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John Littlejohn - When Your Best Friends Turn Their Back On You (1999)

                                                             John Littlejohn
John Littlejohn's stunning mastery of the slide guitar somehow never launched him into the major leagues of bluesdom. Only on a handful of occasions was the Chicago veteran's vicious bottleneck attack…


Harlan Terson - Bass Guitar 
Jody Young - Drums 
Craig Davis - Guitar 
Johnny Littlejohnb - Guitar, Vocals 
Ralph Lapetina - Piano


01.The Sun Is Shining 3:54
02.If You Don't Want Me 4:15
03.29 Ways 2:31
04.Drifting 6:01
05.Slidin' Home 3:32
06.Feel Like Choppin' 3:43
07.What In The World 5:14
08.I Didn't Know Baby 3:54
09.Johnny's Jive 3:47
10.Keep On Running 4:46

Andrew 'Jr Boy' Jones - Mr. Domestic (2002)

                                                         Andrew 'Jr Boy' Jones
After leaving Rounder, Andrew has recorded two more CDs of his own. The first is a 2002 endeavor of all original tunes, Mr. Domestic (Galexc Records 7001), wherein Andrew finds comedic material in household situations confronting every man - “My Work,” “Baby I’m Sorry,” and “I Get No Respect.”


01. My Work
02. Baby I'm Sorry
03. Mr. Domestic
04. She's Fine
05. Blues Belly
06. I Got To Go
07. Bang Bang
08. These Dreams
09. I'm The One
10. Bad Luck Is On Me
11. I Get No Respect

Zooloo Blues Band - Let's Get Hot! (2008)

                                                           Zooloo Blues Band
The singer Zooloo formed her blues band in Quebec, Canada, in 1999. However, tired of the small local scene of Abitibi, her hometown, she moves to Gatineau, where she finds new musicians interested in her musical style. Already with his new band he recorded in 2005 his first album "En Blues Foncé", in which he began to show the style he was going to develop for his second production, "Let's Get Hot!", A mix of blues and hard rock, very Inspired by the sound of Led Zeppelin, Scorpions and Big Mama Thornton. Zooloo's voice is strong and with a lot of attitude, while Louis Trudel's guitar impresses blues lovers with their precision.


01. Hypocritical
02. Who's That Talking
03. Hot Stuff On the Bayou
04. Alone
05. Missionary Way
06. Love Hurts
07. Let's Get Hot
08. No Mile Are Too Far
09. Lie for You
10. Blues In Paris
11. Everything for You
12. Sorry to Be Me

Salvatore Amara & The Easy Blues Band - Black as Coal (2018)

                                                           Salvatore Amara
"BLACK AS COAL" (Black as the Coal) is the fifth album by the band of singer, guitarist and author Salvatore Amara from Cagliari, who composed music and lyrics. It is a concept album that revolves around the mines and the world around them, for which the author was inspired by Su Gridu de su Minadore (1904), a poem written by the poet of Tresnuraghes Sebastiano Moretti Pittanu (1868-1932 ), set in late 19th century Sardinia, revised and set to rock-blues by Salvatore Amara.

"The harsh work in inhuman and deplorable conditions of the miners, the oppression and the difficulties they daily experience - explains Salvatore Amara - and also the need to rebel and make a common front against exploiters and oppressors; this is the theme of "BLACK AS COAL", Black as Charcoal ".

The songs range from the title track "Black as Coal", which opens and closes the album in two completely different versions, to "So far away from home", a ballad in which electric guitar and dobro intertwine; "Horses", which in its rhythm recalls the incessant galloping of horses, and "Los Moros" (I Mori), poetry in music dedicated by the author to our island. The brilliant and funny, at least in its bearing, "Fallin 'down", and finally "Let's fight!", Whose title is in itself sufficient to understand the content of the text. All these tracks by Salvatore Amara, who, however, did not omit some references to the American tradition, to spiritual & country-blues, with the classics “Mary had a little lamb”, “Swing low, sweet Chariot” and "John Henry", which tells the story of the African-American miner who challenged, winning, the jackhammers and drills, just to stay on the subject!

The poem Su Gridu de su Minadore (1904) which inspired the album "BLACK AS COAL" was translated thanks to the precious collaboration of the poet from Cagliari Gianni Mascia.


The Blues Band was born in 1993 on the initiative of Salvatore Amara, guitarist, singer, author and writer from Cagliari. The Band in 1995 won the Narcao Blues Festival regional competition and in 1999 the Underground Blues Festival; Participations: Narcao Blues Festival (1996 - 1997), Rocce Rosse & Blues Festival of Arbatax (1996 - 1997); at the Blues Festival of Munchwilen and mini tour in Switzerland (1996 - 1997); has participated in the first 4 editions of the Blues Festival of Cagliari - On the Roads of the Blues (2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016). The Band played as a supporting act by Andy J. Forest, Ronnie Jones, B.B. King, Jeff Haley, Peter Green, John Mayall, Jack Evans & John Higgs, Herbie Goins and Jono Manson.


01. Black as Coal
02. Fallin' Down
03. John Henry
04. Los Moros
05. Horses
06. Mary Had a Little Lamb
07. So Far Away from Home
08. Let's Fight
09. Swing Low Sweet Chariot
10. Black as Coal S.R.

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Jamie Thyer - Jamie Thyer Meets The Dominators... At The Dyed Roots Of Blues Rock (2019)

                                                             Jamie Thyer
Should the title of this album resemble those of old road movies, the pieces under its hood add to Jamie Thyer’s usual easy rider mood. He might pick up where "Cafe Racer" left off, yet “Meets The Dominators” would take the singing axeman further down the line. Kickstarting the record with “3D Jones” whose heavy, high-octane riffs drive the listener to the red zone, Thyer goes for the jugular but doesn’t stray too far from a rock ‘n’ roll lane which is wide enough to encompass an array of solos and vignettes whose intricate, filigree licks defy the track’s relative brevity. It may take claps and stomp for “My Own Company” to give groove a serious twist and a slider caress for “Might-Have-Been” to turn regret into triumph, although there’s no even a slightest need for vocals to chime on “Rattletake Snail” – a good-humored, hectic homage to the likes of “Oh Well” – and “Frigid Air” where organ waves lap against the strum before Jamie’s six strings are let loose to soar.

