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Peppe 'O Blues & Hell's Cobra - Living On The Road (1997)

                                                             Peppe 'O Blues
Giuseppe di Lucca was born on 11 January 1965 in Pomigliano D'Arco, on the industrial outskirts of Naples. He knows the Blues at the age of 11. The warmth and sensuality of John Lee Hooker immediately address him to the purpose of his life. He soon began to study and play the guitar. In 1984 he attended the seminars of Umbria Jazz and played with Curtis Fuller, George Adams and Pennie Richmond, the following year he was chosen to play in the Big Band of Umbria Jazz, opens the concerts of Art Blakey and Jazz Messengers and Stevie Ray Vaughn, he won a scholarship in America to study at the Beerklee school in Boston. Thanks to well-respected teachers such as Kevin Eubans, Jim Kelly, Al De Fino, Larry Monroe and Orville Write he develops a valuable instrumental technique and a great harmonic knowledge, but above all he learns that music is the expression of the soul. He returned to Italy in 1988 and in 1990 decided to found a Rock-Blues band: "Hell's Cobra Blues Band". He is currently developing a new project: "Eagles Rainbow". After a long apprenticeship that leads him to tour all the regions of Italy, he decides to record a CD that has the flavor of hard life made in these years believing in the true value of music. In 1997 he released "Living On The Road" which contains rearranged and original pieces that underline the various collaborations that Peppe O 'Blues has had in Italy and on his many trips to the United States. World-renowned musicians have wanted it with them, including: Buddy Miles, Otis Rush, Junior Wells, Michael Coleman, Sugar Blue, Shirley King, Sammy Fender and Sharon Clarke. In 2000 he released the second CD: "In The Name Of Love" which contains all original songs, except for a tribute that Peppe wanted to do to one of his great passions: Jimi Hendrix. He plays in the most accredited clubs in Italy and at the biggest festivals opening the concerts of Charlie Musselwhite, Canned Heat and Tommy Castro, creating a very original sound: great fusion of Blues, Rock Funky but also of Southern Rock, Hip Hop, Psicadelia using excellent musicians such as Carlo Coni on the electric bass, Eugenio Di Domenico on the electric guitar.
Peppe is taking a very personal road, his live show is very captivating and full of energy. Always available and ready to confront all the musicians, he tries to increase his knowledge and experience to make better and better results.


1. Living On The Road
2. Miss You
3. Shake Your Booty
4. Lady Sunshine
5. Something Burning Inside Me
6. Born Under a Bad Sign
7. Help Me
8. So Bad
9. Little Wing
10. Hey Joe
11. Missing Stevie 

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