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Simon Kinny-Lewis - A Day In San Jose (Live) (2019)

                                                           Simon Kinny-Lewis
Simon Kinny-Lewis is a world renowned Guitarist/Singer from Sydney, Australia. Born February 18, 1981 He has acknowledged the influence of many guitarists including Robben Ford, Chris Cain, Scott Henderson and etc...


Simon Kinny-Lewis - Vocals/Guitar
Tony Boyd - Drums
Nate Ginsberg - Keys
Dewayne Pate - Bass
Andy Just - Harmonica
Walter Jebe - Slide Guitar


1.Crossroads 03:17   
2.Chevrolet 04:26   
3.Walking Blues 03:28   
4.Raining In My Heart 07:54   
5.Further On Up The Road 04:19   
6.Hoochie Coochie Man 04:22   
7.Rollin' And Tumblin' 02:56   
8.Have You Ever Loved A Woman 04:04   
9.Nobody's Fault But Mine 05:48

Jr Johnny & The Playboys - Extreme (2014)

                                                                   Jr Johnny
"Extreme" is the fourteenth album from joumeyman, blues harmonica player, songwriter and vocalist Junior Johnny. The brand new disc includes twelve soulful, original compositions and some of the best examples yet of Johnny's virtuoso-toned blues harp. It's both delightfully tempestuous and effortlessly profound. Jr. Johnny is one of the great true-blue, real-deal, old-school (but hip and of a very cool school) harmonica players walking the planet. "He?s very creative, twelve great original songs, great musicians and lots of fun.jr johnny's cd is a hoot! It's very creative,great song writing,great musicians and lots of fun! jr johnny's new cd is a rocking extravaganza! jr johnny's new cd is "Extreme"!"


Jr. Johnny - Harp & Vocals

Mark Korpi - Lead Guitar

Bill Singletary - Bass

Walter Shufflesworth - Drums

Kenny Clarke - Hammond B-3

Stephen Minnich - Rhythm Guitar


1. Highway Melodies
2. A New Hello
3. Rock and Roll (With You)
4. My Car (Is You)
5. Love Me Tonight
6. High Rise Blues
7. Nasty
8. I Wanna Go
9. Total Bliss
10. She
11. When We Get Home
12. Greenwich Village Nights

Tommy Castro - No Foolin' (1993)

                                                                Tommy Castro
Tommy Castro is one of the most popular and creative roots artists to emerge in recent years. On his newest CD, Painkiller, Castro teamed up with producer John Porter, renowned for his work with a Who's Who list of artists such as Los Lonely Boys, Taj Mahal, Keb Mo, Santana, B.B. King, Elvis Costello, adn Buddy Guy. Said Castro, "When I started looking for a producer, I realized that John had produced some of my favorite records of the last ten years. After working with him in the studio, I understand now why that is. With John, everything just seems to be right; all the parts work and flow together."

Everything indeed just seems right about Painkiller. With the Tommy Castro Band anchoring the sessions, Porter has fashioned a most tasteful album from the many talented parts of Castro's patented rock 'n' soul music. Special guests Coco Montoya, Angela Strehli, David Maxwell, and Teresa James join the fun.

Tommy's career has been marked by one triumph after another. Considering his innate charisma and his skills as a supremely talented guitarist, gifted vocalist, and engaging songwriter, it is easy to see why Castro has enjoyed so much success so quickly. In a remarkably short time, he went from performing at a tiny San Francisco saloon to opening act on B.B. King's national tours and international acclaim as one of the most compelling artists on the scene.

Born and raised in San Jose, California, Tommy expressed interest in learning to play the guitar at age ten. Young Castro was initially inspired by the likes of Eric Clapton, Mike Bloomfield and Elvin Bishop. Later, wanting to know who their influences were, Tommy became enthralled with the guitar playing of B.B., Buddy Guy, Muddy Waters, Elmore James and Freddie King, as well as the vocal stylings of Ray Charles, Otis Redding, Wilson Pickett and James Brown.
Castro went on to play with many Bay Area bands. "When I was a kid, music was something I did for fun. Later, it became obvious to me that playing music was the thing I was meant to do, so I made a decision to pursue it as a career." For two years he toured the U.S. extensively with Warner Brothers recording artists The Dynatones.

Tommy Castro performing with John Hiatt, BB King, and Buddy Guy
John Hiatt, B.B. King, Buddy Guy and Tommy Castro from the
B.B. King Blues Music Festival

In 1991 he formed the Tommy Castro Band, and they quickly became one of the hardest-working and most popular groups in the Bay Area. In 1993 they were named "Club Band of the Year" at the Bay Area Music Awards, an especially prestigious honor since it is a write-in category that includes all musical genres.


Tommy Castro - Guitar, Vocals

Keith Crossan - Saxophone, Vocals

Shad Harris - Drums, Vocals

Randy McDonald - Bass, Vocals


1. Mama Jama 5:04
2. Sweet Little Angel 10:52
3. Can't Get Next To You 5:31
4. You Got Somethin' 5:06
5. Let Me Love You Baby 9:57
6. Me And My Guitar 4:26
7. Stone Crazy 11:14
8. Woke Up This Mornin' 5:56
9. Midnight Mover 3:29
10. All Night Long 5:27
11. Clemency 3:56

Vini and the Demons - Vini and the Demons (2004)

                                                            Vini and the Demons
In Muddy Waters' song, Deep Down in Florida, he sings about going to Gainesville "...to see some friends of mine." Gainesville is the town where Vini and the Demons came together for their debut performance on October 29, 1999. For the next two years they played the blues; from Miami's Tobacco Road to Fat Matt's Rib Shack in Atlanta. At the beginning of winter in 2001, the Demons relocated as a band to Chicago, like many of their blues heroes did before them.

The Demons vowed a sacred oath to help keep the blues thriving into the 21st century and beyond. Vini and the Demons made this commitment, in part, with the encouragement and blessing of Muddy Waters' daughter Ros, and the legendary Bo Diddley, both supporters and fans of the band.

Since their arrival in Chicago, the Demons were a feature act for two years on rotation at Eddy "The Chief" Clearwater's Reservation Blues. The Demons have played on just about every blues stage in Chicago. Vini and the Demons have shared the stage with Eddie Taylor, Jr., Little Arthur Duncan, Billy Branch and the Sons of Blues, Bo Diddley, Sharon Lewis, Eddy "The Chief" Clearwater, Jimmy Burns, and many other legendary blues musicians.

With a repertoire of over 70 blues standards and original Demon songs, Vini and the Demons keep their audiences drinking, dancing, and feeling the blues the way it was meant to be experienced.

Vini and the Demons never rehearse or perform until they have had a ritual shot of Jack Daniel's in honor of Robert Johnson, and all the blues musicians who have come before them. The Demons do not play non-smoking venues.

