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Velarde - Full Moon (2014)

Kirby Velarde bring you what you've been waiting for with this blues rock infused album.


Kirby Velarde - Guitar
Background Vocals: Renard Gallo, Anitra Lewis
Mahlon Hawk - Bass
Keith "On Bass" Askins - Bass
Eduardo Bijoux Barbosa - Bass
Chris Pernell - Bass
Matt Amundson - Drums
Mike Marlier - Drums 
Jasson Martin - Drums 
James P. Hill - Drums 
Jim Ayers - Keys/ Hammond Organ
Shelton Summons - Keys/ Hammond Organ
Kirk Merritt - Keys/ Hammond Organ
John Parker - Keys/ Hammond Organ
Dan Williamson - Saxaphone
Melesio Magdaluyo - Saxaphone
Frank Romero - Trombone
Greg Haan - Trumpet


1. Can't Be Messin' With a Poor Man's Money 2:45        
2. Full Moon 4:54        
3. I'm in Heaven 3:45        
4. What Happened to Us 3:44        
5. Physical Thing 4:40        
6. Hard On the Road 4:54        
7. June of 69 6:24        
8. Man Thing 4:27        
9. Gypsy Woman 5:04        
10. 7 5:04        
11. June of 69 Instrumental 2:44

Tramp - Put A Record On (1974)

Happily 'Tramp' is a very fine exception to this rule, perhaps because although there is plenty of creative and spontaneous playing on these tracks, the songs themselves, written by Bob Hall and Dennis Cotton, are economical, witty and tightly constructed; there are no twelve minute guitar solos on this record. Every musician contributed hugely to the overall strength of performance that is obvious throughout the set. Dave and Jo-Anne Kelly are renowned for their ability as blues singers, and they tackled each song whole-heartedly, often adding new ideas whilst actually recording. Bob Hall is surely the finest boogie pianist in Britain, and has never played better than on these sessions. Bob Brunning is also a highly experienced bass player who has worked and recorded with many blues giants, forming a unit with Bob Hall which has become much in demand by impressed visiting American performers, many of whom have invited them back to the States to form a permanent band! Mick Fleetwood has been the mainstay of Fleetwood Mac for a long time, and when one listens to this exciting playing on this album, one can see why - listen to his inspired and absolutely spontaneous drum lead in during the entirely unrehearsed piano break in 'Too Late For That Now' which leads incidentally to one of the most exciting solos heard in a long while. Danny Kirwan plays crisply and economically, showing his ability, unusual among rock guitarists - to know when not to play, nevertheless turning in some pleasing solos. Dave Brooks proves just how easily he recently stole the show on some of the '73 American Blues Legends performances, and last but not least, percussionist Ian Morton adds a lot of excitement to the proceedings. Here then is a fresh and exciting album representing of more than worthwhile gathering together of some well known musical 'Tramps'.


Bob Brunning - Bass 
Mick Fleetwood - Drums
Jo-Ann Kelly - Vocals    
Danny Kirwan - Guitar 
Bob Hall - Piano
Ian Morton - Percussion  
Dave Brooks - Saxophone 
Dave Kelly - Vocals  


1. Too Late For That Now 4:53
2. Now I Aint A Junkie Anymore 3:07
3. What You Gonna Do 3:02
4. Like You Used To Do 4:04
5. You Gotta Move 2:38
6. Put A Record On 3:17
7. Funky Money 5:43
8. Beggar By Your Side 3:38
9. Maternity Orders (Keep On Rolling In) 2:24
10.It's Over 2:31

Johnny Winter - Broke & Lonely (1996)

                                                              Johnny Winter

1. Careful With A Fool 3:53
2. Eternally 2:30
3. Raining Teardrops 2:23
4. Lowdown Gal Of Mine 3:06
5. Thirty Eight Special Blues 2:17
6. Silvery Moon 2:06
7. Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone 2:14
8. Crazie Baby 1:57
9. Hey Hey Hey 2:10
10. Creepy 2:08
11. The Guy You Left Behind 2:31
12. Gone For Bad 2:19
13. My World Turns Around Her 2:43
14. Out Of Sight 2:10

Tony Kaye Trio - Boredom Is The Devil's Tool (2014)

                                                            Tony Kaye Trio
The TONY KAYE TRiO electrifies audiences with their soulful and passionate brand of deep delta blues and blues/rock.

After over a decade between them of honing their blues musicianship, guitarist Tony Kaye and bassist Viktor Szuroczki started playing blues together in Calgary in 2001, forming a power trio with a local drummer and performing regular gigs in the city, including hosting a long-running weekly blues jam at Kaos Jazz & Blues Bistro.

With the TONY KAYE TRiO, Viktor brings seasoned performance experience as a session musician in his native Hungary and years of playing in popular rock cover bands in and around Calgary. After a hiatus from the music scene, the pair has recently been joined by the multi-talented Holly Magnus, a Mount Royal educated musician who has toured much of Canada and Europe as a drummer with Miss Quincy and the Showdown.

As a regular musician at Kaos before the club's closure, Tony owes much of his fervent blues guitar style to the influences of local top blues musicians like Ron Burke, Bill Dowey, and the late Back Alley John. The TK3 continues to create original music that contributes to the blues and blues/rock genre and helps establishes the band as a group to watch in the future of Alberta's local music scene.


01. Two Ways (Live) 9:22
02. Little Wing (Live) 8:40
03. Prodigal Child 5:08)
04. Good To See You Smile 5:02
05. Don'tcha Tell Me 2:41
06. Break Of Day 3:16
07. Rock Me, Baby 4:25
08. Not To Drown 3:34
09. Boredom Is The Devil's Tool 8:53

The Hoodle - Spo-Dee-O-Dee (2017)

                                                                 The Hoodle
English band of the city of England. They play Blues, Rock'nRoll and Country.


Steve started out playing the cornet in Burbage Silver Prize Brass Band, Derbyshire, then later as a bass player, alongside his Dad, Ken Turner, a celebrated dance band leader at The Blackpool Tower Co..

Steve played in various touring,pop and jazz bands as a bassist, nowadays he still enjoys playing fretless bass in the Simon Latarche Ensemble.

After seeing The Jimi Hendrix Experience play live his music took a change of direction and he was inspired to take up the guitar, becoming an accomplished slide, steel, electric and acoustic guitarist.

During his touring and recording career he's played 1000's of gigs and sessions with Kirsty MacColl, Ralph McTell, Pete Murphy, Lloyd Green, Billie Jo Spears, Howard Hughes and TWA and more recently with Ricky's Red Rockers and The Bucket Boys, among many others.


