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Daddy I - This Is What I Am (2003)

                                                                   Daddy I
The cd has some of your nice, taste of R&B soft grooves that I remember you by, and of course the older Parliament-sounding funk-a-dunk things you're so accustomed to getting into. Thanks for the offering of your talents. I know you'll do more, better stuff. Keep up the goooooood work.


01. I Really Love You 04:17         
02. Interlude#1 01:16         
03. With Love....,i Say 5:10     
04. Ill Be With You All The Way 04:48     
05. Interlude#2 00:32     
06. Take A Chance On Me Baby 04:59         
07. Interlude#3 01:04         
08. This Is What I Am 04:29         
09. You Gets Nothin 04:01         
10. Black Nights 06:55         
11. Interlude#4 01:23         
12. Whats Your Claim To Fame? 08:00         
13. Outro 01:11

Ace Andres - Cowboy Hat Blues (2002)

                                                               Ace Andres
San Francisco Electric Blues blended with Texas Rockabilly and Jimi Hendrix. A NOS powered Corvette in the RED LINE.

Ace Andres is keeping the diverse San Francisco sound alive with the release of Cowboy Hat Blues. His songs are a heartfelt blend of Chicago blues, Nashville country, Texas honky-tonk and Detroit rock layered with guitar riffs that just won't quit.

Ace isn't afraid to let his roots show. Born and raised in the delta region of Northern California by parents who owned a nightclub, he was destined for a career in music. His Arkansas-born mother made sure he had a healthy helping of Grand Ole Opry along the way. Moving to the Bay Area when he was 17 and eventually meeting rock impresario Bill Graham sealed his fate as part of the San Francisco music scene.

After a tour of duty in Vietnam, Ace and his guitar traveled to clubs from Boston to Los Angeles, and even Japan. His most memorable onstage moment was in the early '90s in San Antonio, Texas, shortly after Stevie Ray Vaughan died. "I played 'The Sky is Crying.' I thought I was taking a huge risk, but the house went crazy. I became an honorary Texan that night."


1. Cowboy Hat Blues 03:04         
2. Can't Stop Looking 03:26         
3. A Step Away 02:40         
4. Bad Woman 04:54         
5. Coming Home 03:49         
6. Bayou Rhythm 04:25         
7. Powell St. Blues 04:35         
8. Help Me Dr.john 03:42     
9. Playing to Win 04:10         
10. Thinking Single 03:54         
11. California Dreamin' 02:50

The AC Thundertones! - Introducing The AC Thundertones! (2005)

                                                       The AC Thundertones!
The AC Thundertones! is a band and songwriting company made up of two members who do it all! Paul and John Zarvis. His principal guitar influences are: Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Beck, Clapton, Pat Metheny, Larry Carlton Steve Lukather and many others. They come out of Albany New York and Lanesborough Massachusetts. The name "AC" stands for Albany County where Paul lives. We are first and foremost a band but are also much more than that. The AC Thundertones is also a songwriting and recording company that writes original songs for artists who are in search of material.Together, they write and record the songs and are currently cowriting tons more music for the T-Tones catalog.


01. All The Pretty Guns 04:10     
02. Missin' You 04:04         
03. You Aint The Same Girl No More 03:09    
04. Jericho (Tribute to Steely Dan) 07:15         
05. Call On Me 05:44         
06. Strange World 05:19

Mark And The Pentones - Arrrr- Live At The Funky Pirate (2008)

                                                      Mark And The Pentones
Well known for their killer live performances, the Pentones combine blues, rock, and funk to create a tasty gumbo of New Orleans-influenced sound that's uniquely their own.

"Penton doesn’t get a lot of ink or air time but it would not be an exaggeration to rate him among the top 10 lead guitarists in a city that has no shortage of them.... Penton can be counted on to give a stellar performance. Anyone who can make his axe sing like the late, great Duane Allman gets my vote.... in addition to being an extraordinarily gifted musician and vocalist, Penton is also an accomplished songwriter."


Mark Pentone - Guitar, Vocals
Robert Wilson - Bass
Bob Burke - Drums


01.Tore Down 05:53
02.Born Under a Bad Sign 04:49
03.Cold Shot 06:40
04.Red House 04:10
05.She Caught the Katy 03:55
06.Messin With the Kid 06:02
07.Stormy Monday 06:20
08.Mombo Mashup 05:27
09.One Way Out 5:28

Pistol Pete - Pistol Pete (1997)

                                                              Pistol Pete
Benjamin Newell's second album "Pistol Pete". Pete won or was in the final on several musical "battles" such as: The Hendrix Foundation Electric Guitar Competition, Chicago Blues Challenge, Chicago Guitar Slinger, The King of the Blues. He played with Bo Diddeley, Koko Taylor, Buddy Guy, Junior Wells, Otis Rush, Tab Benoit, Band of Gypsys, Rick Nielsen, Joe Bonamassa, Head East, Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown, Fog Hat, Blues Travelers, George Thorogood.


Pistol Pete - Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards
Steve Alban - Bass
Tony Berkman - Drums


01. The Theme 03:21
02. Edge 04:10
03. Wild Horses 05:08
04. Cherry Pie 03:51
05. Black Cat 03:02
06. Ain't Looking For No Committment 02:22
07. Same Old Song 04:10
08. 1962 03:27
09. King Of The Gypsies 03:20
10. Deep Throat 04:36
11. Rasta Man 03:47
12. Crazy For You 03:31
13. Forever In Your Heart 04:18
14. Cool 02:58
15. Aphrodisiac 03:54
16. Savannah 03:08
17. World Keeps On Turning 04:01
18. Can't Stand It 03:48
19. Garden Of Eden 03:27
20. Havin' Fun 02:42

Adam Hammer & the Impact - Let It Burn (2011)

                                                            Adam Hammer
This ain't the blues. It's the "black and blues." Adam "Let It Burn" EP features five tracks featuring layers of drop-tuned and slide guitars, harmonica, driving beats and powerful vocals.


01. Let It Burn 04:07        
02. Blood on a Crescent Moon 05:09        
03. The Drive 04:35        
04. Death of Me 05:07        
05. Ballad of Lucy 04:38

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Papi Chimi Romero & los Creyentes - Echale Chimi (2007)

                                                          Papi Chimi Romero
This record brings good luck, makes find love, augmentates the fortune and goes with satisfaction guaranteed seal, compadre! The hottest blues from the Ruta 9, brothers and sisters! A new breed of blues!