All of this is, as suggested by the album’s subtitle, deeply rooted in tradition, what with the ruminative Dick Dale-esque twang of “Wicked City” or infectious Diddley beat behind “On My Way” which try to get off the leash only to be reined in for harder impact, and that’s what Jamie adds to the classic template – something uniquely his own, something that feels increasingly defined with every new record in the artist’s cache. So there’s a reason for the panache oozing out of “Put Your Guitar Down” and making such rumble ‘n’ stumble quite sweet, before honeyed blues carry “Can You Hear?” beyond the red zone’s rave, elevating the deceptively simple emotions to a heavenly level. The reckless boogie gallop of “Rough Rider” seems to be the only way from there down to Earth where the action is – to shake it some more. Rev up and follow.



01. 3D Jones 03:42
02. Might-Have-Been 02:48
03. Frigid Air 04:44
04. My Own Company 04:08
05. On My Way 03:50
06. Wicked City 03:46
07. Put Your Guitar Down 03:19
08. Can You Hear? 04:50
09. Rattletake Snail 04:12
10. Rough Rider 04:13

Mary Lane -Travelin' Woman (2018)

                                                                  Mary Lane
The newly-minted Women of the Blues record label announces a March 8 release date for Travelin’ Woman, the first album from Chicago Blues Hall of Fame singer Mary Lane in over 20 years. Produced by Grammy-winner Jim Tullio and recorded at Chicago’s Butcher Boy Studio, Travelin’ Woman showcases Mary Lane’s expressive, soulful voice backed by a cadre of all-star musicians, as well as special guests including harmonica aces Billy Branch, Corky Siegel, late Howlin’ Wolf sideman Eddie Shaw and Indiara Sfair; plus guitarists Colin Linden, Dave Specter and sax legend Gene “Daddy G” Barge.

The 83-year-old chanteuse’s new album promises to take the blues world by storm. What’s more, filmmaker Jesseca Ynez Simmons has just put the finishing touches on her documentary, I Can Only Be Mary Lane, which tells the riveting story of Mary’s struggles and triumphs as a gritty blues singer on Chicago’s West Side for more than half a century.

Mary Lane is one of the last legendary blues musicians that made the Great Migration from America’s South. Although Mary is widely respected in Chicago, she has never gotten the wider recognition she deserves, and only recorded one album prior to Travelin’ Woman.

The iconic Buddy Guy says, “Mary Lane is the last of the blues singers who came up from the South to Chicago. She is the real deal!” Adds Grammy-winner Bobby Rush, “Mary Lane is way overdue for what she planned to do. She is making a statement for all the blues women. At 83 years old, she still has the guts to get out there and sing the blues. This is a strong record, one of the best I have heard. She sounds like she is 33.”

The new film documentary about Mary Lane’s life and music, titled I Can Only Be Mary Lane, follows Mary as she records her new studio album. “Like many works of documentary, the story is discovered and transformed along the way,” says documentary director Jesseca Ynez Simmons. “I Can Only Be Mary Lane began as a retrospective documentary about many of the blues clubs on Chicago’s West Side that have had to shut their doors over the years. Mary Lane was someone who could speak with authority on this because that was her scene. The more time I spent filming Mary talk about her time on the West Side, a scene that has faded away almost entirely, I realized Mary’s story was not only one of a kind but it was here and now and for who knows how much longer.” Mary encompasses the spirit of the West Side and continues to pursue her dreams despite many obstacles. Mary’s story is so rich and timely because she not only sings the blues, she lives the blues.


01. Travelin' Woman 4:46
02. Ain't Gonna Cry No More 3:45
03. Leave That Wine Alone 4:40
04. Some People Say I'm Crazy 3:41
05. Raining in My Heart 3:29
06. Let Me into Your Heart 4:12
07. Ain't Nobody Else 2:44
08. Blues Give Me a Feeling 3:30
09. Bad Luck and Trouble 3:41
10. Make up Your Mind 4:20

Bagga's Guru - Pirata (1984)

                                                                  Bagga's Guru
Group of Blues rock formed in the second half of the 1970s in São Paulo, capital. Ronaldo Anonym (keyboards and woodwinds) and Ângelo Giannini (drums) composed by Thomas Beerman (guitar and vocals), Ju Van Hu (bass), Sérgio Santana (bass) and two albums, in 1977, would only be released in 1984, by the label Baratos Afins.


01. Rock'n Roll Me
02. Lost Funk
03. When The Night Came
04. Come to The River Blues
05. Azuga
06. Blues 44 (What's The Matter)
07. Reincarnation

Mother´z Boyzz - Bad Boy Blues (2019)

                                                                  Mother´z Boyzz
Blues rock group.


01.Bad Boy Blues
02.Blues for Dad
03.Someone Else - Not Me
04.Bitchin` Girl Blues
05.My Heart Is Locked
06.Havin` a Beer
07.Dead Man Walkin`

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The Kory Montgomery Band - The Kory Montgomery Band (2010)

                                                   The Kory Montgomery Band
Based out of Fayetteville, AR, the members of The Kory Montgomery Band (KMB) have been spreading their name and reputation across the country now 7 years, and continue to gain new popularity with their solid grooves, intense solos, and demanding lyrics. Steeped in blues, funk, and soul, KMB has played numerous festivals and events throughout the world including the opportunities to open and/or perform for BB King, on multiple occasions, Earth Wind & Fire, Paul Schaffer, Buddy Guy, Joe Walsh, Kenny Wayne Shepard, The Blind Boys of Alabama, Robert Randolph, Hubert Sumlin, The North Mississippi All Stars, JJ Grey & Mofro, Slightly Stoopid, and many other international artists. ??

