one of a handful of his great Stax sets.


Albert King - Guitar, Vocals
The Bar Keys And The Movement - Rhythm Section
The Memphis Horns - Horns


01. I'll Play The Blues For You (Jerry Beach) 07:19
02. Little Brother (Henry Bush, J. Jones, Clifton William Smith) 02:49
03. Breaking Up Somebody's Home (Raymond Jackson, Al Jackson, Jr., Timothy Matthews) - 7:19
04. High Cost Of Loving (Jones, Hamlett) 02:56
05. I'll Be Doggone (Warren Moore, Smokey Robinson, Marvin Tarplin) 05:41
06. Answer To The Laundromat Blues (Albert King) 04:37
07. Don't Burn Down The Bridge ('Cause You Might Wanna Come Back Across) (Jones, Wells) - 5:07
08. Angel Of Mercy (Homer Banksm, Raymond Jackson) 04:23
Bonus tracks :
09. I'll Play The Blues For You (Alternate Version) (Jerry Beach) 08:44
10.Don't Burn Down The Bridge ('Cause You Might Wanna Come Back Across) (Alternate Version) (Jones, Wells) - 5:13
11.I Need A Love 04:29
12.Albert's Stomp (Albert King) 02:18

Kemp Harris - Edenton (2006)


                                                               Kemp Harris
"Edenton" is an impeccable blending of spirituals and blues with contemporary lyrics and themes. He (Kemp Harris) sings with an intensity born of awareness, and he writes with an uncomplicated understanding of what our lives lack." Art Tipaldi ... Blue.

Born in segregated Edenton, North Carolina, and transplanted to Massachusetts, where he bounced between relatives’ homes, Kemp learned to adapt to whatever world he found himself in - a talent that has come to define him as a person and an artist. He began writing songs at 14 and recording them in college, using a pair of old cassette players to track parts, and has been delighting music lovers ever since with his earthy, soulful creations.

Kemp honed his powerful, intimate performance style in Cambridge’s coffeehouses, developing into a magnetic frontman who has shared stages with artists such as Koko Taylor, Gil Scott-Heron, and Taj Mahal. He has composed original music for the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater and Complexions Contemporary Ballet, established a songwriting residency at Boston’s Wang Theater, and recently delivered a series of master classes at Berklee College of Music on the subject of Artists as Activists, alongside Chad Stokes of the band Dispatch and members of the dance troupe Urban Bush Women.

Kemp’s most recent album, Edenton, featuring vocals from the legendary Holmes Brothers, is a modern blues journey that fuses the personal and the political, the sacred and the profane, to haunting effect. Edenton’s title track, a bittersweet valentine to his birthplace, explores a simpler time in a racially-divided town with the clear-eyed grace that is a hallmark of Kemp’s work. Everything he makes is built on a foundation of social awareness and the desire to reflect the world as he sees and experiences it. Whether he’s performing a rousing soul tune backed by a 14-piece orchestra in a grand concert hall or a hushed meditation alone at his piano, Kemp speaks truth the only way he knows how: by baring his soul. Considering the state of the world, it is no wonder Kemp is back on the road playing to the biggest audiences of his life - selling out rooms from Northern New England to New York City and enjoying a wave of new fans who have discovered this seasoned Renaissance man via word of mouth.


01. Sometimes 00:57        
02. Sweet Weepin Jesus 04:45        
03. Day After Day 04:38        
04. Tryin' Times 05:03     
05. Ruthie's 03:32        
06. Didn't It Rain 03:13        
07. Mother Earth 03:15        
08. Miles Between Us 05:25        
09. Nightlife 03:02        
10. Edenton 04:41     
11. Sometimes 01:09

Wine, Wine, Wine - Everything's Gonna Be Alright (2000)

                                                           Wine, Wine, Wine
Wine, Wine, Wine covers some of the most electrifying performers in modern, postwar, Texas, and traditional Delta-rooted blues history on this classic CD. Some of the artists covered on the CD include: Magic Sam, Bobby "Blue" Bland, T-Bone Walker, Lightnin' Slim, Smokey Smothers and B.B. King.

