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Los Fabulosos Blueshakers - Live At Night (2018)

                                                          Los Fabulosos Blueshakers
LOS FABULOSOS BLUESHAKERS Early R&B combo (west coast, chicago, jump, texas) formed by experienced musicians from Valencia (Spain): Lizzy Lee (vocal), Jorge Gener (harmonica), Paco Rubiales (upright bass), Juanjo Iniesta (drums) and Ricardo Gener (guitar). The shows give a great dinamic versatility and a knowledge and respect of the music they play.


1.Hitsville Hop 04:30
2.Fabulous Blueshakers 02:28
3.Keep On Lovin´Baby 03:51
4.Trouble Up The Road 02:57
5.It´s Love Baby 02:44
6.I Want You By My Side 03:22
7.Last Night 03:51
8.Goin´Down Slow 03:50
9.Four Men 03:33
10.Feel So Bad 05:33
11.What Have I Done 05:17
12.Barefoot Rock 04:02
13.Queen Bee 05:12
14.Jericho 02:10
15.Seven Nights To Rock 03:46

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