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Muddy Waters - Can't Get No Grindin (1973)

                                                               Muddy Waters
Muddy's next-to-last Chess album, Can't Get No Grindin' marked a return to working with a band of his own after several experimental line-ups and recordings -- Pinetop Perkins took over the piano spot from the late Otis Spann, with Chess veteran harpist James Cotton aboard, and PeeWee Madison, and Sammy Lawhorn handling the guitars (apart from Muddy's axe, natch). The music is raw, hard-edged, and sharp (the guitars slash and cut), more like a successor to Muddy's classic 1950's sides (he rethinks a bunch '50s numbers here) than to the London Sessions, Super Blues, brass blow-outs, and psychedelic albums that he'd been doing. It's also easy to hear Muddy's heart in this release -- he fairly oozes soul out of every note he sings. The title track, "Sad Letter," and "Mother's Bad Luck Child" are all killer tracks, and most of the rest isn't far behind, though "Garbage Man" is the best known of the newer tracks, thanks to subsequent covers.


Muddy Waters - vocal and guitar
James Cotton - harmonica
Pinetop Perkins - piano, harpsichord
Pee Wee Madison - guitar
Sam Lawhorn - guitar
Calvin Jones - bass
Willie Smith - drums


1. Can't Get No Grindin' (What's The Matter With The Meal) 2:45
2. Mother's Bad Luck Child 4:57
3. Funky Butt 2:53
4. Sad Letter 4:15
5. Someday I'm Gonna Ketch You 3:12
6. Love Weapon     4:05
7. Garbage Man 2:40
8. After Hours 3:50
9. Whiskey Ain't No Good 4:32
10. Muddy Waters' Shuffle 2:20

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