Vocalist Linda Freeman teams up with some of Austin, Texas' most passionate and talented blues players (Jon Moeller, Mike Lewandowski, Marc Nelipovich, Mike Keller, and Matt Farrell).

About the Name Wine, Wine, Wine

In 1956 in Dallas, TX., a group of kids who called themselves the Nightcaps, enjoyed regional fame playing blues and had a hit song called "Wine, Wine, Wine."

The lead guitar player, David Swartz, who influenced many great Texas musicians, had a particular influence on Linda Freeman, his niece. Linda carries on the family blues tradition by respectfully naming the band after the Nightcaps most famous song.


Linda Freeman - Vocals
Johnny Moeller - Lead Guitar
Mike Lewandowski - Guitar
Mike Keller - Bass
Matt Farrell - Piano and Hammond B3
Marc Nelipovich - Drums


01. You Know That You Love Me 02:46
02. Everything's Gonna Be Alright 02:51
03. Dance With Me 03:19
04. Every Night About This Time 04:39
05. I'm A Love You 02:11
06. I Wish You Were Mine 03:21
07. Just Can't Please You 03:30
08. Woke Up Screaming 02:58
09. Everywhere You Go 02:13
10. If You Ever Need Me 04:38
11. Travelin' Mood 03:11
12. Tip Jar 04:44

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Roy Buchanan - Malagueña [Collector's Edition] (1996)

                                                              Roy Buchanan
"This wonderful release contains live and alternate takes ranging from his early/mid sixties period through to the late '80s. To me, the most interesting stuff is the earlier material when Roy was a wild young guitar slinger with chops by the armfull raging full throttle each night at your local roadhouse. Of interest to Buchanan fans is the live showstopper Malaguena (including his take on "The Lonely Bull", "After Hours" and a radio spot for the Crossroads Lounge with Roy wailing in the background). You can smell the hot dogs and taste the beer!! You also hear Roy playing backup on regular bar fare like "Let's Twist Again" (a more rocking version, you will never hear. There is also the performance of a song he wrote for Judy, his future wife. Roy came of age during the heyday of the Ventures, Duane Eddy and Link Wray. None of these artists had Roy's technical credentials or ability to assimilate the blues and country music into rock and roll. He was a giant!! This is from the period when Roy was a sideman par excellence (people would come to hear the singer AND RETURN to hear Roy). Any guitar player, fan of the guitar or someone who just likes good music needs to pick up this album. The sound quality is not the best. However, you WILL forget that minor fault when you hear this genius rage on his tele. Prime Roy material which should form part of a foundation for any guitarist's CD collection."


01. My Baby Is Sweeter 03:17
02. Minor Changes 05:12
03. Rambunctious 02:05
04. Malagueña 06:47
05. I Found You 02:19
06. Let’s Twist Again 01:45
07. Park Boulevard Blues 06:21
08. Custom Made 03:26
09. After Hours 07:02
10. Peter Gunn 02:00
11. Chowbay 02:57
12. Peace Cross 01:13
13. My Baby Is Sweeter 06:07

Haran Griffin - The Best Damn Family Reunion (2019)

                                                               Haran Griffin
We were glad to capture all feelings in this project. The real sound of the blues from Mississippi Delta all the way to the coast.
the boy from Mississippi singing blues and play the B3 organ like no one dose in the entertainment world today.

Not only in the back wood clubs, but in place all over the world. Then to go into a song about marriages and asking a girl for her hand! Asking her to trust you for the rest of her life? That's real R&B.
I never new a song could bring so many families together. Gig after Gig, playing for family reunion from Boston all the way to
Miami in every state. Upper class, contry, Creel down in the New Orleans, people are having good times.


01. Mississippi Boy Plays the Blues 05:38
02. I Gotchu 04:31
03. The Best Damn Family Reunion 06:16
04. Haran’s Melody 02:15
05. Go Away (Live) 05:46
06. Juice in My Liquor 04:23
07. Strong Women 03:54
08. You Reneged 04:01

Andrew White - Andrew White Live At The Boro (2019)

                                                               Andrew White
Andrew has a remarkable ability to not only channel blues greats, but also plays with his own distinctive brand of blues fire.


