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The Holmes Brothers - In The Spirit (1990)

                                                           The Holmes Brothers
The Holmes Brothers' voices are too potent, their harmonies too smashing, and their love of vintage sounds too immense for them to be content with producer-dominated, softer urban contemporary sounds. This set included some riveting gospel tunes like "None But the Righteous" and "Up Above My Head," plus a credible (if a little lengthy) version of "When Something Is Wrong with My Baby" and the tighter, hard-hitting tunes "Please Don't Hurt Me," "Ask Me No Questions," and "The Final Round." If straight-ahead, rousing shared leads and booming harmonies interest you, the Holmes Brothers do it the way they used to throughout the South in the '60s and '70s.

Sherman Holmes - Bass, Vocals 
Popsy Dixon - Drums, Vocals  
Wendell Holmes - Guitar, Vocals
Anders Gaardnand - Baritone Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Vocals    
Ron Levy - Piano 
Kjeld Ipsen - Trombone 
Larry Etkin - Trumpet 
Angel Acevedo - Vocals


1. Please Don't Hurt Me 4:17
2. The Final Round 2:48
3. When Something Is Wrong With My Baby 6:30
4. Hey, Hey, I Love You 3:47
5. None But The Righteous 5:56
6. Squeal Like An Eel 3:10
7. Going Down Slow 6:30
8. Ask Me Now Questions 2:57
9. So Fine 2:18
10. Baby, What You WantMe To Do 4:40
11. Up AboveMy Head 3:33

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