Born in Cambridge and his first professional gig was in a band called Jokers Wild with fellow Cambridge musician David Gilmour(1965/67).
An original member of Cochise, a country/rock band who produced 2 albums for United Artists (1970/71), he then went on to become the permanent drummer with Quiver who released 2 albums for Warner Bros Records (1971/72).  Quiver then went on to join forces with Iain and Gavin Sutherland and between 1973 and 1978 The Sutherland Brothers and Quiver released 6 albums including the hit single "Lying in the Arms of Mary".
After SBQ, Willie worked with the touring version of Pink Floyd, performing on the concerts and film sound track of “The Wall”, as well as playing on David Gilmours' first solo album and on the most recent “On an Island”. He has also performed with Lonnie Donegan, Syd Barrett, Hank Wangford, Al Stewart, Joe Brown and Ralph McTell and various other sessions and tours.
More recently, he worked with The Coyotes, an award winning country music band and The Bucket Boys.


Started off playing classical guitar then moved on to bass. She has played on the Cornish music circuit since age 14, performing with bands of various genres including Country, Blues, Rock, Folk and Gypsy Jazz. Emma was part of the band Blues Connection who played supports for Wilko Johnson, Larry Miller, and Little Feat. She has also played bass on UK tours with Paul Barrere and Fred Tackett from Little Feat, and occasionally with Phil Beer of Show Of Hands.


1. LIZA JANE 03:42       
3. BIG BOSS MAN 03:54   
4. THE WEIGHT 05:23   
5. LIGHT MY FIRE 04:49   
6. ROLY POLY 04:00   
8. BOOM BAPA BOOM 06:29   
10. WORKIN' MAN'S BLUES 04:23   
11. MERCURY BLUES 03:02   
12. WALKIN' BLUES 04:36   
13. WINE SPO-DEE-O-DEE 04:11

Jens Filser - Organic Blues Project (2019)

                                                                  Jens Filser
Guitarist Jens Filser plays blues with elements of jazz, soul and rock. The musician born in Hilden came to the Blues through the radio program "Blues at night." In addition to Rory Gallagher, Jens counts, among others, Robben Ford, Stevie Ray and Wes Montgomery as main influences.


Jens Filser - Vocals/Guitar
Mickey Neher-Warkocz - Vocals/Drums
Dirk Schaadt - Hammond B3 Organ


1. Just Your Fool 5:34
2. Thank You 3:38
3. If You Live 4:31
4. It Will Be Good 7:47
5. Your Wave 6:16
6. Smokey Town 7:53
7. Twelve Bars 4:44
8. Make It Easy On Me 10:51
9. The River 5:51

The Pretty Things Yardbirds Blues Band -The Chicago Blues Tapes (1991)

                                           The Pretty Things Yardbirds Blues Band      
This set, attributed to the Pretty Things-Yardbird Blues Band, is really more Pretty Things (thanks to strong vocal work by Phil May and some striking lead guitar from Dick Taylor, the two cornerstones of the Pretty Things) than the Yardbirds (although former Yardbirds drummer Jim McCarty is on hand), and it doesn’t add much to the legacy of either band, really, although it is a strikingly good outing. The tracks collected here originated when May and Taylor teamed up with McCarty and guitarist and blue harpist Studebaker John and bassist Richard Hite for two George Paulus-produced albums recorded in Chicago in 1991. The sound is very good, and these weren’t throwaway sessions, with the blended band tackling classic songs like “Spoonful,” “You Can’t Judge a Book by the Cover,” “Time Is on My Side” (Taylor was briefly a guitarist for the Rolling Stones early in that group’s career), “Ain’t Got You,” and “Chain of Fools,” among others. Again, nothing here adds much to the legacy of either the Pretty Things or the Yardbirds, but fans of either or both bands will undoubtedly love this interesting curio.


Chicago Slim - Slide Guitar
Annette Frank - Vocals (Background)
Abdul Hakeem - Guitar
Erwin Helfer - Piano
Richard Hite - Bass Electric
Rokko Jans - Organ, Piano
Diane Madison - Vocals (Background)
Phil May - Percussion, Vocals
Jim McCarty - Drums, Percussion
George Paulus - Vocals (Background)
Rick Regnas - Guitar
Studebaker John - Guitar (Rhythm), Harp,Slide Guitar
Dick Taylor - Guitar, Slide Guitar, Vocals (Background)


1. You Can't Judge a Book by the Cover
2. Down in the Bottom
3. Hush-Hush,
4. Can't Hold Out
5. Spoonful,
6. She Fooled Me
7. Time Is on My Side
8. Long Tall Shorty
9. Diddley Daddy
10. Ain't Got You
11. Caress Me Baby
12. Here's My Picture
13. Chain of Fools
14. Don't Start Cryin' Now
15. Pt. 2 Don't Start Cryin' Now

The Statesboro Revue - Different Kind of Light (2009)

                                                          The Statesboro Revue
Produced by grammy winner David Z. It's groove oriented, old school, rock and roll. It brings back a genre of music that has been missing for quite sometime. It's rock, soul, blues, country, and Americana. Every song has substance, heart, and grit.


Stewart Mann - Lead vocals/Guitar
Todd Laningham - Guitar
Rob Alton - Bass
Beau Wadley - Drums
Will Knaak - Guitar


01. Little Girl Like You   
02. The Other Side   
03. The Painter   
04. Shine On   
05. Find A Way   
06. Over You   
07. Comes Back To You   
08. Lady
09. The Fall   
10. Different Kind Of Light   
11. Brink Of Heartache   
12. Alone

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Warren Burrell Jr. - Mr. Bee sings the Blues (2004)

                                                               Warren Burrell Jr.
Mr Bee has produced a nice set of modern Mississippi Soul Blues and fans of Bobby Rush, Willie Clayton etc. should enjoy this cd. 10 songs, each with a different feel. Mr. Bee did a fine job of picking just the right songs for this CD. He's an excellent song writer, guitar player and singer.


1. Bad Grass
2. Trying to fool my friends
3. Trying to find a good woman
4. Your Husband already know
5. Bigleg woman
6. Party
7. The chase
8. Mama
9. I am going to commit a crime
10. The bridge

The Jacks - Jacks Are Wild (1988)

                                                               The Jacks
American band of blues rock with influence of country music.