Andrew White - Guitar, Vocal
Justin Kimball - Bass
Tom Delrossi - Drums


1. It Takes Time (Live) 05:41
2. Killing My Love (Live) 04:11
3. Just a Little Bit (Live) 02:52
4. Double Trouble (Live) 07:26
5. I’m Worried (Live) 03:34
6. I Get Evil (Live) 03:15
7. Catfish Blues (Live) 15:01
8. Key to the Highway (Live) 04:31

Alvin Lee & Mick Taylor - Firenze, Italy 1981-10-27

                                                      Alvin Lee & Mick Taylor
Alvin Lee & Mick Taylor, Firenze, Italy, 1981-10-27


Alvin Lee - Guitar
Mick Taylor - Guitar
Fuzzy Samuels - Bass
Tom Compton - Drums


01. One Of These Days
02. Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
03. Love Like A Man
04. Slow Blues In C
05. Going Through The Doors
06. Slow Down
07. Can't Stop
08. Help Me
09. I'm Going Home
10. I'm Writing You A Letter
11. Just Another Boogie

Frank De Franceschi - Get A Band And Go Places (1994)

                                                         Frank De Franceschi
Electric trio live in the studio, Peter Glaser as a special guest blowing blues harp.


Frank De Franceschi - Guitar, Vocals
Gabriele Grotto - Drums
Stefano Navone - Electric & Acoustic Bass
Peter Glaser - Harmonica, Vocal
Gastone Bortoloso - Trumpet


01. Too Drunk To Fuck
02. Nothin' Ever Changes
03. The Seventh Son
04. Special Brew
05. King's Cross Blues
06. Hic-Cup Boogie
07. Wonderful Time
08. Frankie & Johnnie
09. Young, White and Stupid
10. Meet You There
11. Elvis Is Alive
12. Big Yard

Forced Call - Off The Clock (2005)

                                                               Forced Call
House rockin' blues band "Forced Call" has made its mark on the LA music scene and has taken rock and blues lovers by the ears. Their blend of hot rock, foot stomping blues and a touch of country transmits a force of its own - powerful with message, warm with heart and spellbinding with truth.

Their self produced cd "Off The Clock" packs the same punch as their live performances. Known as a concert band, "Forced Call" lays down ten original songs, recorded in the studio, with the same presence they command on stage.

"Forced Call" artists include:

John Parker, Guitar and vocals - John is a California native, his musical influences are Django Reinhardt, TBone Walker, Freddie King and Eric Clapton.

Danny Costello, Guitar and vocals - Danny is originally from New Jersey, his musical influences are Jimi Hendrix, Johnny Winter and Eric Clapton.

Tom Costello, Drums - Tom is also from New Jersey, his musical influences are Jeff Porcaro and John Bonham.

Steve Halter, Keyboards - Steve is a California native, his musical influences are Jimmy Smith and Jerry Lee Lewis.

Jeff Ackerman, Saxophone - Jeff is also a California native, his musical influences are James "Son" Thomas, Nick Gravenites and Charlie Parker.

Tris "Duke" Carpenter, Bass guitar - Duke was born and raised in Boston, his musical influences are Kenny Gradney, Jack Bruce and Stanley Clarke.


01. No Place Left to Hide 03:42         
2. City Nights 03:12         
3. So Good So Bad 04:45         
4. The Only Thing 03:13         
5. Rock N Roll 05:34         
6. Things Are Gonna Be Different 04:54         
7. Red White and Blue 04:02     
8. Walkin Out On You 03:23         
9. The Truth Will Set You Free 03:53         
10. When I Reach My Destination 03:52

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Freddie Brooks Band - One Little Word (1999)

                                                        Freddie Brooks Band
West Coast harmonica ace Freddie Brooks blows hot, heavy, and lyrical on this debut outing. Coming to the table with an album chock full of his original material (no blues retreads here), Brooks surrounds himself with his regular working band plus various West Coast luminaries, including Rick Holmstrom guesting on "Back Where I Come From." Tracks to give a special listen to on this disc include "Fun to Visit," "So Damn Poor," and "Jigsaw Puzzle." A most impressive debut.