1. Possession Blues    
2. I Don't Want You    
3. You Go Your Way    
4. Please Shake Your Ass For Me    
5. I've Got To Be With You Tonight    
6. Beautiful Poison    
7. Sick Bed Blues    
8. Sittin' On Top Of The World    
9. I Don't Want To Go To Heaven    
10. Blues For The Android

The Blues Spiders - That Kinda Thing (2019)

                                                           The Blues Spiders
The Blues Spiders draw upon the long established tradition of Thames Delta bands bringing you the best of blues, swing and rhythm and blues. A  band chock full of experience and meaty goodness! There’s some blues classics, some favourite r’n’b and throw in some self-penned material and that’s one serious Memphis soul stew.


Bob Clouter - Drums –
Russ Cottee - Electric Guitar, Vocals 
Paul Henshaw - Bass Guitar 
Mitch Greaves - Vocals, Harmonica 


1. Chills 3:52
2. Drunken Blues 4:39
3. Hard Time Blues 3:14
4. No Sad Songs 4:57
5. Two Bones And A Pick 2:46
6. You Know Yeah 3:41
7. Swing By 4:32
8. Sam's Place 4:23
9. Rock This House 5:06

Todd Simpson - Power of Love (2016)

                                                               Todd Simpson
Todd is a young guitar player and singer from Alabama with an incredible and inspirational story. Overcoming tremendous odds to bring his music to the world. seeing music in color and simply “playing the colors”, he plays a unique and powerful style of music that touches people on an emotional level. He blends several genre’s such as blues, rock, and soul to create a style that reaches fans of all types. His high energy soulful music has allowed him to play from coast to coast, share the stage with legends as well as headlining his own shows.His influences are Buddy Guy, Jimi Hendrix and Otis Redding.


1. Power of Love 3:54        
2. Trip Around the Sun 4:03        
3. Whiskey Wine and Gin 4:57        
4. Wade in the Water 4:42        
5. Goin' Down 4:06        
6. Sun Don't Set 4:58        
7. Law a Way 6:47        
8. Voodoo Blues 3:39        
9. Ring Tone 4:46        
10. Looking for Light 4:56        
11. Bad Alligator 4:19        
12. Disease 3:54

Benoy Rai - Can't Lose The Blues (2019)

                                                                Benoy Rai
Benoy Rai is an Indian guitarist from the city of Darjeeling, and plays a very high quality Blues Rock.


01. Loves True 05:53
02. Back Home Blues 06:38
03. Shine On 05:00
04. The Streets 05:50
05. All Out Again 05:16
06. Can't Lose The Blues 04:30
07. Whole Lotta Trouble 04:25

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N'awlins Johnnys - N'awlins Johnnys (2014)

                                                              N'awlins Johnnys
The N’awlins Johnnys originated in 2009 as a blend of the rhythms of New Orleans funk and the early blues-based rock & roll that made the world take notice of the New Orleans music scene decades ago. The result is a highly-danceable form of rock & roll that is funky, filthy and distinctly New Orleans.


1. Million $ Man 4:24        
2. Lost My Baby 5:57        
3. Hard Way 4:11        
4. Don't Wanna Dance 3:37        
5. Tuesday Night Man 6:03        
6. Big Chief 3:51

The Chili Blues Band - Satisfaction Guaranteed (2001)

                                                          The Chili Blues Band
The Chili Blues Band serves up a sizzling repertoire of Chicago blues, Delta blues, rhythm and blues and a touch of swing that makes every night a party. If you can't dance on your feet, then dance in your seat, because you won't be able to sit still. With its scorching guitar solos, energetic harmonica riffs, thundering bass lines, tasty drums and polished vocals, the Chili Blues Band is living proof that the blues is about feelin' good about feelin' bad.

The players include Dave Jones, who cranks out scorching leads on a G&L Legacy and plays a mean hollow body slide guitar that conjures up mournful images of a heart in pain. Co-founder of the band, Jones writes many of the bands originals and sings lead and background vocals. He has been playing guitar for more than 2 decades, and cites his influences as Elmore James, Duane Allman, B.B.King, T-Bone Walker, Buddy Guy, Albert Collins and Warren Haynes.

Chicago Johnny Georgiades, whose moniker reflects his Chicago blues influence, plays a vintage Goldtop Gibson Les Paul to get that fat tone reminiscent of early Jeff Beck and Eric Clapton. A blues aficionado since he picked up his first quitar in 1967, Chicago cut his musical teeth listening to Cream, Jimi Hendrix and Duane Allman. Whether he's crankin' out screamin' leads, playing rhythm guitar or belting out his throaty style of bluesy vocals, he's an integral part of the Chili Blues Band sound.

Drew Blood is a master of the blues harp, whether he's using it as a staccato accent to a guitar riff or vocal, or to emit a plaintive wail, a soulful moan, or an unrestrained cry of jubilation. He can replicate the sound of a train whistle, playfully toss a bar of Low Rider into a traditional blues tune, and evoke sadness, melancholy or jubilation with a four-inch instrument that fits in the palm of his hand.

Cannon Boldwin combines the Chicago blues tradition with his own brand of funk. He can lay down an incredible walking bass line and play a shuffle that is both flashy and solid. He has an undeniable groove and a feel for the music that has evolved from a blues, swing and soul background that spans three decades.

Gordie Richardson drives the band with rock-hard drums and tasty fills. A Portland, Maine native and co-founder of the band, Richardson's passion for the blues was ignited after seeing a 1969 Magic Sam and Charlie Musselwhite twin bill. He's a veteran of numerous New England bands, and has been pounding out unobtrusive but powerful backbeats for over 45 years.

Also featured is a special guest appearance of Collin Tilton from Eight To The Bar on Tenor saxophone. Best known for his sax and flute playing on Van Morrison's million selling Moondance album, Collin also played with Etta James on the Rolling Stones 1978 U.S. Tour. Most recently, he served as horn arranger with Clarence Clemons and the Red Bank Rockers and has worked with a number of regional bands, notably the Shaboo All Stars.

1. Am I Wrong? 3:28    
2. Selfish Man Blues 3:57    
3. Heartache Pain 4:32    
4. Someone's Got My Money 3:51    
5. Temptation 3:22    
6. Chicago's Boogie 3:27    
7. Tangled In A Web 4:13    
8. T-Bone's Got A Harley 4:20    
9. Satisfaction Guaranteed 2:58    
10. The Price I Pay 3:48    
11. Chili Blues (at quarter past nine) 4:28    
12. My Baby's Whiskey Smile 3:55

The Hudson River Rats - First Take (2007)

                                                           The Hudson River Rats
 Rob Paparozzi New Jersey-based frontman, singer, & harmonica player Rob Paparozzi has been a blues performer since 1967. But Rob is far from being strictly a blues musician. In fact, he's at home playing a wide range of music, ranging from rock to blues to jazz to pop. This versatility is reflected in the long and remarkably diverse list of major artists Rob has worked with, including B.B.King, Dr. John, Bruce Springsteen, Whitney Houston, Carole King, Roberta Flack, Culture Club, Cyndi Lauper, Randy Newman, Jimmy McGriff, and James Galway.

