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Allman Goldflies Band - Second Chance (2018)

                                                       Allman Goldflies Band
Vocalist and keyboard man Gary Allman is indeed a cousin to Gregg and Duane Allman, with Soutern rock’s greatest dynasty’s blood flowing thru his veins.  He’s also got that unmistakable growl in his voice that is so reminiscent of Gregg.  David “Rook” Goldflies was bassist for the ABB from 1978-1982, during the time that “Enlightened Rogues.” “Reach For The Sky,” and “Brothers Of The Road” were released.  Rook had the uncanny ability to play the more advanced chord structures on the extended jams with incredible ease.  These two have pooled their immense talents to release “Second Chance,” under the name Allman Goldflies Band.

This set of ten originals, all written by Gary, Rook, and C. Menfi, blends their collective passions for Southern rock, blues, jazz, and a shot of gospel to celebrate their involvement in keeping this classic genre’ alive and moving forward.  Leading off is “Ever Been So Lonely Baby,” a tune that has vintage ABB DNA all thru it, and includes a fantastic bass solo from Rook.  Rook shows that he’s much more than just a bass player, too, as he crafted a sweet instrumental showing off his mighty impressive fiddle chops, “Fadiddle.”  The haunting “Pretty Green Eyes” recounts the life of a traveling bluesman and the one thing he misses most while “traveling on down the line.”  Rook’s bass gets another workout on the funky, danceable tale of searching for that Great American Dream by doing what you love best, “Can’t Turn Back Now.”  The set closes by taking us all to church with Gary’s organ-heavy tribute to his mother, “When Jesus Calls, you got to be ready.”

Our favorite was easy.  Southern rock has been in our souls since we first heard the Fillmore album in 1971.  and Gary and Rook, thru all their connections to this great music, keep it alive and flourishing with “Southern’s All I Ever Want To Be!”  Amen, brothers!  Until next time..Sheryl and Don Crow, The Nashville Blues Society.


1.Ever Been So Lonely Baby 5:22
2.Standing In The Georgia Rain 3:38
3.Southern's All I Ever Want To Be 3:52
4.Can't Turn Back Now 4:51
5.Fadiddle 3:43
6.Baby Show Me How 3:33
7.Pretty Green Eyes 3:13
8.When Jesus Calls 3:47
9.Yesterday's Blues 4:31
10.You Gave me Love 5:02

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