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Planet Full Of Blues (2008)

                                                           Planet Full Of Blues
The critics are raving about this strong self-titled debut album release. In fact, the album was just nominated for “2009 Album Of The Year” by Port Folio Magazine and is considered a must have for any modern blues lover!

The fact that the title song, Planet Full Of Blues, has remained on the National Roots Blues Charts for at least 14 weeks to date is testament to the strength of the band’s debut effort.

Check out the band’s website at for reviews of the CD and other band related information. Below is a description of the band’s fine first release:

Imagine Stevie Ray Vaughan colliding with Blood, Sweat, & Tears and you get a new shade of blue for the 21st Century. The debut release of Planet Full Of Blues offers 11 compelling and intelligent originals that are infused with heart-stopping Kansas City horns and spacey Hammond organ.

With the singing guitar tone that touches the soul and tingles the spine, the solid drumming that shakes the bones and the feets, and the strong and unique vocals that instill a sense of urgency and action, the listener will be pleasantly exposed to a new shade of blue for the 21st Century; Planet Full Of Blues.


Johnny Ray Light - Guitar, Vocals, Songwriting
Scott Ambrose - Drums, Vocals
Gary Stultz - Bass, Vocals


1. Pain Will Melt Away 3:19    
2. Got The Blues 3:05    
3. Planet Full Of Blues 3:23    
4. You Can't Always Be Right 3:00    
5. Coming From A Friend 4:45    
6. Miss Her Smile 5:02    
7. Money 3:55    
8. Dirty Pains 3:06
9. When Will You See Things My Way 4:00    
10. Man Tamer 3:04    
11. E-Jam 2:27

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