 Rob had been touring the world with the original Blues Brothers Band, featuring guitar legend Steve Cropper and special guest Eddie Floyd 2000-2007. Since 2005 to present Rob is Frontman-Singer for the Legendary "Blood Sweat and Tears"

 Rob's own band The Hudson River Rats features Ed Alstrom, John Korba, Chris Eminizer, Bernard Purdie, George Naha and Bailey Gee. The shows are Local in NY-NJ as well as International, Europe & Asia. In 2008 Rob worked on his debut CD which features many varied styles and special guests. In 2009 the CD has been getting lots of airplay worldwide and terrific acclaim in the press. Special thanks to Bob Putignano, Gary Walker, Michael Bourne and Rich Skelly for having Rob on their radio shows in 2009 WBGO, WFDU, WRSU and Roxy Perry on KCOR.

 Presently, Rob is Singing and Fronting the legendary Jazz-Rock band: BLOOD SWEAT & TEARS replacing their last singer David Clayton Thomas. Rob is also a HARMONICA player and is top demand in NYC for recording sessions on both Blues Harp and Chromatic Harmonica too!


Randy Andos - Trombone, Tuba
Jean Avery - Vocals (Background)
Dan Boone - Bass, Vocals (Background)
Barry Danielian - Trumpet
Marty Kersich - Sax (Tenor)
Dale Kleps - Clarinet, Sax (Alto)
John Korba - Keyboards, Vocals
Lisa Lowell     Vocals (Background)
Sherryl Marshall - Vocals (Background)
Glenn McClelland - Piano
George Naha - Guitar
Rob Paparozzi - Harmonica, Vocals
Bernard "Pretty" Purdie - Drums
John Scarpulla - Sax (Baritone)
Tim Tindall - Bass


1. Baby I Love You   
2. I'd Drink Muddy Water (Harmonica – Rob Paparozzi, Lead Vocals – Rob Paparozzi)   
3. Soul To Soul   
4. Don't Lead Me On   
5. Bernie's Done It Again     
6. hame, Shame, Shame (Drums – Bernard Purdie, Harmonica – Rob Paparozzi)   
7. Can't Take The Heartache (Lead Vocals – John Korba)   
8. Cleveland Mississippi (Harmonica – Rob Paparozzi Lead Vocals)     
9. Ain't Got No Home (Lead Vocals – Rob Paparozzi)   
10. Home At Last (Lead Vocals – John Korba)

Kenn Lending - Live in Concert (2017)

                                                                 Kenn Lending
The last time we heard news from Kenn Lending was back in 2012, when he released Flying high with his Kenn Lending Blues Band. Now he is back with Kenn Lending in concert, which, as the name suggests, is a live album.

The album was actually intended as a soundtrack to the documentary that film maker Gert Fribo was about to rework Kenn Lending when Fribo suddenly passed away in 2016. The album was recorded at a concert at the Badeanstalten in Slagelse in February 2015, and beyond Kenn Lending on vocals and guitar contributes Michael Sunding on organ, Kim Yarbrough on bass and Esben Duus on drums.

There are only seven cuts on the CD, and then one could be tempted to believe that it was an ep. But no - with playing times between 6 and 13 minutes the numbers fill the record well - and give Lending and co. good opportunities to show their instrumental skills.

With "Chess", the first of two self-compositions on the album and a song that last appeared on Game of life from 1995. It is a funky soul blues, where Michael Sunding's organ alternates underlying atmosphere and solo breaks. Kenn Lending also plays some jazzet sologuitar with good use of the power pedals.

Memphis Slims "Wish me well" starts at best jumpy B.B. King-style, but surprisingly develops into another funk workout. After a nice Hammond B3 solo from Sunding, Kenn Lending takes over with the wah-wah pedal before Kim Yarbrough gives it an extra shot of funk with his bass solo.

Then follows "Today I sing the blues", written by Curtis Lewis and originally recorded by Aretha Franklin. It is a slow blues with a good, passionate vocal of Lending, and with its well over 12 minutes of playtime, there is also ample room for his impression, B.B. and Freddy King-influenced solo. It is beautifully wrapped in by the rhythm section, while Michael Sunding weaves sound carpets on the organ before he himself delivers a long, bluesy solo.

Kenn Lending's own "It's been a long time" serves primarily as a background for the band members' solo excursions. First, Kim Yarbrough steals the spotlight with a sweaty funky show in lazy bass, before drummer Esben Duus takes over with her compulsory solo. It has been said and written a lot in the course of time about drum solos, but it is yet another fact that they work best in a concert situation. Kenn Lending in concert is a live album, and therefore it is quite reasonable that the drummer gets his dove, but unnoticed Esben Duus' great talent, it is difficult to get a drum solo down on the plate without it going to work straight legally long.

Kenn Lending has had Jimi Hendrix "" Voodoo child (slight return) "on the repertoire for many years, and thus also here. It will be a fantastic version with wah-wah pedal, Thomas Koppel-like organ, funk bass and lots of rippling cymbals. But it works, not least as a demonstration of the late-60s and 70s funky psychedelic roofs on the bluesidiom.

Then traces of Ray Charles' rhythm & blues classic "What’d I Say" with Michael Sunding on lead vocal and centered around his organ are shifted. Lending spice up with tasteful blues guitars while Duus lets the drumsticks dance.

Kenn Lending rounds off with pure blues, namely Willie Dixon's "Hoochie coochie man" (originally recorded by Muddy Waters). It is a real pleasure to hear Lending settle on this Chicago classic, which, of course, cannot escape a certain psychedelic touch by Sunding's organ and Loan's effect pedals. Nevertheless, there is a feeling that Kenn Lending with this particular song brings us back to the starting point, and it is a well-chosen closing number.

Kenn Lending in concert thus comes around, and it is also precisely the purpose of a publication like this. Of course, the CD is a snapshot of a playful band that has found its groove, but first and foremost is the effective demonstration of versatility, adventure and the intuitive blues sensation in Kenning's games.


1. Chess 6:29        
2. Wish Me Well 7:14        
3. Today I Sing the Blues 12:22        
4. It's Been a Long Time 10:46        
5. Voodoo Chile 11:05        
6. What'd I Say 6:14        
7. Hoochie Coochie Man 8:24

Max Sunyer - 1972 (1994)

                                                                  Max Sunyer
Max Sunyer is currently a Jazz Rock guitarist, but at the time of recording this record he was playing Blues, Rock & Roll and Rockabilly.