Oscarsito The Killer Alessio - Drums
Sebastian Pai Yastabasta Bergallo - Bass
Roman The Man Dágna - Drums
Alejandro Eddie Jones Gil - Keyboards.
Chimi Robotto - Kandclaps and Singings
Papi Chimi Romero - Guitars, Voice


01. Tócate Unos Sháfels, Oscarsito! 03:18        
02. Satisfacción Garantizada 02:32        
03. Tormenta de Oncativo 03:27        
04. Tiemblo Tiemblo Tiemblo 04:22        
05. Echale Chimi 03:32    
06. Blues para S.R.V. 04:52        
07. Qué Pasó Con Mi Lovestory? 03:23    
08. Amante por Naturaleza 05:54        
09. Yo Soy de Aries 04:24        
10. El Charmant 03:47    
11. Así Quiero Ir en Tí 04:05        
12. Aay Bebé 04:41        
13. Boquita Cochina 04:07        
14. Pisalo Papi 02:09        
15. La Leyenda de Mi Tío el Desbombachador 04:13        
16. Desbombachando! (Sda. Parte) 03:00        
17. Chico Ciego 05:08

Jay McShann - Roll 'Em (1969)

                                                                Jay McShann
Pianist Jay McShann sticks to the blues on this enjoyable release, not only welcoming bassist Roland Lobligeois and drummer Paul Gunther but, in a rare (and purely instrumental role) as a sideman, guitarist T-Bone Walker. McShann takes vocals on several of the selections and contributes his accessible brand of blues piano. The results are enjoyable if not essential.A bit more imagination could have gone into picking out a more inventive repertoire.


01. Hands Off 03:18
02. Hootie Ignorant Oil 03:30
03. Confessin' The Blues 03:52
04. Roll' Em 03:25
05. Kansas City 03:43
06. Our Kinda Blues 03:38
07. Rollin' With Rolland 04:11
08. Stompin' In K.C. 05:18
09. After Hours 04:22
10. Hootie Blues 03:27
11. 'Fore Day Rider 03:21
12. Shorty George 03:34
13. Jive At Five 04:41
14. Just You, Just Me 04:28
15. Tain't Nobody's Business If I Do 04:09

Jerry's Fingers - Live in Alligator Club (2015)

                                                            Jerry's Fingers
Great band from West Coast Blues. Great show recorded at Alligator Club Poznan / Poland. Released August 30, 2015.


01. Gangster Blues 02:53
02. Come On Home 04:13
03. Evening Sun 04:06
04. Slippin' And Slidin' 02:50
05. Thrill Is Gone 04:38
06. New Kid On The Block 03:35
07. Got My Mojo Working 03:29

Grant Green Jr. - Grant Green Jr (2016)

                                                              Grant Green Jr.
As the son of legendary jazz guitarist Grant Green (1931-1979), Grant Green Jr. was exposed to exceptional musicianship right from the start. In February 2016 Ropeadope Records will release a new, well anticipated original CD featuring his Atlanta-based band.


Grant Green Jr. - Lead Vocals, Guitar
Julie Dexter - Vocals 
Michelle Marshall Vocals 
Sonny Legaspi - Vocals
Nick Rosen - Keyboards
Dave Ellington - Keyboards
Spencer Garn - Keyboards
Todd Ague - Keyboards
Kevin Scott - Bass  
Khari Cabral Simmons - Bass
Adam Goodhue - Drums
Mark Raudabaugh - Drums 
Duane Trucks - Drums
Jacob Deaton - Guitar
Gaurav Malhotra - Percussion


01. Ball Of Confusion 04:32
02. The Only One I Need 04:07
03. Central Park Groove 04:02
04. Atlanta Girl 04:20
05. Child Of Tomorrow 06:02
06. Not This America 04:48   
07. Too Cool 06:51

The John Patrick Peters Band - In the Sense of Love (2016)

                                                The John Patrick Peters Band
The John Patrick Peters Band is speaking to all generations, a native of the Lonestar State, now calling “Prison City” Jackson Michigan home. His musical platform is Rock with a Blues message that’s simple: shake the cage and see to it that the heart and soul of JPP is felt world wide!
At just 20 years old, JPP has already traveled a path that has taken him from the bluesy depths of Rock n Roll to the top of his game as a songwriter, guitar player and ultimately, a believer. His attitude and work ethic reflect a mantra that says anything is possible if you just put your mind to it. “Too many people go through life asleep, going day to day without goals, dreams, hopes, or ambitions,” JPP is living proof that raw talent, ambition and honesty can still prevail in an ailing music industry.
By aligning himself with unwavering dedication to the do-it-yourself attitude with a signature sound, bassist/Vocals Eddy Bitner, drummer Marty King, and keyboardist/Guitar/Vocals TC Delisle, have helped to define the landscape of today’s rocking blues music scene. JPP has secured Management and Booking support along with stylistically felt songs - suggesting a range of influences from Stevie Ray Vaughan, Eric Clapton, Joe Bonamassa, Rory Gallagher, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Billy Gibbons, Warren Haynes, Gary Rossington, Buddy Guy, B.B. King, Joe Walsh, Prince, and Brian Setzer. Along with the mentorship of legendary Jackson Michigan’s “God Father” of jazz Benny Poole, JPP has a wide range of musical background. Not to mention, he is a full time music major.


01. Your Last Song
02. Burning Bed
03. When Good Love Goes Bad
04. Fool for You
05. In the Sense of Love

Emilio Arsuaga & The Mad Reeds - I'm Here To Stay (2019)

                                                            Emilio Arsuaga
Emilio Arsuaga & The Mad Reeds conveys with emotion and forcefulness the styles that make them fall in love with southern music and with the smell of gumbo and jambalaya.

The skill and experience of Emilio with the harmonica connects the audience with the blues of Little Walter and Jimmy Reed; the piano of Javier Díaz, with the genuine and black New Orleans Rock & Roll of Fats Domino, and also with ballads of pure country music that break the heart and the liver; the versatility and good taste of Cesar Crespo's guitar intensifies and gives meaning to the whole repertoire, which also vibrates with boogie woogie and with Cajun themes with Crawfish flavor and alligartor batter. All linked with a rhythmic and balanced base, by the king of the Shuffle Carlos Arsuaga and the bass player whose beat reminds the tempo subject to the axis of the earth of Willie Dixon himself.


Emilio Arsuaga – Voice, Harmonic, Guitar
César Crespo – Guitar
Javier Díaz Castillo – Piano, Organ
Carlos Arsuaga – Drums
Marino Orejana – Bass


01. I’m Here To Stay 03:26
02. Crawfish Walk 03:35
03. Honest I Do 03:29
04. I’m Ready 02:42
05. I Will Cry 02:50
06. Uncle Joe 03:53
07. What’s Made Milwaukee 02:48
08. Last Word Of A Fool 03:00
09. I Thought It Would Be Me 02:55
10. Can’t Hold On Much Longer 03:21
11. Thank You So Long 03:27

Gerome Durham - Stepping Out (2004)

                                                           Gerome Durham
Gerome Durham is a Mississippi native and former club owner. I sang at his club, Brothers 2, many times. Gerome traveled with me to Detroit, Michigan, Fort Wayne, Indiana, and Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Gerome has long wanted to pursue a singing career. He told
me, "Johnny, when I retire off my job, I want you to record me and book me." He said, "you have produced lots of people, but ol'Gerome is going to make you some money."
With Gerome's desire to sing, this project began to fulfill his dreams to become a soul R& B star. Once he was in the studio, he found out that recording isn't an easy job. It is hard work. But he hung in there until the job was done; until the CD was finished.
This is just the beginning of Gerome's singing career. he is a R & B soul singer, singing all original songs written by himself and Johnny Rawls. I found working with Gerome to be easy-going. He was willing to learn and I was surprised how easy he would catch the songs-being the first time in a studio to do his CD. Here it is!!
So, to the world and all radio stations across the nation, I present to you for the first time, ol' Gerome.