Buddy Blue - Guitar, Harp, Vocals, Vocals (Background)
Giacomo DiMatteo - Drums
Dana "Potato Boy" Garrett - Saxophone
Chris Johnson     Vocals (Background)
Mighty Joe Longa - Organ, Piano
Chris Sullivan - Bass


01 Backdoor Santa
02. Can You Feel It    
03. De-Motivated
04. For The Night
05. I Don't Care    
06. Lemme Feel Ya
07. Lost On The Way    
08. Mama's Boy    
09. Missing You    
10. My Old Neighbourhood
11. Somethin' Funny Goin' On

Luis Arizpe - Big Little Guy (2006)

                                                                  Luis Arizpe
Original Blues rock music with shades of Americana-stomp. Luis Arizpe is truly a Texas Original.


1. Shake 'er 3:06        
2. Step On My Neck 3:02        
3. Big Little Guy 4:23        
4. I Don't Have A Clue 3:36        
5. Humble Bum 3:36        
6. Vagabond 3:52        
7. For Want Of Nothing More 3:50        
8. Harlot 3:59        
9. Sweet Mutha 3:54        
10. Soul Survivor 4:34        
11. 10 Pound Hammer 3:06        
12. Here Comes Trouble 4:14

Chino & The Big Bet - Lovin' Greed (2017)

                                                           Chino & The Big Bet
Chino is one of the leading figures of Barcelona’s Blues and Swing scene. A highly original guitarist his style on slide guitar, encompassing blues, swing or jazz manouche, is unmistakable. Together with his band “The Big Bet”, comprising Rod Deville on double bass and Giggs Nother on drums, they have left their mark on numerous clubs and festivals throughout Spain and Europe


Chino - Guitar, Vocals
Rod Deville - Bass
Giggs Nother - Drums


01. Lovin’ Greed
02. Mary
03. Tonite
04. Pink Champagne
05. You’ve Got To Go When The Wagon Comes
06. Raided The Joint
07. She Wants To Run Away
08. Sweet Sue
09. Dr. Kitch
10. She Wants To Run Away (acoustic version)

Alexander's Timeless Bloozband - (1967)

                                                 Alexander's Timeless Bloozband
Psycho-blues-rock band from San Diego (California). They churned the group Charles Lamont, Carl Lockhart and Larry Marks. They played a lot in Ventura County (California) ... This is their first album recorded in August 1967. Psychedelia with hard blues stuffing.

Charles Lamont - Keyboards, Bass, Guitar, Harmonica, Vocals
Carl Lockhart - Keyboards, Bass, Alto Saxophone, Vocals
Larry Marks - Harmonica, Trombone, Vocals
Dennis Geaney - Guitar, Bass
Spencer Conway - Drums

01. Help Me 05:27
02. Killing Floor 03:01
03. Guitar Song 02:46
04. Favorite Things 05:13
05. Sloppy Drunk 04:09
06. #1 04:57
07. Swannanoa Tunnel 04:19
08. Sweet Little Angel 02:37

Parker's Alibi - The Beer Goggles EP (1999)

                                                               Parker's Alibi
Powerful young bluesband from Stourbridge. Formed in '97 as Monty Turnbull band. Lineup listed below from March 2001. Band split up late in 2001 with Ian and Morg going in one direction and the rhythm section in another.


Ian Parker - Guitar, Vocals
Morg 'Blackfoot' Morgan - Piano
Chris Lomas - Bass, Vocals
Tony Baylis - Drums


01. No Cuttin' Loose
02. I Hope The Blues Will Take Me Back
03. One Of Those Nights
04. Double Trouble
05. Beer Goggles

Cool Disposition - Rompin At The Ribshack (2003)

                                                              Cool Disposition
This thirteen song CD captures Cool Disposition in full throttle, swingin' blues mode ... recorded live. Powered by Harold Tremblay's dynamite hard and Mickey Bauer's smooth club-honed crooning, the band packs a vintage punch that fills the dance floor. "...guitarist Dan Schwalbe positively rocks... hard percussive harp riffs ala James Cotton makes for swingin', jumpin music you can dance to!" - Rich Benson . There are four original compositions here and several classics by the greats... Willie Dixon, Lowell Fulson, Junior parker to name a few. Jackson Buck of KFAI-FM Radio-Minneapolis proclaims "...finger-lickin' blues... raw and inspired... the real deal!"


Mickey Bauer - Vocals

Dan Schwalbe - Guitar

Harold Tremblay - Harmonica

Greg Beach - Bass

Dwight Christensen - Drums



1. Hurricane Howard

2. Rock This House

3. Mellow Down Easy

4. Lovin' Glow

5. Reconsider Baby

6. Shake You Hips

7. Good Rockin' Tonight

8. Howling For My Darling

9. Rock Bottom Blues

10. Next Time You See Me

11. She's Into Something

12. Joyride

13. Too Much Rhythm

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Freight Train - Just The Beginning (1971)

                                                                 Freight Train
The group was formed in Philadelphia in 1968, Rick Shaffer. After numerous line-up changes in 1971 recorded the album "Just The Beginning". This collection of Chicago blues standards, made in an aggressive manner, Paul Butterfield and the British blues style. On the disc includes great works of Howlin 'Wolf, Willie Dixon, T-Bone Walker, Sonny Boy Williamson, and Magic Sam. There is also a rare track "Rollin Man" British blues guitarist Peter Green. The band played in different places - from festivals in the open air to the university holidays, in coffee shops, as well as the opening act for more famous bands. Today the album "Just The Beginning" is seen as a hard nugget of psycho-blues. In 1977, Rick Shaffer, Tommy Geddes and Jim Peters gathered again, creating a group of "The Reds" ...


Rick Shaffer – Lead Guitar, Vocals
Steve Martina – Guitar, Lead Vocals
Jim Peters – Bass
Tommy Geddes – Drums


01. Papa Ain’t Salty 03:27
02. Everything’s Gonna Be Alright 02:43
03. So Many Roads 07:08
04. Unseen Eye 02:43
05. Built For Comfort 02:49
06. Same Old Blues 02:51
07. I Loved Another Woman 03:01
08. Baby What You Want Me 03:35
09. Rollin Man 02:22

Blues Gang - Five Live (1985)

                                                                Blues Gang
Blues Gang is a Greek band formed in the early 1980s, releasing 2 albums and switching to Blues Wire in 1985, releasing a few more albums until the early '90s, all in the blues rock line, from here to there meetings. It was one of the pioneering blues groups in his country.