Kory Montgomery got an early start in the music business. Now at age 25, Kory has released multiple recordings including his first full length CD of his music, and the new EP GatorMoose. Kory released his first full length CD of his music in 2011 to rave reviews and extensive radio play across the world. After extensive touring over the next 2 years, Kory began writing the new release with some long time friends. GatorMoose EP consists of world-class musicians that have collaborated with Kory to produce a sound that remains true to their generation, but honors the roots and sounds of the Deep South.   The band consists of Shawn Eckels (guitar, vocals), Bryan Burkhart (drums), Jeremy Ervin (bass), and Marcus Chatman (keyboards, vocals)


1. Mr. Right Gone Wrong
2. No Use
3. Mendo
4. Livin' in These Days
5. Not a Beggar
6. Papa's Never Satisfied
7. Fool for You
8. Other Man
9. Satin Sheets

Burning Plague - Burning Plague (1970)

                                                               Burning Plague
Burning Plague is a hard blues band that was founded at the end of the sixties in and around Brussels as an answer to the reigning British and Dutch "blues boom" at that time (together with bands such as Kleptomania, Jenghiz Khan, Doctor Downtrip, Irish Coffee ...).
Initially, the group consisted of Michael Heslop, Alex Capelle, Roger Carlier and Willy Stassen. Also Johan Verminnen was part of the group for a short while.
They specialized themselves in hard blues and boogie, as was recorded on their debut album "Burning Plague" of 1970.


Bass – Roger Carlier
Drums, Harmonica – Willy Stassen
Guitar, Guitar [Slide], Vocals – Michael Heslop
Guitar, Piano – Alex Capelle


01. A 38    
02. She Went Riding    
03. Follow That Road    
04. Hairy Sea    
05. Night Travellin'    
06. First Time I Met You    
07. Life Is Nonsense    
08. Will I Find Somebody

Alex Gomez Metallic Blue Electric (2005)

                                                                Alex Gomez
Gomez’s boogie-till-you-puke sound is just what the Doctor ordered in this age of poseurs and politically correct wusses. Alex delivers a modern day Link Wray Rumble” attitude and I dig it. Boogie (and rock) ain’t supposed to be pretty, boring or polite. Careless love, sordid sex, and intemperate substance abuse fuel a diabolical roller coaster ride deep into the heart of the postmodern blues experience. These lyrics would go over well at a Hell’s Angels picnic. Gomez is the hottest thing to happen to Boogie Blues in 30 years and once he hits the airwaves (along with Robin Sylar and Tony Vega) we should have a much needed Boogie Blues-filled music revolution.



01. Cock-a-Doodle
02. Pink Rose
03. Emily
04. Sticky Icky
05. Natalie
06. Crystal
07. Satan's Daughter
08. Can't Go On
09. You Can't Own Me
10. I Believe

Christina Crofts - Midnight Train (2008)

                                                               Christina Crofts
Rockin' and bluesy, heavy on the slide guitar. Youthful sounding vocals blended with southern rock attitude. Review by Ron at - sums Christina up as 'Lucinda Williams meets Rory Gallagher down under'


01. Midnight Train
02. I Can_'t Take It
03. Angel Dust (Instrumental)
04. Secrets
05. Wanna Take You Home
06. Time Machine
07. See You Stumble
08. Tongue Tied
09. Escape To Blue (Instrumental)

Chico Banks - Candy Lickin' Man (1997)

                                                                Chico Banks
When Chico Banks played guitar with the Staple Singers, his playing was hard, uncluttered, and straight to the point, yet it was tempered to fit right in with the Staples' sound. Banks' father Jessie was with the Mighty Clouds of Joy and also a bluesman, and his brother Stanley Banks is a keyboardist, with whom he co-wrote two of these songs. His playing is influenced by blues, rhythm & blues, gospel, and the psychedelia of Jimi Hendrix, especially on his tasty, never burdensome use of the wah-wah pedal. His voice is more than adequate for the job, but the cuts that stand out are those on which he concentrates on his guitar. On "It Must Be Love," Mavis Staples does the vocals, and you can feel the electricity between the two born of a mutual respect for excellence. On "All Your Love," he has "Big James" Montgomery handling the vocals and lets loose some fine playing through that wah-wah pedal. This is one of the finest guitar players to come down the avenue in a good stretch, and he can only mature from here. This is no throwaway first album, with one good cut and lots of dross; its nearly 70 minutes are filled with some mighty fine playing. 


Chico Banks - Guitar, Vocals
Ronnie Hicks - Keyboards, Organ, Organ (Hammond)
Lester Holmes - Drums
Ken Hampton - Bass
Charles Kimble - Sax (Tenor)
Big James Montgomery - Trombone, Vocals
Mavis Staples - Guest Artist, Vocals


01. Red Dress    
02. Candy Lickin' Man    
03. Down The Road I Go    
04. It Must Be Love    
05. Angel Of Mercy    
06. Soul Serenade    
07. All Your Love    
08. Careless Things We Do    
09. Got To Be Some Changes Made    
10. You're Fine    
11. Groove Me    
12. The Sky Is Crying    
13. Truck Load Of Lovin'    
14. Call My Job

Amar Sun - Najma (2004)

                                                                 Amar Sun
Amar Sundy, a Sahraoui hailing from North Africa’s Sahara desert, has always been infected with wanderlust. His musical travels are about salt, thirst, dark night and the stars that map out his route. They also recount human encounters and sharing around a gourd filled with cool water at the end of the day.

Heir to a long line of Tuareg nomads from the Tamanrasset province in southern Algeria, Amar Sundy migrated to France as a child in the early sixties. Barely out of his teens when he settled in Chicago, he toured extensively with Albert King, Albert Collins and Screamin’ Jay Hawkins before moving back to France where he launched his own recording career.

On this album, 7 songs are sung in english and 4 in tuareg linguage but always with a pure blues feeling. The mix between the blues tradition and the oriental melodies works perfectly and add some interesting and exotic spices to the Amar Sundy’s blues.


