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The Chili Blues Band - Satisfaction Guaranteed (2001)

                                                          The Chili Blues Band
The Chili Blues Band serves up a sizzling repertoire of Chicago blues, Delta blues, rhythm and blues and a touch of swing that makes every night a party. If you can't dance on your feet, then dance in your seat, because you won't be able to sit still. With its scorching guitar solos, energetic harmonica riffs, thundering bass lines, tasty drums and polished vocals, the Chili Blues Band is living proof that the blues is about feelin' good about feelin' bad.

The players include Dave Jones, who cranks out scorching leads on a G&L Legacy and plays a mean hollow body slide guitar that conjures up mournful images of a heart in pain. Co-founder of the band, Jones writes many of the bands originals and sings lead and background vocals. He has been playing guitar for more than 2 decades, and cites his influences as Elmore James, Duane Allman, B.B.King, T-Bone Walker, Buddy Guy, Albert Collins and Warren Haynes.

Chicago Johnny Georgiades, whose moniker reflects his Chicago blues influence, plays a vintage Goldtop Gibson Les Paul to get that fat tone reminiscent of early Jeff Beck and Eric Clapton. A blues aficionado since he picked up his first quitar in 1967, Chicago cut his musical teeth listening to Cream, Jimi Hendrix and Duane Allman. Whether he's crankin' out screamin' leads, playing rhythm guitar or belting out his throaty style of bluesy vocals, he's an integral part of the Chili Blues Band sound.

Drew Blood is a master of the blues harp, whether he's using it as a staccato accent to a guitar riff or vocal, or to emit a plaintive wail, a soulful moan, or an unrestrained cry of jubilation. He can replicate the sound of a train whistle, playfully toss a bar of Low Rider into a traditional blues tune, and evoke sadness, melancholy or jubilation with a four-inch instrument that fits in the palm of his hand.

Cannon Boldwin combines the Chicago blues tradition with his own brand of funk. He can lay down an incredible walking bass line and play a shuffle that is both flashy and solid. He has an undeniable groove and a feel for the music that has evolved from a blues, swing and soul background that spans three decades.

Gordie Richardson drives the band with rock-hard drums and tasty fills. A Portland, Maine native and co-founder of the band, Richardson's passion for the blues was ignited after seeing a 1969 Magic Sam and Charlie Musselwhite twin bill. He's a veteran of numerous New England bands, and has been pounding out unobtrusive but powerful backbeats for over 45 years.

Also featured is a special guest appearance of Collin Tilton from Eight To The Bar on Tenor saxophone. Best known for his sax and flute playing on Van Morrison's million selling Moondance album, Collin also played with Etta James on the Rolling Stones 1978 U.S. Tour. Most recently, he served as horn arranger with Clarence Clemons and the Red Bank Rockers and has worked with a number of regional bands, notably the Shaboo All Stars.

1. Am I Wrong? 3:28    
2. Selfish Man Blues 3:57    
3. Heartache Pain 4:32    
4. Someone's Got My Money 3:51    
5. Temptation 3:22    
6. Chicago's Boogie 3:27    
7. Tangled In A Web 4:13    
8. T-Bone's Got A Harley 4:20    
9. Satisfaction Guaranteed 2:58    
10. The Price I Pay 3:48    
11. Chili Blues (at quarter past nine) 4:28    
12. My Baby's Whiskey Smile 3:55

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