Max Sunyer - Guitar, harmonic
Jordi Queiroy - Vocals
Josep M. Vilaseca - Drums
Pepe Fernández - Bass


01. Jailhouse Rock
02. What'd I say
03. Carol
04. Kansas City
05. Tutti Frutti
06. Long Tall Sally
07. Blue Suede Shoes
08. Dust my Blues
09. Roll over Beethoven
10. Rock'n Roll Music

Jimi 'Prime Time' Smith - Give Me Wings (Live) (1998)

                                                                  Jimi Smith
Jimi Smith's roots are deep in his hometown of Chicago, Illinois, where he came under the early influences of J. B. Hutto, Jimmy Reed, and others. Authenticity is a key description for Jimi Smith. He is simply a natural in the Chicago tradition. There is no sense of "trying" to sound like a Chicago blues player - he is a Chicago blues player. Jimi's influences are right on the surface. Backed by a host of terrific musicians, each with an extensive history of their own, Jimi has never sounded better. Authenticity can be also be used to describe this live CD. The quality of the recording and the mix are top-end, allowing the atmosphere of the club to come right through the speakers.


Jimi Smith - Guitar & Vocals
Michael Pendergast - Hammond B3
Donald Robertson - Drums
Mick Massof - Bass

Tom Burns - Harmonica
Jack McDuff - Hammond B3


1. Killer Joe
2. U For Me
3. Give Me Wings
4. If Trouble Was Money
5. Tipping
6. Walking The Dog
7. When You're Doin' Alright
8. Soul Fixin' Man
9. Out On A Line
10. One Woman Too Many
11. I'll Play The Blues For You
12. Last Night

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John Carey & Piano Bob - Back in New Orleans (2010)

                                                                John Carey
On his latest release, Back In New Orleans, John is joined by Piano Bob Wilder and a cast of New Orleans best Musicians. Over the years he has shared the stage with Grammy Award winning Artist such as Buddy Guy, Junior Wells, James Cotton, Bo Diddley, Levon Helm, Charlie Musselwhite, Alan Toussaint, Cyril Neville and many more.


1. Back In New Orleans
2. Parade of Injustice
3. Spirit Inside of Me
4. Soul Surgeon
5. Union Man Blues
6. Doin’ the Big Easy
7. Boathouse Blues
8. Slow Dancin’
9. Rock-A-Bye Baby
10. The Storm
11. Ride the Train
12. Gipsy Woman Blues
13. Box Spring Boogie
14. Desir’ee
15. Father & Son

John Mizarolli & John L. Watson - A Long Way From Mississippi (2013)

                                                              John Mizarolli
John was rated UKs Best Blues Guitarist by the late BIG JOE TURNER who was the legendary bassist for BB King for 5 years, Albert King for 2 years as well as Stevie Wonder, George Benson and John Lee Hooker.

John passes on priceless and unique musical knowledge which was gained by hardcore experience with historic music legends in Blues, Jazz & Rock. That is why guitarists travel from all over the World and UK for his lessons to study in depth performing techniques relevant to musicianship on the guitar.

Mizarolli was described as The Revelation of Ginger Bakers Band Energy and his debut album was hailed as more modern than Jeff Beck and Eric Clapton! He has been described as the Nicola Tesla of Music!


John Mizarolli - Guitars
John L. Watson - Vocals
Tony Ciniglio - Bass
Simon Davies - Keyboards
John Clarke - Drums


01. Roadrunner
02. Please Stop Me From Crying
03. Out In The Cold Again
04. I'm Gonna Make An Honest Woman Out Of You
05. My Baby She's Gone
06. Roll Train Roll
07. I'v'e Got Your Number
08. You've Been Told
09. Best Diner In Town
10. Bebop Love
11. Looking For A Good Time
12. I'm On The Road Again

Papadon Washington - The Blues In Me (2013)

                                                            Papadon Washington
"Take a pound of gospel music. Sprinkle in a little jazz. Pepe it up with rock n roll but don't play it too loud or fast. Add a touch of Motown soul to make you move your feet. Then, you've got my flavor of blues that's bold, hot and sweet."- Papadon in "The Blues In Me"

Every few years, a new champion steps out of nowhere to help carry the blues traditions further into the future. Don Washington arrived right on time with the right tools for the job. Armed with powerful hands and a deep, muscular voice, Papadon is ready to shout the blues like a country preacher.

He’s got a strong voice and a warm and comfortable stage personality that can reach audiences easily. His performance at the 2005 Chicago Blues Festival won him a legion of new fans, and left the crowd hollering for more. I can heartily recommend him for any club or blues festival.” – Bruce Iglauer, President, Alligator Records

“One of the most pleasant surprises I had at the 2005 Chicago Blues Festival was meeting and hearing Papadon Washington. It’s great to hear someone not only carrying on the blues piano tradition in such fine fashion, but knowing how to entertain an audience with it too.”- Jim O’Neal, Co-Founder, Living Blues Magazine
Art: Big front

01. The Blues In Me 4:24
02. This Woman Of Mine 4:21
03. Blues Swing 3:20
04. Tell Me Baby 3:40
05. Wer'e Going Out Tonight 3:44
06. Baby Taught Me To Sing 4:00
07. When Money Does The Talking 3:41
08. The Blues Is My Story 5:22
09. Ain't Going Back 3:19

The Climax Blues Band - Plays On 1969

                                                           The Climax Blues Band
Following on from the hard-hitting blues of their debut album, Plays On caught the Climax Chicago Blues Band in somewhat transitional waters, testing any number of different musical styles, but never really setting on any. Certainly the funk thump that characterized their better later work was still an idea waiting to be explored, as the group instead fluttered between the scurrying jazz of the opening "Flight," the psychedelic tinge of "Hey Baby, Everything's Gonna Be Alright Yeh Yeh Yeh," the semi-Santana fusion of "Cubano Chant," and the heavy blues of "So Many Roads," all interrupted by "Mum's the Word," a dynamic Moog sequence that builds out of the theme from 2001, and then freefalls into total space rock. Even amid all the other moods that litter the album, it's an unexpected find and a glorious treasure. So much variety does not necessarily work to the album's advantage, while its transition to CD is even more disorienting. On vinyl, "Mum's the Word" closed the first side and at least let you catch your breath before continuing. On disc, it is immediately succeeded by the blistering blues/barrelhouse boogie of "Twenty Past Two Temptation Rag," and the culture clash is almost palpable. Still, if audacious ambition be your guide, Plays On stands proud among the Climax Blues Band's most accomplished albums, and merits your unreserved attention.


Peter Haycock - Vocals, Guitars
Arthur Wood - Keyboards
Derek Holt - Bass Guitar, Mellotron
Richard Jones - Bass Guitar
George Newsome - Drums
Colin Cooper - Vocals, Saxes, Harmonica And Bamboo Whistle


1 Flight 7:49
2 Hey Baby Everything's Gonna Be Alright! Yeh Yeh 4:25
3 Cubano Chan 5:34
4 Little Girl 2:58
5 Mums the Word 3:44
6 Twenty Past Two Temptation Rag 3:20
7 So Many Roads 6:34
8 City Ways 3:21
9 Crazy 'Bout My Baby 6:13
10. Like Uncle Charlie 4:14
11. Loving Machine 2:26
12. Dance Of The Mountain King's Daughter 2:35
13. Flight (First Mix) 7:28

Dave Orr Band - As Soon As I Know (2019)

                                                               Dave Orr Band
Playing the blues is never as simple as it seems. It’s a balancing act between virtuosity and feel, rawness and finesse. Many try, but few seem to nail it like DAVE ORR. At the heart of his music is that unmistakably raw blues guitar. It’s the sound of late night whiskey bars, of musicians stretching themselves and just letting loose.