01. I know
02. Men in trouble
03. Rahala
04. This morning
05. Najma
06. One more time
07. Say hey
08. Quallache
09. Men’na
10. If my baby
11. Now i know

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Charlie Musselwhite - Rough News (1997)

                                                                Charlie Musselwhite
Harmonica ace Charlie Musselwhite falls between the more obvious generations of blues players, younger than its elder statesmen but considerably senior to young hot-shots like Jonny Lang and Kenny Wayne Shepherd. How, then, can he find a fresh hook to his music without resorting to attention-grabbing gimmicks? Except for two songs featuring producer/guitarist Cesar Rosas of Los Lobos, Charlie Musselwhite's 1997 album, Rough News, doesn't have any famous guests, but it stands out from the harmonica whiz's long and deep discography nonetheless. Musselwhite has pared down his sound so radically that every instrument has become a rhythm instrument. When these lean, groove-based arrangements are applied to tunes as simple and catchy as "Both Sides of Fence," "I Sat & Cried" and "Natural Born Lover," the results jump at the listener with the bare-basics excitement of early rock & roll. Musselwhite displays his elegant command of the mouth harp on two instrumental standards, "Sleepwalk" and "Harlem Nocturne," but the highlights are the songs where the simplicity of the material and the masterfulness of the musicians bring the best out in each other. 


Charlie Musselwhite
Kid Ramos - Guitar, Rhythm Guitar - Harmonica, Harp, Guitar, Slide Guitar, Vocals, Backing Vocals 
Fenton Robinson - Guitar 
Junior Watson - Guitar, Backing Vocals  
John Lawrence - Guitar, Slide Guitar 
Cesar Rosas - Rhythm Guitar, Slide Guitar  
Anthony "Big G" Hardesty - Bass 
Larry Taylor - Bass  
René Coman - Bass 
Felton Crews - Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals  
Jeffrey Clemens - Drums  
Victor Bisetti - Drums  
Stephen Hodges - Drums, Backing Vocals 
Stu Blank - Keyboards, Backing Vocals 
Dick Shurman - Backing Vocals 


01. Both Sides Of The Fence
02. I Sat & Cried
03. Sleepwalk
04. Natural Born Lover
05. Darkest Hour
06. Harlem Nocturne
07. Drifting Boy
08. Rough Dried Woman
09. Feel It In Your Heart - Charlie Musselwhite C
10. Rainy Highway
11. Clarksdale B

Sue Sergel - Move into the Light (2008)

                                                                       Sue Sergel
Sue Sergel sings her blues with a feeling and presence that is rare. On this excellent album “Move into The Light” Sue shows that she is thoroughly familiar with the tradition and is prepared to move beyond it. “An album that establishes the fact that she steps into the front line of Swedish blues.” - Tommy Granlund. This disc claims its own niche, not least because of the broad scope of the material and unusual instruments in the accompaniment. Sue's voice is individual, powerful and flexible and capable in both up-tempo numbers and the more thoughtful elements. This is a CD of blues that goes straight to your heart - Here, Sue sings with solid blues feelings. No one can do it better. Grade: a true gold star.


Sue Sergel - Guitar & Vocals

Johan Johansson - Keyboards

Thommy Larsson - Drums

Kalle Ruuth - Guitar

Henrik Pilquist - Slide Guitar

Stefan Sandberg - Saxophone

Isak Edh - Harmonium

Pelle Bolander - Fiddle


01. Move Into The Light
02. She Dies With Her Lipstick On
03. Bus Driver
04. The Visitor
05. Desolation Blues
06. The Bar Room
07. Wild Women Never Get The Blues
08. I'm Walkin' Out On You
09. It Hurts Me Too
10. Please Send Me Someone To Love
11. Blues Medley (Stormy Monday - You Gotta Help Me)
12. Goin' To Chicago Blues
13. Blues For Fadime

Kenny Palyola - Live from The Saxon Pub, Austin (2004)

                                                                  Kenny Palyola
Then you are aware of Kenny Palyola, and possibly aware of his talent. With Kenny and The Bluesmen, Kenny took his blend of Texas and Louisiana roots music and blues all over the state of Texas and gave start to many an aspiring young blues musician.

They opened for Joe Louis Walker at The Cactus Moon cafe in Houston, and for Omar and The Howlers at The Saxon Pub in Austin. They performed 17 sets during Mardi Gras in Galveston in 2004. They have have shared the stage with Gatemouth Brown, Tony Redman, Alan Haynes, Mike Morgan and The Crawl, John Mcvey and Erin Jaimes, and many more.

For 2004, we have a new CD titled "Live from The Saxon Pub Austin." This trio's performances are inspired and on fire. This you will find evident on their live recording.
Recorded in Texas, in 3 different locations;
at the famous Austin venue, The Saxon Pub, at The Trophy club, on south Congress in Austin and in Somerville.
Tracks 1,2,3 and 9,10 were recorded at the Saxon Pub
on September 10th, with Little Ray Ybarra on guitar,
Kenny Palyola on bass and vocals and Albert Storo on drums.
Track 4 was recorded summer of 2004 at The Trophy club on south congress, with Parker Townsend on drums and Lightning Red on guitar.
Tracks 5-8 were recorded in Somerville on the 4th of July, 2003 with Albert Storo and Paul Ramirez on guitar.
Currently the trio is performing with
Kenny on bass and vocals and Little Ray Ybarra on guitar
and Parker Townsend on drums.


1. Frogs for Snakes (Live)
2. Lesser Evil (Live)
3. Party All Night (Live)
4. Run Run Run (Live)
5. How Many Miles (Live)
6. Hound Dog (Live)
7. Love Like That (Live)
8. Louisiana Hot Sauce (Live)
9. Stagger Lee (Live)
10. Teeny Weeny Bit (Live)

Flood The Engine - Flood The Engine (2013)

                                                                Flood The Engine
The roots of this project go back to 1987 when singer Jimmy Kunes left SAVOY BROWN to drift into CACTUS, and guitarist Bill Leverty was in between two FIREHOUSE records: the pair bonded yet it took the two a couple of decades to give their friendship a sound. Released in 2010, their cover of BACK STREET CRAWLER’s “All The Girls Are Crazy” proved to be an attention-puller so, when bassist Keith Horne and drummer Andre LaBelle, a backline for an array of famous artists, joined the party, the collective engine started to rev melodically, and here’s the result.

