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Deborah Stafford & The State Of Affairs - Blused & Confused (2018)

                                                                   Deborah Stafford
Deborah Stafford & her award winning Blues band, The State of Affairs turn up the heat with their first release, Blused & Confused. Deborah's soulful Vocals, wailing Sax by Austin's Alayna Simmons, killer Guitar licks by Dave "Doc" Dougherty, the amazing Bass work of Bob Tiger and the in-the-pocket drumming of Doug Murphy bring new dimensions to the Blues. The Album contains a variety of styles, from classic, like "New Brand of Bull" and "Blused & Confused" , to spacey "head" music (as Doc likes to call it) like "Driftin'. They also like to keep it funky and dance-able as you will hear on tracks like "My Love" and "Look but you can't touch", and do a little swing dancing to "Long Distance Call"

The co-writing team of Deborah and Doc are a hit on their ode to longing, "Twilight", a song Deborah wrote the lyrics to on a sunset ride in the countryside. There seems to be a lot of longing on the CD as heard on the powerful anthem Driftin'. Driftin' invokes the feeling of sitting by a slow moving river, contemplating life and longing for a place where you might belong. Alternatively, "Dark Path" tells of a relationship gone wrong and the dark path taken toward infidelity, and "New Brand of Bull" gives you a few clues as to how she might have gotten on that path. I guess the happy love songs will be on their next release!


1.Blused & Confused 05:00
2.Dark Path 04:43
3.Driftin' 06:21
4.Long Distance Call 03:35
5.Look But You Can't Touch 03:54
6.My Love 05:01
7.New Brand Of Bull 06:03
8.Twilight 04:13

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