It’s a scene that Dave knows better than most as he has become nothing less than a fixture of the Brisbane music scene over the past decade. A legend even that has shared more stages with more artists than even he could remember.

Rewind a few years and Dave was cutting his teeth performing with the kind of all out fusion acts Brisbane seems so good at producing – rock, pop, ska, funk it was all in there. His breakthrough came with power pop trio Numbers Radio – a band that scored national airplay through triplej and a growing live following drawn to the bands ability to pen whip smart pop tunes and play them live like nothing else.

In his heart though, Dave has always been a blues man and he has relished years of late nights rocking up to small bars with his beat up Gibson and losing himself in music. Despite playing just about any style you could name over the years, he has always found a home with Bluesy guitar driven Americana, and it’s a sound he has nailed on his forthcoming debut solo release, due out early 2017. Johnny Winter, Gary Clarke Junior, Hendrix, Muddy Waters, Peter Green…it’s music as mothers milk for Dave.

Dave’s reputation as a peerless guitar player has also seen Dave tour Europe and North America as a session musician. And it was while he was camped out in a friends 1950s caravan near Austin, Texas that the new songs started to really take shape. From acoustic picking to blistering solos, the songs not only showcase his jawdropping guitar work, but songwriting smarts earned from years making music.

First taste of the new record is first single ‘Champagne’, anchored by a slinky Al Green feel the song is blues magic helped in part by the Dave’s handpicked line up of players including Mark Henman on drums (Afro Dizi Act, Bernard Fanning, Numbers Radio), Chris Pearson on bass (Washington, Jimmy Barnes), and local Hammond organ whiz Lachy Doley.

Rockin’, real, and impossible to resist Dave Orr may be one of the country’s most experience players - with his best yet to come.


01. Champagne
02. Crossfire
03. From The Devil
04. Diamonds On My Dummy
05. Valley Below
06. As Soon As I Know
07. Black Sunday
08. Curse
09. Got Too Know
10. Smokin
11. Forgiveness

Big B and the Magic Bullets - 11 Shots (2006)

                                                     Big B and the Magic Bullets
Modern day blues-rock bands tend to blur into each other like cocktails on a Saturday night. As the audience revels in the familiarity of the sounds emanating from the stage with a detached tapping of the foot that occasionally veers into a slow head nod during a particularly fiery solo, the modern electric blues itself suffers the kind of pedestrian fate that's usually reserved for '50s novelty acts, trading smoky juke joints for small town gazebos on a quiet Sunday afternoon with nary a hint of protest. This is not the case for the ballsy Southeastern Michigan collective Big B and the Magic Bullets, a six-piece army of veteran Great Lakers with a penchant for power, passion, and precision that peppers their volatile, shot-glass adorned debut with enough auditory bullet holes to scare the devil back into the genre. Backed by a ferocious rhythm section, sax, harmonica and organ, bandleader/guitarist/vocalist Brian Burleson (Big B) has managed to blend the cocky, whiskey-fueled bravado of Stevie Ray Vaughan ("Be Cool,") the sleeveless, tattooed majesty of Brian Setzer ("Stunt"), and the moody elegance of David Gilmour ("About to Get Evil") into a late-night beast of a record that's full of brand new standards that dare the toe-tappers and head-nodders of the world to get up off their asses and throw down.


1.Be Cool 04:01

2.I Get It Now 04:46

3.Handed My Hat 03:18

4.About to Get Evil 09:13

5.A Soul Ain't Worth a Damn 04:09

6.The Stunt 03:29

7.Woman and the Devil 05:51

8.Headfirst Slide 03:44

9.When You Gonna Tell the Truth? 05:04

10.Life's Too Short to Be Me 05:12

11.Big Hands 07:26

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Mark Rigg and the Big Rigg Band - Blues Injection (1995)

                                                                 Mark Rigg
This CD is an amalgamation of Mark Rigg's musical journey through American roots
music. You can hear the Chicago Blues in "Quiet Night in Chicago" and the New Orleans
influence in "Every Woman I Know". The title track "Blues Injection" and "I Can Stand
Alone" recall the R&B/Soul sounds. Listen to the Southern Rock/Country stylings of
"Six Days on the Road" and "Seasons Change" and finally the Rockabilly drive of "She's
My Girl".


1. Six Days On The Road 5:03    
2. Every Woman I Know 3:01    
3. Blues Injection 5:32        
4. Seasons Change 4:58    
5. Hey Bartender 3:01        
6. I Can Stand Alone 4:58

Planet Full Of Blues (2008)

                                                           Planet Full Of Blues
The critics are raving about this strong self-titled debut album release. In fact, the album was just nominated for “2009 Album Of The Year” by Port Folio Magazine and is considered a must have for any modern blues lover!

The fact that the title song, Planet Full Of Blues, has remained on the National Roots Blues Charts for at least 14 weeks to date is testament to the strength of the band’s debut effort.

Check out the band’s website at www.planetfullofblues.com for reviews of the CD and other band related information. Below is a description of the band’s fine first release:

Imagine Stevie Ray Vaughan colliding with Blood, Sweat, & Tears and you get a new shade of blue for the 21st Century. The debut release of Planet Full Of Blues offers 11 compelling and intelligent originals that are infused with heart-stopping Kansas City horns and spacey Hammond organ.

With the singing guitar tone that touches the soul and tingles the spine, the solid drumming that shakes the bones and the feets, and the strong and unique vocals that instill a sense of urgency and action, the listener will be pleasantly exposed to a new shade of blue for the 21st Century; Planet Full Of Blues.


Johnny Ray Light - Guitar, Vocals, Songwriting
Scott Ambrose - Drums, Vocals
Gary Stultz - Bass, Vocals


1. Pain Will Melt Away 3:19    
2. Got The Blues 3:05    
3. Planet Full Of Blues 3:23    
4. You Can't Always Be Right 3:00    
5. Coming From A Friend 4:45    
6. Miss Her Smile 5:02    
7. Money 3:55    
8. Dirty Pains 3:06
9. When Will You See Things My Way 4:00    
10. Man Tamer 3:04    
11. E-Jam 2:27

Doobie Twisters - Rocket Pocket (1991)

                                                               Doobie Twisters
Blues Rock band from Finland.


