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Sonny Boy Terry - Live At Miss Ann's Playpen (2003)

                                                            Sonny Boy Terry
Harmonica hero Sonny Boy Terry, backed by a fine and funky band featuring Gulf Coast guitar star Little Ray Ybarra, showcases the Houston blues heritage on its home turf with a sweat-drenched live session recorded last November at the classic Third Ward blues bar Miss Ann's Playpen. Terry and the band, with guest guitarist Jeffrey P. Ross spicing up things, serve up hot and tasty barbecued blues with the roots still showing in a sizzling set that stays true to the tradition while offering original ideas.

Sonny Boy Terry and the band rip it up in front of a genuine blues audience and the interchange of energy is almost as electrifying as the music. The songs, from Silas Hogan's cult classic "Rats & Roaches" to the full-throttle Terry/Ybarra "Let's All Go to Miss Ann's Playpen", are drawn directly from authentic blues experience and their resonance in a blues bastion like the legendary venue intensifies the impact of the music. A previously unreleased recording session bonus track, Robert Johnson's classic "Stop Breakin' Down", performed by just Sonny Boy Terry and slide guitarist Harlem Slim, serves as an encore to the live action.


01.  Let's All Go To Miss Ann's Playpen 4:57
02.  Have A Good Time 5:40
03.  Too Late 5:53
04.  PhD Of The Blues 5:31
05.  Holman & Dowling 6:28
06.  Tight Dress 8:18
07.  Rats And Roaches 7:06
08.  I'll Be Your Fool 6:51
09.  Take Your Time 5:03
10.  Stop Breakin' Down 3:45

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  1. Hi Ismael,
    great post! Thanx a lot!
    Never heard of Sonny Boy Terry or brilliant Little Ray Ybarra before. Do you have more of them?
    Especially Ybarra.

  2. Hi Assioz, i have the Sonny Boy Terry - Breakfast Dance (2003) that I'm going to post, unfortunately there's only one song with Little Ray Ybarra. I will try to find more cds with Little Ray Ybarra and as soon as I have put it on the Blog. A hug!