Sotiris Zissis - Bass 
Panos Tolios - Drums 
Nikos T.R. Dounoussis - Guitar 
Nondas Erkekoglou - Harmonica 
Elias Zaikos - Vocals, Guitar 


1 Dust My Broom 3:20
2 You Can't Judge A Book By Looking At The Cove  2:49
3 Blues Never Die 6:06
4 Checkin' Up On My Baby 4:37
5 Intro... Hound Dog 8:46

Tommy Crain & the Crosstown Allstars - Live in Macon (2012)

                                          Tommy Crain & the Crosstown Allstars
You are viewing the second release from Tommy Crain & The Crosstown Allstars recorded live at a small club in Macon, Georgia just 3 months before his untimely death in 2011. This CD highlights the band doing what they do best - playing to a crowd !!


Jack Hall - Bass,Vocals 
Towson Engsberg - Drums 
Tommy Crain - Guitar,Vocals
Bob Rumer - Vocals, Guitar 
Keyboards – Bob Jones,Vocals


1. For What Its Worth 8:16
2. Find Another Lover 3:59
3. Hot Lanta 5:31
4. Papa Was A Rollin Stone 9:12
5. The Very Thing That Makes You Rich Makes Me Poor 6:51
6. Spanish Moon 8:45
7. Give It To Ya' 5:40
8. Everything That You Do Will Come Back to You 7:33
9. Jessica 12:19
10. Born Under A Bad Sign 9:04

Point Blank - Second Season (1977)

                                                                  Point Blank
The band Point Blank was established in 1974 in Texas. Their sound is a mix of Blues rock with Southern rock.


01. Part Time Lover  3:52
02. Back In The Alley  4:18
03. Rock And Roll Hideaway  3:14
04. Stars And Scars  8:19
05. Beautiful Loser  4:03
06. Uncle Ned  3:49
07. Tattooed Lady  4:12
08. Nasty Notions  3:20
09. Waiting For A Change  4:45


John O’Daniel — vocals
Rusty Burns — guitar
Kim Davis — guitar, vocals
Phillip Petty — bass
Peter Gruen — drums

Gary B.B. Coleman - If You Can Beat Me Rockin (1988)

                                                           Gary B.B. Coleman
On his second album, Coleman showed how versatile the blues can be. The album includes a cover of George Harrison's Cloud Nine and many more interesting things.


1. Watch Where You Stroke 06:06
2. Cloud Nine 05:39
3. Please Don't Dog Me 05:57
4. If The Washing Don't Get You (The Rinsing Sure Will) 04:04
5. If You Can't Beat Me Rockin' (You Can Have My Chair) 03:28
6. It Just Ain't Right 05:29
7. Rub My Back 04:52
8. St. James Infirmary 04:50
9. Hide Away 03:50

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Big Lucky Carter - Lucky 13 (1998)

                                                           Big Lucky Carter
Levester “Big Lucky” Carter (1920-2002), a longtime singer, guitarist, and songwriter in Memphis, was born in Weir, where his father was a sharecropper. The family moved to his grandmother's in French Camp, where Carter attended the Mt. Salem M.B. Church and school. (Texas Johnny Brown, another acclaimed Choctaw County bluesman, attended a different Mt. Salem church and school near Ackerman). Carter's father, Charlie, sang blues and gospel, as did many other farm workers, Lucky recalled: “Late afternoon, you could hear the farmers in the fields. It was better than a radio station. You could hear people singing all around.” He also heard piano music at home from his aunt and his grandmother Susie Carter, and from his uncle's blues records. Guitarists Big Boy Anderson (who also played fiddle), James Henry, Arlee Miller, and men who made music beating on a box and playing a handsaw entertained at local dances. Carter's mother's father, Geet (or Gete, aka G. D.) Hemphill, also played fiddle, as did Dock Hemphill, the progenitor of a prolific musical family that moved to the Tate/Panola County area. Dock's son, multi-instrumentalist Sid Hemphill, recorded for the Library of Congress in 1942 in Sledge. Sid's daughters played guitar, and his granddaughter Jessie Mae Hemphill (1923-2006) was hailed as one of the world's premier female blues performers.

In Memphis Carter often performed in a band led by trumpeter Ed "Prince Gabe" Kirby (1929-1987), a cousin on the Hemphill side. Carter recorded in 1957 for producer Sam Phillips of Sun Records as a member of Kirby's group. Although Sun did not release the songs at the time, some later appeared on European albums. In the '60s he recorded four singles, including two for another famed Memphis producer, Willie Mitchell. His only CD, "Lucky 13," on the British label Blueside, won awards in 1999 from the magazines "Living Blues" in the U.S. and "Soul Bag" in France. French filmmaker Marc Oriol produced a documentary on Carter, "Le Blues du Survivant," which included conversations from Carter's visits with Jessie Mae Hemphill in Como and Arlee Miller (c. 1907-1999, identified in the film as R. Lee Miller) in Weir.

The famed Staple Singers family also had Choctaw County roots. Roebuck "Pops" Staples' grandfather, William Staples (born c. 1835), and father, Warren (b. 1869) were from an area near Huntsville that was carved out to form part of Montgomery County in 1871. Pops Staples (1914-2000) was an accomplished blues guitarist in his early years and later led the Staple Singers. He credited his grandfather with passing on spirituals that became features of the Staple Singers' repertoire.


Big Lucky Carter - Guitar, Vocals
Melvin Lee - Bass
Lee Roy Martin - Guitar
Donald Valentine - Drums

Gerome Durham - Blues After Dark (2010)

                                                        Gerome Durham
Gritty, down home FUNK! What the Blues are really about!! Mississippi Down Home Blues.


1. Let Me Love You Baby 3:52        
2. Low Down Dirty Woman 3:57        
3. Lose Your Happy Home 3:54        
4. Take It Easy 3:02        
5. Shake It Baby 4:04        
6. Danny Lee's 4:53        
7. That's Alright Girl 3:46        
8. Mississippi My Home 3:51        
9. Baby Please Come Back To Me 3:46        
10. Steppin' Out Tonight 3:55        
11. That's Love 3:56

Black Water - Leaving The Station (2018)

                                                             Black Water
BlackWater is a gritty, gutsy, raw, guitar driven foot stopping blues for the working man.


1.Them Walkin Blues 5:35
2.This Woman 4:11
3.Make-Up 4:21
4.Sunday 4:07
5.Outside In The Cold 4:33
6.Bang Bang 6:31
7.Mamma Told Me 4:09
8.Made To Be 5:56
9.Preachin' Blues 4:36
10.Dark Place 5:56

Whalefeathers - Whalefeathers (1971)

American group of Blues rock and psychedelia who recorded two excellent albums for the tiny Nasco label circa 1970.