“Lay It All On Me” may announce the wailing agenda in a slightly labored manner, but once “Change” cuts across the blues idiom the wheels get into full gear as the groove propels riffs and vocal drawl and raps towards a sonic paradise. So while the rhythm gets the better of tune in “All Your Trouble” with its four-string rumble and six-string picking and harmonic runs, the band’s swagger carries the message through. This means the sweet molasses of those “Girls” and another borrowed piece, Gary Wright’s “Love Is Alive”, can’t overshadow group’s originals which are at their best when the sheen – which floats to the funky, if mellifluous, surface in “You’re Not The Only One” – is kept to a minimum.

Still, “Bootstrap Blues” ties the knot so tight it’s impossible not to walk the walk. There’s a strut that takes a 45-second drum solo, slow and easy, at the beginning of “Open And Undone” in its stride: here’s a caressing roar to ride the moment as only the best motors do. Spill more guts to flood it, boys!


Keth Horne - Bass 
Andre LaBelle - Drums 
Bill Leverty - Guitar, Keyboards 
Jimmy Kunes - Vocals 


01.Lay It All On Me
02.All The Girls Are Crazy
04.Bootstrap Blues/What's Wrong With The Weather
05.All Your Trouble
06.Love Is Alive
07.You're Not The Only One
08.Open And Undone

Johnny and the Headhunters - Thats All I Need (2018)

                                                         Johnny and the Headhunters    
Washington, D.C. based singer-guitarist Johnny Ticktin is one smooth and talented blues based musician. His guitar skills are sure and steady. Add his strong and confident voice to the mix and you have the makings of one guaranteed good time. The services of keyboard man Tam Sullivan along with various rhythm sections are put to good use in service to this solid assemblage of nine cover songs along with one original.

Johnny approaches Chicago legend Magic Sam’s “That’s All I Need” much in the laid back style of Slim Harpo, while showcasing his totally enjoyable vocal and guitar skills. Bobby “Blue” Bland’s “Lead Me On” is another mellow gem. The funky double entendre laced “Body And Fender Man” by the hand of Johnny Adams is a tasty morsel of R&B inflected blues that is complimented by some way cool organ playing.

Johnny injects blues into the rockabilly ditty “Chicken House”. Lowell Fulson’s “Rock’em Dead” from 1957 finds Johnny delivering energetic jump blues guitar. Elmore James’ classic “Shake Your Money Maker” gets the necessary slide guitar treatment in a short and sweet version. For a change of pace we get a dose of surf guitar on the instrumental “Ace Of Spades’ by Link Wray.

The gritty cover of Donovan’s “Watch And Chain(Hey Gyp)” owes more to The Animals tough version. It’s a vocal duel between Johnny and Liz Springer. He shines on another smokin’ Magic Sam cover in “All My Whole Life”, were he lets rip with classic Chicago style guitar goodness. “Collins Mambo”, an instrumental salute to the legendary Albert Collins caps things off in energetic high style.

Great playing and singing from the first note. What more could you ask for? The only minor quibble is the short length of this recording as it clocks in at just thirty-one minutes and fourteen seconds. Like the all knowing “they” say, quality is more important than quantity. I’ll surely being keeping a watchful eye out for Johnny’s next CD.


01. That's All I Need 3:06
02. Lead Me On 3:21
03. Body and Fender Man 4:25
04. Chicken House 3:05
05. Rock Em Dead 3:02
06. Shake Your Money Maker 2:14
07. Ace of Spades 2:58
08. Watch and Chain 3:06
09. All My Whole Life 2:54
10. Collins Mambo 2:56

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Annie & the Hedonists - Bring It on Home (2019)

                                                            Annie & the Hedonists
“Annie is a captivating singer. She delivers a lyric like it was a cherished bedtime story; as comfortable as your favorite sweater; as truthful as…well, I can’t think of anything that honest. Her band mates, Peter Davis, (guitar, banjo, clarinet, piano, vocal), Jonny Rosen, (guitar, vocal) and Don Young, (bass, guitar, vocal), are first and foremost accomplished, serious musicians. More importantly, they each have an innate yet individual sense of child-like wonder, which is evident on every track, becoming more intoxicating upon multiple listenings.”ning.


01. Big Road Blues 4:02
02. Fee Fee Fi Fo Fum 2:45
03. Do Something 2:24
04. Bring It on Home to Mama 3:48
05. Rolling Stone 3:39
06. Precription for the Blues 5:01
07. Too Busy 2:47
08. I Miss You So 3:31
09. Who'd Be Knockin' 3:25
10. The Panic Is On 4:25
11. Long Distance Call 4:30
12. Under Paris Skies 4:29

Shakey Horton - The Soul Of Blues Harmonica (1964)

                                                             Shakey Horton
An album that has one of the world's great harmonica players with an all-star band featuring a young Buddy Guy on guitar and the great Willie Dixon on backup vocals on a couple of tracks couldn't be essential, could it? I tell ya what, why not listen and decide for yourself. You may find it a rock solid mid-60s electric blues album, and indeed one of the most underappreciated blues LPs of the '60s or any decade.


Walter Horton - Harmonica, Vocals
Buddy Guy - Guitar
Bobby Buster - Organ
Jack Myers - Bass
Willie Smith - Drums


01. Groove Walk 3:15
02. Wee Baby Blues 3:01
03. It's Alright 2:50
04. Wrinkles 2:58
05. Hard Hearted Woman 2:50
06. John Henry 2:40
07. Good Moanin' Blues 4:12
08. Friday Night Stomp 3:00
09. Gonna Bring It On Home 3:00
10. La Cucuracha 2:32

Greg Copeland Band - Who's Afraid of the Black Man (2014)

                                                          Greg Copeland Band
Born in Virginia, Greg Copeland was born in the cradle. After many years on tour in various projects, he released the CD "Who's Afraid Of The Black Man" in 2013 with his new band. Since 2014, the Greg Copeland band is touring across Germany, presenting the record. The musical basis is blues, which sometimes comes soulful, sometimes funky.


