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Mark Rigg and the Big Rigg Band - Blues Injection (1995)

                                                                 Mark Rigg
This CD is an amalgamation of Mark Rigg's musical journey through American roots
music. You can hear the Chicago Blues in "Quiet Night in Chicago" and the New Orleans
influence in "Every Woman I Know". The title track "Blues Injection" and "I Can Stand
Alone" recall the R&B/Soul sounds. Listen to the Southern Rock/Country stylings of
"Six Days on the Road" and "Seasons Change" and finally the Rockabilly drive of "She's
My Girl".


1. Six Days On The Road 5:03    
2. Every Woman I Know 3:01    
3. Blues Injection 5:32        
4. Seasons Change 4:58    
5. Hey Bartender 3:01        
6. I Can Stand Alone 4:58

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