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Kat Baloun - She's Got It (2013)

                                                                      Kat Baloun
Born Katherine Elise Baloun, July 27, 1956 in El Paso, Texas, Kat's mother got her started on the piano at 7, she learned the violin, and then at 13, she picked up the harmonica. At this time, there was a new genre of blues music coming out, that had influenced Kat. In 1994 she moved to Berlin and put her own band together. With a smoky voice that captivates with a wealth of color, warmth, and deep tones, this master of the harmonica will bring out the applause in you and you'll be left hardly able to catch your breath. But wait, Europe's premier blues guitarist, Tomi Leino comes at ya too with a blast of fine fretwork that will amaze. A Dynamic Duo, for sure.


Kat Baloun - Harp & Vocals

Tomi Leino - Guitar

Mikko Peltola - Drums

Jaska Prepula - Bass


1.Mean Old Man

2.5-10-15 Hours

3.Keep It To Myself

4.There Is Something on Your Mind

5.Cry For Me Baby

6.It's So Fine

7.Where Were You

8.Can't Hold Out Much Longer

9.Somewhere Down The Line

10.Ain't No Hurry To Go Home

11.Too Late

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