01. Celia 4:12    
02. A Woman Gotta Have the Last Word 2:45    
03. Will to Live 4:10    
04. Gimme What You Got 4:50    
05. Ain't No Love 3:48    
06. Freedom 4:17    
07. Makes a Man Wanna Change 2:42    
08. Who's Afraid of the Black Man 3:09    
09. You Put a Smile on My Face 3:50    
010. For What It's Worth 4:01    
011. People Get Ready 2:53    
012. That's Not Love 4:07
013. Alcohol 4:13

Paula and the Pontiacs - Seventeen (2017)

                                                        Paula and the Pontiacs
Original Blues and R&B from Paula Rangell on vocals, alto sax and harmonica from New Orleans with a totally stellar back up band!


Paula Rangell - Vocals, harmonica, Alto saxophone
Jack Cole - Guitar
Jeffrey “Jelly Bean” Alexander - Drums
Tom Worrell - Piano
David Hyde - Bass
Johnny Vidacovich - Drums
David Lee Watson - Bass
Cranston Clements - Guitar
Bob Andrews - Piano, Hammond B3 Organ
Ward Smith - Tenor Sax, Bariton Sax
Bobby Campo - Trumpet
John Mooney - Sslide Guitar
Ken “Snakebite” Jacobs - Bariton Sax
Tom Fitzpatrick - Teno Sax
David Woodward - Trombone
Larry Carter - Trumpet
Marc Adams - Vocals
Ally Robinson - Drums
Doug Therrian - Bass
Nelson Blanchard - Piano
Jerry Jumonville - Tenor Sax
Barney Floyd - Trumpet
Bobby Rangell - Alto Sax


01.Harmonica Girl
02.All These Blues
03.You Make Me Feel Like Singing
04.Cadillac Love
05.Where Care Forgot
06.Louisiana Bride
07.No Frills Mama
08.Rough ‘N’ Tumble Man
09.The Man In My Dreams
10.Coffee Blues
11.Everything I Need
12.30 by 90
13.Time and Money
14.Saddest Girl in Town
15.Quiet Country Night
16.Play to Win
17. I Got it All From Y

The Giants - Big, Bad & Beautiful (1999)

                                                                The Giants
Australian Blues rock band (1981-1999) leaded by Stuart Wood (guitar and vocals)


Stuart Wood - Lead Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica 
Chris Van Bakel - Bass 
James Kearns - Drums 
Martin Coogan - Keyboards
Mick Riley - Lead Guitar 


01. Nature of the beast 3:22
02. Six second man 3:56
03. Blood from a stone 3:26
04. Freedom road 5:07
05. Big bad & beautiful 4:38
06. Motorcycle man 5:25
07. Solitary drinking blues 3:38
08. Lone rider 3:23
09. All night boogie 6:37
10. Mistress of the dark 3:50
11. Short dress 3:10
12. Highway fever 3:16

Buck 'N' The System - Dirty World (2002)

                                                          Buck 'N' The System
Original Detroit blues from a band who pays their dues by listening to and hanging out with some of Detroit's best old-school bluesmen.
This is the debut release from Buck 'N' The System. This CD features ten originals and three covers. Recorded at No Cover's own Straight Ahead Studios with two live cuts recorded at the Red Dog Saloon. The band is a classic blues line-up with harmonica, guitar, bass and drums. Most of the tunes are written by Eric Shaver, except for the "System Shuffle", which was co-written by all the band members. Eric has already penned enough songs for the second CD, so watch for it!


1. System Shuffle 4:23        
2. Blues In The City 5:22        
3. Dirty World 4:30    
4. Up In Smoke 5:50    
5. Couldn't Do Nothin' 3:12    
6. Blues Train 5:52        
7. Messin' 3:53        
8. Louis Collins 4:57        
9. All I See Are The Blues 5:17        
10. Drinkin' All Day 3:56    
11. Devil In My Closet 7:32        
12. Mean Old Frisco 5:24    
13. System Shuffle 5:51

Savoy Brown ‎- Boogie Brothers (1974)

                                                                Savoy Brown
In 1974, after producing the pub-rock classic Jack the Toad, with a very English sound, Kim Simmonds switches gears once again and teams up with fellow guitar stars Stan Webb and Miller Anderson and comes up with an All-American-style boogiefest. In concert, this works very well (A good friend of mine saw their 1974 tour, said they were much better than headliners Deep Purple, and that they rocked and boogied nonstop for an hour with encores; for good measure, my friend even caught one of Stan Webb's guitar picks!), but on disc, the results sound forced and lame. Kim has since admitted that this time period was a dry spell for him, as he was not writing any good material, and it shows. The only two worthwhile numbers are Miller Anderson's excellent "Everybody Loves a Drinking Man" and Stan's hard rocking opener "Highway Blues". The rest of the tracks sound like Lynyrd Skynyrd leftovers; this album was one of two times (along with 1992's disasterous Let It Ride) SB attempted a "Redneck Rock" style and failed. "Threegy Blues" seeks to put matters right and close the set with a first-rate instrumental; however, the three guitarists (3G: threegy, get it?) are just getting good and warmed up when the track fades out! That pretty well sums up this entire album: High expectations and (relatively) little payoff. Not to worry: All three guitarists are still working today (2003): Kim, with edition #897 of Savoy Brown, Stan Webb, still with Chicken Shack (in fact, Chicken Shack and SB just played a gig together in England, along with the Groundhogs), and Miller Anderson now holding down the guitar slot with Sixties icon Spencer Davis. Ah, well, a great album from these three was just not meant to be. Boogie on, guys!!


Miller Anderson - Guitar, Guitar (Baritone), Guitar (Rhythm), Vocals
Eric Dillon - Drums
Jim Leverton - Bass
Kim Simmonds - Guitar, Guitar (Baritone), Guitar (Rhythm), Harmonica
Stan Webb - Guitar, Guitar (Baritone), Slide Guitar, Vocals


1. Highway Blues 4:04
2. Me And The Preacher 3:34
3. My Love's Lying Down 5:53
4. You Don't Love Me (You Don't Care) 4:56
5. Always The Same 2:00
6. Everybody Loves A Drinking Man 3:04
7. Rock 'N' Roll Star 7:08
8. Boogie Brothers 5:20
9. Threegy Blues 2:12

terça-feira, 26 de março de 2019

Cloutier - Thunder 'n' Lightning (2018)

Mark is well known for his guitar slinging ways. He has released many guitar instrumentals, one being “Wings of Fire” which was nominated in the Blues category in Syracuse, New York for the Sammy Awards Best Blues Recording 2011.He also graced the cover of the Syracuse New Times during the 2012 N.Y.S Blues Fest...Mark can take on many shapes and sounds when it comes to guitar approaches and Tunes Such as "Demon's Be Gone" highlight his SRV,Buddy Guy,Jimi Hendrix Influences,while tracks such as "Dreaming A Dream" show the subtle mellow side of his playing...

