sexta-feira, 15 de fevereiro de 2019

J. Reissner - Blue Room (2018)

                                                                    J. Reissner
J. Jorn Jörn or John. Here is Reissner playing and singing some of his songs in a room. Some are more or less acoustic than others are electric. Something's blues.


1.Miss Louise 03:37
2.Only A Dream 06:32
3.Bulldog Blues 04:59
4.Buzz Me 03:57
5.Nighttrain 04:17
6.Oh Yeah! 04:37
7.Plastic Girlfriend 04:46
8.Down At The Bottom 04:14
9.Just Like A Boomerang 03:44
10.Worried Blues 02:21
11.Crazy Love 04:13
12.Chicken Scratch 01:23
13.Barroom Blues 03:22
14.Crying For My Baby 03:28

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