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Tweed Deluxe - Itty Bitty King (2017)

                                                               Tweed Deluxe
"Formed in 2010 the trio has been playing blues and blues-rock style material in San Diego for seven years and now has come forward with a disc of original and surprisingly diverse songs, all written by lead guitarist and singer Michael Oleata. This man, you may gather, is a live-wire guitarist, alternately loose and snappy in his phrases, insistent but relaxed, teasing with half phrases and short runs, making superb use of space to create anticipation for the next blitz. And blitz Oleata does, stepping up the pace and letting loose with achingly sweet cascades of notes. With the steady and able assist of Lyle Koonts on bass and Robert Sheehan on drums, Oleata works out, digging deep into the E string for an earthy grunge straight from the Delta blues tradition, then switches his tone and integrates gold-toned country inflections and makes unusually elegant and tasty use of the wah-wah pedal."
"Tweed Deluxe is a strong band, extending what one can do with a song-based guitar trio. Itty Bitty King intrigues and thrills with confident guitar improvisations against a sure footed rhythm section."


Michael Oeata - Guitar and lead vocals
Lyle Koonts - Bass and vocals
Rocbert Sheehan - Drums, vocals, congas and percussion


01. Itty Bitty King 04:47
02. Brown Haired Girl 03:47
03. I Believe 04:39
04. Evening Blues 06:22
05. Should Have Known Better 04:33
06. Meet Me 05:45
07. Underground 05:38
08. Country Boy Blues 06:38
09. Kingsville 05:10
10. Sea Of Cortez 07:07
11. Star Spangled Banner 03:04

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