"Cloutier is a guitarist sounding clearly inspired by rock guitar greats like Jimi Hendrix and Johnny Winter as well as more traditional blues, R&B and jazz guitarists as diverse as Buddy Guy, Steve Cropper, Robin Trower and Kenny Burrell. In other words, Mark is a guitarist who's not afraid to break through with a hard rock riff before moving on to jazzing things up when he has to."
“No matter what you learn {musically}, there’s always more to be done,” he said while gripping his Stratocaster inside the de facto studio he has in his East Syracuse home."



01. Flipping and Flapping 3:46        
02. Whispering Howling Wind 3:34        
03. Every Little Thing 3:23    
04. I Call Home 4:07
05. Hard Luck Man 3:15    
06. Down 2:47    
07. Man on the Mountain 5:33        
08. Dreaming a Dream 3:11    
09. Green Eyed Foolish Man 3:55    
10. Thunder and Lightning 4:45

Bill Blue Band - Streetpreacher (1975)

                                                               Bill Blue Band
The debut solo album of Billy Blue, a slide guitarist and songwriter, was released thirty (!) Years after he began working in the blues. He started with his BBB (Bill Blue Band) band in Richmond, Virginia in the 1970s and became a local legend there, despite punk dominance in those years. Bill Blue Band - Streetpreacher (1975), which has now become a rare vinyl, was released, a very good blues album that can be heard here.

After recording Streetpreacher, Billy Blue played solo with acoustic concerts for a while. Toured together with the author of the immortal hit “That’s

Alright Mama “Arthur" Big Boy "Crudup), shared the stage with ZZ Top, The Allman Brothers, Johnny Winter, Hank Williams and Albert King. After getting tired of eighteen years of touring life, he left Richmond in the early 1980s and moved to Key West (Key West), a small town in Florida.

He also became a local landmark there, and still plays six nights a week at the Green Parrot Club.


Bill Blue - Guitar, Dobro, Harmonica, Vocals
Johnnie Pierce - Lead Guitar
John Stone - Bass
Bruce Courson - Piano, Electric Piano, Organ
Bill «Dodah» Robison - Percussion
John Larrimore - Percussion


01. Captain 2:46
02. Uptown Saturday Night 4:13
03. Little Red Rooster 3:46
04. Ain’t It Funny 5:17
05. Going Down The Road 3:15
06. Know Yourself 3:41
07. Some People Say 6:01
08. Going To Georgia 3:50

Lex Grey and The Urban Pioneers - Usual Suspects (2018)

                                                                   Lex Grey
After Heal My Soul, the 2016 release from Lex Grey And The Urban Pioneers, I was completely smitten and under this band’s spell. That was in large part because of Lex Grey’s voice, which is a force all its own, bursting in and controlling any space it wants to occupy. But the band is damn good as well, and Heal My Soul ended up as one of my favorite releases of 2016. And so my expectations could not have been higher for their new release, Usual Suspects. This album features all original material, written or co-written by Lex Grey, and, as I assumed, it’s excellent. It’s blues, rock, country, and it may be just exactly what you need to get you through the day, because, let’s face it, things are totally screwed up out there and we rely on music and these tough souls to carry us through.


Leo Binetti - Bass
Mike Golden - Drums
Victor Deyglio - Guitar
Veronica Graff - Harmonica


01. Usual Suspects
02. Chow Down
03. Dirty Secret
04. SRV
05. Warrior Squaw
06. Sunshine and Blue
07. Cheap Thrills
08. My Jerryroll
09. Renegade Heart

Greg Copeland - Brown - Eyed Handsome Man (2019)

                                                               Greg Copeland
Greg Copeland's new album is called "Brown-Eyed Handsome Man" and he has come up with something special. He got the support of The Goosebumps Brothers. Goosebump Brothers? Yep, these are the guys of Big Daddy Wilson, who is of course also involved in the song "People get ready". In detail are the Cesare Nolli on the guitars, Paolo Legramandi on the bass, Nik Taccori on drums. Also Maurizio "Gnola" Glielmo with background vocals. The album comes in the cardboard cover with a little accompanying text about the Why and Why. There are 11 songs, including three cover versions "People get ready", "I gotcha" and the great version of "Working in a coal mine". All other songs are written by the musicians involved and by Martin Messing.


01. Brown-Eyed Handsome Man 4:01
02. Hip to You 3:31
03. Alcohol Abuse 4:03
04. A Girl Like You 4:37
05. I Gotcha 3:10
06. Oh No 4:50
07. People Get Ready (feat. Big Daddy Wilson) 2:41
08. Working in a Coal Mine 3:39
09. Talking ‚Bout the South 4:58
10. Please Please 4:25
11. This Is Love 3:50

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Mitchell Ferguson - Making Sound (2019)

                                                             Mitchell Ferguson
Mitchell Ferguson - Making Sound


01. Hallelujah (I've Got The Blues Again)
02. Groove
03. Oh My God
04. Cry

Mitchell Ferguson - Basement Statements (2017)

                                                            Mitchell Ferguson
The 25 year old Singer/Songwriter & Actor, based out of Dallas, TX, has been cutting his teeth on stages all over the United States for several years. He maintains a hefty touring schedule - 200+ shows over the course of 2017. Ferguson got his start as a songwriter serving as the front man for the Dallas based Psych-Rock band The Louisiana Purchase. After releasing several albums in that outfit, Ferguson took the dive into his solo career. In 2015, he released his debut solo album In Search of Certainty, recorded at Verge Music Works in Dallas, TX (Sixpence None The Richer). After several tours and various theatre gigs across the US, the road brought Ferguson to St. Louis, Missouri in early 2017, where he recorded his sophomore EP Basement Statements at Native Sound Recording (Pokey LaFarge, Aaron Lee Tasjan). Crate Diggers Dallas describes his sound as "...reminiscent of Robert Plant, mixed with a little Gary Clark Jr.". Gas Monkey Garage said that "... Stevie Ray Vaughn returned from the grave!"

