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Rosie Flores - Simple Case of the Blues (2019)

                                                                       Rosie Flores
In "Simple Case of the Blues" brings Flores full circle, and takes square aim at a genre she has only touched on in the past. She lends her soulful voice and fiery guitar to songs by Roy Brown, Wilson Pickett, Heath Wilson, and a spate of new originals. Produced by songwriter/guitarist Charlie Sexton (Bob Dylan, The Arc Angels)., with an assist by guitarist Kenny Vaughan (Marty Stuart, Lucinda Williams), Simple Case of the Blues was, to hear Flores tell it, a long time coming: "I got infatuated with the blues in high school," says Flores. "It was the first music I ever played." 

She returns to the blues now as a seasoned performer steeped in life's uncompromising lessons. At once torchy, soulful, heartfelt and yearning, Simple Case of the Blues "is the music you make when you've come through joy and heartbreak and back again," says Flores. "It's an ongoing process; I've mastered the life of a musician, but I'll be working on the guitar for the rest of my life."


1.Love Don't Love Nobody
2.Mercy Fell Like Rain
3.I Want To Do More
4.Simple Case Of The Blues
5.Drive Drive Drive
6.Til The Well Runs Dry
7.If There Was A Way
8.That's What You Gotta Do
9.Enemy Hands
10.Teenage Rampage
11.You Need Me

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