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Todd Simpson - Power of Love (2016)

                                                               Todd Simpson
Todd is a young guitar player and singer from Alabama with an incredible and inspirational story. Overcoming tremendous odds to bring his music to the world. seeing music in color and simply “playing the colors”, he plays a unique and powerful style of music that touches people on an emotional level. He blends several genre’s such as blues, rock, and soul to create a style that reaches fans of all types. His high energy soulful music has allowed him to play from coast to coast, share the stage with legends as well as headlining his own shows.His influences are Buddy Guy, Jimi Hendrix and Otis Redding.


1. Power of Love 3:54        
2. Trip Around the Sun 4:03        
3. Whiskey Wine and Gin 4:57        
4. Wade in the Water 4:42        
5. Goin' Down 4:06        
6. Sun Don't Set 4:58        
7. Law a Way 6:47        
8. Voodoo Blues 3:39        
9. Ring Tone 4:46        
10. Looking for Light 4:56        
11. Bad Alligator 4:19        
12. Disease 3:54

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