Stephe Bacon - Percussion, Tympani, Vocals
Ed Blackmon - Keyboards, Vocals
Michael Jones - Guitar, Vocals
Roger Sauer - Bass, Vocals
Leonard LeBlanc - Bass, Vocals
Mike Wheeler - Guitar, Bass


1. World Of Pain 8:36
2. I Dont Need No Doctor 3:26
3. Its A Hard Road (Back Home) 5:07
4. Bastich 6:20
5. Pretty Woman 3:31
6. Shadows 10:36

Dr. Rob Norman & The Blues Specialists - Hurricane Blues (2009)

                                                            Dr. Rob Norman
Florida Blues got a 4 star rating from the top reviewers! Included are House of Blues, Going Down Sixty, Jack of Clubs, and other great blues and rock songs. Buy it today! You will not regret it. If you like this one, get Hurricane Blues and Renaissance Man. All three will make you feel fine, just like the good Doctor Rob ordered!


1. Drop that Zero
2. What You Do
3. Hurricane Blues
4. When I'm 84
5. Big Appetite
6. Moses
7. Sometimes the Juice... Ain't Worth the Squeeze
8. Land of Enchantment
9. Your Skin was Once Fair

Short Stuff - Talk Is Cheap (1980)

                                                                   Short Stuff
Short Stuff, were an innovative Milwaukee based band very popular in S.E Wisconsin and throughout the US midwest in the 1970's. The band led by singer, songwriter and stellar blues harmonica player Jim Liban pioneered the blues/rock sound later identified with bands like the Fabulous Thunderbirds and SRV. Short Stuff released this 2° Album, "Talk Is Cheap" in the early 80's. "Short Stuff" may be an obscure album, but it's pure kick-ass funk, soul, blues, and rock! Short Stuff's keyboard player/vocalist Junior Brantley went on to play with The Thunderbirds and later Roomfull of Blues and Jimmie Vaughan. Jim Liban still plays in a more traditional vein with his trio. He has earned global cult status as one of the greatest post-war blues harmonica players. Many of his songs have been recorded by great artists like Johnny Winter and Lonnie Brooks.


1. Talk Is Cheap 3:43
2. Funky Woman 3:33
3. Home Fries 4:45
4. Heartbroken And Forgotten 3:56
5. High School Confidential 3:19
6. Knockin' 2:31
7. Slo Poke 4:21
8. Since I Met You Baby 4:49

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Whiskey Howl - Whiskey Howl (1972)

                                                          Whiskey Howl
Whiskey Howl were a Canadian pioneer band playing blues in their country. I admit to having a certain weakness for Canadian groups, it will be because some of them are on my favorites list.
The band was formed in the late 60's in Toronto. John Witmer (vocals), Peter Boyko (guitar), Gary Penner (bass), John ("BJ") Bjarnason (harmonica) and Ron Sullivan (drums) formed the initial lineup. They had the opportunity to open for Led Zeppelin, Paul Butterfield Blues Band, Johnny Winter, Big Mama Thornton, Screaming Lord Sutch, Elvin Jones, Chuck Berry, BB King, etc. In 1972 they record their only album, "Whiskey Howl", with only John Witmer as a founding member. The recording was produced by Johnny Sandlin (Allman Brothers Band) and collaborated playing keyboards, Chuck Leavell, member of the ABB. That same year they would separate. Later they met again on several occasions.
Whiskey Howl presents ten blues with a great variety of rhythms. In some of the topics we can find the collaboration of a wind section, "Caledonia" or "Early In The Morning", can be a good example. They also dare with the famous "Mother Earth" of Memphis Slim, the result is excellent. The collaboration of Chuck Leavell (The Allman Brothers Band, Eric Clapton, Rolling Stones) is vital in one of the star songs, "Pullin 'The Midnight". Test of the versatility of the group is "Rock Island Line", sung to "capella", or "Jessie's Song", blues-folk, which closes the recording. In short, a round disc.


John Witmer - Voz
Michael Pickett - armónica, Voz
Richard Fruchtman - bajo, voz
David Morrison - guitarra, voz
Wayne Wilson - Batería
Chuck Leavell - Piano
Phil Alpertson - Alto Saxo
Woodwar de Dave - Tenor Saxo
Keith Jollimore - saxofón  barítono


1. Caldonia (Fleecie Moore)  2:15
2. Early In The Morning (Hickman, Jordan, Bartley)  3:59
3. Mother Earth (Peter Chatman, Lewis Simpkin)  5:39
4. Rock Island Line (Huddie Ledbetter, Alan Lomax)  1:44
5. Down The Line (John Witmer)  2:30
6. Let The Good Times Roll (Theard, Moore)  3:08
7. One Hot Lady (Michael Pickett)  3:07
8. Pullin' The Midnight (Fruchtman, Morrison, Pickett, Wilson, Witmer) - 5:35
9. I'm Not Talking (Mose Allison)  2:47
10.Jessie's Song (John Witmer)  2:46

Nick Harless Band - Tear It All Apart (2019)

                                                           Nick Harless Band
10 brand new originals from the band that is spreading Texas roots all across the country.


01.Graveyard Shift 04:46
02.Tear It All Apart 03:54
03.Find Your Love 04:48
04.The City 08:07
05.Cadillac Key 03:24
06.Questions 04:40
07.Different Kind Of Cool 03:23
08.Love You Good 03:57
09.Alone 07:30
10.More Than A Ring 03:51

Jackie Simons & James Robinson - Mrs Red Hot (2018)

                                               Jackie Simons & James Robinson
James Robinson, a great Blues and Gospel singer, sings the original songs written and played by Jackie Simons of Nashville Tennessee. James Robinson is a relative of the Legendary Lead Belly and has an incredible voice with soulful delivery . Several of the songs are traditional old school blues and a few have a modern groove. No vocal correction on this album everything is really played and really sung!
Jackie Simons is a touring and session musician for 35 years. Jackie has worked with some of the music industry's renown names such as Paramore, Kesha, Billy Ray Cyrus, Jack White, Kim Carnes, Rick Veto, Charles Wilson, and Brett Michaels. In his concerts for Airbnb Experience he takes his audience through the different types of guitars and specialized gear the musicians used to achieve the sounds of the 50's through current hits of today, journeying through Jazz, Country, Rock, R&B, Soul and Funk. Each guitar tells a story of an era through Jackie's masterful hands and talent.
Jackie is passionate about his lifelong music career and loves inspiring others in their talents and sharing his experience of music that elevates the heart, mind and soul. He brings experiences to you, from the blues tour in Bellinzona Switzerland, R&B tour in Chicago, to Country tour in Kentucky. He embodies what it means to be a Nashville music city resident and to be among the greatest in the world.


