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Chaz De Paolo - Live From Montreal (2006)

                                                             Chaz De Paolo
"Live From Montreal" will introduce you to Chaz's high energy live playing as well as his introduction to the world of "Blues" vocals. This release featured him on his first vocal track "Live From Montreal". The release also exhibits Chaz's ability to improvise in a live format.
This CD includes extended versions from "Eclectic Impressions" as well as 3 new tracks.


01. Steamy Delta Improv 6:15
02. Psychadelic Dandellion 3:58
03. Celebrate Funk 3:09
04. Fusion 55 4:07
05. Elephant Groove 2:43
06. Texas Style Sizzle 3:02
07. Northern Lights 3:50
08. Montreal Blues 10:00
09. Sweet Little Angel 6:46
10. Sunday Afternoon Blues Jam On Toast 2:56

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