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Papadon Washington - The Blues In Me (2013)

                                                            Papadon Washington
"Take a pound of gospel music. Sprinkle in a little jazz. Pepe it up with rock n roll but don't play it too loud or fast. Add a touch of Motown soul to make you move your feet. Then, you've got my flavor of blues that's bold, hot and sweet."- Papadon in "The Blues In Me"

Every few years, a new champion steps out of nowhere to help carry the blues traditions further into the future. Don Washington arrived right on time with the right tools for the job. Armed with powerful hands and a deep, muscular voice, Papadon is ready to shout the blues like a country preacher.

He’s got a strong voice and a warm and comfortable stage personality that can reach audiences easily. His performance at the 2005 Chicago Blues Festival won him a legion of new fans, and left the crowd hollering for more. I can heartily recommend him for any club or blues festival.” – Bruce Iglauer, President, Alligator Records

“One of the most pleasant surprises I had at the 2005 Chicago Blues Festival was meeting and hearing Papadon Washington. It’s great to hear someone not only carrying on the blues piano tradition in such fine fashion, but knowing how to entertain an audience with it too.”- Jim O’Neal, Co-Founder, Living Blues Magazine
Art: Big front

01. The Blues In Me 4:24
02. This Woman Of Mine 4:21
03. Blues Swing 3:20
04. Tell Me Baby 3:40
05. Wer'e Going Out Tonight 3:44
06. Baby Taught Me To Sing 4:00
07. When Money Does The Talking 3:41
08. The Blues Is My Story 5:22
09. Ain't Going Back 3:19

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  1. Thanks for this, never heard of this guy before.


    1. You're welcome! When I heard it, I thought it was good and I decided to post it. A hug!!!