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Sarah and the Tall Boys - Shiny and New (2008)

                                                              Sarah and the Tall Boys
Sarah Potenza, born in 1980 in Providence, Rhode Island, spent much of her youth fascinated with the voices of Blues & Country musicians like Bonnie Raitt, Etta James, and Greg Allman. 
In the late 90\'s Sarah attended Rhode Island College for a BA in Music. There, she studied musical theatre and Vocal Performance. It was not until 2002 that Potenza began to perform her own music. As a solo act she began honing her skills at a local bar called \"The Custom House Tavern\" 
In 2003, Sarah moved to Chicago to peruse her love of blues music. Potenza performed as a solo artist at some of Chicago\'s premiere venues such as, House of Blues, The Metro, and the Double Door. In 2005 she met fellow musician Dan Orduff and together they began to form \"The Sarah Potenza Band\". In 2006 Sarah\'s original song The Eastside, was accepted on to Acoustic Chicago, a completion of the cities top artists. 
Since the release of Acoustic Chicago in 2007 Potenza has been putting together a new band, Sarah & the Tall Boys. The band includes her long time guitar player, Dan Orduff, her husband, Ian Crossman, and world-class blues drummer, David Sims. 
In 2008 Sarah & the Tall Boys recorded their first album, Shiny & New. It is a self-released collection of original Americana. In 2008 the group is performing at the Taste of Chicago, Old Town School\'s Folk and Roots Festival, Estrojam, and The Glenwood Arts Fest. Most Saturday nights you can catch Sarah & the Tall Boys at The Under Ground Wonder Bar, down town Chicago.


1.Friday Night Man  3:46
2.Heart That You Stole  3:12
3.Who But a Fool  4:32
4.Trainwreck   3:24
5.Before   5:43
6.Shadow of a Doubt  4:08
7.Shiny and New  3:37
8.Crush   2:38
Y.ou Done Me Wrong 3:13
9.North   4:52
10.No Glory, No Fame  2:58
11.Red Moon Rising  7:11

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