Veli-Matti Järvenpää - Accordion 
Matti Viitala, Toni Lähteenmäki - Backing Vocals 
Aarno Rissanen - Bass 
Ari Pensomaa - Drums, Percussion 
Lurrie Bell - Guitar, Vocals (tracks 10)
Pepe Ahlqvist  - Harmonica (tracks 10)
Masi Luoma - Keyboards 
Heidi Perello - Piano 
Timo Hautamäki - Vocals, Guitar 
Jarmo Rissanen - Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica 


1.Too Many Cooks 3:38
2.Easy Money 4:18
3.Find Out 2:48
4.My Bucket's Got A Hole In It 2:39
5.Never Forget You 3:52
6.Take Me Home 3:55
7.All I Want 3:43
8.Rocket Pocket (Thank You Stevie Ray) 2:29
9.Boogie Thing 3:32
10.Wine Head Woman 4:19
11.Coolest Band 3:38
12.Re Born Lover 3:42
13.Do Me A Favour 3:33
14.I Don't Want No Woman 3:58

City Blues Connection - Anna Liza (2018)

                                                       City Blues Connection
With the release of the CD 'Anna Liza', also on AAA Culture records, the band is back again from actually never really gone. The title Anna Liza is not just chosen, band leader Norbert Egger has dedicated this CD to his wife Anna Liza. Particularly to see that bass player Uwe Seemann after all those years also part of the band. The band has invited two guests for this production, mouth harmonica player Klaus 'Mojo' Kilian and Hammond specialist Lutz Krajenski. The band has several lead vocalists such as Andrea Graf, Claudia Chloupka, Livia Winder, Uwe Seemann and Norbert Egger, which creates a lot of variation.
The band kicks off with the smooth shuffle This Angel in which Egger immediately asserts his fine slidework. The fact that Muddy Waters is an important source of inspiration is evident from the titles Muddy Waters and Hear My Phone Ringing, the first as a tribute to the legend, with recognizable riffs of the man and the second a variation of Muddy's Long Distance Call, with appropriate acoustic guitar filling and harmonica game by Klaus 'Mojo' Kilian with a nice raw edge. But also old-style blues, jazzy big band blues from the thirties to be precise let the band sound through I'll Sing The Blues For You. Leroy Carr's How Long is connected to Egger's Climb On The Highest Mountain, which, thanks to the great guitar playing of Florian Kemper, produces a delicious slow blues. My Mass Told Me Got To Work Some More and Wrong Doing are both built around a funky groove and stand like a house.
Besides the heavy rocker Goin 'Out there are also some delicious shuffles on this album, Leave You In The Morning, So Bad, Love My Baby and the closing Mr. President, who each get their own face through the use of the slide, Hammond or harmonica. The rhythm and blues song Tough Times sounds almost a bit chic, partly due to the use of the solid horn section. No, in the boogie Apolitical Blues it is a lot rougher. I Just Want To Make Love To You by Willie Dixon has been a model for Aching Heart. The acoustic guitar playing of Norbert Egger gives Fishing Blues a nice country blues feel.

Enough to experience on 'Anna Liza', a CD full of variation, in which the use of a large horn section is the connecting factor and the whole can bring to a whole. Enjoying the beginning to the end. The City Blues Connection throws a completely different approach and turns out to be alive and kicking. A concept that allows them to continue years ahead.


01. This Angel
02. Muddy Waters
03. I’ll Sing The Blues For You
04. Goin’ Out
05. How Long / Climb On The Highest Mountain
06. My Massa Told Me Got To Work Some More
07. Leave You In The Morning
08. Hear My Phone Ringing
09. Wrong Doing
10. So Bad
11. Tough Times
12. Sunday Kind Of Love
13. Love My Baby
14. Can Give You So Much Love
15. Apolitical Blues
16. Aching Heart
17. Fishing Blues
18. Mr. President

Muddy Waters - Can't Get No Grindin (1973)

                                                               Muddy Waters
Muddy's next-to-last Chess album, Can't Get No Grindin' marked a return to working with a band of his own after several experimental line-ups and recordings -- Pinetop Perkins took over the piano spot from the late Otis Spann, with Chess veteran harpist James Cotton aboard, and PeeWee Madison, and Sammy Lawhorn handling the guitars (apart from Muddy's axe, natch). The music is raw, hard-edged, and sharp (the guitars slash and cut), more like a successor to Muddy's classic 1950's sides (he rethinks a bunch '50s numbers here) than to the London Sessions, Super Blues, brass blow-outs, and psychedelic albums that he'd been doing. It's also easy to hear Muddy's heart in this release -- he fairly oozes soul out of every note he sings. The title track, "Sad Letter," and "Mother's Bad Luck Child" are all killer tracks, and most of the rest isn't far behind, though "Garbage Man" is the best known of the newer tracks, thanks to subsequent covers.


Muddy Waters - vocal and guitar
James Cotton - harmonica
Pinetop Perkins - piano, harpsichord
Pee Wee Madison - guitar
Sam Lawhorn - guitar
Calvin Jones - bass
Willie Smith - drums


1. Can't Get No Grindin' (What's The Matter With The Meal) 2:45
2. Mother's Bad Luck Child 4:57
3. Funky Butt 2:53
4. Sad Letter 4:15
5. Someday I'm Gonna Ketch You 3:12
6. Love Weapon     4:05
7. Garbage Man 2:40
8. After Hours 3:50
9. Whiskey Ain't No Good 4:32
10. Muddy Waters' Shuffle 2:20

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Molten Mike - Blues Meltdown (1997)

                                                                 Molten Mike
"Hot Jazz & Cool Blues" is one of Molten Mike's slogans, and he certainly lives up to it here. This record presents a tight four piece band (guitar, bass, sax and drums) recorded live. It smokes and burns to the point of meltdown! Mike is a strong writer, singer and guitarist, and his recordings are interesting, well arranged and eminently listenable. Molten Mike has been a mainstay on the Southeast Music Scene for over a decade. He has received 19 Awards and nominations, including "Best Singer/Songwriter," 1998 "Best Blues Band" 1999, "Best Blues Guitarist" 2000. A great voice for the blues."

1. You Go Your Way (I'll Go Mine)

2. Can't Get You Off of My Mind

3. Standing In The Shadows

4. Funkdillyicious

5. You'd Be The First To Go

6. The Leaves All Change

7. Back of My Mind

8. Sooner or Later

9. Just Thinking of You

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Rodney Stone - Beatin' The Bushes (2003)

                                                                    Rodney Stone
Rockin' Blues and Classic Rock Sound, complete with powerful vocals, horn section, and ripping electric guitars.