01. Bye, Bye Baby 03:49        
02. I Thank God For You 03:39        
03. What You Gonna Do 03:48        
04. That's What You do TO Me 03:41    
05. Time Keep On Ticking 03:47        
06. Stepping Out 03:51        
07. Make Sweet Love To You 03:40        
08. Too Many Women 02:43        
09. Six Feet Four man 03:40        
10. Time Keep On Ticking-Remix 03

Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band -The Traveler (2019)

                                                 Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band
The Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band released Lay It On Down in 2017, which was voted Blues Rock Review’s top album of the year. Two years later, Kenny and the gang are back with The Traveler and they aren’t slowing down. Joined by Noah Hunt (vocals), Chris Layton (drums), Kevin McCormick (bass), and Jimmy McGorman and Joe Krown (keys), The Traveler is another top notch album from start to finish.

The upbeat “Woman Like You” opens up the album with Noah Hunt on lead vocals and features a horn section setting the tone. “Long Time Running” follows and the song “is someone expressing what it’s like to lead a complicated existence,” says Shepherd, and includes some scorching lead from Kenny. “I Want You” is a song filled with swagger and “Tailwind” goes in more of a southern rock direction with a bit of a county vibe.

“Gravity” was released as a single and has Kenny back on vocals and is about a complicated relationship with a lover. Kenny is really coming into his own as a vocalist and has credited Stephen Stills of The Rides for encouraging him to sing more. Those vocals are also showcased on “Better With Time.” Kenny and Noah trade off vocals on “We All Alright” while Shepherd is back on lead vocals for “Take It On Home,” a radio friendly song with southern rock flare.

The album features two covers. Noah handles vocals for Buffalo Springfield’s “Mr. Soul,” which again, features a horn section and Joe Walsh’s “Turn To Stone,” which closes the album out. “Turn To Stone” is the track where Kenny really stretches his wings on the guitar.

The Traveler is an all-killer no-filler album. It features all sorts of influences, but everything is done well. The Traveler has blues elements, but is a very song-oriented album. We all know Shepherd can shred, but the guitar is always serving the song. When listening to The Traveler it’s easy to tell Kenny and the Band weren’t trying to fit into any particular box, just make a great record and that’s what they’ve accomplished. The Traveler is another can’t miss album from the Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band.


01. Woman Like You 04:19
02. Long Time Running 04:11
03. I Want You 06:27
04. Tailwind 04:00
05. Gravity 03:42
06. We All Alright 05:31
07. Take It On Home 04:35
08. Mr. Soul 03:47
09. Better With Time 03:55
10. Turn To Stone 05:44

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Dave Clark's Blues Swingers Featuring Floyd McDaniel - Switchin' In The Kitchen (2003)

                                                      Dave Clark's Blues Swingers
Although some quality bands came out of the retro-swing trend of the '90s, many of them were amateurish, and by the end of the decade, retro-swing had pretty much dried up. But that doesn't mean that's the last of jump blues, only that a bunch of young bands aren't coming along and emulating the Cherry Poppin' Daddies, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, or the Squirrel Nut Zippers. Those who are in it for the long haul -- Dave Clark, for example -- are still plugging away. Born in 1955, the saxophonist/bandleader was playing jump blues long before the neo-swing trend took off and was still doing his thing after its popularity faded. Actually, Clark shouldn't be compared to the neo-swing artists of the '90s because what he does is undeniably different; while the Cherry Poppin' Daddies and similar artists played a blend of jump blues and early rock & roll (with a big dose of irony), Switchin' in the Kitchen has a more authentically '40s-like sound. Assembled by Delmark in 2003, this 60-minute CD focuses on recordings that Clark made with his Chicago-based Blues Swingers band in 1991, 1992, and 1999. The material (some of which features the late singer/guitarist Floyd McDaniel) is quite faithful to the spirit of classic jump blues, swing, and early, pre-doo wop R&B; if it wasn't for the clean digital sound quality, one could easily assume that these recordings were actually made back when Harry Truman was president. Clark has since discontinued the Blues Swingers and moved to Los Angeles. Thankfully he's still playing jump blues, and this CD is a solid and enjoyable -- if derivative -- document of his years in the Windy City.


Floyd McDaniel - Guitar, Vocals
Mike McLaughlin - Trumpet
Mark Wydra - Guitar
Bill Yancey - Bass
Jasen Schrock - Vocals
Josh Sinton - Sax (Baritone)
Paul Mundy - Sax (Alto)
Donny Nichilo - Piano
Robert H. Henderson - Drums
Van Kelly - Clarinet, Sax (Baritone)
Jim Donovan - Trumpet
Jeff Fortin - Drums
Chris Gorcik - Bass
Dave Clark - Sax (Tenor)
Mwata Bowden - Clarinet, Sax (Baritone)
Tim Barton - Piano


01. Untrue Woman 02:05
02. How Long Blues 04:25
03. Swing Time 04:17
04. St. Louis Blues 03:45
05. Cold, Cold Feeling 03:24
06. Switchin' In The Kitchen 04:50
07. Our Delight 04:41
08. Caldonia 02:49
09. West Side Baby 05:53
10. High Stakes Woman 03:33
11. Mary Jo 03:04
12. What A Wonderful World 04:38
13. Corner Pocket 03:57
14 Spin, Flip, And Dip 04:13
15. St. Louis Blues (Alternate) 03:57

Alan Arena - Where's the Rainbow (2007)

                                                               Alan Arena   
Where's the Rainbow is twelve original songs that sing. Born from the best of American songwriting and recorded with vintage sounds and great musicians.


01. How About It Mama 02:50
02. Bouncing Off of Nothing 03:44
03. Let's Go Downtown 03:43
04. Loosen up 02:28
05. Where's the Rainbow 02:55
06. Pray Some More 03:39
07. Doing 110 At 3am 03:39
08. Northern Wind 05:14
09. Come Out and Play 01:55
10. Shine a Light 03:10
11. You Treat Me Bad 03:25
12. Please Leave a Message 03:43

Piper-Hopkins Band - Every Chance I Get (2018)

                                                        Piper-Hopkins Band
Rhythm & Groove; A kinetic fusion of Blues, Rock, Reggae, R&B, Country, Folk, Jazz & Soul. An eclectic mixture of songs featuring soulful vocals & powerfully melodic guitar.