Tyler Pedersen - Acoustic Bass, Electric Bass
Ron Felton - Drums
Jeff Ross - Guitar
Rick Holmstrom - Guitar (tracks: 5)
Skip Edwards - Organ
Fred Kaplan - Piano (tracks: 1, 3, 5, 6, 10)
Rob Rio - Piano (tracks: 7)
Skip Edwards - Piano (tracks: 4, 13)
Freddie Brooks - Vocals, Harmonica


01. Fun To Visit 02:57
02. I Just Killed A Man 03:42
03. Death Row Blues 03:31
04. So Damn Poor 03:06
05. Back Where I Come From 03:23
06. You're The One I Love 04:28
07. Boogie Bill 02:19
08. Jigsaw Puzzle 04:23
09. You're Doin' Me Wrong 04:33
10. Pale Hearted Woman 03:17
11. One Little Word 02:17
12. 1000 Miles 03:06
13. First Day Of April 04:24

Peter Kendall Warren - Fender Bender (2014)

                                                        Peter Kendall Warren
A mind bending blues guitar based soulful journey in hypnotic fields that resonate with your heart through entrancing grooves and soul blistering tones... It will touch your heart, move your soul and breathe new hope into your spirit.


01. Broken 05:46        
02. Bender 06:37        
03. Blister 04:44        
04. Siesta 04:49        
05. Backslider Blues 03:11        
06. Hillbilly Hiccup 03:45

Bill Howl-N-Madd Perry -The Way of Blues (2009)

                                                           Bill Howl-N-Madd Perry
Bill Howl-N-Madd Perry has been playing his music for over forty years. He has played in Festivals and in Clubs all over the US and Internationally. Bill and his band won first place in the 2005 Blues Challenge presented by the Indianola Blues Society of Indianola Mississippi and represented Indianola at the 22nd Annual International Blues Challenge. Bill is a member of the Central Mississippi Blues Society in Jackson, MS, and the Mississippi Blues Society of Indianola in Indianola, MS. He has performed in numerous festivals in Mississippi including the Sunflower Blues Festival in Clarksdale, Ms and the Hwy 61 Festival in Leland, Mississippi. He and his band opened for B.B. King at the B.B. King Festival in Mississippi.

International Press includes articles in Blues Magazines such as Blues & Rhythm, IL Blues, and Blues Revue. He will be a featured actor and performer in a segment of the Gene Simmons Family Jewels top rated television series which will be aired in March 2009 TBA.

Bill is an instructor in the Delta Blues Museum in Clarksdale, Mississippi’s Museum’s Arts and Education Program. Bill has also worked with B.B. King in the B.B. King Music workshop at Mississippi Valley State University. He has been part of Educational programs presented by Dr. Alphonso Sanders.

Bill writes and performs his own original music producing CD’s which are played throughout the world placing in the top of many music charts, including XM radio Blues Picks to Click. He has also written songs for musicians such as Lil Johnny Taylor, Ted Taylor, and Cash McCall. He worked for Phil Chess as a studio musician and for Stan Lewis where he wrote for Jewel Paula Records. He did a stint writing for J.J. Taylor on a Willie Dixon Label.


01. The Way of Blues 03:05        
02. The Way of Blues, Pt. II 05:07    
03. A Shot of Whisky 05:05        
04. Back to the Crossroads 05:57        
05. Jack, Johnny or Jim 05:33        
06. Song from Hell 05:25        
07. I Got the Blues 05:39        
08. Five Dollars and a Dime 04:16        
09. Madd in Paradise 06:00

Brian Stoltz - East Of Rampart Street - (2002)

                                                                 Brian Stoltz
Brian Stoltz has released four solo albums, has toured and recorded with Rock ‘n Roll Royalty and has performed on a string of recordings – playing, producing or writing for various artists. Basing his art on street virtuosity, raw emotion and a stinging signature style, he is becoming known as New Orleans’ premiere guitarist and songwriter extraordinaire.