1. Changed My Mind 4:37        
2. Coffee Stains 2:57        
3. Devil in a Dress 3:01        
4. Queen of the Cold 3:32        
5. Love Still Feels the Same 3:44        
6. Mrs Red Hot 4:28

Blues Image - Blues Image (1969)

                                                             Blues Image
A minor hit following its release in early 1969, Blues Image's debut album is very much cut in the image of the British blues bands that inspired the group in the first place, without ever nodding slavishly toward their examples. Rather, the two drummer lineup, with its penchant for Latin and other esoteric breaks and rhythms, places Blues Image closer to a swampy Santana than Cream or Fleetwood Mac, with solid rockers like "(Do You Have) Something to Say," "Outside Was Night," and "Yesterday Could Be Today" also adding a healthy dose of psychedelia to the proceedings. Often overlooked in favor of the band's hit-packing second album, Blues Image is nevertheless a punchy, and thoroughly enjoyable set, loaded with a musical promise that would explode into day-glo prominence across the course of their sophomore set.


Manuel Bertematti - Drums, Vocals
Frank Conte - Keyboards
Malcolm Jones - Bass
Joe Lala - Percussion
Mike Pinera - Guitar, Vocals


01. Take Me To The Sunrise
02. Leaving My Troubles Behind
03. Outside Was Night
04. In Front Behind You
05. Lay Your Sweet Love On Me
06. Do You Have Somethin' To Say
07. Lazy Day Blues
08. Yesterday Could Be Today
09. Reality Does Not Inspire

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Kat Baloun - She's Got It (2013)

                                                                      Kat Baloun
Born Katherine Elise Baloun, July 27, 1956 in El Paso, Texas, Kat's mother got her started on the piano at 7, she learned the violin, and then at 13, she picked up the harmonica. At this time, there was a new genre of blues music coming out, that had influenced Kat. In 1994 she moved to Berlin and put her own band together. With a smoky voice that captivates with a wealth of color, warmth, and deep tones, this master of the harmonica will bring out the applause in you and you'll be left hardly able to catch your breath. But wait, Europe's premier blues guitarist, Tomi Leino comes at ya too with a blast of fine fretwork that will amaze. A Dynamic Duo, for sure.


Kat Baloun - Harp & Vocals

Tomi Leino - Guitar

Mikko Peltola - Drums

Jaska Prepula - Bass


1.Mean Old Man

2.5-10-15 Hours

3.Keep It To Myself

4.There Is Something on Your Mind

5.Cry For Me Baby

6.It's So Fine

7.Where Were You

8.Can't Hold Out Much Longer

9.Somewhere Down The Line

10.Ain't No Hurry To Go Home

11.Too Late

The Electric Flag - The Band Kept Playing (1974)

                                                          The Electric Flag
The Band Kept Playing contains some of the best music ever recorded by the Electric Flag, but it also demonstrates why they ultimately failed to catch on as well as they should have despite their impressive line-up. On the one hand, "Every Now and Then" ranks among the best songs Buddy Miles ever wrote, and "Earthquake Country" is a classic piece of early-‘70s soul-rock. Unfortunately, most of the material is well-played but rather short on energy and creativity. "Make Your Move," for instance, buries a promising clavinet riff under lazy, mediocre rock guitars and silly lyrics. The nadir, though has to be "Sweet Soul Music," possibly the corniest, most embarrassingly dated would-be rock anthem of the era. Though nothing else on the record is as abysmal, too much clearly shows that, by 1974, the Electric Flag was so burnt out and exhausted that their attempted comeback was doomed before it even started. Jerry Wexler's production, which sounds flat and unimaginative at times, emphasizes the horn section over the band members, even though their playing (especially Miles' and Barry Goldberg's ) is often quite fluid. Sadly, it's not enough to save the album. Despite some intermittently exciting moments, The Band Kept Playing is a characteristic end to a promising but flawed career.


Bass – Roger Troy
Drums – Buddy Miles
Keyboards – Barry Goldberg
Lead Guitar – Michael Bloomfield
Lead Vocals – Buddy Miles (tracks: A1 to A3, B1, B2, B4), Nick Gravenites (tracks: A4, A5, B5), Roger Troy (tracks: A1, A3, B3)
Rhythm Guitar – Nick Gravenites


1. Sweet Soul Music 3:55
2. Every Now And Then 3:40
3. Sudden Change 3:55
4. Earthquake Country 4:00
5. Doctor Oh Doctor (Massive Infusion) 5:20
6. Lonely Song 3:57
7. Make Your Move 4:17
8. Inside Information 3:40
9. Talkin' Won't Get It 4:10
10. The Band Kept Playing 5:15 

Mojo - Not For Nothin' (1993)

MOJO, is Mojo Stu's earlier incarnation as a Rock-Blues artist, and this CD 'Not For Nothin' was released in '93 to industry critical acclaim and national college station radioplay. The CD's ten tracks feature memorable melodies and lyrics, phenomenal guitar and slide guitar work, and guest appearances from top Philly acts.(Notably, Tom Kiefer of Cinderella backs up vocals on two tracks.)

A variety of really cool guitars were used in the production, a gaggle of very vintage Les Pauls including a '58 Burst, '59 Gold Top, and an awesome ALL GOLD '56 with P90 pickups (featured on the slide lead on track #2 Camel Toe Boogie). Also featured is Mojo Stu's not so secret weapon...a '67 Goya Rangemaster, which has push button controls and the stupidest headstock ever created, but is an awesome slide guitar (featured on track^ Drive Me Crazy).
We only used one amp, an early Marshall JMP 50 watt and a vintage slant cab, and a few stomp boxes...the best of which is an early Morley FuzzWah that is scary good (featured on the lead in track #7 Not For Nothin)
Hope y'all enjoy it as much as I enjoyed makin' it!