Jason Arnold – Drums
Paul Dabrowski – Bass
Carl Hopkins
Steve Piper


01. Every Chance I Get 03:06     
02. Howling at the Moon 03:06         
03. Boogie Blues 03:30         
04. Dark Blue Night 04:18         
05. Sittin' on My Front Porch 03:10         
06. I'm Just a Man 04:46

The Blue Lads - Hero (2014)

                                                              The Blue Lads
"Hero", to be released in December 2014, is the first EP of the Italian blues trio "The Blue Lads", and stays in the middle between the tradition of the Delta and the modern blues-rock influences.
The four tracks that make it up are short, raw and direct, veiled in blues melancholy but with a strong rock soul, also thanks to lyrics that constantly reflect the angry mood of the disc.
The EP was recorded completely live in studio, mixed in Milan (IT) and mastered at Metropolis Studios in London (UK) along with Andy "Hippy" Baldwin.


Alessandro Taveggia - Guitar/Vocals
Davide Martini - Bass Guitar
Marco Gorla - Drums


01. Hero 04:09         
02. New Awakening 03:45         
03. The Truth 03:17         
04. Boogie At 5 04:43

Dave Mell Blues Band - Rollin' Man (2006)

                                                        Dave Mell Blues Band
The Dave Mell Blues band plays it's own intense style of rockin' blues. Fans throughout eastern Pennsylvania have enjoyed the band's blues stylings featuring Dave's smoking guitar for years. Now, the Dave Mell Blues Band has released its latest studio CD entitled “Rollin’ Man”. The CD features 18 songs, including plenty of your favorite Dave Mell interpretations of well-known blues tunes as well as a few original tunes songs written by Dave and Ellen Mell. Dave and Ellen take turns handling all of the lead vocals of the CD.

The core of the band is made up of Dave Mell on vocals and guitar, Ellen Mell on vocals, Tom Malafarina on bass and backing vocals, Dave Black on drums, Buddy Cleveland on harmonica, and Darren Rich on keyboards. In addition, many other talented musicians from the eastern Pennsylvania area provide their support the duo both instrumentally and with backing vocals. With 18 songs, Rollin' Man highlights the talents of the band in a number of styles. If you like high energy, instense blues, you'll love Rollin' Man.


01. Born Under A Bad Sign 04:30   
02. Too Poor To Die 04:19   
03. Rollin' Man 03:30   
04. Can't Judge A Book By The Cover 03:55   
05. Now That's Cool! 03:59   
06. How Blue Can You Get? 03:27   
07. Built For Comfort 03:43       
08. I'm Tore Down 03:54
09. I Just Wanna Make Love To You 04:35   
10. It Hurts Me Too 03:16   
11. Running After You 04:28   
12. So Much Trouble 03:33   
13. Hootchie Cootchie Man 04:53   
14. Boom Boom Boom 04:01   
15. Little By Little 03:51   
16. Every Day I Have The Blues 05:34
17. Don't Let Go 04:33   
18. Piece Of My Heart 04:47

The Vipers - Reptile EP (2019)

                                                               The Vipers
Reptiler EP is a cracking 5 track ep from 4 piece rockabilly band the Vipers who are based in Finland, and I love it!
With a great blend of old and modern rockabilly this band is well worth checking out.

The 5 tracks are:

“Cabin Fever” has a bit more of a modern Hillbilly sound, up-tempo wild track and very good.

“Honey Hush” is of course a cover of the Burnette trio track and I have to say it’s very good. Musically authentic but with a modern influence. Great track

“Race with the Devil” a hit for Gene Vincent is covered very well by the band, great Rockabilly bopper.

“Recharge Me” is a modern day stroller, mid-tempo cool track, Love it.

“Rehab in Dallas” is a modern sounding up-tempo rockabilly blast, fast and wild, Very much a 21st century track.

Nice EP and for all you technobillys one well worth downloading.




01. Rehab in Dallas [Explicit]
02. Honey Hush
03. Recharge Me
04. Race with the Devil
05. Cabin Fever

James Crouch - Simple Complexities (2013)

                                                            James Crouch            
“Jim Crouch is a blues-rock guitar master… who can play as well as blues greats like BB King and Stevie Ray Vaughan”.
For lovers of Clapton, Santana, Beck and other makers of great guitar music with great vocals.


James Crouch - Guitars, Vocal track 08
Viviana Clary - Vocals
Zane Bowman - Vocals
Dale Rock - Drums
Scott Corwin - Drums
Ron Foster - Drums
Dan Walters - Bass & Keys
Todd Taylor - Bass
Bob Perrone - Keys
Tommy Orta - Percussion


01. Between The Sheets 03:50
02. Los Suenos 04:46
03. Let Me Be Me 04:40
04. Demon Seed 03:52
05. Immigrant Song 02:33
06. Bite Me 03:45
07. Black Stockings 05:32
08. I Drink Alone 03:20 
09. One For Roy 04:14
10. Running On Faith 07:21

Ray Fuller And The Bluesrockers - Pay The Price (2019)

                                                                Ray Fuller
From the time Fuller got his first guitar, he’s been causing ripples in the blues/rock genre. Those ripples have turned to waves over the years and now the tsunami that is PAY THE PRICE crashes on the shores of the listening public. -American Blues Scene.

From the time we hit play on the opening track, “Hoodoo Train,” we knew exactly why. The title itself gives us a clue to what was coming. The song begins with a 10 second intro reminiscent of the opening of the Beatles’ “Get Back.” That anticipatory tingle was enough to get our short hairs to stand up in expectancy. Fuller’s abounding baritone voice blasted out of our speakers on top of a rhythm section made up of Doc Malone (harmonica), Glen “Manny” Manuel (bass), and Darrell Jumper (drums), that are tighter than a miser’s purse strings.

It’s always great when an artist opens with an original song, and this tale of the teller’s travels from Memphis to Louisiana touches all the blues bases, from diddley bows to Cajun squeeze boxes and all things in between. It’s a lesson in swamp music, and all that entails, told to a rockin’ slide guitar rhythm, and remember that’s just the first of 14 tracks.

The title cut comes in the second spot, with Fuller’s raspy, overdriven guitar leading the way. Imagine if you will Earl Hooker meets Sonny Landreth. We’re reminded in a little more than 3 minutes that there’s a price to be paid for everything. Fuller’s voice is solid and unassuming throughout the recording. We can understand every word, and every nuance without having to second guess a lyric.

“Pearlene,” is a house-rocker right to the floorboards, and the Chuck Berry influence didn’t escape us. We can see in our mind’s eye Fuller duck walking across the stage with Jumper’s snare cracking down like a 9 pound hammer on a two pound stone. As we kept listening, we realize that St. Louis’ favorite son is one of Ray’s favorites too.

“Mojo Hand,” is the first of 6 cover songs on Pay the Price. The Lightnin’ Hopkins classic is given new life in the form of a crunchy guitar driven funk/blues piece with Malone’s lickin’ stick almost stealing the show. Almost. But it was damn sure enough to make our teeth sweat. Woo-wee!

Fuller next delivers a smoldering version of Louisiana Red’s “Alabama Train.” Now we’re starting to see a pattern emerge. That’s a couple of Louisiana songs, and couple of train songs. A damned sweet homage to the deep south via a blues rocker from Ohio. The thing about it though is that he doesn’t phone these songs in. We’re not reading them in a second hand storybook. We’re hearing them from a group we just know experienced these things for themselves. See what being on the road on will do for you?