While touring, writing and recording throughout the 80′s with the world-renowned Neville Brothers Band and for fourteen years with The funky Meters, Brian has created unique, original bodies of work. In addition to being in demand as a phenomenal guitarist, his skill as a songwriter has caught the attention of artists like Aaron Neville, The Neville Brothers, Coco Montoya, The Wild Magnolias, Zydeco artist Zachary Richard and writer/film director’s John Sayles and Alex Lemay.

Never satisfied with the stereotype of a funk guitarist, and being a chameleon by nature, Brian’s unmistakable sound has been featured on recordings by artists as diverse as Dylan, Edie Brickell, Linda Ronstadt, the Neville Brothers, Dr. John, The funky Meters and Aaron Neville.  His panoramic career also includes the release of four solo albums including Up All Night/Live (2007), God, Guns & Money (2005) and East Of Rampart Street (2003) and the now out-of-print Starving Buddha (1999).


Brian Stoltz – Guitar, Vocals
Art Neville – Vocals
John Gros – Hammond Organ
Eddie Perret – Drums
Peter V – Bass
Irene Sage – Vocals
Ivan Neville – Clavinet
Mark Dillon – Hammond Organ
Doug Belote – Drums
Ian Neville – Guitar


01. Jungle Funk 00:41
02. Hoodoo Thing 03:45
03. Seven Desires 05:43
04. Down 04:30
05. Funky Forever 04:09
06. I Been Up All Night 04:34
07. Norma's House 04:37
08. My Debbie Lou 03:42
09. This Old World 05:49
10. Fearless 05:56
11. Tangled, Twisted and Tossed 04:08
12. Our Own Tears 06:16
13. Take Your Heart Away 07:17

Reverend Raven & The Chain Smokin' Altar Boys - Live At The Red Rocket (2014)

                                                              Reverend Raven
The first of the Rev’s live “bootleg” series, this CD features Rev Raven and his current band live plus two cuts from the live session at Blues on Grand with Madison Slim on harp. The CD captures the emotion and feel of Rik Raven and his band at their live shows. I don’t think I’d be bored watching and listening to this band 365, 24/7! Featuring Benny Rickun on harp, Danny Moore on piano and organ, PT Pedersen on bass and Bobby Lee Sellers Jr on drums for the current band cuts, the sound is tight and phenomenal. The Red Rocket is not a real bar; it is a place of legend with free food and drink and the equipment never needs hauling. Rik Raven has created this place as the “home’ for his live bootleg series of CDs that he is planning to release.

The band starts slippin’ and slidin’ with great slide and some excellent barrelhouse piano on “Hawaiian Boogie #2.” An impressive start, followed by classic Chicago blues in “Who’s Muddy Shoes.” “Diving Duck” then follows where Danny and Benny do great work in support as the Rev lays it out. “Stompin’ and Shoutin’” is a standard as Rev’s shows how it’s done well here. He gets in to that groove that mystifies you in an almost hypnotic fashion and captures your attention!

“Bad Boy” is classic Rev at his best. Benny’s harp is immaculately done in that cleanly dirty style that sounds so mean and good. Rev is wailing as he testifies to his behavior. “Lookin’ For Love” is another Rev standard. Danny is a standout on the piano and the song is a swingin’ testimonial to the joy and fun at one of the Rev’s shows. The last two songs switch bands with Madison Slim on harp; “Brick in My Pillow” has Slim doing some absolutely slick and dirty harp licks as no one else can. The duo of Slim and the Rev are really special together as they wind their ways through this and the next cut. “Another Mule” features Slim on vocals as he extends the story of Muddy’s woman cheatin’ on him; another mule kickin’ in his stall becomes the topic for the whole song. Kid Panosh on drums and Andre Maritato is on bass for the final two cuts, too.

Phenomenally hot stuff. If you love the Rev, get this album. If you’ve never heard him, you’ll love him after getting this album! Great CD– recommended for all classic blues fans!