1. I'm Ready 2:48         
2. Camel Toe Boogie 3:29         
3. It's Late 4:45         
4. Waiting On A Heartbreak 5:10         
5. You're Gonna Miss Me 4:03         
6. Drive Me Crazy 4:07         
7. Not For Nothin' 3:48         
8. Blue Girl 4:20         
9. Hurts Me Too 5:06         
10. Never Give Up On Love 5:20

Freek Volkers Band - As Blue as It Gets (2019)

                                                         Freek Volkers Band
In 2016 the guitarist and vocalist Freek Volkers decides to form a band of Blues along with its brother Eddie Volkers [that is drummer].
And in 2018, he records the album 'As Blue as it Gets'.


Freek Volkers – Guitars and lead Vocals
Eddie Volkers – Drums and Vocals
Ivo Sonneveld – Bass and Vocals
Gerard Koot – Guitars and Vocals


1.You Got Something 04:53
2.Say My Name 05:09
3.We Are Men 04:01
4.Never Make Love Again 05:59
5.What Are You Trying 04:43
6.A Bad Sign 02:52
7.So You Have The Blues 04:03
8.She Done Me Wrong 04:00
9.Take Me Home 03:50
10.I Have The Blues 04:08
11.Cougar 03:25
12.Take Me Away 04:29
13.The News 03:57

The Keller Brothers Band - 38th & Bailey To Chicago & East 16th (2001)

                                                       The Keller Brothers Band
These guys have talent! I think what makes them different is that they don't have just one really talented member of the band, they all are amazingly talented and the sound that they make come out of their instruments is just awesome.


Mike Keller - Guitar and Vocals

Corey Keller - Drums
Tim Jorgensen - Bass
Matt Farrell - Keyboard and Vocals


1. Just Want Enough
2. Sailin'
3. Here We Go
4. Listen
5. She's Gone
6. Time
7. Thought of You
8. Like You Said You Would
9. Day You Walked
10. Can't Have it All
11. Cold Cold Cold
12. Birds

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Richie Barron - Rather Have The Green Than The Blues (2007)

                                                               Richie Barron
"RATHER HAVE THE GREEN THAN THE BLUES" is full of smokin' hot, jumpin' and funky blues, that will surely get you moving.  This well produced disc contains twelve originals by The Barron of the Blues - RICHIE BARRON.  For this particular project RICHIE assembled enough people to create a good size orchestra.  Joining him, on vocals and guitars are: MARK "JELLYROLL" BURGSTAHLER, JEROME FLETCHER and BOBBY JORDAN on guitars; RANDY FORRESTER, MICHAEL "SPIDERMAN" MARTIN, RICH SMITH, RICH SCHAFFER and DAVID KESNER on keyboards; STUART VIETS on saxophones; RICH ARMSTRONG on trumpet; ED BARLEY on trombone; EVAN PALMERSTON, DAVID MORENO and JOHNNY YO on bass; DONNY BALDWIN, GREG ELMORE and JEFF CREGG on drums; RICHARD "BANDITO" SEGOVIA on timbales and conga; BILL NOTEMAN on harmonica; and MICHELE and LAURA on wonderfully melodic and harmonic backup vocals.

The disc doesn't start - it rips open with a flaming hot track called "TAHOE BOOGIE".  The whole band - whoever they may be on this track - is in an all out, full blown jam.  Led by the fierce rhythm - and I do mean fierce, everyone is a highlight on what I'm already calling one of the discs best tracks.  I just couldn't get enough of the smoking horns, the hot sax solos, the great guitar riffs and the vibrant vocals.  It took me about a dozen replays just to get through this paragraph.  Wow! What a hell of a first impression.

The title track, "I'D RATHER HAVE THE GREEN THAN THE BLUES", could probably be called "THE BLUES MAN'S ANTHEM".  I'm sure most of them would gladly trade in the blues for the green.  RICHIE makes it quite clear that he'd rather drive a Cadillac than his beat up Chevrolet, eat steak and lobster over his red beans and rice and he'd rather see patent leather or alligator when he looks down at his old beat up shoes.......yes, he'd rather have the green than blues.  More great guitar work and lots of hot piano on this one.
Funk fans will certainly favor "NO TROUBLE TONIGHT".  Unfortunately, with so many different players on the different instruments, and no indication on the liner notes as to who is on what track, all I can say is whoever it is on bass and drums is doing a hell of a job.  Add more rippin' guitar and lots of hot horns and this is another smoker.  The chorus will definitely "funk you up".
As this very mellow and low down blues track indicates, things are a bit slower down on "GRANDPA'S FARM".  One of the highlights on this track is the mixing.  The sound, clearness and volume of all the instruments and vocals are absolutely perfect.  Great vocals, harp and sax by RICHIE, BILL and STEWART make this another of the discs best.
 If I gave out awards for rhythm, the players on "RATHER HAVE THE GREEN THAN THE BLUES" would be a lock to win it.  Once again, on "SOMEBODY'S GOT TO GO", the rhythm section has me in total awe.  More good vocals, guitar and some killer piano highlight this one as well.

Excellent vocals and lyrics make this next track.  It seems that no matter what RICHIE is behind on, and it sounds like quit a bit, he can still address a certain class of people by claiming "I'M STILL AHEAD OF YOU".  Great horn work adds to this soulful, funky number.

Peter "Blewzzman" Lauro


1. Tahoe Boogie
2. Rather Have The Green Than The Blues
3. Gold Country Blues
4. No Trouble Tonight
5. Down To The End Of The Line
6. Grandpa'S Farm
7. To Damn Good To Last
8. Younger Woman
9. Waitin On The Mailman
10. Somebody'S Got To Go
11. Still Ahead Of You
12. Help Somebody Lose The Blues

Mac McCloud - My Heart Is Sinking (2019)

                                                              Mac McCloud
Electric and acoustic blues for the aficionado.

01. Frankie and Johnny Boogie
02. Dont Let Nobody Drag Your Spirit Down
03. My Heart Is Sinking
04. Can’t Stand the Pain
05. Henry the VIII
06. Feel Like Going Home

Cargo and the Heavy Lifters - Live at Jammin' Java (2016)

Cargo and the Heavy Lifters perform a broad range of music from Blues to Soul to Rock to Country. The music is a mix of original and covers that span 50 years of American music.
The group was built around the vocal stylizations of Randy McCargo. McCargo spent nearly four decades as a back-up singer and sound engineer. He began his career with DC area bands, and worked his way up to supporting internationally renowned performers and Grammy winners including Double Trouble, Shania Twain, and Ann Wilson of Heart.
The group was founded shortly after the loss of McCargo’s cousin and local Blues legend Chris Polk. Deacons bandleader John O’Connor and McCargo originally met in 1996 when Polk and O’Connor formed the Deacons. At Polk’s funeral, O’Connor and McCargo discussed Polk’s long-time dream of building a group around McCargo’s exceptional voice, and decided to honor Chris by making that dream a reality. Since the group’s debut in the Summer of 2015, they have filled nightclubs and concert halls to maximum capacity with excited fans young and old.
O’Connor dissolved his own group, the Deacons after 19 years, hundreds of performances, and 4 CDs, to focus exclusively on building Cargo and the Heavy Lifters. O’Connor called on former Deacons John Sterling, Jim Wilson, and Shawn Paxton to join the project. The result of this union combines an amazing vocalist with superlative musicianship that yields energetic and dynamic performances that are unforgettable.


