quinta-feira, 14 de fevereiro de 2019

Billy Jenkins - Blues Zero Two (2011)

                                                             Billy Jenkins
'If you're a Jenkins fan, this update on his Blues Collective is right in the pocket. The guitar-playing is often manically breathtaking, and tracks such as I Wanna Stay Here touch the heart as well as the head and the funny bone.' (John Fordham/The Guardian)


Dylan Bates - Violin
Richard Bolton - Guitar
Thaddeus Kelly - Bass
Mike Pickering - Drums


1.Blues Zero Two
2.This Is A Day To Forget
3.I Wanna Stay Here
4.Don’t Eat That Cake
5.White Van Man
6.Down In The Deep Freeze
7.A Virus Called The Blues
8.I’m Staying In The Car
9.I Want My Tea

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