sábado, 2 de fevereiro de 2019

Ryan McGarvey - Heavy Hearted (2018)

                                                                    Ryan McGarvey
An album destined to go down in history as a classic example of modern day blues. This all new/original studio album that ranges from blistering guitar solos, heartfelt lyrics, to emotional vocals is a must have for any blues, rock or guitar lover!


1.Prelude (1:07)
2.Feelin' Like I Do (2:39)
3.Right Side of the Dirt (3:44)
4.I Shoulda Known Better (5:36)
5.Break My Heart (4:25)
6.Houston (4:16)
7.Six Feet in the Ground (3:26)
8.Ain't Enough Whiskey (7:15)
9.A Walk in the Rain (4:47)
10.Surrender (4:01)
11.Who Would've Thought (6:13)
12.Conclusion (0:54)

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