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Hounds Tooth - Hounds Tooth (2007)

                                                                  Hounds Tooth
Hounds Tooth is earning accolades across the Midwest with their high-energy show of modern blues. With a set list rich in modern blues, original material, and blues-rock numbers, Hounds Tooth’s Soul Rockin' Blues appeals to a wide range of audiences. Hounds Tooth has opened for national acts including Kenny Wayne Shepherd and Shannon Curfman. Additionally, they have appeared at some of the top blues festivals, blues rooms, and local festivals in the Midwest including: Big Bull Falls Blues Festival; Paramount Blues Festival; Summerfest; The Slippery Noodle; BB’s Jazz, Blues, and Soups; Blowtorch Blues Society; and River Rhythms.
"I've known this band since their early collaborations, and some bands, you just know, have a good, long run ahead of them. Soul-rockin', yes. Soul-stirrin', yes. Soul-satisfyin', only if you like your blues electrified, deep-fried, and BBQ'd. Stand up and enjoy the show!" – Sharon Pomaville, Big City Rhythm & Blues Magazine


01. All Over You
02. Let It Roll
03. Rock Me Right
04. Just Enough Naughty
05. Give Me A Sign
06. I'm Feelin' Lucky Tonight
07. Black Coffee
08. See No Evil
09. Boom Boom
10. Little By Little

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