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The Tate's Hell Blues Band - Sooped Up Southern Boys (2009)

                                                      The Tate's Hell Blues Band
The Tate’s Hell Blues Band is a Florida Panhandle-based (Apalachicola, FL) 3-piece band that plays a potent mix of blues and blues-rock that is dance-friendly and flat-out fun. They write and play their own material as well as choice cover tunes. The band consists of Miles Creamer on bass & vocals, C. S. Holt on guitar & vocals, and Royce Johns on drums & vocals. C. S. Holt is the primary songwriter and vocalist for the band, and his soulful vocals and stinging guitar lines are a potent mix. The rhythm section of Creamer and Johns drives the band along in fine fashion. The CD art may lead you to the conclusion that these 3 musicians are rough-and-tumble characters (and they may well be) but don’t let that dissuade you from checking out this album. There is a glut of self-produced CDs out there nowadays, and you never know what you’ll really be getting when you slap one in your CD player. But this one, Sooped Up Southern Boys, is a pleasant surprise – it’s a solid, enjoyable effort that the guys should be very proud of.


1. Red Hot 3:05        
2. Starting To Like the Pain 4:32        
3. I've Been Lied To 3:00        
4. No Doubt 4:46        
5. I'm Gonna Change 3:16        
6. When I Found You 3:24        
7. She Looked A Lot Like You 3:57        
8. Sooped Up Southern Boy 2:48

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