Next to grace our earholes was Muddy Waters’ “Rollin’ and Tumblin’.” This is a much covered ditty that artists as varied as Cream, Johnny Winter, Canned Heat, and Cyndi Lauper have all committed to vinyl. Not only does Fuller’s upbeat, stomp your feet and slap your mama, slide rock version stand up to them, but surpasses many previous releases. Could be our personal favorite, but we’ll hear out the record before making that decision.

“Mean and Evil Woman,” begins with Fuller making the train talk via guitar on this original (there’s that pattern again). About 20 seconds in, the song presents its true colors. A Chicago variety slow burner, it’s destined to leave blood, sweat and shoes on plenty of 3 am dancefloors. Just as every metal band has a ballad or two that show another side of their personality, so it is that we feel the after-hours, smoke filled, baby making music of the Bluesrockers in all their glory on this track.

We made mention of Chuck Berry’s influence on “Pearlene.” On track 8 Ray delivers a spot on rendition of Chuck’s “I Will Not Let You Go.” The addition of harmonica and Fuller’s vocals taking things down an octave, makes it original enough that it not only pays respect to Berry’s version, but it also becomes Fuller’s own.

Four Ray Fuller originals follow, starting with another slide rocker, “Bad Luck and Trouble.” Two things any true blues artists can expound on in depth. Ray manages to do it in under 3 minutes, putting him in the company of some of rock and roll’s pioneers.

There are hundreds, if not thousands of blues songs that talk of the devil and of women. “Devil Woman,” covers them both in another genuine, crunchy song. As we mentioned before Fuller’s rhythm section is tighter than an otter’s pocket, but Manny’s bass on this track hit so hard we could not just hear, but feel it.

“Keep On Keepin’ On,” is another blues rocker that bears similarities to both Berry and one of the kings of rockabilly, Carl Perkins. There is no argument that the blues begat rock and roll, and this cut is 2019 proof that the begetting ain’t done yet.

“Don’t Leave the Man You Love,” is near straight up club blues, from the 4 count beginning to the jazzy backbeat. Fuller takes out nearly all the crispy fuzz leaving a smooth, clean, reverb guitar sound that truly cleanses the musical palate.

The final two cuts on Pay the Price are cover songs. And believe me when I say, we don’t have a problem with that. Especially when they come in the form of John Lee Hooker’s “My Father Was a Jockey,” and Hank Ballard’s “Tore Up.”

Hooker was so impressed with Fuller when they met decades ago, that he took the whole band out to dinner, and then invited them on the road. “My Father Was a Jockey,” is a nod to the late, great boogie man himself, in the form of one of Hooker’s lesser known songs. The crunchy guitar is back for this one, along with pounding bass and drums, and blues harp so sweet it sounds like angels.


01. Hoodoo Train
02. Pay The Price
03. Pearlene
04. Mojo Hand
05. Alabama Train
06. Rollin' And Tumblin'
07. Mean And Evil Woman
08. I Will Not Let You Go
09. Bad Luck And Trouble
10. Devil Woman
11. Keep On Keepin' On
12. Don't Leave The Man You Love
13. My Father Is A Jockey
14. Tore Up

terça-feira, 28 de maio de 2019

Włodzimierz Sobczak & Blues Point - Z Życia (2019)

                                                        Włodzimierz Sobczak
Wlodzimierz Sobczak, founder and leader of the Blues Point band. After years of playing with the band, he recorded his own album.


01. Silna Kobieta 3:34
02. Rzeka Kłamstw 03:26     
03. Bieg 03:55     
04. Walka Z Losem 03:53     
05. Nie Odwracaj Się 03:14     
06. Słońce Daje Siłę 03:57
07. Piękny Dzień 03:24     
08. Zazdrość 04:10     
09. Balsam 03:43     
10. Stres 03:22     
11. Czas Ucieka 04:22

Pistol Pete and the Professionals - Loaded (1995)

                                                               Pistol Pete
“Pete has been a mainstay of the blues scene in the Northern Illinois area for a very long time. He is a renaissance bluesman covering all the bases from acoustic to high-energy electric blues. He is the complete package, a master musician of the highest caliber. It's been a pleasure having him around all these years.”
Benjamin “Pistol Pete” Newell was born in Los Angeles but moved to Chicago to be raised by his beloved aunt and uncle when he was just 2 months old. Living on Maxwell Street, an area known as Jew Town, he was surrounded by blues music, though his uncle also introduced him to Jimi Hendrix and the psychedelic rock movement. He learned guitar from his uncle at age 4, performed for his first live audiences at 10 and had formed several bands with friends by his teenage years.

It was a Chicago police officer who daily frequented his aunt and uncle’s restaurant who first coined the nickname “Pistol Pete” after hearing the youngster play, but years later, when a young bandmate suggested the group name “Pistol Pete and the Professionals,” it stuck. The unrelated incidents sparked a name and a career that has spanned decades.

Pete released his first album, Loaded, in 1995, and won first place in the 1996 Asti Spumante Showtime talent search, which led to a performance at The Apollo in New York City. In 1997, he took the country by storm, winning the national Jimi Hendrix Electric Guitar Competition. Since then, he has won countless awards for his guitar and performance skills and has opened for musical acts such as Buddy Guy, Junior Wells, Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown, Foreigner, Kansas, Foghat and Cheap Trick.



Pistol Pete - Vocals, Guitars
Foxmaster Woods - Bass
John Zissis - Drums
Special Guests
Duke Blues - Drums
Dave Phelps - Harmonica
Arik Jenkins - Bass


01. Pschedlic Blues Man 03:34
02. Coming Home 04:25
03. Put A Hurt On You 03:39
04. Ain't No Doubt 02:52
05. She's Evil 03:42
06. Stallion 03:54
07. Jones'n For Ya 03:44
08. Takin' A Chance 03:16
09. Gonna Come A Day 04:33
10. Cadillac Man 03:34
11. Big Leg Woman 03:41
12. Make Up Your Mind 05:09
13. Loaded 02:42
14. Wired 03:41
15. Pass Meets Wes 03:19

Ray Schinnery - Between You And Me (2010)

                                                             Ray Schinnery
New York City-based blues guitarist, songwriter and singer Ray Schinnery is a regionally known talent who may break into the national spotlight in the coming years. Schinnery released his own album, Al Grey and Clark Terry Introduce Ray Schinnery on C&D Records in 1992.

Schinnery was raised in New York City, and was influenced by jazz guitarists and classic rhythm & blues in the early 1950s. In 1952, after hearing B.B. King, Schinnery decided to make blues his life's work. Since becoming a professional in the mid-1950s, Schinnery has toured or recorded with Jimmy Witherspoon, Big Mama Thornton, Big Maybelle, King Curtis and Tiny Grimes. Schinnery has also worked with backing bands and artists such as Nancy Wilson, Stanley Turrentine, David "Fathead" Newman, Harold Melvin and the Bluenotes and Gloria Lynne.

Schinnery can be heard in many of New York City's nightclubs, leading his own band.


