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Monty Guitar Tyler - Shadow of My Soul (2018)

                                                            Monty Guitar Tyler
This CD is the culmination of years of work and inspiration. I have wanted to put out a cd of my songs for a long time now. With the help of a few people I was able to make this dream happen. Kevin Lee played some guitar and Kayla Meade helped with the lyrics on Blowin’ in the Breeze. Casey Leigh and Pam Tyler added some harmony vocals on So Low. Cheryl Sheetz wrote the words for I Need to Know Why. Other than that all music, instrumentation and vocals are performed by little old me. This dream started over 40 years ago. I am finally finished. Hopefully the next one won’t take 40 years to complete.


Monty "Guitar" Tyler - Vocals, Guitars
"Shufflin'" Sean Williams - Guitars
Mel "Melvis" Nolte - Bass
"Professor" Brett Cline - Keyboards, Vocals
Matt "Lobster Claw" Curtis - Drums


01. San Antone 02:33
02. Hang On 05:41
03. Shadow Of My Soul 04:30
04. I'm Leaving You 03:27
05. Bottom Of The Well 03:47
06. Blowing In The Breeze 03:58
07. Can't Stay Another Day 02:31
08. Devil's Moon 06:39
09. Each And Every Day 03:48
10. No Conspiracy 04:47
11. So Low 03:43
12. I Need To Know Why 05:12
13. The Rain 05:32

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