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Tim Gaze & The Blues Doctors - Blues Remedy (2007)

                                                                Tim Gaze                                                       
Tim Gaze and Rob Grosse founded Tim Gaze and the Blues Doctors with Daniel Barnett on brass, Jim Conway on harmonica (from Backsliders), Ralph Franke on brass, Graeme Gibb on bass guitar and Mike Gubb on piano and organ. They issued an album, Blues Remedy (1998), on Full Moon Records. McFarlane described how "Gaze went back to his roots, with covers of blues material like Little Walters' 'Blues with a Feeling' and Bukka White's 'Parchman Farm Blues', sitting alongside quality Gaze-penned originals like 'Hell to Pay' and 'Riverside Blues'."

In 2001 Gaze and Grosner formed the Hoochie Coochie Men with former Kahvas Jute member, Daisley. Conway joined the group on harmonica. They released a self-titled debut album in that year, which Hector of Undercover News described as "a 39 minute party animal. Like Paul Christie did with the Party Boys in the 80s, Daisley and crew have produced an equally loose and fun record in their self titled debut. It combines some blues classics with some very credible new music written by Daisley, Gaze and Grosser." Hector felt that "As accomplished musicians themselves, these guys know how to recreate a great song. Cream's 'Strange Brew', Johnny Winter's 'Dallas' and Jimmy Vaughan's 'Six Strings Down' are not necessarily your obvious band covers but familiar by their quality sounds."

The Hoochie Coochie Men issued two albums with Jon Lord on keyboards (from Deep Purple), Live at the Basement (live album, November 2003) and Danger. White Men Dancing (December 2007).


1.Hell to pay
2.Lonesome traveller blues
3.She loves my automobile
4.Blues with a feeding
5.Baby please don't go
6.Twin city blues
7.Ain't no justice
8.For just once
9.Who's been talkin'?
10.Mad woman blues
11.You got good business
12.Parchman farm blues
13.Riverside blues
14.Nobody knows you

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