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Joshu Roberts - Still Life: The Willis Brownstone Years (2013)

                                                                    Joshu Roberts
Joshua Roberts - Still Life - features recordings from the near decade spent with Willis Brownstone. W.B.'s sound was never easy to describe, once called "Improvisational Funk Rock". From all the different backgrounds and influences from each member, the Texas blues infused funky rock n roll that was created was always soul driven groove. Featuring Joshua Roberts on guitar and vocal, Ryan Patrick on guitar, keyboards, and vocal, Caleb Jones on bass guitar and vocal, and Jeremy Bryant on drums.


1. So Have You 11:47
2. Tennessee 6:46
3. Happenin 75 13:39
4. Pilla Parable 5:40
5. The Tide 4:57
6. Loved Me a Lie 4:24
7. Doma Jarvis 1:35
8. Still Life 5:36 
9. I Got This Girl 5:07

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