1.Got To Get You Back 3:37
2.Beatin' The Bushes 4:01
3.I Can Feel It 5:53
4.Whatever Happened To Love 4:41
5.Don't Ya Know 2:43
6.I'm In Love 4:25
7.Broham Shuffle 7:12
8.Do You Ever Think Of Me 3:39
9.I Been Missing My Baby 6:39
10.To My Friends 3:50

Pat Ramsey & The Blues Disciples - Live At The Grand (1999)

                                                                Pat Ramsey
Reviewing CDs comes with all sorts of surprises. One never knows what to expect and sometimes the artist to be reviewed hasn’t been heard of before. These situations occasionally turn out to be diamonds in the rough that are far better than releases by nationally known names. Such is the case with Pat Ramsey’s most recent CD. This Shreveport native has been blowing harp since the age of 17. His biggest claim to fame was laying down all the harp tracks on Johnny Winter’s ‘White Hot and Blue’ album from the late 70s. Pat spent most of the 90s honing his chops in Sarasota, FL and Memphis, TN. He and his wildly enthusiastic band now tour constantly in the southern States.
From the picture on the back cover, they appear to be 4 men least likely to be able to play dem blues. But as the old saying goes, you shouldn’t judge a book by its (back) cover. The Blues Disciples are a group of highly competent blues musicians including: Dave Renson (guitars), Steve Howell (drums), Melvin Clemans (bass) and David Webb (keys). Pat handles all the vocals and harmonicas. Throughout 9 tracks (4 originals) and 54 minutes you will be mesmerized by this band’s performance.

Things begin with "Build Me A Woman" and its catchy rhythm that features a groovin’ guitar. The lyrics are about the type of woman that a man dreams about. The tune features a great piano solo followed by a wicked guitar solo followed by an outstanding harp solo. This blues-curing formula is repeated on "Got Love If You Want It (Texas)". They do a laid back version of "Love Her With A Feeling" and add a touch of jazz thanks to David’s extraordinary piano solo. On the tune, Ramsey proves himself to be a superharp. His voice is kind of soft, kind of heavy yet overall effective and pleasant. More shuffling and boogying continues on Winter’s "One Step At A Time".

A unique cover of "Chitlins Con Carne" is thrown into the mix and is performed so originally that you may not recognize it. Here, Ramsey’s expressive harp work is brilliant. It isn’t over the top yet it is dramatic and potent. The piano/guitar solo that follows is almost as sensational. Wicked slide is all over "Highway 49". The way they perform this song proves they are ready to be national headliners. A touch of soul features on "I Love You". On this one, Ramsey uses his full, dynamic vocal range. The tune has an R&B flavor and makes you feel like you remember the song from the distant past. "Allergic To Work" combines humorous lyrics with wild, rock and roll guitar. An extended harp solo is then used to segue into the closer, "Dead Shrimp Blues".

The otherwise crystal clear recording occasionally contains heavily noticeable static-like interference which is a nuisance. The live recording was made at the Grand Casino Gulfport, MS. The audience must have been very slim or they were heavily filtered out of the final mix. Musically, Pat Ramsey and his band are not doing a lot new but they are a tightly integrated act who attractively play with much enthusiasm and energy. What do you mean you haven’t heard of these guys before? Shame on you!


1.Build Me a Woman 5:12
2.Got Love If You Want It (Texas) 3:29
3.Love Her With a Feeling 8:23
4.One Step at a Time 6:03
5.Chitlins Con Carne 5:39
6.Highway 49 6:01
7.I Love You 6:00
8.Allergic to Work / Dead Shrimp Blues 13:08

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Rosie Flores - Simple Case of the Blues (2019)

                                                                       Rosie Flores
In "Simple Case of the Blues" brings Flores full circle, and takes square aim at a genre she has only touched on in the past. She lends her soulful voice and fiery guitar to songs by Roy Brown, Wilson Pickett, Heath Wilson, and a spate of new originals. Produced by songwriter/guitarist Charlie Sexton (Bob Dylan, The Arc Angels)., with an assist by guitarist Kenny Vaughan (Marty Stuart, Lucinda Williams), Simple Case of the Blues was, to hear Flores tell it, a long time coming: "I got infatuated with the blues in high school," says Flores. "It was the first music I ever played." 

She returns to the blues now as a seasoned performer steeped in life's uncompromising lessons. At once torchy, soulful, heartfelt and yearning, Simple Case of the Blues "is the music you make when you've come through joy and heartbreak and back again," says Flores. "It's an ongoing process; I've mastered the life of a musician, but I'll be working on the guitar for the rest of my life."


1.Love Don't Love Nobody
2.Mercy Fell Like Rain
3.I Want To Do More
4.Simple Case Of The Blues
5.Drive Drive Drive
6.Til The Well Runs Dry
7.If There Was A Way
8.That's What You Gotta Do
9.Enemy Hands
10.Teenage Rampage
11.You Need Me

Frijid Pink (1970)

                                                                       Frijid Pink
Frijid Pink's self-titled debut album is a slashing, seriously soulful example of late-'60s Detroit rock near its best. Although they never registered with critics or rock historians the way MC5 or the Stooges did, Frijid Pink had obviously learned something in the course of two years on the road, and with Mike Valvano producing, they were able to channel the excitement of their work onto the grooves of this album very neatly. Those who bought the number seven single "House of the Rising Sun" weren't disappointed with the bluesy boogie sound of "I'm on My Way" or the slowed-down Yardbirds approach of "Drivin' Blues" (somehow, when Kelly Green sang "My woman loves me" it seemed to matter), and even if "Tell Me Why" was a tuneless mess, Gary Thompson made up for it with a fuzz-out guitar performance that sounded like speaker burnout in slow motion. They were back in form on the next number, the crunchy, pumping rocker "End of the Line," where Green, Thompson, and company move into Led Zeppelin territory very effectively (you can just imagine them switching gear into "Black Dog" in a jam to this song on-stage), with a killer performance by Rich Stevers on the drums. And that was all leading up to "House of the Rising Sun." "Boozin' Blues," which closed the original LP, is a blues workout reminiscent of Cream's version of Willie Dixon's "Spoonful"; a virtuoso effort by Thompson and Green, it shows off a more reflective and studied side of the band's sound. (The 1991 Repertoire Records reissue includes the singles "Heartbreak Hotel" and "Music for the People" (which features a gorgeous and perfectly appropriate gospel chorus) as bonus tracks.


