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Goin Postal - Middle Of The Storm (2001)

                                                               Goin Postal       
This c.d. totally caught me off-guard,from the moment i heard the first track i was hooked.I was expecting another stevie ray vaughn clone band from texas and was just blown away by what i heard on this c.d.Whoever this kid is playing guitar definitly was blessed by the hand of god his playing is absolutely incredible.The song "no more" is my favorite the guitar and vocals are so powerful yet reserved.Anyone that enjoys blues or blues-rock this is a must have.


1. Middle Of The Storm  4:43
2. No More  5:14
3. I Put You Down  4:26
4. Good Day For A Heartbreak  4:38
5. Blow Job  5:37
6. Movin' On To Texas  4:40
7. Time To Move On  6:05
8. Let Me Be  4:17
9. Watcha Done To Me  5:11
10. Thinkgs Got To Change  4:26
11. Have You Ever Loved A Woman  4:45
12. Mercedes  4:14
13. Hurt Me Deep  5:22

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