Ferguson on his newest EP, 'Basement Statements':


Mitchell Ferguson - Vocals/Guitar
Michael Ferguson - Drums
Devin Smith - Bass
Ben Stitzel - Keys

1.Again 03:59   
2.More Than A Drug 03:01   
3.Go, Kid, Go 03:54   
4.Other Side Of Pain 03:12   
5.First Thing Back 05:27   
6.Decision 04:19

Jerimiah Marques & The Blue Aces - This is Hip! (2002)

                                                             Jerimiah Marques
Born in Guyana, Jerimiah was one of the many immigrants that arrived in London in the 60s, having been sent for by his father when he was 11.  He soon started playing with various groups around town.  One afternoon in 1968 when walking past the Marquee Club, he happened to hear visiting Chicago bluesman Muddy Waters and his band rehearsing for their evening show.  That was the moment, he now insists, when he understood which musical genre was for him and since then he has dedicated his life to the blues and its many styles.  However, thanks to the insistence of the many artists who admire him and know him as a musician with a much wider range, he also performs songs in a roots-reggae style that always turn out to be showstoppers.

An absolutely superb cd of deeply uplifting "Chicago Blues". Highly recommended. It also features on keyboards the late great Pete Nash...


Jerimiah Marques - Vocals
Lewis Fielding - Guitar
Laurie Garman - Harmonica
Pete Nash - Piano
Mike Thorne - Drums

Special guests:

Big Joe Louis - Guitar
Ian Jennings - Double Bass
Raul de Pedro - Guitar
Fred P.G. - Guitar
Graeme Turner - Saxophone
West Weston - Harmonica


01. This Is Hip 3:41
02. Ring Around My Heart 5:13
03. Let Me Explain 3:25
04. Gypsy Woman 5:01
05. I'm Ready 3:14
06. Stockyard Blues 4:15
07. Blue Coat Man 3:51
08. Oh Yeah 3:41
09. Crawling Kingsnake 2:45
10. Call My Job 5:33
11. Screaming & Crying 6:07
12. I've Got My Brand On You 3:08

Lee Pons - After the Rain (2018)

                                                                  Lee Pons
Blues Hall of Fame Inductee Lee Pons is back with his long awaited CD.
Lee first made the headlines in the Blues World with two award winning New Orleans Boogie Blues Solo Piano Masterpieces, "Big Boogie Voodoo" and "Togged to the Bricks". Now he unleashes his skills on "After The Rain", where Lee showcases his skills in a Full Band Setting...
We have no doubt that you'll agree "After The Rain" will be another gem in Lee Pons crown with songs ranging from Full Tilt Rave Ups to Sultry Blues all delivered in that Classic Lee Pons style
Take a listen and hear it for yourself , "After The Rain" is a true classic


01. After The Rain 5:50
02. Betty Lou's Little Sister Is Back 4:24
03. Ladies Of The Bible Club 3:47
04. Love You Too Much To Go (Hate You Too Much To Stay) 3:39
05. No Mama Don't Cry 5:00
06. Poor Man's Burden 5:17
07. Sign Of The Times 5:39
08. Spirits Of N'awlins 3:04
09. Step Forward You Soldier 5:41
10. Walking Shoes 5:13
11. Workin' On A Dream 3:58

Michele McCain - Come Up To My Place (2019)

                                                             Michele McCain
Michele McCain is a New York City native appreciated for her extraordinary talent throughout the world. This multi-talented artist of the stage and screen began her career at New York’s Shea Stadium in front of 60,000 people where she performed with the Godfather of Soul, James Brown.

Her Broadway debut was in the musical Ain`t Misbehavin' of the Tony Award-winning, the author Thomas Wright Waller known as Fats Waller performing in the roll created for Nell Carter led to North American and International tours. Michele appeared in the German production of Barnum in Berlin’s Teater des Westens with Freddy Quinn. The next leg of Michele’s travels would take her to Madrid, where she performed as Joyce Heath with Emilio Aragon in the Spanish version of The Broadway Musical Barnum. This virtuosic and dynamic artist has had the privilege to share the stage with many music legends and stars throughout the world some of which have included blues and jazz greats such as B.B King, Hank Jones, Clark Terry and internationally acclaimed jazz artist Tete Montoliu. Sharing the bill with Grammy award-winning Blue’s man Charlie Musselwhite.


01. Blues Is Alright
02. You Move You Loose
03. Let The Good Times Roll
04. Shake It Mama
05. Black And Blue
06. Rockin The House
07. Come Up To My Place
08. Georgia On My Mind
09. I Love Him So(Thank You Jesus)
10. Let Love Go

The Bobby Young Project - Blues With A Twist (2007)

                                                     The Bobby Young Project
The Bobby Young Project is a collaboration of musicians whose objectives are to create music that touches the heart and soul.  Their music is a mixture of “Traditional” and “Contemporary”, “Jazz”, “Blues”, “Rock” and “R&B”, all of which have historical “Tribal” origins, as do all of us. Music is  known the world over as a true universal language, and through the use of this language, they hope to bring joy and happiness to people from every corner of the world. Their CD “Blues with a Twist” was nominated for “Best Traditional Blues Album” for the Grammy’s.  Here is an in depth look into Bobby Young and The Bobby Young Project.


01. Tin Pan Alley
02. The Thrill Is Gone
03. The House Of The Rising Sun
04. Stand By Me
05. The Bobby Young Project - Killing Floor
06. I Ain't Superstitious
07. Every Day I Have The Blues
08. Don't Throw Your Love On Me So Strong
09. Sexy Ways
10. Hoochie Coochie Man