Kelly Green - Vocals 
Gary Ray Thompson - Guitar
Thomas Beaudry - Bass 
Richard Stevers - Drums
Larry Zelanka - keyboards


1.God Gave Me You 3:35
2.Crying Shame 3:12
3.I'm on My Way 4:34
4.Drivin' Blues 3:17
5.Tell Me Why 2:51
6.End of the Line 4:07
7.House of the Rising Sun 4:42
8.I Want to Be Your Lover 7:34
9.Boozin' Blues 6:05
10.Heartbreak Hotel 2:51
11.Music for the People 2:55

Sarah and the Tall Boys - Shiny and New (2008)

                                                              Sarah and the Tall Boys
Sarah Potenza, born in 1980 in Providence, Rhode Island, spent much of her youth fascinated with the voices of Blues & Country musicians like Bonnie Raitt, Etta James, and Greg Allman. 
In the late 90\'s Sarah attended Rhode Island College for a BA in Music. There, she studied musical theatre and Vocal Performance. It was not until 2002 that Potenza began to perform her own music. As a solo act she began honing her skills at a local bar called \"The Custom House Tavern\" 
In 2003, Sarah moved to Chicago to peruse her love of blues music. Potenza performed as a solo artist at some of Chicago\'s premiere venues such as, House of Blues, The Metro, and the Double Door. In 2005 she met fellow musician Dan Orduff and together they began to form \"The Sarah Potenza Band\". In 2006 Sarah\'s original song The Eastside, was accepted on to Acoustic Chicago, a completion of the cities top artists. 
Since the release of Acoustic Chicago in 2007 Potenza has been putting together a new band, Sarah & the Tall Boys. The band includes her long time guitar player, Dan Orduff, her husband, Ian Crossman, and world-class blues drummer, David Sims. 
In 2008 Sarah & the Tall Boys recorded their first album, Shiny & New. It is a self-released collection of original Americana. In 2008 the group is performing at the Taste of Chicago, Old Town School\'s Folk and Roots Festival, Estrojam, and The Glenwood Arts Fest. Most Saturday nights you can catch Sarah & the Tall Boys at The Under Ground Wonder Bar, down town Chicago.


1.Friday Night Man  3:46
2.Heart That You Stole  3:12
3.Who But a Fool  4:32
4.Trainwreck   3:24
5.Before   5:43
6.Shadow of a Doubt  4:08
7.Shiny and New  3:37
8.Crush   2:38
Y.ou Done Me Wrong 3:13
9.North   4:52
10.No Glory, No Fame  2:58
11.Red Moon Rising  7:11

J. Reissner - Blue Room (2018)

                                                                    J. Reissner
J. Jorn Jörn or John. Here is Reissner playing and singing some of his songs in a room. Some are more or less acoustic than others are electric. Something's blues.


1.Miss Louise 03:37
2.Only A Dream 06:32
3.Bulldog Blues 04:59
4.Buzz Me 03:57
5.Nighttrain 04:17
6.Oh Yeah! 04:37
7.Plastic Girlfriend 04:46
8.Down At The Bottom 04:14
9.Just Like A Boomerang 03:44
10.Worried Blues 02:21
11.Crazy Love 04:13
12.Chicken Scratch 01:23
13.Barroom Blues 03:22
14.Crying For My Baby 03:28

John Shepherd - Too Blue (Live) (2010)

                                                                    John Shepherd
Extraordinary technical blues guitar work from John B. Shepherd and Kyle Harrison featuring Delta Legend, Jeremy Burnett, on amplified harmonica. Blues so deep that it's on beyond Jimi Hendrix.


John Shepherd - guitar, vocals
Jeremy Burnett - harmonica, vocals
Barry Eppes - bass
Mike Riley - drums
Kyle Harrison - guitar except 2


1. Drop Down Mama 
2. Party Man
3. Prowling
4. Too Blue
5. So Tired
6. Seismic Boogie

Syl Johnson - Bridge To A Legacy (1998)

                                                                      Syl Johnson
A popular attraction on the Chicago blues circuit, Syl Johnson has often found his recordings in the blues sections of CD stores. But truth be told, his solo albums have generally had a lot more to do with soul than the blues. Even though Antone's advised retailers to file Bridge to a Legacy under "blues," this is an R&B release more than anything. In fact, Johnson was quoted as saying, "I'm a soul man. I ain't no bluesman." You won't find any high-tech urban contemporary music on this good-to-excellent CD, which was ignored by Black radio. Sticking with the type of R&B he does best, Johnson sees to it that gritty cuts like "Midnight Woman," "Sexy Wayz" and "Who's Still In Love" aren't all that different from the songs he was recording for Hi 25 years earlier. Johnson was in his 60s when Legacy came out, and it was clear that his big voice had held up well over time. The Chicago-based singer not only sounds inspired on this album, he also sounds like someone who is still very much in his prime. 

Backing Vocals – Aisha Miller (tracks: 1 to 3, 5, 7, 8), Brandi Nave (tracks: 1 to 3, 5, 7, 8), Nicole Mulvehill (tracks: 1 to 3, 5, 7, 8), Syleena Johnson (tracks: 1 to 3, 5, 7, 8)
Baritone Saxophone – Willie Henderson (tracks: 10)
Bass – Bernard Reed (tracks: 10), Herman Applewhite (tracks: 9), Trey Carruthers (tracks: 1 to 3, 5, 7, 8), Victor Jackson (tracks: 1 to 8)
Drums – Mark Diffenderffer (tracks: 1 to 3, 5, 7, 8), Morris Jennings (tracks: 10), Ray Allison (tracks: 9)
Drums [Drum Ensemble] – Syl Johnson (tracks: 6), Trey Carruthers (tracks: 4)
Guitar – Michael Coleman (tracks: 9),Jonny Lang (tracks: 2), Walter Scott (6) (tracks: 10), Will Crosby (tracks: 4, 6)
Harmonica – Syl Johnson (tracks: 4)
Keyboards – James Bryant (12) (tracks: 9, 10), Morris Williams (tracks: 1 to 3, 5 to 8), Roosevelt (Hatter) Porifoy* (tracks: 1 to 3, 5, 7, 8), Trey Carruthers (tracks: 1 to 5, 7, 8)
Percussion – Linard Stoud (tracks: 1 to 5, 7, 8), Morris Williams (tracks: 1 to 3, 5, 7, 8)
Rhythm Guitar – Cory Giles* (tracks: 2, 3)
Strings – Sol Bobrov & Friends* (tracks: 9)
Tenor Saxophone – Gene Barge (tracks: 1 to 3, 5, 7, 8, 10), Hank Ford (tracks: 9), Sonny Seals (tracks: 1 to 3, 5, 7, 8)
Trombone – Bill McFarland (tracks: 9), Edwin Williams (3) (tracks: 1 to 3, 5, 7, 8), Harvey Burton (tracks: 10)
Trumpet – David Spencer (5) (tracks: 1 to 3, 5, 7, 8), Kenny Anderson (2) (tracks: 1 to 3, 5, 7, 8), Marvin Davis (3) (tracks: 9), Paul Serrano (tracks: 10), Raymond Orr (tracks: 10)
Trumpet, Flugelhorn – Paul Howard (2) (tracks: 9)
Vocals, Guitar – Syl Johnson


1. Who's Still In Love 3:07
2. I Been Missin' You - Vocals, Lead Guitar – Jonny Lang 5:03
3. Half A Love - Vocals – Syleena Johnson 3:44
4. Unconditional Love 4:10
5. Midnight Woman 4:55
6. Piece Of The Rock 5:42
7. I Don't Know Why 3:21
8. Let's Get It On Again 3:41
9. They Can't See Your Good Side 4:18
10. Sexy Wayz 3:28