1. Hello Josephine! (Live) 4:22        
2. Feelin' Alright? (Live) 4:43        
3. Vehicle (Live) 3:17        
4. Don't Want You No More / Not My Cross to Bear (Live) 7:39        
5. Feels Like Rain (Live) 6:01        
6. What Kind of Woman Is This? (Live) 5:06    
7. Gravity (Live) 6:07        
8. Let Me Love You Baby (Live) 4:37        
9. The Sky Is Crying (Live) 5:16

The Tangled Roots - The Tangled Roots (2005)

                                                            The Tangled Roots
The Tangled Roots were formed in 2004 by Jon Gorman . Jon first brought his friend and song writing partner Aaron Rutledge into the fold borrowing phenomenal, local talent from San Jose 's historic "JJ's Blues" club on Steven's Creek Blvd. The members are from Salinas, Soledad and Hollister, CA . The band is a blend of many classic styles and tastes. Our musical tastes are steeped in the classic roots of American music. You will have to come out and hear for yourself to appreciate the band's eclectic styles that contribute to a unique and powerful sound.

With the band's new self titled album "The Tangled Roots" they are out and performing somewhere at an original music venue near you. "We will play for any function or good cause we can find", says Gorman. "We are a band of the people for the people". "I hope you enjoy the music that we've spent the last year creating and putting on disc for your listening pleasure".


1. By Me, Beside Me 3:13    
2. What Is Real 4:37    
3. Tomorrow 4:15    
4. Rain 3:39    
5. Espiritus Espanoles 1:20    
6. Possession 5:09    
7. Be Your Man 5:10    
8. Man Abused 3:45    
9. Ain't Commin' Home 4:42    
10. Country Gentleman 2:20    
11. Too High 3:07

Mike Bloomfield - The Prime of Mike Bloomfield (2019)

                                                             Mike Bloomfield
Michael Bernard Bloomfield (July 28, 1943 – February 15, 1981) was an American guitarist and composer, born in Chicago, Illinois, who became one of the first popular music superstars of the 1960s to earn his reputation almost entirely on his instrumental prowess, since he rarely sang before 1969. Respected for his guitar playing, Bloomfield knew and played with many of Chicago's blues legends before achieving his own fame and was instrumental in popularizing blues music in the mid-1960s. He was ranked No. 22 on Rolling Stone's list of "100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time" in 2003 and No. 42 by the same magazine in 2011. He was inducted into the Blues Hall of Fame in 2012 and, as a member of the Paul Butterfield Blues Band, was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2015.


01. Saturday Night
02. Peach Tree Man
03. Orphan's Blues
04. You Took My Money
05. Knockin' Myself Out
06. Lights Out
07. Peepin' an a-Moanin' Blues
08. It'll Be Me
09. At the Cross
10. Mr. Johnson and Mr. Dunn
11. The Gospel Truth

Terminal Station - Rolling All Night (2010)

                                                            Terminal Station
West Coast blues band takes the sound of traditional blues and kicks it into high gear.


1. Rolling All Night 2:42        
2. Slow Down Annie 3:15        
3. Dollar Bill 3:23         
4. Rock This Room 3:22         
5. Airbrake 2:53         
6. Why Are We Fighting 3:51         
7. Can't Lie To You 3:26         
8. Back On the Train 3:47         
9. Barfly 3:40         
10. Checkin' Out On My Baby 2:57        
11. Crawfish 5:05        
12. Ruin Me Baby 3:22

The Tate's Hell Blues Band - Sooped Up Southern Boys (2009)

                                                      The Tate's Hell Blues Band
The Tate’s Hell Blues Band is a Florida Panhandle-based (Apalachicola, FL) 3-piece band that plays a potent mix of blues and blues-rock that is dance-friendly and flat-out fun. They write and play their own material as well as choice cover tunes. The band consists of Miles Creamer on bass & vocals, C. S. Holt on guitar & vocals, and Royce Johns on drums & vocals. C. S. Holt is the primary songwriter and vocalist for the band, and his soulful vocals and stinging guitar lines are a potent mix. The rhythm section of Creamer and Johns drives the band along in fine fashion. The CD art may lead you to the conclusion that these 3 musicians are rough-and-tumble characters (and they may well be) but don’t let that dissuade you from checking out this album. There is a glut of self-produced CDs out there nowadays, and you never know what you’ll really be getting when you slap one in your CD player. But this one, Sooped Up Southern Boys, is a pleasant surprise – it’s a solid, enjoyable effort that the guys should be very proud of.


1. Red Hot 3:05        
2. Starting To Like the Pain 4:32        
3. I've Been Lied To 3:00        
4. No Doubt 4:46        
5. I'm Gonna Change 3:16        
6. When I Found You 3:24        
7. She Looked A Lot Like You 3:57        
8. Sooped Up Southern Boy 2:48

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Simon Kinny-Lewis - A Day In San Jose (Live) (2019)

                                                           Simon Kinny-Lewis
Simon Kinny-Lewis is a world renowned Guitarist/Singer from Sydney, Australia. Born February 18, 1981 He has acknowledged the influence of many guitarists including Robben Ford, Chris Cain, Scott Henderson and etc...


Simon Kinny-Lewis - Vocals/Guitar
Tony Boyd - Drums
Nate Ginsberg - Keys
Dewayne Pate - Bass
Andy Just - Harmonica
Walter Jebe - Slide Guitar


1.Crossroads 03:17   
2.Chevrolet 04:26   
3.Walking Blues 03:28   
4.Raining In My Heart 07:54   
5.Further On Up The Road 04:19   
6.Hoochie Coochie Man 04:22   
7.Rollin' And Tumblin' 02:56   
8.Have You Ever Loved A Woman 04:04   
9.Nobody's Fault But Mine 05:48