01. Heavy Women 05:32    
02. Let Well Enough Be 05:58    
03. All I Want 04:06    
04. Friend 03:49    
05. Hotline For Husbands 04:08    
06. Country Boy 04:57    
07. I Know What I Know 04:07    
08. The Thrill I Get 04:19    
09. Stop and Talk About My Baby 07:59    
10. Don't Tell Me About No Friendship 03:15

Joe Blues - You Can't Be Too Old for the Blues (2005)

                                                                  Joe Blues
This is the debut CD from a group of four musicians brought together by the love of the blues. They have been described as an “entertaining fusion of Chicago blues” and “traditional blues style” while infusing a little touch of rock-n-roll. They have been honored by reviewer’s awards such as: ‘Best Blues Bass’, ‘Best Blues Beat’, ‘Best Blues Guitars’, and ‘Best Blues Vocals’ for their debut CD release ‘Can’t Be Too Old for the Blues’. This is one CD that will give you that good-time-and-feelin-so-good-gotta-get-up-and-get-it-on-kinda-blues-thing for the day.


01. She Was Already Gone 02:54
02. Walkin' Shoes 02:46
03. Monkeys in a Zoo 04:07
04. Get It On (With the Blues) 03:45
05. Backseat Drivers 03:34
06. If Your Mama Only Knew 02:56
07. Double Time 03:53
08. You Can't Be Too Old for the Blues 03:13
09. Gotta Go 02:47

DVL - Diablo (2016)

DVL is an occasional collective consisting of American harmonica virtuoso and singer Guy Forsyth, guitar god Jon Amor, guitarist Robin Davey, king of shuffle drummer Mark Barrett and bassist Dave Doherty. All of them experts in the interpretation of filthy and gritty blues.

The story has since been told many times: the Guy Forsyth Band and The Hoax were both programmed during Bluesrock Tegelen 2013. At the end of the The Hoax performance, Guy played the song Goin To The Church with them and together they fabulously presented a tribute to Lester Butler, the unfortunately deceased harmonica player / singer of The Red Devils. There in Tegelen the idea arose to repeat this trick that was excellent for all parties.

Although these kinds of interesting plans sometimes fall into oblivion and / or fade away, the men nevertheless breathed new life into this initiative and in March of this year they actually announced a real tour. With mainly performances in the Netherlands, but also some in Denmark and the UK.

In September 2016 they came to do the first series of performances and decided to have the concert of 7 September professionally recorded. And where is that better than at the men of Blues Moose Cafe. In front of a full auditorium De Nachtwacht in the De Linde complex in Groesbeek, the men hurled their whole soul and bliss into the enthusiastic audience, which had arrived in large numbers.

The results are impressive. The 11 songs blaze out of the boxes one by one and especially the live aspect really comes into its own. Almost the full "King King" album can be heard, unfortunately no Automatic and no Quarter To Twelve but with Time To Cry. The recordings were then mixed and mastered by Dave Doherty and the album is, of course, dedicated to Lester Butler. Furthermore, this album is an excellent tribute to Lester Butler and The Red Devils. Because that was ultimately the intention. A tribute and also a whole lot of fun! Power, passion and groove, it's all in this live album.


Guy Forsyth - Vocals & Harmonica
Jon Amor - Guitar
Robin Davey - Guitar
Mark Barrett - Drums
Dave Doherty - Bass


01. She's Dangerous 05:15    
02. Highway Man 04:22    
03. Devil Woman  06:50    
04. I Wish You Would 03:02    
05. Cross Your Heart 06:30    
06. Cut That Out  05:12    
07. Tail Dragger 05:53    
08. No Fightin' 05:36    
09. Pray For Me  03:32    
10. Going To The Church 05:07    
11. Time To Cry 05:35

El Leyton & los Cerrucos - Estación Mataquito (2018)

                                                      El Leyton & los Cerrucos
Banda de blues integrada por El Leyton y por los músicos Javier Lepe, Patricio Bahamondes y Roberto Cancino; la agrupación está radicada en la provincia de Curicó, Chile. Se han presentado por diversos lugares de la escena del blues y el rock de Chile. Las composiciones de la banda están fuertemente arraigadas en la experiencia del campo chileno y en las historias y rescate del imaginario colectivo de las ciudades y localidades de las provincias de Chile central, basando su sonido en el Texas blues, Chicago blues y country music.


01. Pregón del Cochayuyo 03:30    
02. Lleve un Bolso a 100 04:05         
03. Ajo y Cebolla 04:14         
04. Casa Rosada 09:09    
05. Bebida Nacional (Mote Con Huesillos) 03:48    
06. Porotos Burros 06:24         
07. Perro Viejo 07:38         
08. Tren a Palquibudis 03:46         
09. Playa Iloca Cerruco's Boogie 05:37         
10. Vino Con Melón 04:19    
11. Soy Cerruco 04:22

Peter Poirier - Empty Arms (2019)

                                                              Peter Poirier
“Empty Arms” is a strong representation of what a 1950s blues/R&B band traveling around the country sounded like. This CD is the debut recording by Boston area guitarist and vocalist Peter Poirier. It’s a solid set of traditional electric band blues played with taste and conviction. On display is an obvious love for the styles of BB King, Freddy King, and others.
Peter’s voice is warm and inviting. From the first few measures of “Bad Luck,” the opening track, he and the ensemble are fully immersed in the essence of true blues style. Brad Hallen on acoustic and electric bass, Matt McCabe on piano, Mark Teixeira on drums, and Mark Earley on saxophone do a first class job. The grooves are deep and the tempos relaxed as Peter’s guitar and voice lead us through the ten tracks. Songs like “No More Alcohol” and “Someday Baby” are excellent vehicles for Peter’s sound, which is light and engaging. His understanding of the late 40s/50s blues phrasing gives his performances a warm appeal. On Ike Turner’s “I’m Tore Up” Peter comes on strong with a classic up tempo shuffle that grooves. It’s all idiomatically correct. Everyone here has studied this style, among others, for decades.
This is an especially nuanced performance by an artist with his own style and original vision who pays respect to the blues tradition in the best possible way.


01. Bad Luck 03:21       
02. No More Alcohol 03:02   
03. Someday Baby 02:54       
04. I Wonder Why 04:09       
05. And Like That 02:55       
06. Empty Arms 03:13       
07. I Cry for You 03:04       
08. I'm Tore Up 02:46       
09. You Know That You Love Me 02:43   
10. Heads Up 02:29

George Freeman - George the Bomb! (2019)

                                                            George Freeman
Chicago guitarist and jazz legend George Freeman explodes with his new original songs, tracing his roots back to the blues, with special guest Billy Branch on harp and vocals.