01. Hawaiin Boogie #2  03:45
02. Who's Muddy Shoes 04:32
03. Diving Duck 05:06
04. Stomping and Shouting 05:21
05. Bad Boy 06:31
06. Looking for Love 06:35
07. Bricks in My Pillow 06:19
08. Another Mule 05:15

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Roy Buchanan - American Music Hall, Live In San Francisco (1978)

                                                                Roy Buchanan                                                  


01. 1841Shuffle 06:01
02. Hot Cha 03:14
03. Tell Me Where You're At 10:34
04. Slowdown 04:01
05. Sweet Dreams 04:38
06. Change My Mind 07:14
07. Lonely Nights 04:30
08. My Soul Died Last Friday 07:09
09. Hey Joe 06:12
10. Foxy Lady 01:18

The Batlin McMoore Blues Experience - Golden Road (2015)

                                           The Batlin McMoore Blues Experience
Honolulu, Hawaii music scene all-stars Keith Batlin and Tavana McMoore team up for this hard hitting Blues/Rock album filled with masterful Blues riffs and timeless songwriting.


01. Ain't Never Out 04:01         
02. Golden Road 04:05    
03. Home 03:36         
04. The Way It Feels 03:40         
05. Another Kind of Love 02:56     
06. Sitting On Top of the World 04:02         
07. Good Girl Was Gone 04:40         
08. Psychedelic Warrior 05:24         
09. Sacred Land 04:34         
10. Loaded Gun 04:50    
11. Reggae Man Sings the Blues 06:04         
12. Do It All 03:48         
13. Broken Chains 04:30         
14. Big Bad Blues Mama 04:45    
15. Your Love 05:51

Chas Burnett - Blues It Up (2017)

                                                              Chas Burnett
For over 30 years Chas had a successful career as a stand-up comedian, until he retired in 2004 to pursue other business interests. From the W.M.C. circuit to appearing at the Albert Hall, Palladium, Civic Theatres, major cabaret night clubs, summer seasons & holiday parks to pantomimes. Following years of appearing at major venues both in the UK and abroad, Chas supported many named headlining artistes, as well as topping the bill in his own right. In 1989 he emigrated to Southern Spain, where he presented a daily radio show and also had his own TV series.
In 2013 after a one off show that was so successfull, Chas is now back working as a comedian appearing on top cruise lines Celebrity Cruises, Royal Caribbean, Holland America, Princess, Regent etc. Twice a year he visits Dubai where he is building up a following in the comedy clubs and corporate scene. With a new hilarious show, ideal for international English speaking audiences of all ages. Good, clean comedy, looking at the funny side of life’s experiences to which we can all relate, plus some comedy parody songs. Chas has a wealth of experience which shows in his stage performance. Over the years, Chas has proved himself to be a very versitile entertainer, whether working as a solo singer/songwriter, musician or in his capacity as a stand-up comedian.


01. Talk to Me 03:04
02. Bring the Curtain Down 03:22
03. I Got My Eye on You 03:16
04. She Stole My Soul 04:41
05. Green Eyed Boogie 02:47
06. Things Must Change 03:13
07. When the Silence is Broken 05:03

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Blues N' Breakers - 24h Blues (2010)

                                                           Blues N' Breakers
Blues rock band from the city of Bilbaó, Spain.


Taliván Bluesbreaker - Guitar
Adolfo - Harmonica
Nico -  Bass
Iván -  Drums
Mr. Poutman - Voice


01. Stop Messing Around 07:39   
02. Blues Before Sunrise 02:36   
03. Sweet Home Chicago 03:21   
04. Hoochie Coochie Man 06:50   
05. I Just Wanna Make Love to You 04:58   
06. Proud Mary 08:03   
07. Bad to The Bone 04:11   
08. Walking by Myself 02:57   
09. Honky Tonk Women 03:08   
10. I'm a Man 11:06

Emilio Crixell - One Roadhouse Away (2005)

                                                                 Emilio Crixell
The Blues is authentic when the music reflects the life of the artist. This is the real deal. Emilio Crixell's One Roadhouse Away captures the emotion and experience that we admired in the masters like Muddy, Robert Johnson, Howlin' Wolf and others whose music inspires and informs so much that has come since. Emilio learned his craft well. Right from the opening track, with clean guitar riffs that would have made Stevie Ray Vaughan proud, your ears are engaged and ready for a set of music that connects directly to the heart.


