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Hideaway - Live 76'51'' (2004)

"Death Valley" is also from Ralph Bonte. He wrote this on his journey through South Texas. And indeed, if you listen to the text, it could not have been shot at someone's brain in a Bruges attic room with a view of the Belfry tower. Unless Ralph keeps rattlesnakes in his queue. Again slide in this, Ralph dweept with slide. Not very. Me too ! And let it be said to you that this number may be left in the paper with no blushing in addition to the work of the great ones. Hideaway also ventures to a song by Pete Anderson, producer, composer, guitarist and long time companion of Dwight Yoakam. But I think there is ambras, currently between the two. With lawsuits and all. "Blue Hour" is such a number that does not fit in any box. It is not blues, nor pure country, although there are elements of both styles. What now whistled. But in any case sung very nicely and Geeraard's saxophone solo may be here again. I do not hear David Sanborn now.

With "Calling Home" we are in the southern rock atmosphere. Lynyrd Skynyrd and The Outlaws look into the room over the shoulders of Hideaway. Patrick Cuyvers gets honky tonk sounds from his Roland and a greasy slide from Ralph makes the song. In the second part, after the countdown, it actually mutates into a gospel with Q of the priest and A of the beloved believers. And it is progressing, it is progressing well forwards ... .Traditionals are so named because they are extremely solid and stored in the subconscious mind of mankind. When it is stirred in, a hint of recognition comes to the surface and everyone can almost sing along spontaneously. Similarly with the gospel and the spiers that rose from the chapels along the Mississippi. At such a miss I was always on the first bank, I have already said somewhere in one or other review. No one remains unaffected. In addition also wonderfully introduced by a fine and freel bottleneckje belongs to "I Shall Not Be Moved" to this category of religions that are burned in the people's genes. I'm being religiously inclined.

"Mustang Sally" is assigned to Wilson Picket by our company. And although this soulman certainly gave it eternal value, this song would have sprouted to the brain of one Sir Mack Rice, who in 1950 led a band called The Falcons. And who was still in that group? Well well well ! Is not that an early Eddie Floyd and an equally young Wilson Picket? Indeed, the world is small. But who is the pike thief now? In the corridors, Buddy Guy is also mentioned as the instigator of this song. And occasionally you still hear Jay Hawkins. Honor to whom credit is due, at the last judgment this is all in its fold, and in the meantime we can enjoy the version that is presented to us here by the boys of Stoppenbolleke. The saxophone of Geeraard is exactly where he belongs, to Stax and soul standards. Or Atlantic standards in Picket's case. A right in the rose wah-wah guitar solo by J.M .. A full-blown bis number is this. Everyone sings along, because everyone sing along. That is the great thing about such songs. Alleman knows them.

The final word, in terms of songwriting, comes to Ralph with "Party". This boogie has not appropriated its name unlawfully. It is moving with this song, wanting or not. Only stiffs do not move on this sounds. Exciting to, it could be The Mofo Party Band. Boogie such as Canned Heat could only bring in its best years. We can not get enough of it, but unfortunately, after 76 minutes and 51 seconds and 16 popped songs, it is done. Unless your turner is on eternal repeat.

And do not let it happen to you as if Eric bass and Johan drums do not have a lot of trouble. I have not said much about it, that is true. A rhythm session does less striking work, but if these guys drop one stitch, the thing is immediately to the k..vantips. Regardless of the virtuosity of his soloists, a band is only as good as his rhythm section. And this one is fantastic here! Hands together for them.


Eric Vandekerckhove - Bass 
Johan Guidee - Drums  
Patrick Cuyvers - Keyboards  
Jean Marie Herman - Lead Guitar  
Geeraard De Groote - Saxophone  
Ralph Bonte - Vocals, Rhythm Guitar  


1.Two Bones And A Pick
2.Bye Bye So Long
3.I'll Play The Blues For You
4.Nothing You Can Say
5.Start It Up
6.Back To New Orleans
7.My Blues
8.Lonesome Valley
9.Can't Get No Rest
11.Death Valley
12.Blue Hour
13.Calling Home
14.I Shall Not Be Moved
15.Mustang Sally

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