George Freeman - Guitar, Vocals
Billy Branch - Harmonica, Vocals
John Devlin - 6-string electric Bass, Accordion and Vocals
Luiz Ewerling - Drums, Percussion
Joanie Pallatto - Vocals
Bradley Parker-Sparrow - Piano


01. George the Bomb! 05:47
02. Gorgeous George 07:20
03. Where's the Cornbread? 07:22
04. Tonto 05:57
05. Help Me 07:29
06. Uncle Funky 05:20
07. The Music Goes 'Round and Around 03:42
08. Cha Cha Blue 03:43
09. Home Grown Tomatoes 04:20
10. Intimate 05:05
11. Al Carter-Bey 03:14

segunda-feira, 27 de maio de 2019

JR Clark - January Rain (2017)

                                                                JR Clark        
J R Clark and the All Star Blues Mob explore all styles of Blues including Chicago Blues/Soul/Rock/Regae and Country on this critically acclaimed album! Showing a wide range of versatility and original song writing. This is must have for music lovers!

J R Clark and the All Star Blues mobs latest release "January Rain" in a disc in the spirit of the late great Luther Allison. Complete with horn section which includes Kenny Anderson "Trumpet" -Luther Allison Band /Chicago Blues All-Stars, Johnny Cotton "Trombone" -Chicago Blues All Stars/ Ohio Players on five tracks this album has a big sound that will make you want to turn the volume up! The band which consists of Chicago Blues Legends "Johnny B. Gayden " - Albert Collins and the Ice Breakers- on Bass and 'Jerry "Bam Bam" Porter '- former drummer for Buddy Guy and James Cotton. Both are Chicago Blues Hall of Fame Inductees. On Keys is "Willie Styles" who briefly toured with the late Robert Ward. J R Clark fronts the band on vocals and guitar. Earning his dues over the years grinding away in the club scene and learning from his mentor Chicago Blues Legend "Lil Ed Williams"about showmanship, J R 's songwriting skills, vocals and string bending are showcased on this disc. J R Clarks growth in songwriting and as a vocalist are evident on songs which show his range like "Today, I Fell In Love All Over Again" (a soul ballad dedicated to his wife) to the title cut "January Rain" which has an Albert King feel with vocal spirit of Luther Allison and a special take on James Browns "It's A Man's World" where J R gives a heartfelt rendition of this classic. This disc has something for everyone. Chicago Blues, Soul, Country and even a little Reggae. The song "Something Funny" is done in the spirit of Reggae and touches on the state of the homeless today and the conmen out there who make you second guess yourself when wanting to help. When you hear the song "Shakin' Magarita's" you can almost picture the men huddled up to the bar after a hard day work lining up just to see Maria make her drinks that is the highlight of their day. This album has such a variety that you look forward to hearing what is coming up next!


01. January Rain 04:26         
02. Big Ol' World 05:02         
03. Train03:31         
04. Today I Fell in Love All over Again 06:12         
05. Still My Baby 03:52         
06. Something Funny 05:45         
07. Hard Workin' 03:47         
08. Storm Blowin' 05:29         
09. Shakin' Margaritas 04:45         
10. Your Good Lovin' 04:23    
11. After Midnight 04:01    
12. Hot Lunch Mama 05:10    
13. It's a Man's World 06:48

Back Rent Blues Band - Back Rent Blues (2017)

                                                        Back Rent Blues Band
This groovy Back Rent Blues EP will move your body and feed your soul.

Walk into any blues bar and you could have a biker on one side and a professional on the other. The music is the great leveller, where the instruments all talk to one another and it's a working class conversation.

We're the Back Rent Blues Band and we are revisiting countless hits from the past and turn them into our own sound. With only one goal in mind - connecting and moving people through the spirit of our music.


01. Lonely Mind Lonely Nights 03:52         
02. Going Downtown 03:52         
03. Bourbon Street 04:47         
04. Evening Train 04:46         
05. Coffee Shop 04:25

3 Below - Adventurer Powered (2010)

                                                                  3 Below
Twin Cities guitar slinger Paul Holland has produced a gem with Adventurer Powered! Ten tracks of guitar-slinging fun. A winner of a MN Music award for best abum, plus Dancin with Gene, a Leo Kottke style song, that earned Paul a Twin Cities best acoustic guitarist contest title!

A heapin helpin of classic guitar blues-rock! Jimi/SRV style, plus a sizzling acoustic fingerpicking song, "Dancin with Gene"!


Rich Pearson - Bass, Vocals   
Paul Haaland - Guitar, Lead Vocals
Michael Ashwood - Keyboards 
David Doll - Percussion, Vocals


01. Medicine Man 05:52
02. Cinnamon 04:20
03. Shot Of Love 03:54
04. Steamtrain 04:29
05. Easy Come Easy Go 04:35
06. Dancin' With Gene 02:33
07. Just Like Candy 05:09
08. I Wanna Be Your Dog 03:45
09. Bulletproof 05:57
10. Power Of Love 05:39

domingo, 26 de maio de 2019

Vincent Druda - Blues With Attitude (2005)

                                                            Vincent Druda
Vincent Druda received the Quebec Lys Blues award for New Artist of The Year when he was only 19 years of age. Now, at 20, he’s looking to take the next step. His first album “Blues With Attitude” was launched at the end of 2005 and is getting very favourable reviews. His guitar playing is flashy, technical and exciting – combining many different styles that he studied throughout his teen years… however, it ultimately remains blues. Let’s find out more about Vincent Druda – one of Quebec’s young guns…


01. Reggie's Blues 01:44   
02. Our Love is Drifting 04:51   
03. Travelling Riverside Blues 04:13   
04. Blues with Attitude 03:27   
05. Blues du 30 sous 03:22   
06. Me and the Devil 05:58   
07. Jessie James 04:29   
08. Blues en d'sous d'zéro 03:55   
09. Sonny boy blow 04:19   
10. Walking Blues 03:48   
11. Walking on Sunset 03:17   
12. All Your Love 03:37   

Fillmore Sims - It's Going To Be My Time After While (1996)

                                                            Fillmore Sims
He records this unrecognized record under the name of Fillmore Sims (and not Slim) for a small local label. He seems to have composed and produced all the tracks, playing all the instruments too (guitar, bass, keyboards and drums). Alone at the controls, he proposes here a really uneven album with a lack of means that is clearly felt and a synthetic sound uninviting. We can, however, retain this disappointing record "I'm broke baby" or "It's going to be my time after awhile".

He records this unknown record under the name of Fillmore Sims (and not Slim) for a small local label. He seems to have composed and produced all the titles, playing also of all instruments (guitar, bass, keyboards and drums). Alone in command, he proposes a really unven album with a clear lack of means and a little engaging synthetic sound. We can, however, retain this disappointing disc "I'm broke baby" or "It's going to be my time after awhile".

01. I'm Broke Baby    
02. Slippin' Out    
03. Slow Blues    
04. All the people I could have been    
05. I Hear You Cryin'    
06. Cuttin-N-Loosen    
07. It's Going To Be My Time After While    
08. Instrumental

Bob Levis - Barstool Blues (2008)

                                                                Bob Levis
Blues guitar aficiandos all over the world have admired the body of work that Bob Levis has created over the last 30-plus years. Recognized as one of the finest rhythm guitar players in the Chicago Blues guitar tradition, Bob's first solo recording quickly demonstrates he is equally skilled as a lead guitar player.