01. Love Thing 02:31
02. Walking Out Your Backdoor 04:03
03. Half Dead 03:49
04. Love Holding Out 05:06
05. Riverside Blues 03:48
06. Drifting Blue 07:15
07. Bar Band Blues 04:44
08. Lighthouse 03:42
09. Just One Night 04:06
10. One Roadhouse Away 03:05

Crimson Blues - Live And Kickin' (2012)

                                                              Crimson Blues
Take some swinging Chicago Blues, add some swampy gritty Delta Blues with a hard rock-n-roll edge, mix in some mean-and-greasy slide guitar and some wailing harmonica, and, finally, add one Risen King of Kings. The result: Crimson Blues live in concert!

In the summer of 2010, drummer Bill Mallare sent a text message to guitarist, singer and all-around blues junkie Mark Jeghers.  Mark was on vacation, and didn't expect to hear from anyone, let alone Bill.  The text message said, "Wanna start a gospel blues band?"

Mark and Bill had met playing in another blues band, a secular band that was losing steam, becoming irrelevant and drifting into the desolate no-mans-land of R&B drivel.  But Mark and Bill discovered they had common ground: their Christian faith and love of blues music.

Then Mark's guitar buddy Brad Marsh sat in with them while playing at an outdoor block party.  Realizing there were a lot of church-going neighbors there, the three of them decided to be politically incorrect and do one of Mark's favorite slow-blues gospel songs.  Right in the middle of ultra-materialistic Silicon Valley, they dared to sing a song about Jesus!  It was fun, to say the least.

It was a few weeks later, while Mark was on vacation watching seagulls fight over carcasses and garbage, that the text message came.  What followed was a long phone call, and after that, the beginning of an adventure.

Bill brought in bassman Jun Lagmay and harp player Rich Greenwood, both of whom played Christian Blues with Bill in the 90s.  Mark offered first dibs to Brad Marsh to play lead guitar; Brad took about a fraction of a second to say yes.

Since then, Crimson Blues has been playing high-octane Christian Blues, with all the passion and energy of rocked-up Blues, and with the message of a Risen King.  Their music style spans many variations that all orbit around the universe of blues: swinging Chicago Blues, scorching hot Delta Blues, hard driving Blues-Rock, Southen Rock, and a little bit of funk for good measure.

Though writing songs since age 15, frontman Mark Jeghers has not experienced such a prolific songwriting period in a long time.  "Crimson has fired up creative juices in me like I haven't had in a long time", he says, "aside from the great chemistry and being surrounded by really talented musicians who make me sound better than I am alone, I think it's also just God thing."

The Crimson guys love blues and they love Jesus too.  They also think that blues and the New Testament gospel message go together remarkably well. That's because they both dig deep into the human condition and all the struggles that come with the package.  They both touch on lostness and redemption in a primal and profound way.  And they both have a way of healing the soul (well, Jesus moreso than blues, but, you get the idea...)

Harp player Rich Greenwood says this about playing with Crimson: "I started playing harp in 1974.  I've jammed with bands from Tuscany to Times Square -- but have never been in a band like Crimson Blues before.  This band is quite literally an answer to prayer for me.  The perfect mix of musicians, the perfect style of music, and no matter who I share the music with, from any faith base, people always comment on the energy and drive that each song embodies.  And I know it's not me, it's not the other band members, it's God shining through.  This is His band ... I just get to be in it."

And the adventure goes on...


01. Intro 04:27
02. John the Revelator 06:16
03. Good News 04:59
04. Do You Ever Talk to Jesus 07:55
05. You're Gonna Need Somebody On Your Bond 06:50
06. Without the Lord 05:18
07. Sanctified Boogie Blues 07:13
08. Revelation City 05:04
09. Gotta Serve Somebody 05:34
10. Child of the King 04:11
11. If I Leave This World Tomorrow 07:57
12. One Way Ticket 05:36
13. Went Down to the Crossroad 08:58
14. Sliding Grace 02:27
15. Shelter from the Storm 06:22
16. This Little Light 07:35