Other musicians on Barstool Blues include -

Lonnie Brooks - vocals and rhythm guitar on a rousing version of “Can’t Hold Out Much Longer”

Steve Ditzell - vocal and guitar on four tracks - served lengthy stints in the Junior Wells/Buddy Guy Band and KoKo Taylor’s band - check out his harrowing take of “Double Trouble”

Big Jim Johnson - vocal and harp on four tracks - Mississippi native still has the country feel even after seven decades of life

Marty Binder - drums - veteran worked with Albert Collins, KoKo Taylor and Coco Montoya

Andy Linderman - harp - and Jimmy Voegeli - keyboards - both are members of the very popular Westside Andy - Mel Ford Band out of Madison, WI

The high points of Bob's legacy is the work he did with Lonnie Brooks and the legendary Otis Rush. Appearances on classic recordings like Cold Day In Hell and Bayou Lightning displayed the intricate lines and sensitive support that can only come from a master craftsman.

Starting with Little Sonny Wimberly, former Muddy Waters bass player,Bob honed his skills with Sonny playing the Checkerboard Lounge,Peppers Lounge,Queen Bee’s,the Sugar Cube and other venues on the southside of Chicago.
In the mid 70s thru the mid 80s Bob recorded and toured nationally and internationally with Otis Rush and Lonnie Brooks.

Bob worked locally in the internationally famous Kingston Mines house band in Chicago for 18 years where Otis Rush tapped him once again to tour and record from 1999 thru 2001.

Bob is currently playing with Ernie & the Po’Boys and his band, The Barstool Bob Blues Band.


01. It Takes Time 05:50   
02. Why Are People Like That? 04:24   
03. Can't Hold out Much Longer 05:38       
04. Mystery Train 05:06       
05. Double Trouble 08:38   
06. Barstool Breakdown 06:11   
07. I'm Coming Down with the Blues 06:20   
08. Three Times a Fool 05:13       
09. Just to Be with You 04:52   
10. Shuffle-Isko 04:49   
11. Now I'm Good 04:39   
12. Blues Before Sunrise 07:24   
13. Gettin' out of Town 04:22   

Dave Keyes - Roots In The Blues (2009)

                                                                 Dave Keyes
Dave's musical journey started in the spiritual Southern sounds of blues, soul and classic boogie-woogie, and continues through Dave's recent CD's and his vibrant soulful live shows. Dave's masterful rapport with his audience has become a distinctive element for Dave and his band. "Roots In The Blues" is a diverse set of mostly original material that ranges from shuffles and rollicking boogie to soulful R&B, zydeco, country and solo gospel piano. It features special guests Larry Campbell (Levon Helm, Bob Dylan) and bluesmaster Popa Chubby. This disc was recorded at Skyline NYC and at Popa Chubby’s Serpentine Studio. Dave Keyes has a rolling piano style with a solid left hand.


01. Blues Bearing Dow
02. Lovin' All The Time
03. Bye Bye Baby
04. All Black And Blue
05. Down To The Bones
06. Didn't It Rain
07. Inside You
08. The Crawl
09. You're My Party
10. Angels Keep Watching Over Me

Johnie B. Sanders - Blues Club Jumpin' (2004)

                                                          Johnie B. Sanders
Johnie B.Sanders has been playing guitar for the last 42 years.He started in Las Vegas from 1975 to 1977 at various clubs and venues. He went back to Chicago and began playing and singing vocals at several clubs there for 22 years. He has played at Chicago blues festival,and worked with people such as Mary Lane,Nate Turner,Johnny Doller, and played with Johnny B.Moore, Harmonica Hines, Lindsey Alexanders,Willie D.,Al Block In 1999.


01. Blues Club Jumpin' 03:54         
02. I'm Your Lover Man 03:42         
03. Feelin' Blue 05:07         
04. Junkyard Dog 03:58         
05. I Got To Be Used By The Blues 04:34         
06. All That Good Lovin' 03:59    
07. Sweetest Woman 05:30         
08. You're Tight 03:38         
09. Somethin's Wrong 03:39    
10. Jazzy Blues 04:27

Davide Floreno - One Thursday Evening (2011)

                                                             Davide Floreno
Born in Rome and making his home in Helsinki, Finland, Davide Floreno is best known as the right-hand man to contemporary blues artist Erja Lyytinen. He has played lead & rhythm guitar on each of Lyytinen's first four international releases and accompanied her on hundreds of live dates. He'd have no problem keeping it that way. "I’m not much of a singer and I am not a front man by any means," says this modest six-string maestro. "I like to be on the side." But Lyytinen's fans, recognizing Floreno as an integral part of her sound, have been pestering him about a solo album for years.

So last summer, when Lyytinen's band had two days off between festivals, Floreno decided to oblige them. One Thursday Evening, an album of ten topflight instrumentals, showcases him together with other core members of the Erja Lyytinen band: bassist Roger Innis, drummer Miri Miettinen, keyboarder Harri Taittonen as well as select guests including Lyytinen herself on a pair of cuts. "The current line-up is the best band I've ever been involved with. You can throw pretty much anything at these guys and they'll nail it straight away."

The impromptu session took place in a cramped rehearsal space cluttered with drums, amps, tour cases, mics and cables. Floreno originally planned to lay down basic tracks and then overdub his guitar, but when push came to shove, he and the band went 100% live. In the course of a single day (hence the album title), the musicians set up, sound checked and got the whole album done. "In retrospect," says Floreno, "it was the right thing to do. There's definitely some sour moments on my part, but I like the struggle. Kind of like Buddy Guy when he goes wild. Just when you think he's really out there and lost, he lands on his feet and it sounds great."

Floreno didn't set out to copy his guitar heroes, but to make an album that feels like the classic recordings he loves most. He has always been partial to American rhythm & blues, professing his admiration for everyone from James Brown to the renowned "Three Kings": B.B., Freddie and – more than any other artist – Albert King. "Guys like that had the ability to be really tight and still sound extremely relaxed. And that always fascinated me."
This really gets to the heart of the matter. Recorded smack in the middle of a busy concert season, One Thursday Evening captures a band at the top of their game, locked in and grooving. But there's nothing hectic or hurried about that groove. The music they create evokes images of dusty roads and southern jukes where slow is the order of the day – because it's just too damn hot to move any faster. Once upon a time, the measured pace of life in the American south filtered into the way people like Albert King played the guitar. He wasn't about crazy-fast licks and hundreds of notes and neither is Floreno. One Thursday Evening moves at a casual clip, leaving Floreno and his mates plenty of space to stretch out and shine as they deliver impressionistic splashes of jazz, some straight-ahead Bo Diddley bounce and a whole lot of gutbucket blues.


01. Droolin' 05:08
02. Jone's Groove 04:22
03. Gutbucket 03:13
04. Blues For Miss E 08:42
05. Mister Sandman 02:39
06. Who Does The Dishes 05:05
07. Beautiful Love 08:27
08. Broadcast (03:58
09. Space Boogie 04:55
10. Munkka 03:41